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Artificial Intelligence Affecting Our Daily Life Do you know how AI helps you in sending email?

We all know that how AI has been changing our life by invading to different domains. The tech giants are working on the next generation AI technology for self-driving cars and other self-operating equipment. But, what if I tell you that you experience AI in a day to day life, only these big pictures of the technology make it harder to spot them. Artificial Intelligence may have received global recognition now, but different industries have used it over the last decade.

We interact with AI technology on a daily basis, and it could be while commuting, shopping online or sending an email to your friend. With the help of this article, I will be helping you in unveiling some encounters with AI in your day to day life.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Artificial Intelligence helping us with Emails

Google is among the industry leaders who believe that AI is the key to a more productive and efficient future. The company has integrated the technology to almost its all services, but the most appreciable is Gmail. Google has made Gmail much smarter for users with the support of AI and machine learning.

How to send a email via artificial intelligence

AI enabled features in Gmail:

  • Smart Reply to the Emails: One of the top artificial intelligence companies in India, Google used AI to enable you for a quick response/reply to an email with the help of smart replies. Once you received an email, you will be suggested with three relevant replies by the AI. Just select the preferred reply and send your response immediately without going through the hassle of typing.
  • Nudging emails: Another AI support for the Gmail users is the Nudging feature, you will remind about the two to three days older email that you have forgotten to read. Nudging will draw your attention to older emails that you may have missed or forgotten.

2. Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

  • Google Assistant: Google Assistant, the digital help from the company that is inspired by AI also helps us many ways. You can easily convert your conversations into more than a dozen languages that will be expanding to more language support this year.

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

  • Google Maps:  We all use Google Maps to find our way to a place many times, but do you know how it tells you about the parking availability in the city. Yes, it's AI that enables the apps to understand the pattern of the city’s traffic and point out the parking places for you.
  • Google Play Store: This one is recent, and the company has leveraged the technology to ensure an uncompromised layer of security to the Android users. Google Play Protect automatically scans more than 50 billion apps and the devices also to spot any suspicious activity.
  • Google Lens: Recently introduced Google Lens are backed up by the machine learning to help you in recognizing the object in front of you. Whether it is a book, landmark, street, or your neighbor's dog, Google lens will recognize it for you with the help of machine learning.

3. Artificial Intelligence in social networking

Social networking is a crucial part of our life nowadays. Whether it is personal use or targeting the people for business. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the companies have made social media platforms smarter. This enables users to communicate with each other more efficiently and in a personalized way.

  • Facebook: The biggest social media platform that took the world to a whole new dimension by connecting them in a virtual world. However, even Facebook needs AI for serving a more intuitive and comfortable environment to the users. The platform uses AI tool to recognize people in videos and images.

Artificial Intelligence in social networking

Facebook automatically spot the person in the images that you upload from your friend list and suggest you tag them. The facial recognition isn't the only help from AI, and Facebook also uses the technology to personalized the users’ news feed. The platform understands your behavior and pattern to provide the most relevant and personalized content.

The most significant initiative taken by Facebook back in 2017 when it launched the proactive detection feature. The AI algorithm helps the platform in scanning the posts from individual users to spot any pattern leading to self-harm. In case it detects any pattern representing the suicidal thinking it automatically informed the company and immediately sends the mental health resources to the person.

  • Instagram: The social media platform acquired by Facebook back in 2012 has also integrated AI to understand the sentiments behind emojis. Instagram automatically replaces the emojis with slangs to make the conversation more intuitive.

For example, it can replace the laughing emoji with ‘lol’ or ‘ROFL.’ Besides, the AI algorithm helps Instagram in suggesting the precise emojis to the users during the conversation or writing a text on a post. This could seem a small application of AI, but Instagram has experienced a heavy usage in emojis after adding this.

  • Pinterest: Similar to Google Lens, Pinterest has its own Lens tool to recognize the objects in an image. You just need to click a picture and let the Pinterest LENS tool to recognize the new art piece of art in your friend’s house. Besides, sometimes the LENS also directs you towards the dealer of the item to purchase it.
  • Linkedin: The biggest corporate social media portal also uses AI to create a connection between employers and job seekers successfully. The company also mentioned that it uses the deep insights that not only match the compatible employer to an employee but also use the applicant’s behavior it provides the opportunities that will give a higher probability of getting the job.

4. Artificial Intelligence to improve the online shopping

  • Personalized experience: Online shopping is the most successful trend in today’s industry where everyone is leveraging the digital mode for selling products. The industry giants like Amazon and eBay are using AI technology to take the user experience to a whole new level.

Artificial Intelligence to improve the online shopping

Once you search anything, like ‘Android charger’ or ‘hulk action figure,’ it will display you a list of most relevant items to your search. However, Google didn't share how it does that, but the company surely uses AI for these actions.

  • Recommendations: Another AI application we see in online shopping is the personalized recommendation while searching through the portal. If you have ever noticed, then you will find the similar products or product list you might like in the suggestion besides the product that you are currently looking for.

Besides, on Amazon, you must have seen the personalized suggestion posted on your homepage based on your previous search and purchased items.

5. Mobile Banking

The use of Artificial Intelligence is not only limited to online shopping or helping users for an improved experience but also for security improvements. Banks use the technology to make sure that the users don't become the victim of any potential fraudulent activity.

For example, if you are making a significant transaction via your mobile, then the bank will notify you to ensure that it's you who is making the transaction. The AI program integrated into the bank’s system learns and understands the user's behavior to spot any unusual activity.

6. Artificial Intelligence Equipped Personal Assistants

Now, the voice control interface has become streamlined with the introduction to the smart voice assistant. To further evolve the smartphones and gadgets usage, the AI-equipped assistants make it easier to control them via voice commands.

Apple Siri

  • Siri: iPhone users love Siri as she is capable of helping the users up to a great extent. Apple’s smart assistant can perform any task including sending messages, calling someone, and even accessing the apps just on your voice commands.
  • Alexa: First there were Google Assistant and Siri as the first iteration for AI support to the humans, now we have Alexa. The smart assistant from Amazon posses many more features and skills to make our lives easier. You can book a table at a restaurant or get a taxi at your door by just asking Alexa.

7. Artificial Intelligence involvement in travel apps

Uber: The ride-hailing giant Uber also relies on AI to serve the best ride-sharing service. The company uses the technology to determine how long will it take to get you from pickup to drop location. Besides, it also depends on the AI to give you ETA for the coming ride and food delivery.

Artificial Intelligence involvement in travel apps

According to a report from ZDNet tech, Uber uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the prices of rides on the basis of their analysis showing how much you're willing to pay. Along with this, the company is also working on a new technology integrated with AI to analyze the rider behavior and predict his/her condition while taking the ride. For example, it will help in determining if a rider has been drinking before the cab driver agrees to take the ride.  

Artificial Intelligence has a major influence on our lives

We have uncovered only a little surface where Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has been affecting our day to day life. If you focus and observe you will find more examples beyond these where you're interacting with technology on a daily basis. Whether it is communicating with a friend via email or surfing the web the technology is around you on a day to day tasks. In case you are looking to integrate AI in your business operations, you can consult best artificial intelligence development companies. The experts will guide you through the entire process and help you implement AI into your business.

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