Inflact Review - Features, Pros, Cons, and more

Take a closer look at Inflact’s features, functionality, and advantages, Find out how this solution is deriving growth and if this app is worth your time or not.

Updated on February 06, 2024
Inflact Review - Features, Pros, Cons, and more

Traditional ways of marketing, like pamphlets and hoardings, are not just cutting it anymore. This is the time of digital marketing, and almost every company worth its salt is leveraging any digital channel available to market its brand, company, or product. Among these platforms, social media like FaceBook and Instagram come out at the top. Not to mention with every user having their own personalized screen in their hands, the opportunities to reach a larger audience and drive leads are immense. 

However, companies now need more accurate and advanced tools to tackle the cutting-edge nature of competition. Inflact is one of the prominent tools that are helping their users to drive sales by reaching audiences that fit their requirements. Let's look into how Inflact helps its users by exploring their features, pros, cons, and pricing.  We will also give you the Inflact Instagram review of our experts and whether it is a good option to propel your marketing efforts.

What is Inflact?

Inflact or Ingramer is an Instagram marketing toolkit designed to enhance business presence on Instagram. It offers various modules like a Promo module for targeted audience growth, a Direct module as a CRM for managing communications and customer interactions, and a Posting module for scheduling and planning content. Additional tools like an Inflact Hashtag Generator, Inflact Profile Analyzer, Content Downloader, and Font Generator are also available. These services aim to attract and engage clients, manage content efficiently, and ultimately boost business growth on Instagram.

The Posting module is particularly beneficial for planning and scheduling content. The solution allows businesses to maintain a consistent and strategic online presence. This ensures that content is posted at optimal times for maximum engagement. To put a cherry on top, Inflact also helps in content calendar management. Thus making it easier for businesses to plan their content strategy in advance.

Inflact is useful for companies and businesses as it streamlines Instagram marketing efforts. It helps in targeted audience growth, efficient management of customer communications, and content scheduling, ensuring a consistent online presence. The toolkit also provides insights into account performance, aiding in strategy optimization. 

This comprehensive approach makes Inflact a valuable tool for businesses looking to grow and engage their audience on Instagram effectively. Moreover, the insights provided by the tool help in refining social media marketing strategies and understanding what resonates with the audience, thereby boosting engagement and business growth on Instagram.

Features of Inflact 

Features of Inflact instagram

Promo Module

This tool targets audience growth on Instagram. Users can specify demographics such as location, hashtags, and competitor followers, enabling targeted marketing strategies. It automates interactions like following, liking, and commenting to attract potential customers, increasing visibility and engagement. The Promo Module's ability to analyze and adapt to the constantly changing Instagram algorithm keeps the marketing strategies relevant and effective.

inflact instagram review

Direct Module

As a CRM tool, it streamlines communication with followers and customers. This module facilitates managing direct messages, automating responses, and organizing chats for efficient customer service. It's beneficial for managing large volumes of interactions and personalizing customer experiences. 

Inflact Direct Module

This data is also crucial for refining communication strategies and understanding customer needs better. The module's ability to integrate with other business or Instagram marketing tools, like email marketing software or customer databases, makes it a versatile asset for comprehensive customer relationship management.

Posting Module

This feature allows scheduling and auto-posting of Instagram content. Users can plan their content calendar, ensuring a consistent online presence. It supports multiple accounts and offers Inflact tools for content creation, making it easier to maintain a regular posting schedule. This predictive approach helps in maximizing the impact of each post. The module's user-friendly interface and integration with other content creation or Instagram marketing tools simplify the content management process. This makes it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise.

Inflact Hashtag Generator

Saying that it Helps in discovering effective hashtags would be an understatement. This tool goes beyond basic hashtag suggestions by analyzing current trends and hashtag performance across similar content. Users receive suggestions of popular and relevant hashtags by entering keywords, enhancing content discoverability. 

Inflact Hashtag Generator
It's useful for increasing reach and attracting a targeted audience. It provides insights into which hashtags are overused and which ones offer a niche market with less competition but high engagement potential. This strategic approach to hashtag usage can significantly enhance a content's reach.

Inflact Profile Analyzer

Offers analytics on Instagram account performance. It tracks metrics like follower growth, engagement rates, and content performance, providing insights for strategy optimization. This tool helps in understanding what content resonates with the audience and allows them to better align with their audience's preferences. Additionally, it benchmarks performance against competitors, giving a clearer perspective on where a business stands in the market.

Content Downloader

Inflact Downloader enables the downloading of Instagram content, such as photos, videos, and stories. This is useful for content repurposing, backup, or competitor analysis. It's a simple way to access Instagram media offline. This feature is ideal for brands that collaborate with influencers or other partners, allowing them to easily collect and repurpose user-generated content that features their products or services.

Font Generator

Provides unique fonts for Instagram posts and bios. This tool helps create visually distinctive text and makes profiles stand out. It supports personalization and branding efforts on Instagram. This feature is invaluable for global brands looking to maintain a consistent brand voice across diverse markets. The fonts are optimized for readability on Instagram, ensuring that text in posts and bios is not only distinctive but also user-friendly.

Pros and Cons of Inflact

While Inflact offers more than commendable services to its customers, there are still some hiccups that users encounter. Let’s look at some advantages and limitations in this Inflact review.

Pros Cons
Targeted Audience Growth: The Promo module helps in reaching specific demographics enhancing marketing efficiency. Cost: Subscription-based model can be a financial commitment for small businesses.
Efficient Communication Management: The direct module acts as a CRM, streamlining customer interactions. Complexity: A variety of features might overwhelm new users.
Content Scheduling: The posting module ensures a consistent online presence, which is crucial for brand awareness. Dependence on Instagram: Effectiveness is tied to the Instagram platform exclusively.
Analytical Inflact Tools: Provides insights into account performance and audience engagement for strategic planning. Limited Scope: Mainly focused on Instagram, not covering other social media platforms.
Enhanced Content Visibility: Inflact Hashtag Generator and Font Generator aid in making content more attractive and discoverable.  

What are the Inflact Pricing Models?

Inflact offers three packages of their services. Each one contains a different set of features and services that their users can enjoy. Here is the detailed analysis of Inflact’s prices and subscriptions.  

Monthly Price

Plans Avg. Price per Month Features Provided
Basic $54 Basic Instagram tools, free VPN/proxy, Limited Promo actions, and Hashtag Generator.
Advanced $64 All Instagram tools, Unlimited Promo actions, Direct Modules, free VPN/proxy, Extended analytics, and Hashtag Generator.
Pro $84 All Standard features, Multiple account management, Direct Modules, free VPN/proxy, Hashtag Generator, Stories Saver, Downloader, Instagram Search, and Scheduled Posting.

Inflact Monthly Price

Yearly Price

Plans Price per Month Features Provided
Basic $38 Basic Instagram tools, free VPN/proxy, Limited Promo actions, and Hashtag Generator.
Advanced $45 All Instagram tools, Unlimited Promo actions, Direct Modules, free VPN/proxy, Extended analytics, and Hashtag Generator.
Pro $59

All Standard features, Multiple account management, Direct Modules, free VPN/proxy, Hashtag Generator, Stories Saver,

Downloader, Instagram Search, and Scheduled Posting.

Inflact  Yearly Price

User Reviews

Stellar & Solid Growth Service!
great software! super clean, modern & easy user interface. this is the only growth service i've used that has been constantly running. It performs very well. all the other growth services i've used have gotten my ig blocked for x amount of time before i could resume. also customer support are very fast and friendly in answering your questions! i would highly recommend this platform to anyone.

 - Andrew

My recent experience with Inflact, also known as Ingramer, has been quite revealing. This Instagram-focused toolkit promises to enhance online presence and engagement, crucial for the competitive world of e-commerce. I relied on Buffer for managing social media content. Buffer’s simplicity and effectiveness across various platforms were commendable. However, I switched to Inflact primarily for its Instagram-specific features that Buffer lacked, such as detailed hashtag analytics and enhanced engagement automation tools.

- Ritu

I've been using Hashtag Generator for almost 4 months now and I can say it has certainly done wonders. Of course, it's not perfect as it all comes down to billions of other users but the times I do hit the hashtag jackpot my growth goes up exponentially and it's amazing. Couldn't recommend it enough! 

- Eren

Before using Inflact, I had experience with Sprout Social for managing social media platforms. While Sprout Social offers a broad range of features across various platforms, I moved to Inflact for its specialized focus on Instagram, which is a crucial platform for my e-commerce activities.

- Ram Sarda

What Our Experts at MobileAppDaily Say

Inflact is acclaimed as the best Instagram marketing tool by industry critics and our MAD experts. This app excels in transforming your Instagram marketing strategies and maintaining a robust online presence. The Inflact app utilizes cutting-edge technology to help businesses grow and combat market competition. From our personal experience, we can affirm that this app is the ultimate solution for boosting Instagram engagement.

The features offered by this app are developed in collaboration with top digital marketing specialists and researchers. An exceptional aspect that we really admire about the Inflact marketing tool is that all its modules are innovatively designed to cater to diverse marketing needs. It's the most effective way to tackle digital marketing challenges such as audience engagement and brand visibility.

According to Inflact reviews from our experts, the Inflact app ensures noticeable improvements in your Instagram marketing results within a short span. It also allows for seamless management of Instagram accounts without the need for constant manual intervention. The app can personalize your marketing strategies based on audience behavior and preferences. Users can also utilize tailored solutions depending on the time of day and specific marketing goals.

Besides its core marketing modules, Inflact also educates users through the Inflact Learning Center. This section provides insightful blogs on various aspects of social media marketing and digital trends. The app is suitable for marketers of all levels and is praised for its user-friendly and sophisticated design.

How to Use Inflact to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Prepare Your Instagram Account: Ensure your account is public, has at least 12 posts, and the latest post is older than a week. Include a phone number and email address in your Instagram settings, and craft an engaging and concise bio.

2. Utilize a VPN: Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when activating Inflact modules like DM, Promo, or Posting. A VPN helps in managing multiple Instagram accounts, speeds up automated promotion, avoids Instagram’s prohibition, and accesses Instagram features restricted in your region.

 Inflact to Increase Instagram Followers

3. Activate the Promo Module: This module targets your ideal audience. To set it up:

  • Create a List of Competitor Accounts: Identify up to 50 Instagram usernames of competitors who influence your target market. Use Inflact's Search feature to find these accounts by entering relevant keywords or categories, applying filters, and downloading the list as a file. Then, paste these usernames into the Inflact Promo module.
  • Develop a Hashtag Strategy: Generate a list of up to 50 hashtags relevant to your target audience using Inflact’s Hashtag Generator. Mix different types of hashtags (frequent, average, rare) for broader reach. Regularly update your hashtags to stay in line with trends.

Inflact Hashtag Strategy

  • Set Specific Locations: If your business is location-specific, add up to 50 locations where your target audience might be found. This could include restaurants, beauty salons, or specific streets and squares.

4. Apply Filters for Targeting: Choose the gender of profiles you’re targeting and add languages your audience may speak. You can also target profiles based on the number of followers or accounts they’re following.

Inflact targeting

5. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly check the results of your promotion and make necessary adjustments to your targeting and content strategy.

How to Automate Messages Through the Direct Module in Inflact

  • Access the Direct Module: After logging into your Inflact account, navigate to the Direct Module. This module is specifically designed for managing and automating Instagram direct messages (DMs).
  • Set Up Automation: Within the Direct Module, you will find options to automate various types of messages. These can include welcome messages for new followers, responses to common queries, or promotional messages.
  • Create Message Templates: the next step is to draft templates for automated responses. Users will need to create different responses according to different types of messages. For instance, you might have a standard welcome message for new followers. However, you might need a different template for responding to inquiries about your products or services and another for promotional offers.
  • Define Triggers: Defining triggers is another step that defines what type of message will go in which situation. Triggers are conditions that prompt an automated message. Let’s take an example, receiving a new follow could trigger a welcome message. Or, a specific keyword in a received message could trigger a pre-set response.
  • Test Your Automation: Before fully implementing your automated messaging, it's a good practice to test the system to ensure that the correct messages are being sent in response to the correct triggers.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Regularly review the performance of your automated messages. Check if they are being sent correctly and whether they are receiving the desired response. Make adjustments as necessary to improve effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

Inflact is a versatile and essential toolkit for businesses aiming to leverage Instagram for growth and engagement. Its comprehensive suite of Instagram marketing tools addresses various facets of Instagram marketing, making it an invaluable asset for any business looking to enhance its digital footprint on this popular social media platform. Because of these exceptional features, Iflact is regarded as one of the Best Instagram Tools out there. Lastly,  if you also own or are associated with a similar app like Inflact, you can get your app reviewed with us and uplift your downloads and engagement. 

General FAQ

  • Is Inflact suitable for small businesses or individual influencers?
  • How does the Promo Module in Inflact work?
  • Can I schedule posts for multiple Instagram accounts with Inflact?
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