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Blockchain will Change Mobile App Development World

By Anastasia Stefanuk

Over the past few years, the mobile app development industry has seen a huge rise in the demand for skilled developers. It’s no secret why the industry has seen massive growth. More and more people are using their smartphones to execute daily tasks. From working to shopping, the number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet continues to peak. Even simple tasks like buying a cup of coffee can be done on-the-go. Blockchain technology not only makes these transactions possible but also provides security for your most important information. Mobile app development is just one type of project a blockchain developer may undertake. With the rate of growth for mobile apps, it is currently the most important focus in blockchain development.  The Demand for Blockchain SolutionsThe demand for blockchain programming skills was on the rise as we said goodbye to 2017. Blockchain developers ranked second among the top 20 fastest-growing job skills in 2017, showing a 200% growth from the second to third quarter of the year.  That demand continues to see rapid development in 2018 as technology changes. Because blockchain code is used in more and more applications.While the demand for blockchain implementation is strong, finding developers to meet this demand is not always easy. That’s because blockchain talent is both on the rise and hard to find. Blockchain’s original association was with the world of finance. Its connection to cryptocurrencies has caused many to view the technology as one that is reserved for the investment industry. There are also companies that are completely dedicated to building blockchain applications. But the demand for the electronic ledger is much broader than cryptocurrencies. This demand has led to a buzz in the business world centered around everything blockchain.Blockchain Programming Language Branches OutBlockchain development is certainly a major asset to the financial industry. The technology provides several benefits to help reduce fraud, improve liquidity, and free up capital to improve the way financial businesses navigate their systems. But, finance isn’t the only industry where blockchain architecture has gained steam. Blockchain developers have implemented the technology in other industries as well. It seems wherever the technology has been tried, one thing remains consistent, it is effective in driving businesses forward.The retail and manufacturing industry, for example, uses blockchain to enhance supply chain management and provide better quality control. Be it digital currencies or smart contracts blockchain allow those in the retail industry to create, verify, and enforce the negotiation of digitally simplified contracts. For the manufacturing industry, that means improved tracking for products. Even the healthcare industry is using blockchain to enhance productivity and effectiveness. Personal medical records can be accessed with authentication across the healthcare industry. Blockchain ensures that personal medical information is encrypted and protected to help providers and patients ensure HIPPA compliance.Even government businesses benefit from blockchain. The technology can help increase transparency with government officials. Government money can be easily traced to unveil how every dollar is spent. Municipalities can use blockchain to track asset registration, reduce fraud, and curb operation costs. While blockchain technology will not be beneficial to every business operating today, there are many other industries that will see a vast improvement when they implement blockchain. These include:EducationAutomotive salesStock tradingReal estateInsuranceLaw enforcementHuman resourcesCrowdfundingCharitiesThe technology has not only changed the way many companies handle their data, it has also transformed the way developers can create, market, and sell software. The software development industry has seen a massive change since the implementation of the blockchain. Small time software developers can eliminate the need for third-party payment systems, like PayPal, that charge a percentage fee on every transaction made. Larger businesses can use blockchain technology to manage sales and inventory and enhance record keeping. The explosion of blockchain is a force that is taking on industries of all kinds. There is no telling where it will go, but it is going forward.Blockchain Applications TodayHundreds of companies are beginning to use blockchain applications. In the world of finance and financial technology, blockchain apps are turnkey. But the technology has many other uses as well. Before we jump into the most popular blockchain app on the market for cryptocurrencies, let’s look at the most interesting uses of blockchain today.Beyond digital money, blockchain being used in these unique ways:BitPesa - a blockchain based app that allows users to do business across Africa with built in overseas exchange and business to business payment features. As one of the least advanced areas of the world when it comes to fiscal expansion, BitPesa might be the solution to Africa’s liquidity and money transfer disintegration.Storj - shifting the direction from money to cloud storage, Storj uses blockchain and heavy encryption to store digital matters in the cloud. Storj is taking data storage to the next level by using a CDN to increase security and uptime and improve the speed of delivery of your most important data.Riot Blockchain - this blockchain focused public US stock is one way to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency through the US stock market.Golem - allows users to rent a single workstation or a big data center to create your own on-demand supercomputer. Users mine for cryptocurrency by putting their computer into a network of computers executing intricate calculations. Businesses that use computing power for things like machine learning, graphics rendering, and weather can get computations in a few clicks.Openbazaar - one of the first marketplaces to accept cryptocurrencies for transactions, OpenBazaar allows Bitcoin users to spend their cryptocurrencies rather than keeping their money tied up in the cloud.Chronicled - the blockchain based solution to contract and legal document control with anti-fraud opportunities. Chronicled uses automation and digital signatures to edit, mark, and update contracts throughout corporate America.As new uses for blockchain technology push many businesses forward, its use in the financial world becomes increasingly mainstream. Cryptocurrency users have relied on developers to create efficient apps for managing their digital assets. Developers have responded with some of the best cryptocurrency apps, including:Blockfolio - a tool that compares thousands of money, sets price alerts and gives users an inclusive portfolio.Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet - a secure wallet for Android users.Gliph - deemed the “Swiss Army knife of Bitcoin.” The app offers user-to-user chat and payment and is a marketplace for buying and selling goods with cryptocurrency.Coindex - a crypto price tracker. The app is the perfect solution for digital stockholders and brokers through its easy-to-read display of charts and data from the market.Lionshare - a real-time tracker of the crypto market. The Mac and the iOS app that provides real-time updates for accurate digital trades and investments.Bitpay - a secure wallet with a twist. The app allows merchants to collect payment in Bitcoin and convert to cash that can be spent directly from a card.Xapo - the all-in-one wallet is Bitcoin exchange simplified.Jaxx - a digital wallet that puts users first.Counterparty - a peer-to-peer network that allows users to create and exchange custom tokens and make digital contracts.The advantages of blockchain development are only brushing the surface as the world uncovers its capabilities. From quality assurance and smart contracts to the stock exchange and global transactions, businesses are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon in droves. Mobile app development will continue to rise as startups use the blockchain technology to interact with customers from many different devices. And although blockchain development tutorial information is available, businesses need to turn to qualified blockchain developers to take on their next project. One of the only disadvantages, however, is the sometimes-impossible feat of finding a skilled blockchain developer. With the major technological advances that occur daily, we hope developers continue to emerge with this revolutionary technology called blockchain.

Tech Innovation

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New phase of Tech Innovation that is changing the Mobile App Industry

Intel's New Smart Glasses Will Make You Forget Bad Impressions Made By Google & Snap's Glasses

By Akash Singh Chauhan

The Augmented Reality has truly changed the way of interaction between the humans and the technology. Whether it is iOS 11 with amazing AR apps or the new games on the PlayStation with the experience of the Virtual world, we are entering into a new tech era. In order to speed up the process and take it one step further, Google launched smart Glasses. However, the AR equipped Google Glasses were not more than a failed attempt to innovate something new. Similarly, the Snap’s Spectacles were another invention joining the Google’s Glasses in the graveyard of failed technology.Both the inventions were too expensive, easy to steal and most importantly too ugly to wear as glasses. Now, Intel has come up with a new addition to the line, but avoiding the mistakes done by its fellow tech giants. The chip-maker unveiled its own set of smart glasses claiming it to be the smartest to be invented ever. And by quoting “smart”, the company doesn't mean to be too geeky and having more sensors in front of your face. Vaunt, the Intel prepared smart glasses don't have cameras, speakers, microphones, buttons or even LCD screen. So how it could be a smart glass? Wait to reach any conclusion.The Vaunt’s operating system and the mechanism are confined to a very small area over your ear. The glasses respond to the user’s head nodes and delivers the results. And, of course, these glasses are sensitive about the head moments. This really small electronic set-up makes the glasses to feel feather-like and weighs only 50 grams.How Does It Works?Well, now let's dig what Intel has to offer that may finally bring the smart glasses to the markets. In Spite of being light-weighted, the Vaunt does not short on tech, it comprises a processor, accelerometer, Bluetooth and a compass. The interesting thing about the AR gadget is that instead of using the cameras or any screen it uses the lasers to project images. There is a tiny projector in the glass that throws the VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity-Surface-Emitting- Laser) to project the screen in front of your eyes.So, here's what actually happens - in order to perform its basic function the glasses deliver a monochromatic image to one of your eyes. The little monochrome projector shines an image on a holographic mirror, which puts the image directly to the user’s eyeball. The image will be in front of your eye and you don't need to focus on it, you will feel like it was already down there. Here is the catch, if you are not looking slightly down at the image it will completely disappear without distracting you. Jerry Bautista, the VP, and GM of New Devices Group of Intel explains the technology bit by bit. He said the glasses use the holographic grating to reflect the correct wavelength to the retina and the images are retinal projection. The images you see are the holographic projection sent to your retina that displays the images in front of you. Bautista also mentioned that the images you see via Vaunt are basically painted back to your retina so even you wear any prescription glasses the images will be crystal clear.Is it Safe?After reading about the laser projection, you must be wondering is it safe to use laser emitting glasses. But, don't worry Mark Eastwood, industrial design director, New Device Group, Intel assured us by mentioning that, according to the U.S Food and Drug administration it is safe to stare at these low power lasers.What Does It offer?Intel is trying to be very smart and being very cautious about the content Vaunt will display so they don't repeat the mistakes of Google or Snap. So, the glasses will show you the information whenever you actually need them instead of annoying you with all your Twitter mentions. The Vaunt glasses will help you in choosing the best restaurant with the Yelp’s review in front of your eyes just by looking at the places. It will also tell you the estimated time to reach somewhere you are rushing to. Intel is working to provide behavioral AI that will help the glasses to decide what to show and when, said Itai Vonshak, VP products, The New Devices, Intel.However, the glasses are still a prototype and engineers are working on it to come up with more features. The glasses will be available for iOS and Android and the company will be giving early access to the developer to invent new ideas later this year. Meanwhile, Intel will be developing its own app and AI to fuel its glasses with smarter technology in the future.Price And Launch DateIntel has not set a launch date yet and didn't even discloses the price of the Vaunt glasses. However, the company has mentioned that it won't be directly selling the glasses. Intel will more likely join the hands with another firm for marketing and selling of its new AR device.The best part of the Vaunt is that it looks too simple just like any other regular spectacles. This will definitely help the Vaunt to make a good impact on the market and killing the myth that the smart glasses should look too geeky or cyborg looking.

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