81 Best Fintech Apps in 2023 To Manage Your Finances Better

Make finances safer, more accessible, and better streamlined in 2023 using one of these best fintech apps!
Last Updated on :
September 15, 2023
Best Fintech Apps

The rising popularity of smartphone apps is changing the way people live their lives. Now everything from entertainment to ordering food is done using apps. To get more specific, modern consumers are using mobile apps to stream movies, play video games, read books, and to even manage their finances.

In this blog, however, we will focus on some of the best fintech apps that are promoting the idea of cashlessness, digital finance management, virtual transactions, etc. These fintech applications are also offering their users a safer transactional environment to ensure that users remain in control of their sensitive data. And in parallel, fintech apps are eliminating the requirement of visiting banks physically as well.

Our Top Picks

Moving forward, you will find these top financial apps along with additional details such as their app store ratings, features, download links, and descriptions. To make the right choice while looking for the fintech mobile app that suits your needs, this exclusive list of financial apps is all you need.

Top fintech mobile apps to use on Android and iOS devices in 2023

Once you find the app from this list of fintech products that suits your needs, just click on the download button for Android or iOS. So, without further ado, let’s get to know these best fintech apps better!



Apple 4.8
android 4.2

As per the Statista report, PayPal had over 431 million active accounts by the end of the Q2 of 2023. The platform is well-known for enabling local and international transactions throughout the world. 

Using PayPal, it is easy to buy stuff, sell it, send money, and receive it; all that on a single dashboard. To send or receive money, all parties involved in transactions must be PayPal users. 

Features of PayPal, one of the top fintech applications

  • Split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments at supported retailers
  • Buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash
  • Check out cryptos on supported retailers
  • Raise requests to receive money from other PayPal users
Download PayPal


Apple 4.2
android 4.2

The Robinhood app is the perfect fintech app if you are looking for one of the most-advanced investment apps. The app covers stocks, cryptos, ETFs, and more so that you can multiply your money if strategically invested. 

On cryptos, Robinhood does not charge any commission fees as well which leads you to make some of the most profitable investments using the app. Robinhood also provides 24/7 chat support along with financial news and information.

Features of Robinhood, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Comes with 24/7 live chat support
  • Explore financial news and information
  • Provides advanced market analysis and charts
  • Trade cryptos without any commission fees
Download Robinhood


Apple 4.8
android 4.7

Mint is good to manage the cash flow. The money tracking app lets you sync account balances, manage your budget, add expenses to the app, and track transactions on a single dashboard. 

Using Mint, you can also receive bill reminders as well making it easier to monitor and manage monthly expenses. Mint also provides personalized MintSights for in-depth budget tips and tactics that can boost your savings.

Features of Mint, one of the best fintech applications

  • Connect your crypto investment accounts on Mint to track
  • Sync bank accounts to keep track of your balances
  • Apply for home loans from the same app
  • Get personalized MintSights to save better
Download Mint


Apple 4.7
android 4.1

Coinbase is an advanced crypto app where you can store and track your crypto collection and track prices easily. The app offers an intuitive user interface that comes with powerful trading tools and up-to-date crypto-related news. 

The app is available in over 100 countries and lets you stake cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Cardano. Additionally, on your stake, using Coinbase, you can earn yields to make the best out of your investments.

Features of Coinbase, one of the top fintech apps

  • Setup recurring investments
  • Stake cryptocurrencies and earn a yield
  • Track, manage, and control your crypto investments in real-time
  • Explore the latest crypto news to stay in touch with the market
Download Coinbase
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Apple 3.9
android 4.8

The Chime app is counted among the leading names in the mobile banking industry and has millions of users. The app is an emergency companion allowing you to secure an overdraft of up to $200 on debit purchases. 

Additionally, you can find ATMs of Chime at different locations to withdraw cash, that too without having to pay even a single penny for the ATM fee. Chime also allows you to 2-day early payments.

Features of Chime, one of the best fintech apps

  • Find ATMs around the world to withdraw cash
  • Build a better credit score using Chime’s features
  • Block shady transactions from getting repeated
  • Pay anyone without any fee whether they use Chime or not
Download Chime


Apple 4.9
android 4.2

One of the best mobile payment apps in the US market, Venmo is the portable wallet you can pick for its security standards. You can use the app to send and receive money, get a Venmo debit card and credit card, buy and store crypto assets, and more. 

Venmo is also useful if you transact without using cash in supporting stores. Additionally, using the Venmo Credit Card, you can earn up to 3% cash back on the top spend category. 

Features of Venmo, one of the best fintech products

  • Make cashless transactions on stores accepting Venmo
  • Store crypto assets of worth starting at just $1
  • Earn 3% cash back on every transaction you make using Venmo Credit Card
  • Create, split, and send payment requests to multiple friends
Download Venmo


Apple 4.7
android 4.6

The next recommendation we have in this list is Acorns, an app that is also popular as one of the top investment apps. Acorns comes with smart banking and investment assistance that motivates you to invest smarter. 

There are ETF portfolios in Acorns to invest in. These portfolios can be helpful if you want to build a financially safer future and make the best out of your investments. Acorns experts also offer investment-related assistance to help you personalize your portfolio.

Features of Acorns, one of the top fintech apps

  • Invest in ETFs to secure your future
  • Bank smartly using a heavy metal debit card and a checking account
  • Shop on over 15,000 brands and receive bonus investments
  • Invest in over 100+ US-based companies
Download Acorns


Apple 4.6
android 4.0

One of the top news apps out there, Bloomberg has a massive reader base around the world. The app offers news for several segments including politics, finance, technology, foreign affairs, and more. You can also enable push notifications to stay in the loop with news of your choice using Bloomberg. 

Additionally, the app provides you access to stock prices, video and audio news, and even the live radio of Bloomberg. In short, using Bloomberg, you get to stay in the loop with the market however you like.

Features of Bloomberg, one of the best fintech applications

  • Explore and browse trending stories in segments like Business, Technology, Politics, etc
  • Receive customized alerts of news of your choice
  • Stream video and audio format of news directly on your app
  • Stay in the loop with stocks, oil prices, economies of countries, and more
Download Bloomberg


Apple 4.7
android 4.7

Betterment leverages the capabilities of automation in the investment sector. But as per Mychal Campos, Betterment’s senior director of investing, the app does not leverage functions of machine learning. 

The app still manages to deliver a personalized experience whether you are starting out or an expert trader. At the moment of writing, Betterment is a community of 800,000+ users dealing in over $36 billion.

To become a part of this massive community, you can simply start investing with as little as $10. The stock app also offers a 13x above the national average and a 0.75% extra APY on the qualifying deposit.

Features of Betterment, one of the best fintech applications

  • AI-supported robo advisors for personalized guides
  • New customers can earn up to 5.50% VARIABLE APY on cash 
  • Supports schedule-based recurring deposits
  • Comes with projection tools to help you invest in your goals
Download Betterment


Apple 4.9
android 4.6

Next we have in this list is Revolut, one of the leading money management apps designed to make budgeting easier than ever. On Revolut, you can do more than just budgeting; like exchanging currencies, sending money locally or internationally, freezing/unfreezing cards, and more. To put it in short, Revolut gives you the best control over your finances. Revolut, counted among the top international money transfer apps, offers transparency and extreme customization as well and makes it easy to trade better.

Features of Revolut, one of the best fintech mobile apps

  • Explore commission-free investments
  • Keep your money tracked along with all expenses
  • Free or unfreeze cards from the app itself
  • Makes it easier to earn cashback and rewards
Download Revolut


Apple 4.8
android 3.9

The next name on the list, Penfold is a thoughtfully designed pension assistance app that lets you invest in your future smartly. There are four categories of investment plans in the app; Lifetime, Sustainable, Shariah, and Standard. 

Penfold also lets you combine old pension plans into a single account so it gets easier for you to manage your pensions. The app also offers a dedicated team that can manage your pensions cleverly on your behalf.

Features of Penfold, one of the best fintech apps

  • Setup your Penfold account in just 5 minutes
  • Pick the perfect Penfold plan for your requirements
  • Get expert support available to guide you through
  • Know your pensions well to make up your mind
Download Penfold

Lemonade Insurance

Apple 4.4
android 4.9

Among the top insurance apps, Lemonade Insurance has built quite impressive reputation due to its amazing range of features. The app offers insurance that starts from as low as $5 per month for renters. On Lemonade Insurance, you can find car insurance, pet health insurance, homeowners insurance, etc. 

Using the Lemonade Insurance app is an easy experience thanks to the intuitive UI it offers. On the app, it is easier to explore multiple categories of insurance and find the one that suits you best.

Features of Lemonade Insurance, one of the top fintech applications

  • Explore multiple variants of insurance to avail
  • Get your queries resolved by dedicated experts
  • The app charges a flat fee and pays the rest to the claim
  • Accessing claims on Lemonade Insurance is a fast process
Download Lemonade Insurance


Apple 4.4
android 4.8

To save money whether in the short run or long run, Qapital can be the perfect financial companion for it. Set goals on the app and explore smart ways to save money for the same. The app offers 15+ ways to guide you through the saving process. 

You can even set auto-invest and explore pre-made portfolios that are flexible for any budget. Additionally, the app supports IFTTT integration and offers Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance for up to $250,000.

Features of Qapital, one of the top fintech products

  • Enable auto-investments to save smartly
  • Set goals and invest to secure them
  • Add partners to save for goals faster
  • Offers FDIC-insured checking accounts
Download Qapital


Apple 4.8
android 4.9

If you are looking for a platform that offers 4.80% APY, multiple bond ETFs to pick from, and automated investing among other features, Wealthfront is the one of the top robo advisor apps you need. By leveraging its partnerships with private banks, Wealthfront helps you earn up to 11x and secure 20x of the standard FDIC Insurance. 

Additionally, to automate your investing strategy, Wealthfront asks a few questions and then recommends a globally diversified portfolio of index funds supporting automation.

Features of Wealthfront, one of the top fintech products

  • Manage your wealth and investments at a single place
  • The automated bond portfolio diversified bond ETFs
  • Automates investments based on your answers
  • Get 4.80% APY and 20x the standard FDIC Insurance
Download Wealthfront


Apple 4.7
android 3.8

Using Stash, you can create a diversified investment portfolio including stocks and cryptos. The app offers earnings up to 3% in stock and comes with a Stock-Back Debit Card. Every time you use this debit card to make a purchase, you invest in stocks. 

On top of that, to guide you through Crypto investments, the app offers guidance from Crypto experts helping you pick the right cryptos to invest in.

Features of Stash, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Take help from crypto guides to invest smartly
  • Schedule automated investments by customizing the frequency
  • Get personalized investment recommendations
  • No add-on commission fees are included
Download Stash


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

MoneyLion is a personal finance management app that you can explore to compare loans, get cash advances, explore saving offers, and build a good credit history. You can also get paid 2 days in advance using MoneyLion’s RoarMoney-based services. 

In emergencies, MoneyLion can provide advanced loans in minutes, that too, at 0% APR. There is a Credit Builder Plus Membership as well. The feature delivers in-depth credit reports and other exclusive services at $19.99 per month.

Features of MoneyLion, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Access a cash advance of up to $500 in minutes
  • Build a better credit score and access in-depth reports at $19.99 per month
  • Increase your cash advance limit up to $1,000 with time
  • Withdraw cash from 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs without any extra fees
Download MoneyLion


Apple 4.7
android 4.2

Emma lets you plan your budget so you can keep track of the money you are spending and spend wisely. The fintech app comes with a spending tracker that covers the list of expenses you are making. 

You can also use Emma to improve your credit history by reporting details like the rent you pay and other such details. The FSCS-protected app lets you earn up to 3.51% AER as well on your savings which can ultimately boost your overall net worth. 

Features of Emma, one of the best fintech mobile apps

  • Add and track your bills and subscriptions
  • Manage multiple bank accounts on a single app
  • Set budgets and track the money you are spending
  • Get weekly reports and overdraft alerts as well
Download Emma


Apple 4.6
android 2.8

Prism is a smart money tracker designed to help you manage your money smartly. The app is famous for its transparency which allows you to review each and every activity in your financial catalog that you sync with it. 

Sync bills and pay them directly from the app, explore income, review account balances, and keep your monthly expenses in check to never fall behind on due dates.

Features of Prism, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Manage multiple bank accounts in a single place
  • Offers 256-bit AES encryption
  • Process bills in seconds and save money
  • Add bills to customize your bill calendar
Download Prism

Cash App

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

At the time of writing this blog, according to the SimiliarWeb data, the Cash App leads the Finance category in the US market. Using the app, you can instantly make payments or receive cash from other users. Additionally, the app comes with a debit card that offers occasional discounts to help you save money. 

The Cash App can also be a good option to receive fast paychecks. You can receive checks up to 2-days faster than traditional banks. And, its network of ATMs lets you even withdraw your cash for free.

Features of Cash App, one of the top fintech apps

  • Build an investment portfolio starting as little as just $1
  • Get a customized debit card and save smartly
  • Get paid 2-days faster compared to traditional banks
  • Pay other Cash App users instantly
Download Cash App


Apple 4.7
android 4.6

The EarnIn app is useful for keeping your credit score healthy. Using this credit score app, you can track your credit score for free and borrow up to $100 per day without any credit check, hidden fees, or even interest. 

Instead, if you want, you can pay a tip to this one of the top fintech mobile apps in whatever amount you like. EarnIn gives you time to return back the borrowed money on your payday so you can live a worry-free life.

Features of EarnIn, one of the top fintech apps

  • Borrow cash advance without any interest, hidden fees, or even a credit check
  • Add, receive paychecks, and manage your money right from the app
  • Provides a 24/7 chat support, 365-days
  • Add the employer to receive paychecks directly on the app
Download EarnIn

Google Pay

Apple 4.2
android 4.1

The popular payment has been downloaded over 1 billion times just from the Google Play App Store. The app has a simple user interface where you can connect all your bank accounts. Using its scanner or in-built address book, Google Pay also makes it faster and easier to pay and receive payments from other users. The app also offers occasional discounts and coupons to help Google Pay users save money on purchases and transactions.

Features of Google Pay, one of the best fintech applications

  • Use the scanner, address bar, or saved contacts to make payments
  • Keep track of transactions using its in-app passbook
  • Secure details of your payments using fingerprints or a passcode
  • Chat with other Google Pay users from the app itself
Download Google Pay


Apple 4.8
android 3.8

Zelle is a payment app based in the US market. To enroll on the app, you will need a Visa or Mastercard debit card to link with it. However, you can also link your US checking account to the app by using details like your username and password. 

To send or request the payment, enter the person’s US-based mobile number or e-mail and confirm the payment., Zelle will process payments within seconds.

Features of Zelle, one of the best fintech applications

  • Enroll on Zelle using a Visa or Mastercard debit card
  • The app supports US-based checking accounts as well
  • To process the payment, use a mobile number or email address
  • Making payments on Zelle is free
Download Zelle

Xoom Money Transfer

Apple 4.8
android 4.8

Xoom is a payment app that you can also use to pay utility bills and clear your dues. The app comes with an in-built passbook useful for keeping your transactions on track. You can use this one of the top fintech mobile apps to make transactions in plenty of markets around the world. 

To name a few examples, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Kuwait, Honduras, UAE, UK, Malaysia, etc.

Features of Xoom Money Transfer, one of the top fintech products

  • Uses PayPal’s tech to monitor transactions 24/7
  • Supports over 150 markets 
  • Connect and transact between 350,000 recognized banks
  • Supports integrating PayPal as well for payments
Download Xoom Money Transfer


Apple 4.5
android 4.7

The Wise app supports over 40 currencies and comes with an app lock. You can use Wise to send money to 70+ different countries and spend money in 170+ countries as well. Additionally, the payment app also supports withdrawing money using Wise in over 170 countries making it the perfect payment app for international travel. 

The best thing about Wise is that it supports multiple countries and lets you manage your account balance in different currencies.

Features of Wise, one of the best fintech apps

  • Supports transactions in 170 countries
  • You can store your account balances of 50+ currencies
  • Convert your money from one currency to another instantly
  • The automated currency conversion lets you pay in the local currency
Download Wise


Apple 4.8
android 4.5

Ibotta secured a place in this list of the best fintech apps due to its ability to help you save money. The app offers cashback, gift cards, coupons, and bonuses to help you optimize your purchasing strategy and save money the smarter way. 

One of the top money-saving apps, Ibotta helps you save money at over 500,000 locations and its merchant partners include Walmart, Uber, CVS, Groupon, Whole Foods, AMC, and other such top names.

Features of Ibotta, the top fintech mobile app

  • Explore a range of coupons to save money
  • Supports brands from cabs to grocery stores, household items to clothing brands, etc
  • Uploads new coupons everyday
  • Can earn extra discounts by sharing referrals
Download Ibotta


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Delta specializes in the investment industry covering everything from stocks and cryptos to NFTs. On the app, you can keep track of your in-depth portfolios, NFTs, cryptos, stocks, and more. 

Delta also gives you insights into the live prices of stocks and cryptos that you choose to track. You can also keep a real-time track of the values of ETFs, NFTs, and Crypto in your portfolios to stay in the loop with market fluctuations.

Features of Delta, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Connect crypto wallets like MetaMask, Binance, Robinhood, etc
  • Securely connect multiple accounts to keep track of your portfolio
  • Get in-depth portfolio insights on a single dashboard
  • Use News & Notifications to stay in touch with the market
Download Delta


Apple 4.8
android 4.8

Next name in this list of fintech products, YNAB has been downloaded millions of times and has thousands of positive reviews on app stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app offers interesting budgeting and finance features that let people make the best of their money. 

Using YNAB, you can set targets and invest in segments to achieve them. Additionally, the app also lets you invite finance partners so you can plan your finances and save together.

Features of YNAB, one of the best fintech applications

  • Add financial partners and manage money together
  • Target goals and save for them as you like
  • Keep an eye on your wealth using statistics
  • The app comes with award-winning support as well
Download YNAB

Tradefada Global

Apple 4.8
android 3.9

Tradefada is a crypto expert platform with advanced mobile trading charts and indicators. Using the fintech app, you can keep track of your crypto assets to see the rise and decline in rates. The app also lets you trade using cryptocurrencies from the same platform itself. 

Tradefada also covers a range of order types, and popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, LUNA, SOLANA, and Dogecoin are supported by the same.

Features of Tradefada Global, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Supports multiple order types and markets
  • Find and trade popular crypto assets like BTC, SOLANA, SHIBA, etc
  • Keep track of cryptos’ values in real-time
  • Select one of the multiple order types to trade
Download Tradefada

Blockchain Wallet

Apple 4.7
android 4.2

Using the Blockchain Wallet, you can buy, sell, and swap cryptos with ease. The platform also lets you earn rewards using cryptocurrencies that you can stake. Some supported assets by the Blockchain Wallet include Bitcoin, Cardano, Polygon, Dogecoin, and USD Coin among others. 

You can also lock your cryptos with private keys and set a 4-digit password or Face ID on the app. There is a 12-word recovery phase as well that lets you restore your account in case you lose access to it.

Features of Blockchain Wallet, one of the best fintech apps

  • Swap and trade dozens of cryptocurrencies on a single platform
  • Lock your crypto assets with a 4-digit pin, Face ID, or two-factor
  • Collect NFTs, explore DeFI, and use DApps on the platform
  • Supports popular assets like BTC, ETH, ADA, MATIC, SOL
Download Blockchain Wallet


Apple 4.5
android 4.2

To earn up to 4.5% per annum on your crypto collection, Crypto.com is your best bet. The app lets you trade over 250 cryptocurrencies including ETH, SAND, LUNA, SHIBA, etc. Using your debit or credit card, 20+ fiat currencies can be used to trade cryptos. 

Additionally, on the amount you are spending using your Crypto.com Visa Card, the platform rewards you with up to 5% returns as well.

Features of Crypto.com, one of the top fintech applications

  • Use your Crypto.com to shop at 150+ top brands
  • Supports easy integration of the Crypto.com app with its DeFi wallet
  • Supports paying using over 30 cryptocurrencies including ETH, CRO, BTC
  • Earn up to 4.5% per annum on your crypto stocks
Download Crypto.com


Apple 4.7
android 4.4

The fintech app supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Link, and Cardano among others. Using Binance, you can also explore collections of NFTs to find the best options for your collections. 

To start investing on Binance, you can start with as long as $15 to start making profits. Using its real-time tracker can be beneficial if you want to stay in the loop with price fluctuations of different cryptocurrencies.

Features of Binance, the best fintech app

  • Explore and discover a range of NFT collections
  • Start investing with as low as $15
  • Trade over 350 cryptocurrencies
  • Earn daily rewards on your stakes and savings
Download Binance


Apple 4.6
android 4.6

Using the Coin ATMRadar, you can find spots where it is easier to get cryptos converted to cash and cash to cryptos. The app includes a “Near Me” page where you can explore 20 nearest locations to swap and exchange your cryptos. 

The app provides details like the address of ATMs and Teller Locations, supported cryptocurrencies, supported transactions, pictures of these ATMs, and addresses among other details.

Features of CoinATMRadar, one of the top fintech products

  • Explore locations of ATMs and tellers
  • Find additional details like supported cryptos and transactions
  • Explore pictures of ATMs and fees charged by them
  • Use the “Near Me” page to find 20 nearest ATMs and tellers
Download CoinATMRadar


Apple 4.2
android 4.2

The next name in our list, BitPay is useful if you want to spend cryptos in the real world using its Mastercard. The app supports cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, USDC, and USDP among others. 

Additionally, you can use credit cards, debit cards, and even Google Pay to buy cryptocurrencies directly from this platform itself. Bitpay Card also supports ATMs to withdraw cash and its virtual card can instantly be connected and used with Google Pay for digital payments.

Features of BitPay, one of the top fintech applications

  • BitPay supports cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, BCH, DOGE, etc
  • Using your cryptocurrencies, buy gift cards for 100+ brands and retailers
  • Exchange cash and cryptos instantly with each other
  • Supports easy connection with crypto wallets like Trezor, Ledger, KuCoin
Download BitPay


Apple 4.6
android 4.0

If you want to have a fintech app that gives you a trial of its features before you actually start exploring investments, eToro is the perfect option for the same. The app credits every new account with a $100,000 virtual deposit that you can use to try every feature of eToro. 

On the platform, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in leading US-based companies and funds. Investments on the platform can start from an amount of as little as $10.

Features of eToro, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Explore portfolios of top investors and copy them automatically
  • Practice with $100,000 worth of dummy investments
  • Lets you deal in multiple stocks and ETFs
  • You can explore smart portfolios to allocate investments
Download eToro


Apple 4.8
android 4.2

The Gemini app comes with a credit card that offers 3% crypto back on dining, 2% crypto back on groceries, and 1% crypto back on other categories of use cases. Gemini is also regulated to operate in all 50 states of the USA and NYDFS regulates the same.  

Additionally, you can earn up to $600 in referral rewards per year by earning $15 per referral in cryptocurrencies. Gemini comes with a dedicated credit card that lets you earn crypto rewards on every purchase you make.

Features of Gemini, one of the best fintech apps

  • Earn $15 per referral maximum up to $600 per year
  • A Gemini Mastercard rewards you with cryptos on all purchases
  • The app is regulated by NYDFS and operates in all 50 states
  • Trade and store cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DOGE, and MANA among others
Download Gemini


Apple 4.9
android 4.7

One of the top pay-later apps, Sezzle lets you pay for your purchases in 4 installments. The app also lets you build your credit entirely for free by informing your credit score bureau every time you make the installment payment. 

On top of that, by paying on time, you also get to boost your spending power. Using its features, you can monitor your spending and explore your estimated spending power as well to make wiser financial decisions.

Features of Sezzle, one of the best fintech applications

  • Pay in four installments for your purchases
  • Reschedule payments if the money is tight
  • Build credit score positively by paying on time
  • Leverage installments on big brands like Amazon, Target, and more
Download Sezzle


Apple 4.6
android 3.8

The all-in-one shopping app, Perpay makes it easier for you to purchase on credits. The app comes with an average spending power of $1,000. Using this spending power, you can make a purchase and return in small payments from your paychecks. 

On average, the credit score increases by 36 points and the app charges no interest or fees on these purchases. Additionally, using Perpay’s pay later service also provides you access to spending power without any credit checks.

Features of Perpay, one of the best fintech products

  • Leverage the average spending power of $1,000
  • Pay in small installments based on your paychecks
  • The app provides pay-later services without credit checks
  • On average, your credit score increases by 36 points
Download Perpay


Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Use ExtraCash to borrow up to $500 instantly from Dave without any credit checks or late fees. Dave also includes additional features to help you save money for your goals and earn cash back using Dave Rewards. 

Additionally, Dave, one of the top cash advance apps, comes with a simple and straightforward application process to apply for the Dave Debit Mastercard. You can use this debit card to secure cashback offers on a range of major retailers.

Features of Dave, one of the best fintech apps

  • Get a cash advance of up to $500 instantly
  • Comes with a Debit Mastercard to help you save money
  • Find side hustles on the same app
  • Get up to 2-days of early access on your payroll
Download Dave


Apple 4.8
android 4.8

The Empower app is your best alternative if you are looking for instant access to cash advances. On Empower, you can access instant cash of up to $250 and withdraw the amount of your choice below the limit. 

On the amount you borrow, there are no interest amounts, late fees, or credit checks. However, for instant withdrawals, Empower charges $3 you can pay with your repayment.

Features of Empower, one of the fintech applications

  • Access a cash advance of up to $250
  • Charges a fee of $3 on instant withdrawals
  • Save money to clear your bills using the AutoSave feature
  • The Empower Card helps you save on bills
Download Empower


Apple 4.8
android 4.4

The Payactiv app is useful if you want to save money smartly without any monthly fee, inactivity fee, or minimum balances. The app also lets you get paid 2-days early. Using Payactiv, you can spend smartly and keep track of the growth of your funds in real-time. 

You can also use Payactiv to send and receive money from other users. Additional features  that Payactiv includes are automated insights, Payactiv Visa Prepaid Card, and more.

Features of Payactiv, one of the top fintech applications

  • Get paid early for up to 2 days
  • Get in-depth spending insights
  • Includes no hidden or inactivity fees
  • Get automated insights to save smartly
Download Payactiv


Apple 4.4
android 4.3

Next we have Swagbucks, one of the most popular fintech applications designed to reward you for attempting surveys. Swagbucks, in return for surveys that you attend, rewards you with free gift cards and cash.

At the time of writing, Swagbucks users have collectively earned over $470 million. Now, apart from rewards on surveys, Swagbucks also provides you cashback on your online purchases and you can scan to upload your receipt as well for cashback. 

Features of Swagbucks, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Get paid for attempting surveys
  • Scan receipts to upload them and earn cashback
  • Get cashback on online shopping
  • Discover plenty of offers included in the app
Download one of the best fintech applications

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Apple 4.0
android 4.2

Next addition to the list, Checkout 51 is a perfect cashback option as well. You can earn cashback on your grocery shopping just by using the receipt’s scanner. Upload your grocery receipts and save some money instantly. The app can also help you save up to ¢25 per gallon on every fuel purchase made by members. Checkout 51 is also counted among the best survey apps for its range of surveys that reward you with cash once you complete them.

Features of Checkout 51, one of the best fintech mobile app

  • Get cashback by watching videos, shopping online, or offline
  • Upload receipts to get cashback on daily essentials
  • Take surveys to earn real cash
  • Withdraw your cash collection from the app without any fee
Download Checkout 51

Intuit Credit Karma

Apple 4.8
android 4.7

Credit Karma is a popular name among the most popular credit monitoring apps thanks to its extensive range of features that make credit health more transparent than ever. The app provides a deeper insight into credit scores where you can check the rise and fall of your credit health. The app also provides you insights into the chances of approvals whether you are planning to take a credit card or apply for a home loan. 

Features of Intuit Credit Karma, one of the fintech products

  • Get in-depth real-time status of your credit health
  • Secure discounts on car insurance by driving smartly
  • Get data breach or password expose alerts
  • Get the status of your approval chances
Download Intuit Credit Karma

Capital One CreditWise

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

For the health of your credit, keeping your real-time credit score in check is an absolute necessity. You can do that by using one of many features delivered by CreditWise from Capital One. 

The app lets you review your credit scores, any changes in the report, personalized recommendations to improve your credit score, real-time TransUnion and Experian alerts, and more.

Features of Capital One CreditWise, one of the top fintech applications

  • Use the credit simulator to review how your credit score is affected
  • Get personalized credit improvement suggestions
  • Explore tips to control your credit health smartly
  • Get TransUnion and Experian alerts in real-time
Download Capital One CreditWise


Apple 4.3
android 4.0

The TransUnion app is your best fintech option if you want the perfect transparency of your credit health. The app comes with tips to help you improve your credit scores positively. Using these tips, you can positively impact your credit score’s health daily. 

And you can also get real-time alerts in case your credit score changes or the card gets stolen. Another impressive feature of TransUnion is the ability to lock your financial report using methods like fingerprint lock.

Features of TransUnion, one of the best fintech apps

  • Get in-depth insights into your credit health
  • Explore the VantageScore 3.0 every day from TransUnion
  • The app comes with a $1,000,000 identity theft insurance as well
  • Lets you record your Equifax and TransUnion reports to secure from data theft
Download TransUnion


Apple 4.6
android 3.7

Another top name in this list of crypto apps, Pionex is the cryptocurrency platform that comes with expert trading bots. There are 16 bots that allow automated and safe trade in currencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum among others. 

The app charges a 0.05% trading fee and supports 250+ coins on the platform to trade. The Pionex experience is optimized for beginners and experts alike making it the perfect option for crypto enthusiasts.

Features of Pionex, one of the most popular fintech products

  • The app charges 0.05% trading fees
  • You can trade in over 250 coins on the platform
  • Pionex is licensed by FinCEN and has acquired MSB
  • The app uses Binance and Huobi Global to safely store your cryptocurrencies
Download Pionex

Bitstamp Pro

Apple 4.7
android 3.7

The crypto-trading platform, Bitstamp Pro supports trading for up to 80 currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc. The advanced app interface of the crypto app also comes with real-time market insights, an order book, and charts of all assets for you to explore. 

To execute trades instantly at any point and to access real-time data streams, Bitstamp Pro offers relevant features available 24/7.

Features of Bitstamp Pro, one of the top fintech products

  • Trade up to 80 cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, SOL, etc
  • Access real-time market insights, market depth, order book, and more
  • Powered by the institutional-grade NASDAQ technology
  • Includes advanced trading functionality, ability to manage orders, and no-fees trades
Download Bitstam Pro

Coinbase Wallet

Apple 4.7
android 3.9

The Coinbase Wallet app offers extensive  support for your crypto assets and NFTs. Counted among one of the top NFT apps, Coinbase lets you explore trends, collect and trade NFTs, explore Web3, and trade thousands of coins. 

Coinbase’s storage servers offer a safer environment to store crypto assets. On the app, you can store and Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Ethereum-compatible chains easily.

Features of Coinbase Wallet, one of the top fintech apps

  • Supports popular crypto assets like BTC, SOLANA, MATIC, etc
  • Explore Web3 from the smartphone itself
  • Supports thousands of coins for decentralized exchanges
  • Explore crypto trends to review top movers
Download Coinbase Wallet


Apple 4.5
android 4.6

The Bybit app supports a Web3 ecosystem to enable technologies like DeFi, NFTs, and dApps. There are additional features as well like flexible savings, liquidity mining, shark fin, etc to earn low-risk APY. 

You can also get 24/7 chat support that lets you connect with the real-people to help you out with your platform-related queries. Additionally, at the moment of writing this blog Bybit supports, Arabic, Filipino, French, and Hindi among others. 

Features of Bybit, one of the top fintech applications

  • Bybit’s decentralized Web3 ecosystem lets you store, send, and receive cryptos transparently
  • The NFT marketplace allows you to list, sell, and buy NFTs
  • Trading cryptocurrencies on Bybit can be done instantly
  • Comes with an intuitive user interface
Download Bybit


Apple 3.7
android 4.1

Next name on our list, CoinSmart lets you trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, and Ethereum among others. To begin trading, it takes only a few minutes to onboard and get verified on the CoinSmart app. 

As for its user interface, you can expect an easy-to-use app that offers user-friendly features. The app is designed to make its experience intuitive so users can find the options they are looking for in a glimpse.

Features of CoinSmart, one of the top fintech applications

  • Trade top cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ADA, and LTC
  • Access Live Support via call or chat between 9 AM to 9 PM EST
  • The platform has licenses like Canada FINTRAC, USA FINCEN, and Europe Estonian Digital Assets & Wallet Provider
  • The app is operating in 40+ countries
Download CoinSmart


Apple 3.5
android 4.2

For more than 5,000 mutual funds to choose from, a range of online FDs, NSE, and BSE stocks, Kuvera is the best alternative out there. For Indian users, Kuvera also supports linking the UAN number allowing users to track their EPF balances. 

On top of that, Kuvera is also the perfect app to keep track of your gold investments. Just add the amount you have invested in gold and keep an eye on its value in real-time.

Features of Kuvera, one of the top fintech applications

  • Includes over 5,000 mutual fund plans
  • Invest in shares from NSE and BSE
  • Link your UAN and track the EPF
  • Add gold value bought externally to track investments
Download Kuvera

22 Dividends

Apple 4.2
android 4.0

The fintech app supports over 10,000 US stocks, ETFs, and ADRs and has over 28,000 European and Canadian stocks. You can also use the app to track the total yield of your stock. Additionally, 22 Dividends also provides features to help you monitor your value gain and dividend performance.

You can keep track of your upcoming dividends using dividend reminders and generate detailed reports to have deeper insights into your portfolio.

Features of 22 Dividends, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Supports over 10,000 US stocks, ETFs, and ADRs
  • Secure more than 28,000 European and Canadian stocks
  • Track the total yield and stock positions of your portfolio
  • Summarize the dividend calendar instantly anytime
Download 22 Dividends


Apple 4.2
android 3.0

To keep up with the fintech market and your net wealth, you need a smart tool that keeps track of your dividends, that too, in a single place. DividendNow is that tool for you. The app comes with a dashboard that lets you see your holdings altogether, set a dividend goal, and review current yield and yield on cost. 

The in-depth analysis screen of DividendNow provides you with information such as patterns of holdings, dividends, monthly dividends, and sectors of dividends.

Features of DividendNow, one of the top fintech applications

  • Review your in-depth dividend history
  • Set dividend goals and keep track of your dividend value
  • Get in-depth portfolio analysis
  • Explore latest news to keep up with stocks and dividends
Download DividendNow


Apple 4.7
android 3.7

PocketGuard comes with an expense tracker and spending planner that can help you save money smartly. The app is already used by over 500k users from around the world and has thousands of positive reviews on popular app stores for Android and iOS. 

You can use PocketGuard to keep your wealth recorded and to instantly check the money you have saved. You can also explore and manage unwanted subscriptions to optimize your expenses better.

Features of PocketGuard, one of the top fintech apps

  • Track your bills to optimize expenses
  • Connect and monitor your bank accounts on a single dashboard
  • Fix goals and save money to achieve them smartly
  • Keep track of your subscriptions to identify and filter unwanted ones
Download PocketGuard


Apple 4.7
android 3.3

To build wealth, you need to have transparency for every dollar you are spending. EveryDollar is designed to help you achieve that goal. The app comes with features to help you record every single penny you are spending along with additional details like where you are spending it. You can also access in-depth insights to spend smarter and create your earliest budget in just ten minutes. 

Features of EveryDollar, one of the top fintech applications

  • Includes easy budget manager and expense tracker
  • You can sync your data on multiple devices
  • Includes a bill-splitter as well
  • Sync and monitor all connected accounts
Download EveryDollar


Apple 4.6
android 4.1

The stock market is continuously getting more accessible for everyone and apps like Learn are heavily contributing to it. The app guides you through the investing process in the US stock market. 

By using 40 lessons created by the MyWallSt (the developer company of Learn) team, you can boost your investment knowledge effectively. The best thing about these lessons is that you can complete each one of them by dedicating 1-1 minute of your time.

Features of Learn, one of the best fintech applications

  • Explore 40 audio lessons to learn on the go
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy-to-follow
  • Access learning data across multiple devices
  • Bite-sized lessons for faster and easier learning
Download Learn


Apple 4.6
android 3.8

Shaping kids from an early age to understand the investment industry can benefit their future. Invstr understands that and multiple features for multiple age groups. You can also use its commission-free debit card to make purchases and investments at zero costs. 

Invest in cryptos, US stocks, ETFs, and fractional shares at $0 commissions. Additionally, bank accounts that you open on Invstr are automatically insured by the FDIC Insurance to keep your finances safe.

Download Invstr

  • Trade US stocks, ETFs, and crypto at $0 commission
  • Explore Invstr Pro to boost your investing and finances
  • Teach your kids about money and investing using Invstr Jr
  • The app comes with parental controls to monitor your kid’s investment activities
Download Invstr


Apple 4.7
android 3.0

The family-centered approach to investing, Stockpile is designed to empower every member of the household financially. The app lets kids explore and learn the world of crypto and stocks starting with as little as $1. 

On the app, there are 4,000+ ETF and stock options with 30+ cryptocurrencies where Stockpile users can invest. For a secure future, safer investing, and financial security, Stockpile is the best option existing at the moment.

Features of Stockpile, the top fintech mobile app

  • Invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptos easily
  • Start investing with as little as $1
  • You can start investing even without linking a bank account
  • The app also supports gift cards for investments
Download Stockpile


Apple 4.6
android 4.7

If you want to put your investment skills to the test but do not want to risk real money, Wealthbase is the solution you need. On Wealthbase, you can get $100,000 in virtual currency by joining a free game and creating a simulated portfolio. 

The simulated portfolio supports investments like stocks, ETFs, and cryptos. Additionally, there is a leaderboard as well that you can progress through by making wiser investments.

Features of Wealthbase, one of the top fintech applications

  • Explore and trade 30,000+ simulated stocks, ETFs, and cryptos
  • Get $100,000 in virtual cash to trade
  • Track real-time stock prices and historical data
  • Make wiser investment decisions and progress through the leaderboard
Download Wealthbase


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Next in the list we have Webull, a smart fintech app that gives you the freedom of making money whether you invest or not. The app comes with a 5.0% APY clause on the cash that you choose to not invest. And to earn this money, there is no minimum value or any fees to participate. Simply use Webull Cash Management and turn your uninvested money into profitable assets. 

As for the money you want to invest, Webull lets you trade stocks and ETFs among others at zero commission. It also gives you the freedom from a minimum deposit for its brokerage accounts and IRAs.

Features of Webull, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Utilize automated investing and start with low minimum investment
  • Trade stocks, ETFs, and other options with zero commissions
  • Does not include minimum deposit limit for brokerage accounts
  • Customize your risk allocation preferences for the portfolio
Download Webull

Fidelity Investments

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

Fidelity Investments is an award-winning name in the fintech industry. The app is popular for its top-notch security standards that make users feel financially secure. Its features like 2-factor authentication, voice biometrics, security tax alert, and money transfer lockdowns help app users safe keep their financial information from any cyber threats. 

Among other popular features, Fidelity Investments' ability to offer a retail brokerage account at no account fees or minimum also makes it a profitable app for investors.

Features of Fidelity Investments, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Use real-time quotes to monitor markets and stock trends
  • Secure commission-free trades for ETFs, US stocks, and fractional shares
  • Lock your financial data with 2-factor authentication, voice biometrics, text alerts, etc
  • Schedule money transfers for automated investments
Download Fidelity Investments

TD Ameritrade Mobile

Apple 4.5
android 2.9

The financial market always fluctuates and thus, to make wiser investment decisions, it gets crucial to stay in the loop with these changes in real-time. TD Ameritrade Mobile is an app designed to target that gap.

On the app, you can explore a range of stocks and ETFs to keep up with their prices. Set alerts if you like so you can customize your portfolio with full freedom. Additionally, you can also use Face Unlock and Fingerprint authentication to authorize transfers and trades as you like.

Features of TD Ameritrade Mobile, one of the top fintech products

  • Authorize trades using face recognition or fingerprint authentication
  • Stay in the loop with the market using news and events
  • The mobile check deposit feature lets you deposit easily
  • Have 24x7 access to your statements and tax forms
Download TD Ameritrade Mobile


Apple 4.6
android 3.9

For commission-free trades, E*TRADE is your best bet among the best fintech apps. The app offers a range of financial products to deal in including mutual funds, US-listed stock, ETFs, and option trades. 

You also get to explore portfolio information, charts, and streaming quotes on a single platform for a better financial understanding of the market. The app also provides you access to live access of Bloomberg videos.

Features of E*TRADE, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Get in-depth portfolio information and fintech charts
  • Create watchlists of targeted investments
  • Stream live Bloomberg videos for better market understanding
  • Use E*TRADE debit card to get ATM fee refunds 
Download E*TRADE

Merrill Edge

Apple 4.6
android 3.7

The perfect fintech app, Merrill Edge lets you have good control over your accounts. The app comes with amazing features like mobile check deposit to help you quickly scan the front and the back of the check and upload it to the app. 

The dashboard included in Merril Edge includes data such as the total portfolio value, historical total value, portfolio asset allocation, an inbox, etc. For a guided investment strategy and in-depth transparency of your financial portfolio, the Merrill Edge app comes with investment goals and projection charts. 

Features of Merrill Edge, one of the best fintech applications

  • Lets you securely transfer finances between accounts
  • The mobile check deposit feature lets you scan checks and deposit
  • The in-depth dashboard offers extreme financial transparency
  • Use guided investing for wiser financial decisions
Download Merrill Edge

Schwab Mobile

Apple 4.8
android 3.1

The Schwab Mobile app provides a tool to buy stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds directly from your smartphone. The app also understands the necessity of securing user data to protect it from getting hacked. So, it provides tools like face ID, fingerprint lock, and even a passcode. 

Keeping an eye on the market in real time helps you make better investment decisions. To assist with the same, there are additional features such as breaking news, real-time quotes, and in-depth charts. Additionally, using Schwab Mobile, you can monitor trades 24/7 as well. 

Features of Schwab Mobile, one of the best fintech apps

  • Monitor trading opportunities 24/7 for better investments
  • Get breaking news, real-time quotes, and in-depth charts on the same app
  • Explore account balances, performance, and all your assets on a single dashboard
  • Explore customized watchlists and monitor market trends
Download Schwab Mobile


Apple 4.8
android 4.5

Next we have an assistive app for mutual funds and SIP consumers that is already assisting over 30,000 families. The app offers a range of services for Indian consumers including mutual funds investment services, goal-based planning, tax planning, and retirement among others. 

Using AssetPlus, you can also communicate with expert financial advisors. These experts are available via live chats and can help you solve queries related to mutual funds.

Features of AssetPlus, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Includes a live chat facility for you to connect with advisors
  • Explore mutual funds and several SIPs for wiser investments
  • Comes with goal-based investment planning
  • The app provides its services entirely for free
Download AssetPlus


Apple 4.4
android 4.0

To handle NFT and crypto effectively, next we have Enjin. The app prioritizes trustworthiness, privacy, and performance as its core components. As for its features, there is a Dark mode, portfolio, WalletConnect support, SegWit support, DApps browser, and even EIP-1559 Ethereum Gas System for lower gas costs.

The Enjin app is designed to help you make the most of your NFTs, Bitcoin, and other 100+ cryptocurrencies. You can exchange, hold, and trade cryptos efficiently to build your net worth using Enjin.

Features of Enjin, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Exchange and trade over 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Import and track as many crypto wallets as you like
  • Claim free tokens just by using the QR scanner in the app
  • You can send BTC to a native SegWit address using Enjin
Download Enjin

SigFig Wealth Management

Apple 2.0
android 1.6

The SigFig Wealth Management app is designed to guide you with personalized tips so you can make investment decisions that work for you. The app takes your needs, timeline, and tolerance for risk into account and delivers you personalized wealth management plans. 

Another factor why you should consider investing via SigFig Wealth Management is that it allows you to manage your initial $10,000 without any fee for better returns.

Features of SigFig Wealth Management, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Get your initial $10,000 managed for free
  • Comes with continuous portfolio management and dividend reinvestment
  • Provides bank-level data encryption
  • Connect with licensed financial advisors for better decisions
Download SigFig Wealth Management

Yahoo Finance

Apple 4.7
android 4.6

Whether a newbie or an experienced investor, everyone needs to keep up with the market in order to make wiser investment decisions. Yahoo Finance is the perfect tool to use for that task. The Yahoo Finance app provides you with a tracker that lets you measure your personal portfolio. 

You can use the tracker to stay in the loop with the rise and fall of your financial portfolio so you can build and manage your finances better.

Features of Yahoo Finance, one of the best fintech apps

  • Measure the performance of your financial portfolio
  • Target and track the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin among other cryptos
  • Explore the full-screen chart to compare stocks
  • Track currencies, bonds, and equities among other assets as well
Download Yahoo Finance

Seeking Alpha

Apple 4.8
android 4.1

The Seeking Alpha app is equipped with tools useful for tracking market performance, market news, price fluctuations, etc. You can explore Seeking Alpha on your phone to get actionable investing ideas as well as market updates and alerts in real time. 

Additionally, for each stock you are interested in, Seeking Alpha is the perfect tool to know about it as well. You can explore historical trends, changes in prices, ratings, etc.

Features of Seeking Alpha, one of the leading fintech products

  • Real-time market news coverage
  • Comes with a dark mode as well
  • Get actionable insights to help you make wiser financial decisions
  • Pick and follow preferred stocks for more optimized market alert
Download Seeking Alpha

M1 Finance

Apple 4.7
android 4.6

M1 is a collection of advanced investment and banking features. Using the same app, you can buy stocks or borrow money. The app lets you borrow up to 40% portfolio’s value and with M1 Plus, you can borrow at 7.25%. 

However, without M1 Plus, you can borrow at as low as 8.75%. Additional banking features of M1 Finance support automated transfers as well that will process transactions on the allotted schedule.

Features of M1 Finance, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Start investing at as low as $1 using fractional shares
  • Borrow up to 40% of the financial portfolio you build
  • With M1 Plus, borrow at 7.25% or at 8.25% without M1 Plus
  • Get customized investment plans for stocks and ETFs
Download M1 Finance


Apple 4.8
android 4.1

The SoFi app offers some of the most profitable financial services in the segment. Using checking and savings accounts of the SoFi app, you can earn up to 4.50% APY. Additionally, using direct deposits on SoFi, you can get paid up to 2-days earlier. 

The app also offers FDIC insurance of up to $2 million on deposits made by users. Additionally, you can also use over 55,000 fee-free ATMs to access your money in cash.

Features of SoFi, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Get 2% cash back rewards with your SoFi Credit Card
  • Comes with up to $1000 in stock whenever you fund the SoFi invest account
  • The app also offers a no-fee overdraft protection
  • Get in-depth insights into your spending habits using SoFi
Download SoFi


Apple 4.7
android 4.2

The Ellevest is a women-centric app designed to help women make wiser investments. At the moment of writing this report, Ellevest experts claim to manage over $1.6 billion in assets. Using this investment app, you can explore your money goals, get personalized investment portfolios, and save money smartly. 

Whether you want to purchase a house or a dream vehicle, Ellevest has plans costing just $12 per month that will help you secure them.

Features of Ellevest, the best fintech app

  • Get personalized investment plans to achieve financial goals
  • The app supports diversified investment portfolios as well
  • Secure monthly market insights gathered by experts
  • Save for your future using proven strategies
Download Ellevest


Apple 4.5
android 3.3

The Honeydue app is designed for couples to share their banking responsibilities with each other. Using Honeydue, you can track bills, bank balances, spending activity, and your finances on a personalized feed. 

The app lets you decide as well the amount of information you like to share with your partner. Additionally, the dashboard allows you to add categories from several options on the app so you track the information that you want specifically.

Features of Honeydue, one of the top fintech applications

  • Add and review all bank balances on a single platform
  • Add customized categories on your dashboard
  • Get bill reminders to not miss any payments
  • Supports over 10,000 banks from the UK, Canada, the USA, France, and Spain
Download Honeydue


Apple 4.8
android 4.2

If you are in need of a stock app that keeps you in touch with the market, TipRanks is the best option for you. Using simplified stock research tools offered by TipRanks, you can explore a range of stock market news and stock analysis articles. 

The app also features interactive charts, index futures, and stock data. You can integrate up to 100 cryptocurrencies in your portfolio as well to stay in the loop with the market.

Features of TipRanks, one of the best fintech applications

  • In-depth reports and analysis of stock trends
  • Get real-time quotes and interactive charts for deeper insights
  • Add up to 100 cryptocurrencies in your stock portfolio
  • Keep a track of crypto news and trends to stay in touch with the market
Download TipRanks


Apple 4.8
android 4.4

To keep up with the Indian stock market, Stocktwits offers a range of top features. Using the app, you can explore a list of verified list of India’s investors, market experts, and traders. 

Additionally, Stockwits also includes a range of trade ideas shared by its massive community with the sole purpose of inspiring and guiding others. Using Stocktwits, you can also mark your favorite assets and follow them from a range of choices like ETFs, NFTs, stocks, etc.

Features of Stocktwits, one of the best fintech products

  • Access a list of verified investors, traders, and experts for insights
  • Explore trade ideas shared by the community of Stocktwits
  • Follow your favorite assets to keep up with ups and downs in values
  • Get instant notifications whenever your favorite investor posts something
Download Stocktwits


Apple 4.7
android 4.5

The MarketWatch app delivers a range of business insights in the form of videos, news, stories, and insights. To keep up with the latest trends in the business world, MarketWatch offers a range of insights as well as real-time market updates. You can also customize your drop-down menu on the app that features news channels specializing in the US market, personal finance, and investing.

Features of MarketWatch, one of the best fintech products

  • Access the latest stock market, investing, and business news from MarketWatch
  • Customize the Top Stories Bar to access news from your preferred channels
  • Track stock market data on a variety of date ranges
  • Create a watchlist of your favorite stocks to stay updated
Download MarketWatch

Fi Money

Apple 4.6
android 4.4

The Fi Money app offers a zero-balance savings account that you can open just in 3-seconds. The licensing partner of Fi Money is licensed by the Federal Bank which also assists with all money management needs of users on the app. 

Using the Fi Money account, you can maximize savings, automate payments, apply for a credit card, and even make investments in mutual funds. On Fi Money, you can control your money without needing to worry about any hidden fees as well. 

Features of Fi Money, the top fintech mobile app

  • Open a zero-balance savings account in just 3 minutes
  • The app is licensed and powered by the Federal Bank
  • Withdraw your money using any ATMs
  • Access the customer support 24/7
Download Fi Money


Apple 2.9
android 4.2

As the name suggests, for instant banking services, Instantpay is your best bet. The app offers a superior digital experience along with advanced banking features that make it easier for you to manage and monitor your wealth. With a fast KYC process, onboard Instantpay to make transactions with other users. Or, make commercial payments to multiple people with just a single tap. 

The app is enriched with features and offers one of the best customer assistance experiences as well. In case of queries, you can contact its helpline 24x7.

Features of Instantpay, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • Complete the KYC process in minutes to begin transactions
  • Connect multiple bank accounts for better money management
  • Use the QR scanner to scan and pay
  • Pay to multiple accounts with a single tap
Download Instantpay

Niyo Global

Apple 4.6
android 4.4

The Niyo Global app is designed to help you save money on your journeys out there in the world. The app offers a global travel card that is free from forex charges. The card works in 150+ countries and offers smarter ways to reduce your travel expenses. The app is also a perfect emergency companion as you can access credit up to ₹500k in just 4 minutes. Additionally, by locating the nearby ATM, it is easier to access emergency cash as well.

Features of Niyo Global, one of the best fintech applications

  • Get your Niyo Global card just in 3-days
  • Provides a credit line of up to 500k
  • Spend in 150+ countries using your card
  • Comes with 24x7 chat support to assist you
Download Niyo Global


Apple 4.2
android 4.6

The app from interactive brokers provides portable access to stocks, forex, futures, and more. Using the app, you can explore real-time streaming data and charts. The app also offers real-time market scanners, and alerts to keep you in touch with ups and downs in the stock market. The innovative trading platform offers an intuitive user interface making it easy for users to follow along with its features.

Features of IBKR, one of the top fintech mobile apps

  • An in-depth market analysis tool with real-time charts
  • Get real-time market alerts
  • Explore market prices and fluctuations in them
  • To know the app well, you can also use the free demo
Download IBKR
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The digital ecosystem of fintech apps is enabling better coordination and transparency between financial institutions and consumers. At the same time, fintech apps are also helping users to explore more ways of making themselves financially stronger. There are the best crypto apps, stock apps, apps to find discounts, and other such categories that we discussed in this report. 

So, whether you need an option that can help you keep your money safe or you want to multiply your net worth, explore this extensive list of the best fintech apps and find the perfect financial solution for your requirements.

Lastly, you can also benefit from this list of fintech apps as a developer. If you own an app and want to see it among the above-mentioned options, just submit your app’s details to have the opportunity to list your product in the report. That will help you boost the visibility of your app across more target markets.

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