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HealthifyMe App Review - Take Active Control of Your Health!

Here is a detailed HealthifyMe app review to help you build perspective on whether or not to use the app.

Updated on July 02, 2024
HealthifyMe App Review - Take Active Control of Your Health!

In the times that we live in, health issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc., are common. If not anything then stress is a chronic issue in today’s time. Each of these issues can be fixed to a certain extent but can be managed easily using apps like HealthifyMe. 

These health & fitness apps not only help you with your calorie intake and meal tracking but also help create balanced diets for users along with providing sustainable workout plans. They provide AI health coaches and deliver recipes made of traditional foods like ghee (clarified butter), barley, soya, etc.

So, without leaving any time to waste, let’s start with this HealthifyMe app review. And, try to understand whether the application is worth your time or not!

What is HealthifyMe?

Note: HealthifyMe is known as “HealthifyMe: Weight Loss Plan” on Apple App Store while the name of the app on Google Play Store is “HealthifyMe: AI Diet & Fitness”.  

HealthifyMe is an Indian digital health company. It was founded in the year 2012. This is one of the healthcare apps that delivers a comprehensive suite of features for calorie tracking, nutrition advice, fitness guidance, and more.

The initial concept of the app was developed on an Excel sheet by its founders Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy. However, currently, the service is available on Android and iOS and also integrates easily with wearable tech.

Furthermore, the app delivers an AI-powered nutritionist called “Ria”, and features like “Snap” for food recognition. The app has also collaborated with Swiggy and Fitternity to expand services into the health food delivery and gym fitness domain. Overall, HealthifyMe is a dedicated innovator and its partnerships underscore its mission to promote global wellness.

Features of HealthifyMe

Getting through tonnes of HealthifyMe reviews won’t help if we don’t consider the features of the app. Therefore, below we have extrapolated on all the core ones. So, check them out:

1. HealthifyMe Fitness Tracking with Calorie Tracker

HealthifyMe comes with a calorie counter. It helps in simplifying your fitness journey by tracking the calories accurately for both intake and burn. 

It uses advanced algorithms to assess your age, weight, height, and activity levels. Based on that it provides personalized insights. This helps the user make informed dietary choices and help in achieving overall health and weight goals, with ease.

healthifyme app review

2. HealthifyMe Nutrition - Macros & MicronutrientsTracking

HealthifyMe goes beyond just measuring calories. Instead, the app’s meal-tracking capabilities deliver you macros and micros. By using the app you can visualize intake by learning the amount of protein, carbs, and fats you consume during the day. 

Based on that information, it creates a personalized plan catering to your personal goals and meeting macro targets. This helps that your body receives all the right building blocks for the desired outcome. Furthermore, it provides insights related to your macro intake throughout your journey. Also, the app recommends recipes that can help you achieve your overall fitness goals.

3. Ria - HealthifyMe AI Health Coach

The reason why HealthifyMe is often considered in the list of AI healthcare apps is “Ria”. Ria is a friendly AI sidekick that is integrated into the app. It delivers functionalities that make it the HealthifyMe AI coach. Basically, it delivers personalized health and nutrition AI coaching to its users. To elevate your fitness journey, it gives out information like:

  • Personalized advice for your goals, preferences, and dietary habits
  • Inspiration for recipes based on preferences and dietary restrictions
  • Vast knowledge base about food, nutrients, and healthy eating practices
  • Daily nudges and reminders to keep you on track
  • Progress tracking for motivation and focus on your goals

healthifyme reviews

4. Auto-tracking with HealthifySnap

HealthifySnap is a game changer for people who struggle with manual calorie intake. It helps you get ahead of logging every bite and allows you to simply use your phone’s camera. 

To do that it uses an AI engine that analyzes photos for various international and Indian dishes. Once done, it automatically logs the estimated calories and nutrients. Based on this information, the tool can also suggest HealthifyMe diet plans.

5. HealthifyMe Fitness Coach - Get Home/Gym Workout Plan

HealthifyMe doesn’t directly deliver gym workout plans. However, it does suggest resources and tools that help you create a personalized workout routine. So, whether you prefer to work out at home or hit a gym, it delivers resources to bridge that need.

On HealthifyMe, you can find video workouts and bodyweight exercises. Furthermore, the app tells you appropriate exercises based on the fitness goal selected. 

You can also create custom workout routines or get a combination of exercises based on goals and preferences. Once done, the app will help you challenge yourself with intensity, duration, or difficulty.

6. Large Library of Healthy Recipes

There are numerous health and wellness apps that ask you to follow a workout regimen. All that is okay but to get to that aesthetic physique or the body you desire, having a good diet is more important.

HealthifyMe boasts a vast library of healthy recipes. These recipes are likely to reach tens of thousands and cater to diverse dietary needs and preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.). 

You can even search and filter recipes based on your favorite dietary needs, cuisine type, and even meal time. Furthermore, the app delivers on registered dieticians that can help you create a more personalized meal plan.

7. Integration with Wearable Devices

HealthifyMe understands the importance of collecting data from a holistic approach. This is the reason it integrates with popular wearable devices. It allows effortless data syncing based on activity and helps build a complete picture.

Some of the supported devices belong to popular brands like Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Garmin, and even the HealthifyMe RIST band. 

Pros and Cons of HealthifyMe

There are plenty of HealthifyMe reviews circulating on the internet. However, it is important to understand that every app has its pros and cons. And to create a clear perspective, we need to look at every tool from an objective point of view. So, here are the pros and cons of this one of the AI healthcare apps:

Pros Cons
Personalized approach (using AI) to understand your goals and preferences, creating customized diet and exercise plans. Advanced features and consultations with dietitians require a paid subscription.
AI-powered tool “Ria”  offers recipe suggestions, motivational nudges, and answers nutritional questions. Ria might not be suitable for complex needs.
Macro and micronutrient tracking provides insights into protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. Micronutrient tracking might be less detailed.
Effortless calorie tracking with HealthifySnap allows users to take pictures of their meals for automatic calorie and nutrient logging. AI image recognition struggles with complex dishes, and manual adjustments are required.
Home workout options with video workouts and bodyweight exercises. Doesn't provide built-in gym workout plans.
Vast recipe library with filters for dietary needs and preferences.  
Registered dietitians are available with the premium plan.  

Additional Considerations:

  • It is important to understand that the quality of your personalized plan depends on the data provided by you. For example, goals, activity level, and preferences.
  • HealthifyMe is a great app for short-term goals but it is most effective to develop long-term permanent habits.

App Specifications of HealthifyMe

Another aspect that needs to be covered in this Healthify review is its compatibility with the devices of the users. Below, we have mentioned the latest versions, minimum OS version, and more to understand its compatibility:

Specs Android iOS
Version v24.6 11.2.2
User Ratings 4.4 4.6
Size 53.25 MB 309.6 MB
Category Health & Fitness Health & Fitness
Last Updated 23rd May, 2024 31st May, 2024
OS Version Android 5.0 or later iOS 15.0 or later

HealthifyMe - Plans and Pricing!

The pricing model of HealthifyMe is offered to its users in four tiers. Here’s a breakdown of its HealthifyMe diet plan cost and other premium features:

Note: HealthifyMe is available in India and Southeast Asian countries. So, the prices will vary depending on the region. Also, below we have mentioned the prices from India.

1. Pro:

Price Time Features
Rs. 41,250 (Rs. 3,438 per month) 12 Months
  • 2 Pro Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
Rs. 23,650 (Rs. 3,942 per month) 6 Months
  • 2 Pro Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
Rs. 13,200 (Rs. 4,400 per month) 3 Months
  • 2 Pro Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans

2. Pro Med:

Price Time  Features
Rs. 43,800 (Rs. 3,650 per month) 12 Months
  • 2 Pro Medical Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 2 Metabolic Scale
Rs. 25,500 (Rs. 4.250 per month) 6 Months
  • 2 Pro Medical Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 1 Metabolic Scale
Rs. 15,000 (Rs. 5,000 per month) 3 Months
  • 2 Pro Medical Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • 1 Metabolic Scale

3. Pro Diabetes (Plus):

Price Time Features
Rs. 48,180 (Rs. 4,015 per month) 12 Months
  • 2 Pro Diabetes Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Costs
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 1 CGM
Rs. 28,050 (Rs. 4,675 per month) 6 Months
  • 2 Pro Diabetes Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Costs
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 1 CGM
Rs. 16,500 (Rs. 5,500 per month) 3 Months
  • 2 Pro Diabetes Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Costs
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • 1 CGM

4. Pro (Max):

Price Time  Features
Rs. 72,000 (Rs. 6000 per month) 12 Months
  • 3 Pro Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 4 CGMs
  • 4 Metabolic Panels
  • 4 Doctor Consultations
  • Unlimited Studio Workouts
Rs. 38,000 (Rs. 6,333 per month) 6 Months
  • 3 Pro Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 2 CGMs
  • 2 Metabolic Panels
  • 2 Doctor Consultations
  • Unlimited Studio Workouts
Rs. 19,500 (Rs. 6,500 per month) 3 Months
  • 3 Pro Coaches
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Smart Scale
  • 1 CGMs
  • 1 Metabolic Panels
  • 1 Doctor Consultations
  • Unlimited Studio Workouts

HealthifyMe Review + MAD Ratings!

Features: 4.8

Pricing: 4.4

Security: 4.2

Navigation: 4.6

Is HealthifyMe good? Well in the healthy lifestyle apps domain, it stands as a worthy contender. The application has a core focus on personalized coaching keeping the traditional calorie tracking into perspective. 

While other apps deliver similar features, HealthifyMe tries to go beyond that. It provides certified coaches and helps in creating a customized plan for its users. It addresses nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes while keeping a holistic approach in perspective.

The app delivers a user-friendly interface with features like food logging, water intake, sleep, and even mood. It is a comprehensive tracking system that provides valuable insights for both you and your coach. Also, the personalized coaching plans provide a major benefit and come with extra cost compared to basic features.

Overall, HealthifyMe delivers compelling options for individuals who seek a well-rounded and supporting path to improved health. Also, if you are willing to invest in a coach that helps you go beyond weight loss then HealthifyMe seems worth exploring.

How to Use HealthifyMe?

HealthifyMe tries to keep the user interface friendly to help users who are not so tech-savvy. So, here’s a basic guide on how to use it:

1. Download and Install the App:

  • Search for “HealthifyMe” on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store depending upon the device you use. Instead of using the links provided, you can also search the app on your device.
  • After that download the app on your smartphone.

2. Sign-Up and Create Your Profile:

  • Now, open the app and tap on “Get Started”.
  • Choose your preferred sign-up method, i.e., phone number or email address.
  • Enter the desired information and create your profile.

3. Set Goals and Preferences:

  • Select your preferred goal. For example, weight loss, muscle gain, etc.
  • Provide all the necessary information such as height, weight, activity level, and dietary preferences.

4. Track Your Food Intake:

There are two primary ways to track the food intake:

A) Manual Logging:

  • Tap on the “Add Meal” button usually represented as a plus sign “+”.
  • Search for the food items in the vast library of dishes.
  • Create custom entries or scan barcodes based on the region.
  • Enter the specific quantity of food ingested.

B) HealthifySnap (AI Photo Recognition):

  • Prepare your meal.
  • Tap the camera icon on the app within the “Add Meal” section.
  • Take a sharp and clear image of the meal.
  • Once done, HealthifyMe’s AI engine will start analyzing the image and provide you with an estimation of calories and nutrients.

5. Logging Your Exercise:

  • Tap on the “Workout” tab.
  • After that select from the options available, i.e., Home Workouts and Manual Entry.

6. Explore Additional Features:

  • Meal Plans: The app generates a personalized meal plan based on the goals and preferences provided by you. You can also find the “Meal Plan” section, however, it is paid.
  • Recipes: Healthify delivers a vast library of healthy recipes that can be categorized based on dietary needs, preferences, and meal times.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor the progress over time and view weight trends, calorie intake history, and workout logs.

HealthifyMe - User Reviews (SIC)

Studio workouts are great, workout coaches and dietitian are well equipped with knowledge in their field. One draw back with the app is that it has too many functionality and since I am busy throughout the day, I dont really remember to update my food intake or water intake, sometimes I find it quite confusing to navigate through the app. Apart from all this, all is good.

- Marjanki Hadem

A year ago, I purchased their comprehensive plan and then discontinued it after a few weeks. I got the refund. I am now on the AI-powered Smart Plan. One can use this app just like a journal, while others might want a constant engagement. I prefer using it as a journal and slowly adapting to suggestions. It's a good app for anyone who wants to monitor and improve their food habits and physical activity. Just one complaint: No desktop or web app for those who prefer bigger screens and comfort.

- Shri

The app is great and well laid out in term of UI and functionality aspect. I enjoy using it knowing its covers everything regarding health. I'd appreciate it further if there were a way to connect the apple watch data to it. Secondly, if I also have an iPhone where I do get notifications on the phone (for let's say about water reminders). Yet, having apple watch on me more than the phone itself, I'd like the option to get the notification for the same on the watch itself. Great work!

- Prakhar Tomar

An app that can change course and set it right to improve and build health and fitness and also to an extent remove the daily pill for sugar and blood pressure by combining diet and exercise . Healthify studio brings in the expert coach home to get you fit and strong. I love the features of the app and am a great fan. The health records enable one to quantify progress made over time on key parameters, tracking health progress with proper diet and exercise . A supporting tool for all who wish to make drastic improvements to pave way for great health and fitness . What endears me the most is the new feature - ‘insights’ that provides info on micro and macro nutrients after each meal, day after day informing and enabling the actions that can be taken to improve health. I live all the features of the app that inspires, informs, motivates and easily the best to gain and achieve great health results

- Ramdas Pabbaraju

I see that there are a bunch of trackers included in the app. Many of these are already being recorded into Apple Health app using various other apps. Specifically, I record my water consumption using WaterMinder which in turn stored the information into Apple Health. My weight (and a bunch of other parameters) is recorded using Xiaomi’s Body Composition Scale and Mi Fit app, which in turn stores the same into Apple Health. My BP is recorded using Omron’s BP monitor and app, which stores the information into Apple Health. Most importantly, a plethora of information is collected by my Apple Watch and stored into Apple Health.

Yet, the HealthifyMe app only picks up the number of steps I have walked from the Apple Health app!!

Isnt it time you used AI to build a better model of my health and advise me accordingly?

- Ashish Kole

I have never written a review for any app before, but I felt compelled to do so for this one because it has been a true game changer for me. This app is by far one of the best tools for calorie tracking and maintaining a healthy diet that I've ever used.

The interface is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to log meals and track daily calorie intake. The extensive food database is impressive, providing detailed nutritional information for a wide variety of foods. I love how it allows me to set personal goals and offers insights into my eating habits.

Since I started using this app, I've been able to stay on top of my diet and make healthier choices. It's not just about counting calories; it's about understanding what I'm putting into my body and making informed decisions. The app's reminders and tips are also extremely helpful, keeping me motivated and on track.

Overall, this app has made a significant positive impact on my health journey, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their diet and lifestyle. It’s a must-have tool for anyone serious about health and wellness.

- Nihad_10

HealthifyMe App Review - Comparing it with the Contenders!

Is HealthifyMe effective? The entire purpose of this HealthifyMe app review is to provide an objective perspective on it. So to help you with a balanced purview, we have compared the tool with two other popular apps in the category:

Feature HealthifyMe MyFitnessPal Fitbit
Focus Personalized plans, AI coaching, macro/micronutrients. Calorie counting, extensive food database. Fitness tracking integrates with Fitbit wearables.
Cost Freemium (basic features free, premium features require paid subscription). Freemium (basic features free, premium features require paid subscription). Freemium (basic features free, premium features require paid subscription).
Pros Personalized plans, AI coaching, macro/micronutrient tracking, HealthifySnap photo recognition. Massive food database, easy to use, free tier with good features. Seamless integration with Fitbit wearables, exercise plans.
Cons Limited free features, some gym integration limitations. It can be overwhelming for beginners, with limited coaching. Limited nutrition tracking compared to some, requires compatible wearables for advanced features.
Ideal for Users who want a personalized approach with AI coaching and macro/micronutrient tracking. Users who prioritize a large food database and calorie-counting. Users who already use Fitbit wearables and prioritize fitness tracking.

Additional Notes:

  • The table delivers a simplified comparison. However, the features can vary based on the plan you choose.
  • While choosing an app consider your personal needs and goals. If you are unsure then the majority of these apps offer free trials and introductory periods before committing.


While HealthifyMe delivers everything that a user needs from a health and fitness app, it isn’t devoid of limitations. There are factors to consider like the paid plans and abrupt notifications. However, the value of this one of the HealthifyMe reviews lies in displaying the hinged value of individual goals. So, if you need a calorie tracker, home workouts, and fitness with an AI coach, it might suffice. So, make your choice and if it's up to us, we’d definitely recommend it.

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