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40 Under 40 is set to be the Platinum standard for leadership in mobile app innovation. This report is an attempt to identify and highlight some of the rising names in the world of mobile app technologies. These innovators, creators, designers and planners have something in them and their ventures which sets them apart. What all of them have in common is the power of using technology for the betterment of humanity. Here is the list of 40 under 40 innovators you should be watching out for:


1. Joshua Hulst

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Michigan Labs

Joshua is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Michigan Software, a custom software and mobile application development company trusted by many of the fortune 500 companies and plenty of others. A Computer Science engineer and an MBA, Joshua was selected for the Edison Engineering Leadership Development Program and developed computing systems under R&D during his formative years. After serving at various positions, he co-founded Michigan Software with the vision of putting avant-garde technology to the public use.

Joshua Hulst - 40 Under 40

2. Sudeep Srivastava

CEO, Appinventiv

A mobile app development aficionado, Sudeep started his career as a software engineer. After taking up senior positions in various IT companies, he launched his venture Appinventiv, along with 4 other co-founders, which is one of the fastest-growing mobile application development companies in India. Highly accomplished in managing large-scale projects and mentoring large teams, Sudeep aims to tie-up mobile apps with the upcoming & next-generation technologies like Blockchain, IOT, AR etc.

Sudeep Srivastava - 40 Under 40

3. Georgina Lupu

CEO, Wolfpack Digital

A software developer, CEO, leader and researcher, Georgina wears many hats in her everyday life. Coming from a multidisciplinary background in IT Engineering, Psychology and Public Relations, including an M.Sc. and Business Management at King's College London, her passion for digital products and innovation is evident. She founded Wolfpack Digital , an agency with a team of 50+ professionals based in Cluj and also pursuing PhD researching brain decoding using pattern recognition.

Georgina Lupu - 40 Under 40

4. Akhil Chandra

Founder and CEO, Studio Mosaic

The CEO of Studio Mosaic, Akhil has been in the talks for quite some time. The IIFT aluminous built Studio Mosaic to be an app publishing studio for building and marketing mobile apps. In seven years, he turned this humble start-up into one of the top marketing agencies in the world. Since its inception in 2013, Studio Mosaic has built hundreds of award-winning apps, resulting in Akhil to be awarded as one of the ’25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders’ by the World Marketing Congress.

Akhil Chandra - 40 Under 40

5. Maxim Itskovich

CEO and Founder, Mobindustry

Founder and CEO of Mobindustry, Max has participated in 90+ projects as a developer, manager, client and have been a speaker at 30+ conferences and published 70+ articles. Over the years, he has developed Mobindustry into a leading IT solution provider with more than 140 successful projects and 43% client retention.

Maxim Itskovich - 40 Under 40

6. Rameet Chawla

Founder, Fueled

Chawla, the most flamboyant of this 40 under 40 list, quit his high-profile job at Merril-Lynch because he ‘couldn’t get out of bed at 9 am.’ This triple master’s degree holder from NYU’s Stern School of Business later founded Fueled which is now worth an estimated USD 30 million. He has been an angel investor in several early-stage startups, including Coinbase, Blue Bottle, and Artsy.

Rameet Chawla - 40 Under 40

7. Zafer Elcik

CEO and Co-Founder, Otsimo

Zafer is the CEO and Co-Founder at Otsimo, creating affordable, easily accessible, and impactful educational materials for children with autism or other special needs such as down syndrome or dyslexia. After starting his career as a game designer and web developer, he found his calling and developed tools for children with special needs. Today, Zafer is acting as an opinion leader and a young role model for the autistic community and beyond as a tech social entrepreneur. Zafer is an Ashoka Fellow, have won various awards for social impact across the world.

Zafer Elcik - 40 Under 40

8. Ashish Toshniwal

CEO, Y Media Labs

After working for numerous growing technology companies post-graduation, Ashish moved to Silicon Valley to build his own mobile-tech company. 10 years ago, he founded Y Media Labs which now has over 300 employees worldwide offering services to 31 Fortune 500 companies. One of his profound memories is when Steve jobs mailed him regarding an app his company built for iOS stating, “Thank you, let me know how I can help. I love what you are doing. Best, Steve.” He is also an investor and has invested in numerous mobile-first technology companies.

Ashish Toshniwal - 40 Under 40

9. Kuba Filipowski

Cofounder, Netguru

The mastermind behind Netguru, Kuba, as CSO of Netguru, has flooded the market with 600+ accomplished apps since their founding stone was laid in 2008. Recognised as Forbes Diamond, and ranked among the top five in Deloitte's "Technology Fast 50 Central Europe" twice, Netguru’s products have been praised and featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt. Kuba is also an investor and co-executed the founding of HumanWay, later acquired by the recruiting giant Grupa Pacuj.

Kuba Filipowski - 40 Under 40

10. Wojciech Szwajkiewicz

CEO and co-founder, Droids on Roids

Featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Wojciech launched Droids on Roids, a mobile & web development company from Poland, in 2011 and currently serves as its CEO. Today Droids on Roids employee more than 50 people and have delivered more than 130 apps in the market.

Wojciech Szwajkiewicz - 40 Under 40

11. Alexander Kholodov

CEO, Yalantis

Ukrainian prodigy, Alexander launched Yalantis, initially an iOS-only app development company in 2008. In 11 years, as Alexander its CEO, it has grown from a team of 2 people to 500 industry experts. With 200+ clients, Yalantis has beaten the likes of Facebook on Github in user engagement stats. Alexander excelled Yalantis in high-value relationships ushering in next-level innovative apps for KPMG, United Bank of Switzerland, Autoportal and the $50 billion real estate company, Zillow.

Alexander Kholodov - 40 Under 40

12. Dominic Tancredi

CEO, Dom & Tom

Dominic is an American CEO who founded Dom & Tom, a digital product agency with his twin brother 18 years ago. A veteran of blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, voice control and more, he guides the agency's standards in digital product methodologies and services with the company's core values, "Do Good, Be Good." With 500+ web projects and 120 native smartphone apps, Dom & Tom bagged the award for Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York City for 5-years consecutively, from 2014-2018.

Dominic Tancredi - 40 Under 40

13. Joshua H. Davidson

CEO, Chop Dawg

Joshua Davidson became a teenage sensation when he founded Chop Dawg in 2009 at the age of 16. ChopDawg’s clientele begins at startups and includes non-profits to Fortune 500 dignitaries. Joshua, CEO of ChopDawg, has been a magnet for the national press with featured works on MSNBC, NBC, Fox, CBS, as well as AOL. He is also an affiliated member of the invite-only Forbes Technology Council.

Joshua H. Davidson - 40 Under 40

14. Karol Wegner

CEO and Founder, itCraft

Karol Wegner spearheads multiple startups, the most decorated of which is itCraft, the software services company. It has produced 200+ turnkey solutions with 9 years on the market as CEO of itCraft. Karol also co-founded Supracare, a patient management software that offers comprehensive record-keeping and workflow customizations. He also heads Truckerky, an online community for professional truckers in Europe simplifying route transits with real-time data. In 2017, Karol Wegner launched Heywey, a social network, which he buttresses as the owner.

Karol Wegner - 40 Under 40

15. Marc Fischer

CEO and Founder, Dogtown Media

Marc Fischer reintroduced app scalability as CEO & Co-Founder of Dogtown Media in 2011. Dogtown Media leveraged his creative bend of mind for leading American brands, churning 150+ digital products for various MNCs. They were inducted in the list of Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2017 and 2018. Marc is an accredited Forbes Technology Council member, also contributing to online media houses like Entrepreneur, and Inc. Another embellishment to his legacy is Mobliso, a remarketing tool to recover lost sales.

Marc Fischer - 40 Under 40

16. Nate Wootten

Director of Product Innovation, WillowTree

Nate is arguably one of the few guys in this 40 under 40 list with an unusual creative bent of mind. His out-of-the-box thinking is evident in the achievements he has made with WillowTree. He thinks this age to be the age of customers and hence put them in the centre of everything. He held various positions at WillowTree and currently serves as Director of Product Innovation. He passionately runs a website where he shares a piece of his thought-process with the rest of the world. He is also an avid public speaker and lectures on topics like Science of Creativity, Design and Innovation.

Nate Wootten - 40 Under 40

17. Sean Casto

CEO, PreApps

A business school graduate from Stanford University, Sean founded PreApps in 2011 which is responsible for 3,000+ mobile apps served with 100million+ client downloads. He has been widely covered in the media as President & CEO of PreApps and has given lectures at Universities such as University of Northeastern and University of Harvard. Castro has acquired a deep understanding of the struggles developers face and a passion to serve the growing mobile app community and has helped thousands of apps reach greater market exposure and downloads.

Sean Casto - 40 Under 40

18. Evgeniy Altynpara

CTO / Founder, Cleveroad

Evgeniy founded IDS Outsource in Finland which was later acquired by Cleveroad for $1.2 million. The rebranded entity has accelerated its employee count to over 140 technocrats since 2014. Cleveroad is accredited with the success of 170+ web/mobile stories in its product case. Their Android Library was ranked third on Github in 2017 for user engagement. He was awarded the IT Biz Award for his role as the CEO at Outsource People.

Evgeniy Altynpara - 40 Under 40

19. Sarat Pediredla

CEO, Hedgehog Labs

Starting his career trying to be a Neurosurgeon, Sarat soon realised his love of computer technology and switched to computers over the human brain. He founded Hedgehog labs in 2007 and secured £1m of investment from Maven Capital Partners which was used to grow revenues by at least 50% year-on-year until 2020. Later, as CEO of Hedgehog lab, Sarat secured a further £900k investment from Maven Capital Partners in 2020.

Sarat Pediredla - 40 Under 40

20. Gilad Bechar

Founder and CEO, Moburst

Founder of Moburst, Gilad has been instrumental in the development of some of the landmark applications in the past few years. After working with Microsoft and many other tech giants, his first venture was Mobilano, founded in 2011 and currently serve as its CEO. After selling it to the Fisherman Groups in 2012, Gilad took up the challenge of creating one of the best app development teams on the planet. Since the inception of Moburst, he has created apps which have ranked in the top 10 for more than 225 times, have established connections with 400 media partners and resulted in 140 million+ mobile app installs.

Gilad Bechar - 40 Under 40

21. Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz

CEO, Nextbank, Miquido

Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz is the incumbent CEO of Miquido, a Polish powerhouse for software solutions. Founded in 2011, it bolstered its ranks as an emerging authority in mobile-first development. In 8 years, they have been the de facto vendor for clients to furnish 100+ web/mobile products. Miquido’s engineers built Abbey Road Studios, winning the Best UI/UX Design for 2018 as Music App of The Year. Krzysztof’s ambition to be an industry-best is voiced by 170+ people employed by Miquido. He is also the co-founder and current CEO of Nextbank, a software suite for Fintech businesses.

Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz - 40 Under 40

22. Gabriel Dombri

CEO, Tapptitude

Gabriel Dombri is the presiding CEO of Tapptitude, energizing the Romanian landscape with its blitzkrieg-pace in app innovation. In a little under 4 years, Tapptiude has released 60+ apps thanks to its exuberant bunch of 50 product specialists. Gabriel co-founded Startcelerate, a London-based investment management startup and also headed a marketing agency Rewind Marketing. He takes great pride in imparting the next generation of professionals with growth marketing essentials as the owner of the Growth Marketing Academy.

Gabriel Dombri - 40 Under 40

23. Anton Baterikov

CTO, Steelkiwi Inc.

Founder and CTO of SteelKiwi, Anton Baterikov has made an impact on the app development ecosystem with 150+ apps since 2011. With close to 200 tech enthusiasts onboard, SteelKiwi displays immense versatility in serving industries from Healthcare, Fitness, Edtech to Travel, and Gaming. They have a happening account on Behance and Dribble with an ever-growing following. Anton is also the Chief Information Officer at Eurogates, a B2B marketing agency for major universities in Europe.

Anton Baterikov - 40 Under 40

24. Samarth Mod

CEO, FreshWorks Studio

Samarth Mod is best known as the CEO of FreshWorks Studio, the mobile design and development firm. Coming from India, Samarth channelled his creative insight into FreshWorks and advocated 85+ superlative app releases on app stores since 2016. FreshWorks served macroeconomic verticals of the British Columbia Government including their Ferry and Hydro sub-divisions. Their proactive work on social projects earned them the Chamber of Commerce New Business Award in 2017. Samartha took home the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur Award in 2018. As an investor, he holds stakes in Cert which is a risk management software for credit issuers.

Samarth Mod - 40 Under 40

25. Mikhail Menshinskiy

Digital Transformation Expert, Umbrella IT

Mikhail Menshinskiy is the COO of Umbrella IT, an IT development and consulting firm. He joined Umbrella IT as CTO in 2010 and was promoted to his current position in 2016. Umbrella IT touched new frontiers effectively creating more than 200 digital products under his leadership. Before bidding adieu to the company in 2017, Mikhail Menshinskiy had doubled the annual growth of Umbrella IT, expanding the company size to 150+ and enabled a pan-Russia business presence in 4 locations.

Mikhail Menshinskiy - 40 Under 40

26. Igor Zapletnev

CEO, Exyte

Igor established Exyte as the default destination for full-scale mobile development and serves it as CEO. It got its claim to fame when they ranked #1 for their UI Vector Library on Github. The success soon capitalised when 2000+ new apps were developed using their vector library. Additionally, they earned their place amongst the top 1% Swift Companies on Github. Igor also co-founded The Deep, a multiplayer Virtual Reality game.

Igor Zapletnev - 40 Under 40

27. Rahul Khosla

CEO, Heady

Rahul Khosla catalysed multi-facet growth of his app development studio Heady as the CEO. He was critical to the company’s mission of going international, with twin offices in India and the USA. Rahul is a fellow of the StartingBloc community, a global institution with a core purpose for social innovation. Before Heady, Rahul was a derivatives trader at the Deutsche Bank and worked at Amazon as an engineer.

Rahul Khosla - 40 Under 40

28. Sergei Denisuk

Founder & CEO, MobileUp

Sergei Denisuk morphed MobileUp, the 11-year old app innovation firm into an industry watchdog as it’s CEO. Their team of 43, has together crossed 200 product releases to date with multi-award winning apps. They were #1 in the Google Material Design Contest for the Channel One App. Having made inroads to monopolize the Russian market, MobileUp is touted as one of the top 10 mobile software firms in the country. Sergei’s no holds bar philosophy has been on display for all as the co-founder of Cårporate, a ride-sharing app, and Longplay, a key recovery service for blockchain platforms.

Sergei Denisuk - 40 Under 40

29. Alexander Orlov

Co-Founder, Chili

Alexander co-founded Chili Labs in 2015 in Riga, Latvian. His 6-years spell at various firms, including one at Odnoklassniki (OK), trained him for a career as an entrepreneur. Currently, in its 4th year, Chili has acquired a talented workforce of 23 developers, whose biggest accomplishment is engineering the ToTheRescue Platform. To this day, it has timely recovered 5 people alive. With Alexander pushing the pedal for innovation, Chili specializes in producing hybrid apps, wearable tech integrating key functionalities of IoT, ML, AR and VR.

Alexander Orlov - 40 Under 40

30. Andriy Bas

Co-founder, CEO, Uptech

Bas co-founded Uptech, a software pioneering studio in 2016. In a short span of 4 years, they’ve added value to multiple global brands and have various awards for their great designs. Uptech developed the iOS & Android versions of the Aspiration App, for its parent financial firm of the same name, which has 130,000 MAUs. They built mobile platforms for online delivery firm Sprent, which acquired 10,000+ MAUs. With Andriy at the helm, Uptech earned the National Eurasia Startup Award and the Top Employer in Kyiv Award. He is the CEO of Plai, a team engagement tool for workforce cohesion.

Andriy Bas - 40 Under 40

31. Tomislav Car

Technology entrepreneur, Infinum

Tomislav founded Infinum aged 19 in 2005 and since has grown the firm to a workforce of 250. Today, Infinum builds digital products for global brands and has won many laurels like being featured by Deloitte and Inc. Tomislav fuels his passion for knowledge sharing with the Infinum Academy, training next-gen designers and software engineers. He owns and runs Infinum’s sister company, Productive, and is an investor in STEM electronics firm CircuitMess.

Tomislav Car - 40 Under 40

32. Stepan Tanasiichuk

Founder, Stfalcon

Stepan founded Stfalcon, the digital software company in 2009. He resigned from the post of CEO in 2013, after delivering 133+ apps matching the rise in revenues with that of the team, employing an est. 50 specialists. Stepan offered his services to high-profile clients. Currently, Stepan owns and operates the Stfalcon IT Academy, training professionals in the emerging needs of technology. Additionally, he supervises operations at Fwdays, an I.T. Event Services firm as the Co-founder.

Stepan Tanasiichuk - 40 Under 40

33. Botond Székely

CEO, Halcyon Mobile

Székely’s rise up the proverbial pyramid at Halcyon Mobile is nothing short of awe-inspiring. In 2009, he was hired at the app innovation venture as an iOS/Android developer subsequently being promoted as a Technical Lead in 2011. He served as COO in 2014 and CEO of Halcyon in 2016. Through his tenure, the company forged corporate ties. With Botond as the backbone, Halcyon Mobile stashed its mantlepiece with rewards like the Google Play Editor’s Choice Title (2016), Apple App Store App of the Day, as well the Webby Award for their line of accomplishments.

Botond Székely - 40 Under 40

34. Julian Pscheid

Co-Founder & COO/CTO, Emerge

Julian is the Co-Founder, COO/CTO of Emerge Interactive. This digital product agency has a formidable portfolio with multi-billion-dollar businesses around the world. Emerge Infotech set the standard for apps creating fabulous consumer-end products winning various awards. In his 14-year central role at the company, Julian Pscheid has assuredly brushed aside major competition, helping Emerge Interactive rank as a top mobile app developer in the USA. Julian is also an integral part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization as the President-Elect and previously held a seat at the Board of Care2Tri, a personal development institution.

Julian Pscheid - 40 Under 40

35. Vladlen Shulepov

CEO, Riseapps

Vladlen is the only Estonian representative from the Northern European country on our list of 40 under 40. He is the CEO of Riseapps, who has solid credentials in emerging technologies like IoT and Augmented Reality. Vladlen commenced his entrepreneurial journey in 2016 with his young team, bursting onto the scene with 50+ sophisticatedly designed applications. In this time, one of their mobile apps made headlines on the app store with 100,000 downloads. Riseapps is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with foreign offices in Ukraine and the USA.

Vladlen Shulepov - 40 Under 40

36. Illia Pinchuk

Founder & CEO, Diceus

Established in 2011, Diceus is the global software engineering and IT consulting technological partner. Illia built the organization ground-up in 8 years, manoeuvring Diceus into an entity with 250+ personnel and a 64% Y-o-Y common annual growth rate. He is currently serving as the CEO of the firm and is one of the technical pioneers in industries like Banking & Insurance, Robotics, Aerospace/Space, Healthcare and Renewable Energy.

Illia Pinchuk - 40 Under 40

37. Jonathan Tarud

CEO and Founder, Koombea

CEO of the digital product company Koombea, Jonathan has built an ironclad reputation for himself by releasing 500+ apps in the market in a 12-year timespan. It is a CMMIDEV/3 certified firm, with a war chest of 95 level-headed engineers. They have designed a multitude of applications that have been subject to acquisition by the likes of Google, Facebook, etc. Koombea is a certified AWS Consulting Partner as well as an ISTQB Certified Tester and under Jonathan’s leadership, the company has surpassed the annual revenue threshold of $5 million.

Jonathan Tarud - 40 Under 40

38. Dand De Forest

Co-Founder & MD, Launchpad App Development

Dane De Forest founded Launchpad App Development and created a roadrunner of the Outback for software solutions. A pan-Australia presence across 7 locations, positions Launchpad App Development to convert maximum prospects into business. Their highlight project includes the Australian Financial Fitness Test App which won their client a FINTech Business Award. Meanwhile, success has come in one form or the other with well-received apps like Buddy, Genesis Fitness Club, and CoolDrive.

Dand De Forest - 40 Under 40

39. Vitaliy Diachenko

CEO, UppLabs

Vitaliy is a devout techie who culminated his years of learning and experimentation into his venture Upplabs in 2013. A graduate in Computer Science and Economics, he held various positions in some of the biggest companies in the world, tech as well as finance and currently serves as CEO of Upplabs. He also founded and co-founded 3 technical startups in Real Estate, Healthcare, and Education; finished Product School by Google and mentored dozens of start-ups in his home country Ukraine.

Vitaliy Diachenko - 40 Under 40

40. Kevin Yamazaki

CEO, Sidebench

Sidebench is an award-winning digital innovation lab and product design studio, led by Kevin Yamazaki. Sidebench incubates early-stage startups and partners with some of the world’s leading enterprises & brands to build new business lines and custom mobile applications. Leading a diverse team of over 50, Kevin has been recognized with multiple accolades which include Forbes 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur (E360), Inc. 500, LA Business Journal (20 in their 20’s), Fast Company’s top mobile apps of 2020, among many others. Kevin now volunteers on the boards of nonprofits and is an active investor in startups with a focus on backing under-represented founders.

Kevin Yamazaki - 40 Under 40
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