Best Shopify SEO Tools to Drive Traffic and Sales Organically

To drive organic traffic and sales on a Shopify website, learning about the Shopify SEO Tools would help immensely.
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August 30, 2023
shopify seo tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the top priorities for online merchants. Yes, you can launch paid advertising and appear on the much-needed first page of search results. But when competing for keywords, you can forget about one of the crucial things: long-term effects. Once you stop paying, your store remains somewhere behind your competition.

When was the last time you browsed past Google’s first page? I reach these search results almost never. And for that reason, SEO is your key to success in the saturated online market.

SEO means you not only appear as high as possible. It also helps you build authority without relying too much on changing trends and keyword costs. That’s why any Shopify store owner, a starter or an established one, should improve their search engine visibility with the help of SEO.

Shopify provides excellent in-built Shopify SEO tools. But to stand out in search results, you may want to integrate the store with advanced third-party solutions. In this article, we’ll zero in on several Shopify apps to simplify SEO tasks and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Whether you’ve just switched to this platform with the help of a Shopify migration company or created a store from scratch, we’ll show you the most relevant options.

Drive Organic Traffic Using these Top Shopify SEO Tools and Get Ample Sales for Higher ROIs!

Making money from money is an old ideology. In order to make a business truly sustainable you need marketing techniques that keep the cost ratio 5:1 i.e. if your campaign’s budget is $100, the returns should at least be $500.

Paid marketing isn’t always efficient plus you are losing money with each click done by someone who is not a purchasing customer. On the other hand, an effective SEO strategy is cheaper and has long-term benefits. Therefore to help you put your Shopify Ecommerce platform in front of your ideal customers, we have mentioned the best Shopify SEO Tools.

Have a look at our list of the Best SEO Tools for Shopify:


Plug In SEO by SureSwift Capital

Plug In SEO is the first tool for boosting the search engine rankings of a Shopify store. It’s among the popular ones, with over 30,000 users, and can easily be a part of the best SEO tools for Shopify in this list. It’s appreciated for its ease of use and ability to quickly analyze the store’s content and identify any issues affecting its ranking. This SEO tool for Shopify also suggests how to fix them with step-by-step instructions.

By using this tool, you’ll get more chances to attract the right audience. The best part, it works in a free mode but also comes with a paid edition with advanced features. For example, it can check keywords to marry your content with the audience’s requests. It also automatically adds data in JSON-LD format to create rich snippets with the most recent and comprehensive data from your website.


  • Free Edition
  • Paid Edition: $29.99-79.99/month
  • Optional Expert Packages: Price is accessible upon request

Features of this Top SEO Tool:

  • Title and meta description templating and editing for every page, even the tricky ones that no other tools can access
  • Effortless integration with Shopify’s inherent SEO functionalities
  • Premium support that can design free templates
  • Taking your previous SEO efforts into account rather than bulldozing over your past work
  • 404 checker and guidance on how to fix them
Download this Best SEO Tool for Shopify:

SEO.Bulk Image Optimizer by Autoketing

Images play a crucial role in eCommerce, helping shoppers examine the product from every angle. That’s why their quality can impact the user experience, conversion rates, and revenue. At the same time, they can also affect the store’s SEO. They should load fast, be understandable by search spiders, and fit different screen sizes.

That’s where a dedicated tool like SEO.Bulk might help. It is a straightforward and automated app for managing images in bulk and making texts SEO-friendly. Apart from ensuring your product images get noticed by search engines, it also deals with common SEO needs like sitemap, site verification, 404 error links, and PageSpeed insights.


  • Free

Features of this Best SEO Tool for Shopify:

  • Image ALT optimization helps images rank better in search engines
  • Fixing meta tags to adjust product titles and descriptions for better search results
  • Sitemap creation to let Google know about all the pages on your store
  • Finding and fixing broken links to remove dead ends from your site
  • Checking page speed to ensure fast and smooth loading
Download this Top SEO Tools for Shopify:

Smart SEO by Sherpas Design

Smart SEO is another helpful tool for optimizing your content SEO-wise. It guarantees that your store meets Google requirements and provides tools and automation for generating meta tags, optimizing images, checking page speed, etc. This software aims to simplify the SEO process. The result? Higher ranking, more website visitors, and increased sales.


  • Free plan
  • Pro: $9.99
  • Business: $19.99
  • Premium: $29.99

Features of this Top Shopify Tool for SEO:

  • Meta/ALT tags optimization for generating product tags instantly
  • Handling broken links automatically
  • Sitemap management for making your content more accessible to search engines
  • NoIndex tag management for regulating which pages search engines see and index
  • Page and image audits for running through 100 to 6000 pages, depending on the pricing plan
Download this Compelling Shopify SEO App:

JSON-LD for SEO by Ilana Davis LLC

JSON‑LD is a tool you can install, pay for once, and forget about all the headaches. No technicalities. No steep learning curves. It helps you automatically build markup of the store’s website, which is crucial for rich snippets. It doesn’t matter how many pages you have: without your intervention, this tool will insert hundreds of code snippets at particular locations throughout your eCommerce site.

As you need to stand out from similar search results, having a detailed page overview on SERPs can drive more organic traffic to the store. Users may see product information like price, reviews, availability, and others to save time searching for it on the page. This summary can increase click-through rates and boost conversions.


  • $399 as a one-time purchase

Features of this Best Shopify SEO App:

  • Getting into Rich Results to drive organic traffic from Google, Bing, and Pinterest
  • Google Merchant Center compatibility to display products on Google Shopping, Ads, and even YouTube Shopping
  • Support of reviews
  • Showing price ranges directly in search results for subscription-based products
  • Comprehensive data coverage (products, blogs, FAQs, videos, and breadcrumbs)
Download this Best Shopify Tool for SEO:
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SEO & Image Optimizer by Avada

SEO & Image Optimizer by Avada is one of the top-rated tools for SEO activities on a Shopify marketplace. This tool aims to simplify your optimization process and provides a user-centric design.

By utilizing SEO & Image Optimizer, you can adapt your website structure to align with Google’s search algorithm. You can also effortlessly adjust your images to meet Google requirements. For example, you can compress the image size and retain its quality, speeding up page loading.

You can also forget about manual ALT tag insertion. SEO & Image Optimizer can do all the job for you. It also sends weekly reports outlining SEO issues, search result performance, and image optimization results.


  • Free

Features of this Best SEO App for Shopify:

  • Automatic integration of Google structure data for creating rich snippets;
  • Pre-built editable formats for adding meta title, meta description, and social meta
  • Comprehensive SEO analysis to spot SEO problems and suggestions on how to tackle them
  • Google Search Console integration to monitor your website performance, submit sitemaps, and resolve issues with links
  • Dozens of extra features like the ability to automatically add canonical tags (helps avoid duplicate content) and Instant Pages (a preloading function that boosts website speed)
Download this Best Shopify SEO App:
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What are Shopify SEO Tools?

Shopify SEO tools are applications and softwares that are designed to help Shopify store owners optimize their e-commerce store search engine visibility. These best SEO apps for Shopify come with multiple features and functionalities that improve the visibility of your e-commerce stores. Their overall capability provides better ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), driving organic traffic, and boosting the overall presence of the e-commerce platform.

What are some Shopify free tools?

Shopify offers a range of Shopify free tools for its users. Some of these free tools are:

  • Logo Maker
  • Business Name Generator
  • Slogan Maker
  • Domain Name Generator
  • Pay Stub Generator
  • QR Code Generator
  • Bill of Lading Template

What are some best free SEO tools for Shopify?

Some of the best free SEO tools for Shopify include names of platforms such as:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • MozBar
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Keywords Everywhere

What are some free SEO keyword tools for Shopify?

Some of the free SEO keyword tools for Shopify are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Answer the Public
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Tool

What are some best SEO tools for beginners?

Some of the best SEO tools for beginners that can be used to optimize Shopify store and even used by top SEO agencies are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • MozBar
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Keywords Everywhere

Final Thoughts

This was our list of the top Shopify apps for SEO that can help boost your store’s ranking. There are plenty of similar solutions in the market, however, with this list, we have tried to provide the best. These apps will help you achieve your SEO objectives and help you build authority for your Shopify store. 

It is essential to have the right tools. Tools that can help you drive organic traffic, improve search results, and get higher conversion rates. Think about this, even with a modest investment, there may be a sizable return. Therefore, it’s worth considering. Before closing this article, we would also like to recommend you try different tools and apps that strike the right balance between capabilities, prices, and compatibility with your tech stack.

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