15 Best Free and Paid Yoga Apps of 2024

Download these best yoga apps for Android and iOS devices to keep your mind peaceful and body healthier than ever!
Last Updated on : January 31, 2024
Best Yoga Apps

Yoga is one of the ancient arts to keep your mind and body in their best shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today, millions of people use the best yoga apps to keep themselves fit and for finding a better balance between heart and soul. Yoga’s popularity and influence are still on the rise, and more and more people are including it in their lifestyles. People not only use it to get healthy but also use it as meditation and seek inner peace. The whole world is accepting yoga to be a great way to enhance life and achieve the best form of one’s self.

The best-rated yoga apps in 2024


Daily Yoga - The best app for yoga

Daily Yoga - The best app for yoga

Download Daily Yoga - The best app for yoga:


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Looking for the best yoga pilates app? Daily Yoga can be your answer. It is one of the comprehensive yoga apps, offering 6 programs and 13 sessions free to its users. For beginners, it offers various starting guides and helps to build a solid repertoire before indulging in more complex asana and exercise. 

It has won many awards, including Best Yoga App of the Year 2016-2019 by Healthline for all the right reasons. For instance, the app offers 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs, 500+ guided yoga, pilates, and meditation sessions, and a huge collection of pose libraries, explaining each pose in great detail.

Daily Yoga can also assist you with yoga to target specific body parts. For instance, stomach, full body, arm, chest, leg, etc. You can pursue daily challenges on the app to upscale your mental and physical well-being. The app provides streaks as well to remind you and motivate you to practice yoga every day. 

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Down Dog - The best daily yoga app

Down Dog - The best daily yoga app

Download Down Dog - The best daily yoga app:


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Down Dog is the best yoga app in 2024 on the Google Play Store, with 4.8 stars in ratings. Unlike most other free yoga apps, it does not offer a few videos that keep repeating over and over. Rather it offers new workouts every time you hit the mat. 

Create your workouts out of the 60,000 workouts available on Down Dog. Pick from practice types like Vinyasa, Cardio Flow, Restorative, Ashtanga, Hot 26, and Sun Salutation among others to upscale your healthcare strategy. Even if you are a new Down Dog user, or entirely new to Yoga, you can also customize your experience level.

Picking options like Beginner Level 1 to begin your wellness journey gives you an option to access all the assistance you need. The app includes practices to focus on your back pain, stress, sleep-related issues, and more to assist you effectively. 

Additionally, there are 6 different voices of yoga teachers to guide you through yoga practices. The dynamic music also guides you through breathing exercises. The music changes as you are supposed to rise and fall the breathing frequency while exercising.

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Asana Rebel - The best yoga app for weight loss

Asana Rebel  - The best yoga app for weight loss

Download Asana Rebel - The best yoga app for weight loss:


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This one of the best free yoga apps includes more than 100 workouts designed by experienced yoga instructors and tailored to your fitness goals. It recommends classes based on the time of day, with more energizing and high-intensity workouts recommended in the morning and restorative yoga and meditation sessions at night. 

In fact, you can select any workout by refining your search. This beginner yoga free app also features quizzes for users to help them learn about health. This one of the top free yoga apps for seniors and youngsters allows you to set reminders to work out, meditate, and even drink water. 

There are meditations as well that can change your life if you decide to adopt them. You can use Asana Rebel for your mental wellbeing and physical well-being at your preferred schedule. There are several wonderful tunes as well that can effectively improve your sleep cycles. 

And, on top of all these abilities, you get to explore tons of recipes designed to make your lifestyle healthier. Whatever meal preferences you follow, there is a range of recipes recommended by Asana Rebel for everyone.

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5 Minute Yoga - The best 5-minute yoga app

5 Minute Yoga - The best 5-minute yoga app

Download 5 Minute Yoga - The best 5-minute yoga app:


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One of the best yoga apps, 5 Minute Yoga offers various asanas and workouts to help individuals improve their physical as well as mental health and activate their chakras. This one of the best yoga meditation apps helps you create your daily plans and maintain them rigorously.

All the workouts are explained with detailed instructions and images. These sessions are designed to be completed in 5 minutes and give you maximum results in minimum time. As you progress through practice, the 5-minute yoga app promotes your expertise level as well.

Levels in the 5-minute yoga app refer to how proficient you are in yoga exercises and customize practice recommendations accordingly. Additionally, if you are a beginner, you can also explore tips for each yoga you are planning to practice.

Yoga practices in the app are good if you want to relieve mental stress caused by your work or want to sleep better. You can also use the app to build a healthy habit by maintaining a yoga streak.

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Pocket Yoga - One of the best apps for yoga

Pocket Yoga - One of the best apps for yoga

Download Pocket Yoga - One of the best apps for yoga:


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Now practice yoga at your convenience. With this great app for yoga, you can schedule your yoga sessions anywhere and at any time. Choose from 27 different workouts with different durations and difficulty levels.

Some of the yoga options you can explore include Big Toe, Bird of Paradise, Chair, Eagle, Crescent Moon, and more. Additionally, it provides step-wise practice sessions along with timers that will help you measure the length of each step in the yoga. 

Now, to keep up with your yoga practices without missing a day, the app also provides a widget for the home screen. This widget will remind you about your yoga practice every time you open your smartphone.

There are 500+ beautifully illustrated designs as well to show accurate postures and alignments. Using these illustrations you can now keep accurately practice yoga sessions.

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Alo Moves - The best yoga app for beginners

Alo Moves - The best yoga app for beginners

Download Alo Moves - The best yoga app for beginners:


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Alo Moves is the perfect fitness app for women and men that offers not only yoga classes but also HIIT, Pilates, strength training, and barre classes for everyone, from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. The best beginner yoga app features over 2500 video classes from world-class instructors.

In this best yoga app for beginners, your home workouts will be much more inspirational when you are following along with videos shot in breathtaking locations, including Morocco, Positano, and Malibu.

The app also updates its catalog with new classes every week that you can explore to practice yoga better. Additionally, there are meditations and mindfulness reminders that will keep you on track.

To start on Alo Moves, you can start by exploring several styles offered by the app. These yoga styles are included with in-depth instructions designed to help you feel and live better. 

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Glo - The best daily yoga app

Glo - The best daily yoga app

Download Glo - The best daily yoga app:


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An easy contender for being called the best online free yoga application, Glo offers more than 6,000 workout sessions in 12 different styles. Available on Android as well as iOS platforms, it is named one of the top yoga apps because of the experts who have curated all of its content.

With more than 500 meditation classes, it helps in the development of the mind as well as the body. This health app opens new dimensions to achieve ideal health from the comfort of your house.

At the time of writing this blog, Glo is rated 4.9 out of 5 on the Apple App Store. These ratings are given combined by over 29k users from around the world which says a lot about its quality. Glo makes finding the right yoga practices an easier task.

Additionally, it gives you a range of videos to access that you can either stream to practice or simply download and save on your device. There is a meditation timer as well. The timer helps you ensure that your meditation sessions are lasting for the right duration.


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Gaia - The best app for yoga

Gaia - The best app for yoga

Download Gaia - The best app for yoga:


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Rated 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.8 on the Apple Store, Gaia is undoubtedly the best app to learn yoga on both platforms. It is also considered the best yoga app for beginners because of its easy-to-understand instructions and explanatory video lessons.

Discover new aspects of yourself with videos on mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, chakras, and more. Additionally, you can access Gaia across several devices including PCs, smartwatches, and smart TVs.

Gaia comes with some additional fun content as well like videos on ancient origins. You can learn about practices you are picking in-depth to understand the impact of your exercises on your body.

The yoga app has content curated by expert yoga teachers from around the world. This content is designed to ensure you are practicing yoga and meditation the right way for the best possible results.

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Download Yoga-Go :


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In this one of the best yoga apps for free, there are several yoga exercises for your body parts like the back, abs, legs, and butt. You can also get tailored Yoga-GO exercises in this one of the best free yoga apps and make your body healthier and fitter.

To inspire users to do yoga exercises regularly, this best free yoga app motivates you with challenges as well. These challenges are designed to help you tackle specific goals that you want to achieve with yoga.

Whether you are 20 or 80, you can use this daily yoga app for free to change your life at any stage and make yourself fitter. If your preference is to reduce your weight, Yoga-Go can help you with that. Or if you are working out to build stamina, Yoga Go for Weight Loss has a collection of over 500 yoga practices.

The duration range of yoga exercises in the app falls between 7 to 30 minutes. You can customize your workout schedule too and exercise the way you like. These customizations are for difficulty levels and duration of yoga.

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Yoga Studio - The best app for yoga

Yoga Studio - The best app for yoga

Download Yoga Studio - The best app for yoga:


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One of the best-rated yoga apps, Yoga Studio is the preferred app for many yoga lovers who have been using it for learning yoga and monitoring their progress. You can turn any place into your workout space with this yoga app. 

It is one of the best yoga fitness apps, that lets you have complete control of your yoga learning. You can pay, create, customize, and schedule HD VIDEO yoga classes that are explained by expert instructors via narration. 

The best yoga app for beginners offers a 2-week free trial before you can buy one of its many plans. On the Yoga Studio app, you can explore over 280 yoga poses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. There is a calendar as well to keep you on track and motivate you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, yoga and meditation practices covered by the app are curated and recommended by experts. These exercises are regularly updated to help more and more users join the wellness community supported by yoga.

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What is a yoga app?

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps in keeping your mind and body in balance. Just like any other form of exercise, this practice also requires assistance. However, there are multiple issues such as lack of time, work, distance, etc. which make people incapable of joining a physical yoga class.

To bridge that gap, yoga apps are created. These yoga apps provide all the instructions for different types of poses that are done in yoga. Poses such as Ardha Uttanasana, Garudasana, Pad Hastasana, Tadasana, etc. Yoga apps provide step-by-step instructions to achieve a particular pose. In fact, they even cater to beginners as well as advanced-level yoga practitioners. 

How yoga can increase your life span?

Yoga can help you live a longer life in several ways. You can improve your blood flow, boost the density of your bones, clean the immune system, and boost your heart’s health among other benefits.

The ability of yoga to transform your lifestyle applies to mental and physical well-being. It can reward you with a better mindset and it can transform the way you take care of your physical health making your lifespan increased ultimately.

Are there different types of yoga apps available in the market?

Yes, there are several types of free yoga apps for weight loss. Here is a list of different yoga apps that one can download:

a. Yoga apps for overall growth: As mentioned earlier, yoga apps can be used for primarily three reasons i.e. losing weight, increasing, and mindfulness. These apps can help you with all three facets. An example of this type of app is Glo.

b. Yoga apps for casual practitioners: There are people who casually practice yoga. These types of yoga apps for weight loss are ideal who do yoga whenever they have the time.

c. Yoga apps for beginners: Some of the best yoga apps for beginners are Asana Rebel, Daily Yoga, Pocket Yoga, etc. These apps will let you explore all the beginner-level poses to reinforce your practice and create a good foundation.

d. Yoga apps for spirituality: There are several yoga apps that primarily focus on helping you with spirituality. One of the most popular apps in this domain is Gaia.

How to pick the perfect yoga app for you?

The best way to find the right yoga app is to prioritize your choices on the basis of your preferences. There are several filters you can choose to pick the right app. For example-

a. Preferences- You should pick the yoga app that covers the yoga exercise you are looking for. You can go through app descriptions or websites to find out what yogas are covered by each app before you shortlist the one that suits your needs.

b. Costing- Another filter should be the budget you can afford. There are several yoga apps that offer exercises without any cost. However, some yoga apps also sell yoga lessons and provide lessons on a subscription basis. You can pick on the basis of your cost preferences.

c. Quality- With too many options to choose from, you need to find a yoga app that offers practices curated and prepared by experts in the industry. You can explore the team that has contributed to building the app to learn more about these experts and their expertise.

d. Ratings- Users’ opinion speaks a lot about the quality of services or features offered by any app. While picking apps, it is critical that you go through these ratings and reviews that may tell you more about the usability and performance of the app.

e. Customization- You can practice yoga effectively if you are able to customize your practice sessions according to your lifestyle. The app that you pick should provide the freedom to schedule workout routines as you like. Additionally, some of the yoga apps also provide several difficulty levels to make them useful for all stages of yoga practices.

How can a yoga app benefit me?

There are primarily two ways these best yoga apps that we mentioned above can help you. 

Yoga App benefits:

a. The user can easily access the best yoga apps on their smartphone

b. The user can set up the level of advancement

c. The user can customize the app as per their requirements

d. The user can start their progress from anywhere

Physical benefits of using the Yoga app:

a. It enhances the flexibility of the user

b. It helps in toning and strengthening the muscles

c. It aids in reducing the weight

d. Helps in improving the respiration, energy, and overall vitality of the body

e. Helps in improving the circulatory and cardiovascular health

f. Aids in reducing body injuries due to muscle stiffness

g. Aids in creating a balanced metabolism

Is a yoga app suitable for me?

A yoga app is suitable for any person that is looking to practice yoga at their own accord. There are a multitude of free yoga apps (till the trial version) mentioned above that gives you a plethora of choices. However adding to it, if you want to be successful with your practice using these “yoga apps for free”, you need to make sure:

a. You are dedicated to the practice of yoga

b. You increase your level step-by-step

c. You fix a time for your practice for consistency

d. You need to keep the end goal in mind

e. You try different apps and choose the best for yourself.

Are there any best yoga apps that are suitable for beginners?

There are plenty of free yoga apps and the best yoga apps that are suitable for beginners. These apps consistently increase the level of yoga poses. This level starts from beginner poses to advanced poses.

Are there any free yoga apps for weight loss?

There are plenty of free yoga apps for weight loss such as Asana Rebel, Yoga Studio, Daily Studio, etc. that can be used for a limited amount of time without paying anything. The majority of these yoga apps for weight loss allow the user to get acquainted with yoga and the application to use it effectively. A user can use these free yoga apps for weight loss for like a week or two. However, the duration of the free trial can also increase depending on the app installed. 

How does a yoga app assist in reducing weight?

The majority of people who opt for yoga instead of hitting conventional gyms are for primarily three reasons that are losing weight, increasing flexibility, and mindfulness instead of muscle gain. These apps help in achieving your goal by systematically taking you through easier poses and then increasing the level. By using these yoga apps for weight loss, the user can even choose to increase the level of poses by themselves. Adding to it, if you are disciplined and consistent with your practice then it is highly likely that you will see visible results very soon.

What are some of the best yoga exercises for seniors?

Yoga for seniors covers a wide range of exercises focused on helping them improve their regular physical and mental health. Exercises like Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Sphinx, Savasana, and more are counted among the best yoga exercises for seniors.

Which is the best yoga app for seniors/elders?

Apps like Asana Rebel, Down Dog, and more are perfect for seniors due to their extensive range of yoga exercises. Additionally, these apps have easy user interfaces along with several categories of features to break down yoga exercises into steps.

Can I customize my session on a yoga app?

Yes, there are several yoga apps that allow you to customize your session. These sessions can include several poses. There are several yoga apps for free that allow you to make customizations such as:

a. Increase or decrease the duration of the practice

b. Change the focus area of the practice

c. Change the tradition of the yoga practice such as hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, etc.

d. Increase or decrease the level of difficulty

e. Set reminders

Can I use a yoga app offline?

There are several yoga apps for free that can be used offline. However, the capability to use a yoga app offline is specific to the feature of the application. As there are several apps that allow you to download the content and use it anywhere. However, there is plenty of yoga app for weight loss that doesn’t provide this facility.

Can a yoga app replace an in-person experience?

This is a highly debatable question. We believe that both an in-person as well as online experience are irreplaceable. The choice between the two primarily depends on the preference and the requirements of the practitioner. However, there are practitioners who don’t have the time because of their work schedule or they are constantly traveling, or any reason whatsoever that makes them choose an online application. On the other hand, there are practitioners who can’t even stand the best yoga apps. For them, the in-person experience is ethereal. 

Are there any costs that are associated with the usage of the yoga app?

Yes, the majority of the best yoga apps available in the market have an associated cost. However, most of them also provide a  trial version for you to try and get acquainted with the application. Therefore, if you don’t like the application then you have the option of not purchasing the subscription.


Yoga has been around for hundreds of years and has been refined by generations to meet today’s needs. It has followers around the world who live a yoga-inspired life. These apps for yoga are some of the best apps available to download on iOS and Android platforms. Covering the best free yoga app, best prenatal yoga app, best apps for yoga students, and best yoga app for weight loss, the list mentioned above offers something to everyone. 

Try these top apps for yoga yourself to see which one is the best for you. We are sure that the services offered by these best yoga apps will bring the kind of change you are expecting in your life. If you are an app owner and want to get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily experts, you can reach out to us. These reviews will be helpful for you in knowing your app’s full potential. Additionally, it can be an opportunity for you to list your product among the top apps of its respective category if your app passes the review process.

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