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App Marketing Strategies that are Leading the Growth in 2023

App marketing strategies evolve quite fast. Yet, there are some strategies that remain rewarding even for years. In this list, we are discussing a little bit of both types of app promotion strategies!

app marketing strategies

The competitive landscape of mobile apps is massive and there is no stopping the number of new apps coming into existence every day. Thus, to survive and thrive in this competition, it has become very crucial for developers and app marketing agencies to go with the best possible app marketing strategies. 

But it is obvious to ask questions before hiring a marketing agency like “How do I create a marketing strategy that actually works flawlessly?” So, we decided to list down some of the most effective app marketing campaigns and mobile app marketing strategy examples that tech leaders recommend even in 2023. If you think this discussion can be useful for you as well, stay with us until the end of this blog.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy - A Market Overview

Before we move towards discussing app promotion strategies in depth, it is important to understand the app marketing industry a little bit better. And, there is nothing more useful than real statistics to understand the market well. So, let’s have a look at some of these stats that can be helpful for you in framing an effective mobile app marketing strategy!

mobile app marketing strategy

Best Strategies Recommended by Mobile Marketing Companies

According to a Statista report, Google Play Store is leading the app world with over 3.3 million apps. The platform is being followed by the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store with 2.2 million apps and 475k apps respectively. 

So, going through these statistics explain why after a certain point, we can not experiment while choosing the best lead generation strategies to promote our apps. We have to pick the most effective strategies with proven results and go with them, especially if those strategies have worked for others as well. There are alternative app stores existing as well. AppValley and Shopify are quite popular in the category of top alternative app stores.

But in a few cases, leveraging new opportunities is smart too; like a new technology that can help boost the mobile app marketing strategy in 2023. However, for your reference, and after in-depth research, in this list, we are listing down only some of the best app marketing strategies that have worked for many leading app development companies out there. Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

mobile app marketing

1. App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As mentioned above, leading app stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have millions of apps. So, in such a massive race, how do you improve the visibility of your hard work? Well, strategies like ASO and SEO can be really rewarding for that. But first, it’s crucial to understand the difference between both target marketing strategies. 

app marketing

2. In-app marketing

As the name gives it away, an in-app mobile app marketing strategy is used to promote apps via other apps. Let’s understand how in-app marketing is done in this app marketing guide. Well, there are multiple ways of leveraging this one of the best app marketing strategies. You can collaborate with another app developer and get your app listed as an ad in their apps. Or, you can hire an affiliate marketing agency that will display your apps’ ads on the apps of their clients. Affiliate marketing is quite popular these days and we will discuss it better in detail later in this blog.

3. In-app rewards

Wondering how to market an app successfully with the help of in-app rewards? Well, there are simple yet effective ways to do that. Plenty of apps from several categories such as video streaming, shopping, gaming, etc offer their users rewards for installing or testing third-party apps. These rewards can be in-app coins, features, free trials, discounts, and more. 

4. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a process of improving installation or conversion rates with the help of third-party agencies. These agencies get paid for every installation or visitor they bring. Conditions of contracts may vary but the eventual goal is to grow the app and attract as many installations as possible. Most of these marketing agencies either own their own platforms where they promote the app or they partner with other platform owners and pay them commissions for promotions. 

5. Targeted ads

Another top mobile app marketing strategy that you will come across uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Both technologies are used to find the right target audience to show ads for apps. To find the right audience or potential users, ads are shown on the basis of the surfing behavior of the individual. The data generated through the pattern of users’ searches are used to automatically customize the selection of ads to display. 

6. Giveaways or referral bonuses

Giveaways and Referral bonuses are some of the most common practices you will see under app promotion strategies. Here, digital mediums or apps themselves offer already existing users some rewards they can use in exchange for inviting new users to install the app. Cash App is a top example that uses this app marketing strategy in 2023.

7. Social media promotions

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc are considered the best marketing apps for any product or service. For apps, there are plenty of app marketing tools that these top social media platforms offer. We can understand them separately to understand the benefits of social media marketing strategies well -

  • Influencer marketing - Now, mobile marketing companies prefer to collaborate with creators that have a good number of followers and attract good outreach to promote their apps. Under these collaborations, influencers promote apps through either special posts, skits, sponsored ads, blogs, reviews, etc. 
  • Paid social media promotions - Among other lead generation strategies, marketing companies create dedicated social media pages for apps and post there. However, to grow fast, some social media tools like Facebook or Instagram provide the ability of paid ads. These paid ads are helpful in improving the visibility of the content published. Also, these ads can be customized on the basis of the requirement.
  • Organic outreach - Marketing companies use this one of the best target marketing strategies to grow their ads or app-related content without paying anything. This growth is achieved by taking multiple factors into consideration. These factors can be hashtags, graphics, video ads, location, the timing of publishing posts, and more.

8. Omnichannel marketing

Some of the best target marketing strategies include omnichannel marketing to target various user segments. Omnichannel marketing, as the name suggests, includes multiple channels of marketing. These mobile app marketing strategy channels can be emails, newsletters, push notifications, social media ads, TV ads, podcasts, etc. Some brands like Starbucks or Walgreens already use this app marketing strategy in 2023. 

9. In-depth competitor analysis

Another common top mobile app marketing strategy that you will come across is keeping an eye on competitors’ marketing strategies. To help you out with framing new and effective app marketing strategies, there are marketing tools existing that let you find the data such as SEO strategies used by your competitors, channels targeted to advertise their apps, and more. SimiliarWeb is a leading tool in this genre that provides in-depth app-related data.

10. Keeping up with evolving algorithms

ASO and SEO algorithms regularly get updated. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that apps and content to promote apps on web pages are regularly updated and optimized. These updates in algorithms can be based on new security features, evolving devices, new technologies, etc. So, the more optimized your digital content is, the higher chances you have of seeing the content among top search results and that is why your mobile app marketing strategy should consider this segment as well

11. Using positive reviews for promotions

Reviews play a crucial role in convincing your app’s potential users to install the app. Good reviews can be helpful in building trust in the mind of the user. These reviews can answer their concerns regarding the features they are looking for, the security standards of the app, and more. Additionally, Good reviews also help the app in ranking better. 

12. Getting featured by app stores

Google Play Store and Apple App Store continuously keep looking for apps to feature in several categories like App of the Year, Editor’s Pick, and more. To be eligible for this one of the top app promotion strategies, your app needs to qualify for reviews done by experts at app stores. 

Some factors that the Apple App Store considers for reviews are- UI design, UX, Innovation, Uniqueness, Accessibility, Localization, Screenshots, App Previews, Descriptions, Ratings, and Reviews. For games, there are some other criteria that have to be matched like controls, art and animation designs, sound effects, storyline, etc. 

13. Getting featured by review websites

Another effective app marketing strategy in 2023 that works well is submitting your app to review websites. These websites go through apps, features, reviews, ratings, etc, and list them on their web pages and social media platforms. Sometimes, these reviews are paid, and sometimes, websites feature apps for their audience. Including getting listed on such websites as a part of your app marketing strategies can attract a good amount of traffic to apps. 

How to find the right companies to help you boost your mobile app marketing strategies?

Well, if you believe optimizing your mobile app marketing strategy inside the business is too big of a headache and has no ideal staff to help you with the same, you can definitely choose to hire an app marketing expert company. But the question is, as there are several app marketing companies existing out there, how do you pick the one that can actually upscale the growth of your app? 

You can use a few filters to shortlist such companies that have enough resources to boost the quality of your app marketing. Furthermore, in this blog, we have some filters to list down for you that can be helpful. Let’s have a look!

  • Size of the company- Before shortlisting your next app marketing partner, go through the size of the company to ensure it has enough resources to assist you with your marketing requirements. Under this filter, you need to figure out how many people work in the organization and how many offices it has. A number of offices across the country or the world help you understand the experience with diverse markets that the company has gained since its inception.
  • CAGR- Compound Annual Growth Rate or CAGR of an organization translates into the growth of an organization. A CAGR shows that the company is getting regular business if the score is positive which means it has enough experience to impress and sustain its clients. CAGR helps you figure out whether a company is getting clients regularly or not which is one of the crucial factors that help in building trust in the quality of services a company provides.
  • Diversification of the experience- App marketing strategies diversify depending on the targeted marketing goals. To ensure that your marketing requirements are handled by professionals, you can simply explore the range of experience your shortlisted marketing companies have. To judge the diversified experience of an organization, you need to review a few things; the types of projects these companies have worked on, the resources they used, how many markets have been targeted and explored by these marketers, what have been returns on investments by its clients, etc.
  • Budget requirements- To ensure that your marketing activities are smoothly going on and you have the targeted return on investment (ROI), you need to make a budget. Shortlist companies that fit within your budget for a smoother sequence of marketing activities. Mostly, new companies trying to build their presence in the market have a higher probability of offering lower rates. You can hire these companies on an hourly basis or project basis to promote your app if your budget is small. Large companies might cost you more but have a higher probability of achieving targeted results due to their experience and availability of resources. 
  • Experience with platforms- Marketing strategies that include multiple platforms to target users has a higher probability of getting success. However, it depends on the project requirements as well. But it is a good idea to have a look into the kind of platforms that your shortlisted mobile app marketing companies have worked with to ensure whether they have enough experience to ensure good results for your app instead of experimenting on targeted platforms because of your project requirements. Some popular platforms that mobile app marketing companies use are social media, websites, search engines, app stores, personalized ads, etc. These tools can help you reach the right people.

Key Takeaways

Well, these were the few industry-inspired mobile app marketing strategies that can help your projects in achieving new heights of growth. With the help of this list, you can pick strategies that are most suitable for your target users. Or, you can also experiment with these lead generation strategies to figure out results. 

Now, before we wind up the blog, let’s revise a few crucial points that we personally think that you can focus on the most. These points are -

  • Use social media-based app marketing tools to promote your apps. Collaborate with influencers, create video ads, and regularly post, for good results
  • Keeping an eye on what’s working for competitors can help you in finding the right app marketing direction
  • Focus on optimizing your app regularly to improve its chances of getting featured by app stores
  • Combine ASO and SEO strategies smartly to improve the exposure of your app across multiple regions and platforms
  • If new in the industry, submitting your app for third-party reviews can be a great way to start gaining momentum of visitors on your app

That is all for this in-depth blog on the best app promotion strategies. Hopefully, you found the blog useful. Do not forget to check out more MobileAppDaily blogs to keep up with the evolving technology trends.

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