SocialPeta Review- Pros, Cons, Features, & Ratings

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Updated on November 01, 2023
SocialPeta Review- Pros, Cons, Features, & Ratings

SocialPeta is a smart Ad intelligence and ECOM intelligence tool designed to empower businesses of all sizes. The tool uses smart algorithms to target competitors to gather the necessary information like their ad strategies, top networks, publishers, advertisers, and more. 

The organized ad data collected from other companies through the ad intelligence software helps SocialPeta users identify applied ad trends. The data is useful for users to frame effective business decisions. 

In this blog, we have decided to enlist the key features of this ad intelligence tool. Later on, we will rate this ad intelligence software from different perspectives and conclude this SocialPeta review. If you are curious to know everything about this ad intelligence tool, stay with us until the end of this blog.

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What is SocialPeta?

Our team always owns the vision and direction for the part of our product, and we truly get to know our customers and build something for them. Because we believe customers won’t care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem for them. I believe SocialPeta always does it in this way.

- Founders of SocialPeta

SocialPeta is co-developed by two geniuses Rocks Xu, founder and CEO at SocialPeta, and Charlie Cao, co-founder and business development director of SocialPeta. 

  • Rocks Xu specializes in data engineering and big data processing. Previously, he has also worked with companies like Samsung Electronics and Google.
  • Charlie Cao specializes in sales and marketing-based roles. He has worked as a marketing specialist for FiberHome Argentina S.A. and as a former key account manager of China Mobile International Limited.

To describe SocialPeta in short, it is an advertisement analysis tool. The tool comes with some smart analytics that are used to monitor advertising campaigns, their performance, and conversions. Several brands including Google, Gismart, Mobvista, Alibaba Games, etc trust SocialPeta to optimize their advertising campaigns. Using its in-depth insights and smart predictions, brands are expanding their target markets and conversions in parallel.

Features of SocialPeta

Proceeding further, we are throwing some light on the features of SocialPeta to give you an idea of how this ads intelligence marketing platform can benefit your businesses. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Monitor competitors' ad data‎

SocialPeta Reviews

One of the most crucial features of this ads intelligence marketing tool includes the ability to monitor the competitors’ marketing data. The tool includes advertisers’ data of more than 5 million organizations from all over the world. Graphs, texts, networks, and other types of data are provided so you can have clear insights into the competitors’ advertising strategies.

2. Get insights into what’s selling

Get insights of SocialPeta

If you are in the e-commerce segment, you can benefit from the ECOM Intelligence tools SocialPeta offers. These tools can help you monitor top ads and products by providing you with data extracted from top e-commerce portals like Amazon, Shopify, Wish, Aliexpress, and more. The tool includes data for over 270 million products with 50 million products being updated every day. 

3. Tons of updated ad data from all over the world

Reviews of SocialPeta

With SocialPeta, you can get insights into top networks and their updated advertisement strategies. SocialPeta helps you access useful business data from 69 countries, 70 mainstream networks, and 1.2 billion creative materials. The ad intelligence tool also updates the data in real-time.

4. Ad cost insights

Ad costs insights of Social Peta

To get insights into top networks’ advertising costs, SocialPeta has some amazing ad cost analysis tools. These top ad creative intelligence tools provide data such as CPM, CPC, and KD. Moreover, you can also get in-depth CPA analyses such as achievements, activities, and more. 

Pros and cons of the SocialPeta tool

Pros Cons
Comes with free trials Does not include the pricing data
Updates data in real-time
Covers ad data from 69 countries
Provides data in multiple formats

SocialPeta pricing

Services of SocialPeta cost differently depending on where you are running your ads, what advertisers you are subscribing to, etc. The cost can vary based on your promotion strategies as SocialPeta connects you with advertisers out there.

SocialPeta review by MAD experts

In the always-evolving landscape of intelligent advertising, SocialPeta is the beacon of hope that gives its users a fair opportunity to grow. SocialPeta is equipped with smart insights and analytical tools that are capable of driving growth even for small or new brands out there. 

This SocialPeta review helped us get to know the platform better. As we explored its features, we realized that SocialPeta has several segments to reduce the efforts of product owners so they can effortlessly find and plan their ads for target markets. For good ROIs and to grow installation numbers of a digital product, SocialPeta is the right tool to adopt and upscale your growth strategy.

MAD Rating

Security: 4.6
Features: 4.7
Navigation: 4.7
Pricing: 4.8

What do users say about SocialPeta?

SocialPeta updates ad creative very fast, this not only broadens our creative ideas for advertising but also controls our cost and enhances our effect.

- Xuwei Cai, Head of R&D and Distribution at MOONTON

Hope that SocialPeta can be used by more people, this is a very versatile advertising tool! 

- Linmo C.

SocialPeta is the best space for publicity!

- Moroesi L.

How to use SocialPeta?

1. Go to the official SocialPeta website

SocialPeta Website Review

2. Click on Start Your Free Trial

How to use SocialPeta

3. Activate your SocialPeta account by clicking on the link sent to your email.

SocialPeta Email Confirmation

4. You can sign up for a 3-day free trial to have a taste of SocialPeta’s services. Pick whether you want to grow a gaming or a non-gaming app.

sign up for a 3-day free trial

5. The next screen will ask you to fill in details of your game like category, networks, region, OS, etc.

SocialPeta Use

Accolades and awards

Lastly, hopefully, you found this SocialPeta review useful. If you own such software as well, you can reach out to MobileAppDaily to get your product reviewed and list your product among the top names on the platform. If your product is up to the mark, a review by MobileAppDaily experts can help it be visible to millions of tech readers of the site from all over the world.

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