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Submission Process

Once you are done writing, and the blog/article is cooked according to all the MobileAppDaily guidelines you can submit it by filling the below details and hit the submit button. After the successful submission of your post, it will take 2-3 days for our editorial team to review it, then we will get back to you.

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Share your Knowledge and views via Mobileappdaily

You can contribute your writing regarding the latest happening news about the mobile app industry, mobile app integration strategies and can also execute marketing and promotion of your mobile app with the help of MobileAppDaily. We are among the leading platforms for delivering the mobile app technology news and information in the digital world. Our reach is multiplying day by day due to the instant reaction to every app news along with the reader-oriented approach.

If you are interested in sharing your notion of mobile app technology and app world with the wide range of audience, we invite you to write for us.

No Compromise with the Quality

In order to deliver the best and resourceful content to the readers, we ensure that the quality of content should be excellent.

Here are some Guidelines you should know before submission.

  • First and foremost rule the content should be unique and not been published somewhere else.
  • The article should contain minimum 800 words.
  • The content should fall into the category of Mobile app, app technologies, app news, app industry, app economy and anything related to mobile app ecosystem.
  • The article should be rich in grammar as well as in readability aspects, there should be no Spelling errors.
  • The article should be well written and self-explanatory.
  • A Link to your app or website, will be included in the Brief Author Bio section.
  • Do provide at least one social media profile link of the author (Linkedin or Twitter).
  • Once we have successfully published your blog on MobileAppDaily you can't use the same content anywhere else.

What Should You Do For Making a MobileAppDaily Publishing Article?

  • Be Different Internet is full of content write something that interests a large number of users some things that create curiosity.
  • Be resourceful at the End as readers want something informative that they can take away.
  • Be backed up by data make sure your argument is originated from a fact or a rigid data, analysis as less number of readers prefer the opinions.
  • Be Observative writing is all about presenting something that no one noticed or knew before.


  • Avoid use of Passive Voice in the sentences.
  • Try to cut down the information in points or proper subheadings.
  • Provide an easy transition to readers while going from one paragraph to another.
  • Try to write the article with high readability (small paragraphs & short sentences).