5 Top Proximity Marketing Apps For 2022

Proximity Marketing Apps are great for enhancing the customer experience
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July 16, 2021
Proximity Marketing Apps
Beacon Technology has come a long way since its inception in 2013 with the launch of iBeacons. Though the technology has gathered a lot of trusts and effective application, still not people are aware of its full capability and endless possibilities in various industry verticals. Today, we will be discussing one of the segments of Beacons or iBeacons technology which we think a lot more people should be aware of and make their daily lives better. There are many proximity apps or beacon apps you need to know about but before we can move straight to the best proximity marketing apps for the year 2022, let's talk about some basic information related to the topic of best proximity marketing beacons applications.

Our Top Picks

Below apps are our top picks for this article.

Best Proximity Marketing Apps

Below is a list that features some of the best proximity marketing apps to opt for in 2022:


Apple 3.8
android 4.3

NearBee is the best proximity marketing beacons app that is free and super lightweight, and can also be connected with all the beacons that are available in the range and further broadcast proximity marketing notifications to the targeting audience i.e. specific user base as per industry requirement.  

Features of NearBee App

  • It is a hardware-agnostic app i.e. it can scan all beacons irrespective of the beacon provider that makes this marketing app a suitable alternative to Google Nearby
  • This app is designed to work across various industries such as retail, real estate, museums, airports, restaurants, and many more
  • It also has a robust anti-spam algorithm with an entire control over the frequency of messages that send irrelevant and duplicate notifications
  • This app also serves as your white-label app with the ability to morph its in-app logo, colors as well as skin, to match different stores. own NearBee best proximity marketing app with the app within an app functionality
  • The users can schedule campaigns to target specific users
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Bleesk App

Apple 5.0
android 4.9

The Bleesk app is another proximity marketing application that is quite popular which scans and then detects beacon notifications. This app is also designed to receive notifications from various industries, whereas, the app features are built with a key focus on upcoming events.   

Features of Bleesk App

  • This app has an inbuilt QR code scanner and in addition to receiving proximity marketing notifications, it also can scan QR codes at various event locations
  • It provides a great user experience to its end-users
  • This app is also available worldwide
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Appadia Mall App

Appadia Mall is a great proximity marketing platform that integrates with popular beacon technology to help sellers connect efficiently with their clientele. As per 2019 figures, it has created a huge network with 4.5 million installations already. Appadia is also well known for attracting a higher conversion rate with figures falling between 16 and 45%, depending upon various factors like product niche, seasons, location, and many more. 

The business model in action from Appadia Mall treats the seller as a starting point of their experience. With no investment requirements, rugged back-end support, and minimal subscription expenses, it has already gathered quite a following.

Features of Appadia Mall App

  • Higher conversion rate (16%-25%)
  • Works with Apple iBeacon, EddyStone, and many more providers
  • Wide user base and trust
  • Find bargains and great deals nearby
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The Ubi.co proximity marketing application has gained quite popularity in Italy within a couple of months. This app pushes deals, maps, local news, and local event information based on the proximity of its users. Overall, it is an app that is suitable for a majority of industries such as retail, malls, restaurants, public venues, fitness centers, etc. 

Features of Ubi.Co app

  • This app can quickly adapt to the look and feel of the stores nearby
  • At present, it is only available in Italy
  • The user interface is simple yet innovative
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android 3.4

Signils is an amazing proximity marketing app from Consumer Affinity Inc which detects and manages all kinds of Bluetooth Devices, Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystone, and RuuviTags. It’s fairly simple to use and has a minimal footprint.

Features of Signils App

  • Scan and connect to Beacons, iBeacons, Eddystone, or RuuviTags using a single screen dashboard. Manage your connections with an easy-to-use and intuitive screen
  • Offers native support in 10 languages and counting. Has a small memory footprint
  • Scan for devices that use either Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Locate lost devices by using the “I Lost Device” feature. It used Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) to locate the paired and unpaired lost devices
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So these were some of the top proximity apps to try out in 2022. At this point, every business/company has its app or is currently in the process of having its application. This signifies the fact that now entrepreneurs are opting for a more personalized and customized approach to targeting their customers.

Looking at all of the key features of these proximity marketing apps, it can be said that such applications are designed and developed as per the advanced way of marketing digital products and services to the audience. We hope that this article provides you with some valuable insights into proximity marketing and beacon technology.

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