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Top Mobile App Marketing Trends of 2022 That You Just Can’t Ignore

'Go Mobile or Go Home' is the new motto for all budding entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Mobile App Marketing trend

Mobile app marketing takes patience, effort, and strategies. And then, to make it easier, there are the top mobile app marketing trends. However, trends are called so because they are dynamic. And in this fast paced world, even before you set your team to follow the most recent trends and see results, they change! The key is to keep a close watch on the market every moment and notice the changes before someone else points them out to you. Nowadays Mobile app marketing is one of the best  process of engaging your apps

But that’s easier said than done. If you think you don’t have it to become a fox chasing its prey, but have a potential team that can catch up with the ever-growing market speed, takes a look at the top mobile app Marketing trends for 2020, curated by the tech geeks of the world, keeping in mind the latest predictions regarding mobile app marketing

Mobile App Marketing Trends That Will Take Lead In 2021

'Go Mobile or Go Home' is the new ‘Go Big or Go Home’ for today’s budding entrepreneurs and enterprises, who are looking to make a mark in this huge mobile app world, where each day, 6000 apps are launched. And so, it is necessary to keep up with the latest mobile app marketing trends to achieve exponential growth, while catering to the needs of the consumers via mobile devices.

According to a report by Gartner, more than half of the total number of consumers will be using their mobile devices first for anything that they require to do online. For example, reading a product review, ordering groceries online, or binge-watching a TV series.

mobile app marketing trends

Another report by Comscore, mobile devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) dominate the total time that is spent online by users. For instance, in the USA, approximately 71% of total digital minutes come from mobile devices while in Indonesia, a total of 91% of the time spent online comes from mobile devices.

Mobile App Marketing Trends

1. Influencer Marketing: For True Capitalization

We are currently living in a world where social media strategies play a very important role in spreading news or promoting different products and services. Social media influencers are the ones who rule platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Even we can also use quora for app marketing. As the name suggests, the influencers are the people who use the power of their social media profiles to influence the user base that follows them.

Steps To Prevent Fraud

Today, major brands are adopting the means of collaborating with top influencers of their respective industry vertical as a means of marketing, this is known as influencer marketing. This marketing strategy has yet to achieve its full caliber so it will be interesting to see how influencers will contribute to marketing a company's the product/service to the targeted audience.

Example of Influencer Marketing: The brand can hire an influencer to spread the word about your business by reviewing the brand's services and posting your options on social media platforms in the form of a YouTube video, a testimonial or a blog. For instance, we have taken the example of a fitness blogger that is promoting a beverage brand via their Instagram profile here. Apart from this, there is also a video maker by the name Swish Video App that is used by small business owners and budding influencers.

2. Fraud Protection: Spreading Awareness

It's 2018 and one of the things that are giving the web and mobile app development industry a hard time is a digital fraud that is happening so often. Everything that you see on the internet is not true like many news turns out to be hoaxes and some eye-catching deals can be hazardous for the user's mobile device as well as personal data.

In the last two to three years, incidences of security breaches, valuable data compromise, and software hacking have escalated to a level of worry. And this is the reason why mobile app users want the surety that the service that you are offering is secure and doesn't have a potential risk to it.

mobile app marketing trend

The below-mentioned steps can be taken to prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud:

  • Fraud Alerts: The fraud alerts are those message notifications that inform people about potential threats related to their identity verification. These alerts are very effective in preventing fraud against an individual as they have the option to decline the verification check.
  • Security Freezes: The aim of a security freeze is to stop any financial fraud from happening in terms of loans, credit cards, money transactions etc. The consent of the user is required in order to proceed with the transaction and if there is no consent the user's account freezes automatically.
  • Responding to Identity Theft: Be informative about the process of preventing and responding to identity theft. Take immediate instructions and follow the step-by-step guide to recover your personal data from identity theft.

3. Marketing Ecosystem: Simplifying the Complications

Another trend that is likely to be among the top mobile application marketing trends is the evolution of the marketing ecosystem. This can be referred to as focusing on a wider ecosystem that doesn't revolve around a single aspect of marketing. Smartphones are much more than just mobile and web apps, as they can be transformed into a solution for almost every problem. For example, on-demand solutions like healthcare, retail, transport and many more.

Today, mobile engagement involves several channels like mobile wallets, push notifications, messaging with extra conventional facilities such as chatbots in messaging applications. Businesses need to focus on targeting users with a customer-centric mobile app marketing plan where products and media are not at the center of the whole process. With these customer-focused strategies, the organizations will be able to bridge the gap between the companies and the customers.

One key point to remember here is that customers are no longer the responsibility of just the marketing department of a company now the customers are the biggest concern for the entire organization.

4. User Targeting: Customer-Centric Approach

An effective marketing technique is the one where a specific user target approach is implemented and that can be achieved by using the STP model. The term STP stands for Segmentation, targeting and positioning, which is an approach that is gaining popularity as a modern marketing app strategy and tactics. This model comes in handy during the process of creating marketing communications plans as it also helps in prioritizing the development propositions to engage with various user bases.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The above image shows the working process of the STD model which starts with the segmentation of the market to target one or more targeted segments. Once the target segments are finalized, then the user needs to develop a marketing mix with a product positioning strategy for each segment that was selected earlier.

The STP approach is a great choice for those businesses who are looking forward to adopting some modern marketing tactics. It is also very relevant with respect to digital marketing as it can help in creating much more relevant digital communications using an audience segmentation approach.

5. Ad Monetization: For Incremental Revenue

As we have also stated in one of our previous articles on mobile app monetization, ad monetization is the future of how free apps will earn money. Ad monetization is bound to grow as well as drive incremental revenue for companies in the next few years. This has also led to the rise of freemium apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store which has now become essential for marketing a mobile app.

Monetization Techniques

Now let's have a look at monetization techniques that can fulfill the criterion of being a progressive ad monetization strategy:

  • Sponsorship Model: The sponsorship model is a great app monetization technique where app developers and app owners try to build partnerships with brands and advertisers that also have the same industry vertical. For example, an online shopping mobile app should be sponsored by a company that belongs to the retail industry.
  • IAP Services: The IAP services are also known as the In-App Purchase services that are considered highly valuable for promoting a product or service provided by the mobile application. Some of the most common use cases in IAP services are coupons, discounts, sales, deals or limited time period offers, etc.
  • Crowdfunding: This marketing strategy is a brilliant way of raising money from a large number of people who are willing to contribute small portions to an individual's project or startup business. The entrepreneurs/companies can also offer these contributors some additional benefits regarding their products or services. Some examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns are Ouya, Pebble E-Paper Watch and Pono Music.

6. Data Optimization: Adopting a Creative Way

Another major app marketing trend that we are likely to witness next year is the optimization of data in a creative way. This creative data optimization will also help in increasing the return on ad spending as well. These are the two things that are focused on:

  • Better optimization of brand campaigns to reach expected revenue goals rather than CPI (Cost-Per-Install) goals.
  • To run creative ads that can lead to more genuine and long-term users that contribute to overall revenue profits.

In 2020, marketers will surely take progressive steps to increase the post per install conversation as well as deep funnel action. This will be done by including more platform tools that are specially designed to target deep funnel action and its value.

7. Content Formats: Dynamic and Engaging

Advertisements have now become the ultimate source of revenue for many online businesses and that means if not used properly, these ads can either make or break your major income goals. And this is the part where the ad formats come into action because you can't just place ads in your mobile app and then expect it to make a large amount of money.

There are several types of digital ad formats like content/native, video, social, display, and search ad formats. The reason you need to choose the ad formats for your app wisely is that in the upcoming years, ad formats will be required to become more interactive, dynamic and engaging.

Annual Growth of key Digital ad Formats

According to a recent report by Smart Insights, it was stated that video, social, and display are the three main digital ad formats that have the highest annual growth. You can read more here about how video marketing can greatly benefit small and local businesses.

Another thing that will play a crucial role in these ad formats is AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, we will be discussing the role of artificial intelligence in more detail in the next trend. Marketers will integrate AI concepts to find out what types of content should be placed inside different types of ad units

8. The imposition of A.I.: Optimizing Media

Artificial intelligence marketing a.k.a. AI Marketing is an advanced method of new mobile marketing trend that is used for leveraging user data with the help of various AI concepts like machine learning. This method is mainly used to predict the next move of your target user and thus, improve their user experience.

Main Reasons To Integrate AI In Marketing 

Here are two of the main reasons why marketers are imposing the concepts of artificial intelligence as a marketing strategy for apps:

  • For Creative Ads: Marketers and advertisers will no longer have to worry about media buying functions because those operations will be taken over by artificial intelligence configured devices. Along with media buying, AI can also handle other functions like bid rate optimization and budget allocation. Some of the organizations that have been developing AI technology for years to make the media buying process more efficient and also effective are Snapchat, Google and Facebook.
  • For Optimization of Media: As we have briefly discussed before, the AI technology will be used to make the advertisements smarter and more creative. Now, we are not suggesting that AI-powered computers will entirely take over the creative process as it requires two main factors that currently computers lack: Imagination and Emotions. But this fusion of human-powered creativity and computer-powered analysis will surely bring an evolution in the marketing industry.

Artificial Intelligence helps in bridging the gap between creative elements and the use of machine learning concepts to achieve certain marketing goals.

9. Geolocation Optimization: For Impactful Performance

The term geolocation marketing can be defined as a marketing approach that is mainly based on the consumer's physical location (i.e. geolocation). This information about the location is provided through the means of GPS satellites, for instance, when you open the Google map and zoom in to see the accurate location represented by a blue dot.

Why To Use Geolocation Marketing

Some of the main reasons why we should use geolocation marketing are to send location-targeted communications, to deliver personalized as well as contextual content, and to maximize the overall business revenue.

These are the different techniques that can be used to employ geolocation marketing:

  • Geo-targeting: In Geo-targeting the user's IP address is used for the purpose of tracking their exact locations. This method can be said to be ancient in comparison to the geo-fencing technique. One of the most common examples of geo-targeting is the online shopping websites that change the site's URL based on the visitor's company.
  • Geo-fencing: The method of geo-fencing can be referred to as a solution to the traditional approach of geo-targeting. In this type of targeting, the mobile device's GPS location is used rather than its IP address, that's why the information collection is much more precise.

10. App Stores: Domination Tactics

The curation of app stores is another major trend that is claimed by many marketing experts to take over in the upcoming years. The two app stores that hold the majority of the web and mobile application shares are Google play store and Apple app store. In total, there are millions of apps in these app stores but only a couple of them end up being successful. The issue that arises here is to find an appropriate app that matches the preferences and requirements of the user.

To resolve this issue, both Google and Apple came forward with the app store curation that consists of editorial curation. Even though the app store curation is still in its initial stages, many believe that this marketing strategy for apps trend will have a significant impact on the app monetization models.

11. 5G Technology: Taking Wireless To Another Level

5G technology has been in the news for the past few months now and it is estimated that the 5G networks are going to disrupt the mobile industry by offering a network that is faster than ever with excellent internet speeds and extremely reliable connections. As per the stats, 5G will elevate the downloading speed almost 20 times faster than that of 4G network, with a minimum peak download speed of 20Gb/s.

12. Blockchain Technology: Tightening The Security

We are well aware of the fact that data is a vital complement that connects everything in the digital world and app marketers need to embrace this fact and act on it. With the help of accurate data, mobile app marketers can target a relevant audience and develop products as per their requirements.

Another new mobile marketing trend is where blockchain technology comes into play as an alternative means of service, digital products or data in general. This transfer of information is private, decentralized, and highly secure in nature.

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the most important takeaways from this entire article on the mobile app marketing trends of 2020:

  • Social Media Platforms that have now become crucial for marketing purposes.
  • With influencer marketing, a number of mediators are eliminated.
  • Fraud protection can not only be recovered but also prevented.
  • The STP model is the best option for modern-day user-centric marketing.
  • There’s so much more in the marketing ecosystem to cover.
  • Sponsorship, IAP, and crowdfunding are the best ad monetization models.
  • In 2020, the data will be optimized in a more creative way.
  • The ad formats & content will become dynamic and engaging.
  • We will be witnessing high usage of AI Marketing.
  • Smarter approaches will be adopted to eliminate obstacles.
  • Geolocation marketing will be used for impactful marketing performance.
  • The way we use app stores will be changed.
  • With the help of 5G technology, we will achieve a new level of wireless advancement.
  • Blockchain technology is here to provide you with secure, decentralized and private data transfers.

Optimization will be the buzzword of the year as marketers will be focusing on upgrading their marketing strategies by integrating emerging technologies into their approaches. In addition to this, we recommend checking out some of the best mobile app marketing agencies that will assist you in making the most of these mobile app marketing trends.

These were the latest mobile app marketing trends that are likely to be adopted in the year 2020. Hope that these valuable insights have answered some of the questions that you had in mind regarding the topic of app marketing.

Do let us know which trend will turn out to be the biggest Mobile App Marketing Trend in 2020, in the 'Comment' section below. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted with what else is new in the industry!

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