5 Best Fundraising Apps of 2023 for Nonprofits

These easy fundraising mobile applications are helping nonprofit organisations to turn any third-party application into a donation hub for the larger good.
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April 26, 2023
Best Fundraising Apps
For nonprofits, raising sufficient funds can be a challenge. Conventional methods like organizing campaigns in specific areas may fetch some, but not enough funding. It is thus, important to understand the user mindset in this regard. It is a fact that this generation has an unwavering inclination towards technology and its usage in every aspect of their lives. Mobile markets too have been witnessing an unprecedented surge in viewership.

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In this article, we are discussing a few best fundraising apps for nonprofits!

List of Apps that Help with Donations

Here are 10 best fundraising platforms and mobile auction apps for nonprofits in 2023, that have been helping charities to raise money online:

Fundraiser Assist

android 4.0

Fundraiser Assist is a money collect app that allows nonprofits to raise funds for various campaigns and causes. The app allows non-profit organizations to create their fundraising pages, add and edit their appeals, get notified on payments, and thank their donors instantly. If you want to know the answer to how to fundraise effectively? Try this app out!

Developed in order to advance the common good; the main goal of the Fundraiser Assist app is to bring people together - NGOs, companies, individuals and government agencies - to work towards improving community conditions.

Features of Fundraiser Assist

  • Create and customize campaign pages
  • Track the campaign growth as well as funds offered
  • Connect with the donors directly with thank you mails
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Coin Up

Apple 3.9
android 3.7

Coin Up is amongst the leading fundraising apps that has hosted several causes on its platform.  The mobile donation app allows donors to choose the cause that ignites their hearts to support. As on date, Coin up has been helping more than 250 official nonprofits create monthly recurring revenue.

Coin Up enables its nonprofits to thank the donors every month through customized Thank You snapshots. The users can thus look to build long-term donor relationships. 

Features of Coin Up

  • Donate easily using the ‘spare change’ option
  • Recurring monthly revenue models for organizations
  • Build awareness for nonprofits locally and nationally
  • Allows Monthly Chaity snapshots to create a better effect
  • An accessible Marketing Toolkit is available onsite
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android 4.2

Helpfreely is amongst the top non profit apps that automatically detects any activity of online shopping on the device and dedicates some percent of it for the cause’s users to choose and support.

Once the nonprofits enter their basic details along with the Tax ID  on Helpfreely, one of the top non profit apps sets up their public profile and creates a special link. This link, when posted on different social media can help garner tremendous support and supporters for the cause. When enough funds are collected, Helpfreely, the raise money for charities app, sends it to the nonprofit after verification.

Features of Helpfreely

  • Free fundraising service for nonprofits and supporters
  • Choose from more than 4500 charitable shops
  • Enables easy integration of social media tools to raise money for charities
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android 4.1

Benefit, one of the top raise money for charities apps, is one of the top mobile fundraising apps that have been helping nonprofits raise funds with less effort. Over 170 top retailers like Walmart and Amazon are partners with Benefit and customers can buy everyday items using the Benefit app and help them raise money online.

On every purchase, 2 to 20 percent of the payment is transferred to a nonprofit of the customer’s choice. One of the top fundraising platforms for nonprofits apps helps in easily raising money for charity through its secure and fast payment options and the customers don’t have to pay anything extra to support nonprofits.

Features of Benefit

  • Supporters get to buy and redeem digital gift cards
  • Choose from 100s of America’s leading national brands like Starbucks, Target, Walmart and Amazon
  • Up to 20% of each transaction will go to support a school or non-profit
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GiveBox, one of the top fundraising platforms for nonprofits apps, is everything you need to raise money for your nonprofit with zero cost. This online nonprofit fundraising platform helps users to create meaningful campaign pages, invoice sponsors, and manage memberships for their organization along with fundraising. There is no hidden fee or commission on top of the standard processing rates in this one of the best donation platforms.

Joshua Rowley, the founder of GiveBox created it with the only aim of merging payment processing and other fundraising tools into one problem, eliminating subscription fees for nonprofits.

Features of GiveBox

  • This one of the best donation platforms don’t ask to sign any contract
  • Allows cause supporters to further launch forms and raise donations
  • Allows users to create membership forms, inventory for nonprofits, fundraising apps for schools tuition money, etc
  • All money flows directly to the user’s account
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In order to raise money online, it is necessary to create an impactful campaign with your cause or better still, a comprehensive program that even companies, corporates and celebrities could also support or endorse. Now, if you are a developer and you are planning to launch an app to serve the same market, you should get your app reviewed first.

We hope that this insightful listing of mobile apps for charity will assist you in this journey of yours to make a positive impact on society. Keep up the good work!

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