HIMS Review- Your Journey From Sick To Fit

Discover how the HIMS app functions as your virtual health wizard with its unique features.

Updated on April 07, 2024
HIMS Review-  Your Journey From Sick To Fit

The Covid-19 pandemic escalated major changes in the health and wellness industry. With everything being shut down, online platforms were the only way out for many people. From buying clothes and groceries to getting medicines prescribed by a doctor, there is a dedicated app for all.

Telemedicine platforms are still relevant in the post-pandemic era. Similar to the working of the best healthcare apps, telemedicine platforms are used by hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other providers as the basis for interacting with their patients.

Hims and Hers is a multi-specialty telehealth platform that offers affordable and doctor-trusted treatments at the convenience of your home. With easy access to licensed physicians and reliable medications, HIMS mobile app has become a user favorite since its launch. So, what else does this app have to offer? Find out more in our detailed HIMS review.

HIMS Review | What is HIMS?

HIMS is an online healthcare platform that is dedicated to men’s health and well-being. From mental health to skincare and more, the HIMS app has a solution for all problems. Along with offering appointments with professional health experts, the HIMS healthcare application also offers supplements, skincare products, wellness products, and much more.

HIMS is dedicated to reforming men’s healthcare by making it more accessible and affordable for a wide range of customers. The HIMS app facilitates virtual healthcare appointments, medical advice, treatments, and more for all its users. The company’s medications and treatments can be trusted, as the Food and Drug Administration approves them.

Through an integrated mobile application for Android and iOS users and an accessible online platform, the HIMS healthcare app offers a variety of services and wellness products that are directed towards curing a number of health issues like:

  • Sexual health
  • Hair care
  • Skincare
  • Mental health
  • Primary care services

The HIMS app is preferred by many users as it charges no additional fee for medical treatments and services. You will only have to pay for the prescribed medications and supplements. As per customer reviews for Hims, the primary healthcare services offered by the platform are extremely fast, easy to access, and reliable. If you are looking for a gender-specific healthcare platform online, the HIMS app is a perfect option for you.

HIMS Review

HIMS Review | Mission and Story

HIMS app offers a consumer-first platform that is focused on providing modernized and personalized healthcare and wellness products for its customers. The platform is dedicated to offering the best-in-class healthcare services to empower all its users and community. Hims and Hers is an American telehealth company that was co-founded by Andrew Dudum, Jack Abraham, and Hilary Coles in 2017.

The company only began as a men’s healthcare platform and further expanded its operations to be inclusive of female healthcare and wellness products as well. Through the HIMS app, users can access a range of healthcare and wellness programs, community programs, and other medical services that promote lifelong health and wellness.

As per the customer reviews on HIMS app, the subscription plans offered by the company are extremely simple, affordable, and straightforward. The app normalizes men’s healthcare challenges and offers innovative and reliable solutions to cure them. Personalized healthcare plans and supplements are designed for guaranteed results.

HIMS Review | Mission and Story

HIMS Review | What all does the app offer?

HIMS is an all men’s healthcare platform that offers a selection of services for all its users. It is a popular choice for men seeking certain products, including supplements for hair loss, skincare, erectile dysfunction, and more.

The HIMS app also enables access to licensed professionals and healthcare experts. You simply need to navigate through your preferred services or concerns and get expert advice on the same. As per customer ratings and reviews for HIMS, this healthcare app is packed with exclusive and reliable treatments for all your problems.
Let’s explore some of these services in detail. 

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

HIMS is packed with all the necessary supplements and medications that will help in maintaining your sexual health and well-being. From prescription medications to over-the-counter products and sex toys, the HIMS sexual health segment has it all.

The medications are prescribed by experienced medical professionals and experts. As per HIMS review by customers, the treatments offered by the app are FDA-approved and thus can be trusted blindly.

Along with medications and supplements, users can also avail of online consultations, expert reviews, and direct shipping of the products. You can get all the necessary medicines and supplements shipped right to your doorstep.

Some of the primary sexual healthcare products offered by the HIMS app include the following:

  • Medicines for premature ejaculation 
  • Erectile dysfunction supplements
  • Condoms and lubes
  • Vibrators and other sex toys, and a lot more

Haircare Products

Haircare Products

Rescinding hairline is extremely common in men and regrowing hair can be extremely difficult at later ages. But the FDA-approved treatments and medicines offered by the HIMS app are extremely effective in hair growth.

Users can be assured of regrowing their hair within three months of taking the medications and supplements. As per reviews for HIMS, the app offers customized treatment plans based on your condition and online consultation.

The hair growth treatment offered by the HIMS app can be effective in preventing hair loss, thinning hair crowns, receding hairlines, and overall hair balding. Some of the common products offered by the HIMS healthcare application include the following:

  • Topical Finasteride and Minoxidil Spray
  • Hair Power Pack
  • Oral Finasteride
  • Finasteride and Minoxidil and more

Mental Health

Mental Health

As per reviews for HIMS, the online platform offers exceptional mental health services facilitated by experts and professional coaches. Along with getting access to licensed professionals, users can also avail of online therapy and consultations.

The app goes beyond traditional health services and offers tailored plans to cure your specific symptoms and health problems. With clinically proven psychiatry medications, the HIMS app offers the best-in-class on-demand treatment guides through an integrated platform.

You can try a free consultation and therapy session through the online portal. Some of the issues tackled by the HIMS app include the following:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Sleep troubles
  • Burnout and job stress, and a lot more



Very less importance is given to men’s skincare and well-being products. However, this is not the case with the HIMS app. The top-quality skincare products offered by the HIMS healthcare application are backed by science and powered by prescription-strength medications.

Users can get their skincare treatments customized to their specific needs and problems. The best skincare providers and trusted professionals provide FDA-approved treatments and products.

Skip the visits to dermatologists' offices and avail of online consultation with professional service providers. Get all the products right at your doorstep and cure all skin-related issues with the best medical care. Some of the primary skincare products offered by the HIMS app can be used to cure various skin-related problems like aging and acne. Some products offered by the HIMS app are:

  • High Tide cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Vitamin C serum
  • Acne creams
  • Wrinkle cream and more

Primary Care

Primary Care

The telehealth experts at the HIMS app are well-informed about the common diseases and disorders. Through this platform users can get access to the best US-based healthcare providers for multiple common primary conditions.

Through streamlined virtual visits and consultations, you can easily cure common illnesses at home. The plan is customized based on a questionner that the users are supposed to fill before consulting the doctor.

The doctors prescribe the right kind of medicine that will surely treat your illnesses. The healthcare HIMS app lets you collect the prescribed medicines from the nearby pharmacy or you can get it shipped to your address.

Some of the common diseases that can be cured with the HIMS app medications are:

  • Cold and cough
  • Allergies
  • Fungal infections
  • Tension headaches
  • Stomach issues
  • Acid reflux and more

HIMS Review | How it works?

The HIMS app is extremely simple yet effective in its treatment. Both Android and iOS apps are packed with exceptional features that ensure a seamless experience for all users. The app is highly recommended by medical professionals and is great for seeking emergency healthcare services at home.

The HIMS app only works with licensed professionals who are certified to offer the best medical services. The app works in different ways for different users and can be tailored to their specific requirements. Lets discuss some primary concepts in detail:

Online Consultations

The app offers free online consultations for all its users. From mental health issues to sexual disorders, the HIMS app has a solution for all. You can connect with medical professionals via chat or video calls and can get your medicines prescribed easily.

Medical Plans

As per the reviews on HIMS app, the platform offers tailored medical plans for all users. The app customizes treatment plans and medications based on your individual problems. The treatment plans are prescribed by medical professionals and are clinically proven to deliver effective results. The medicines are FDA-approved and can thus be relied upon.

Free Shipping

After getting your treatments and medications prescribed, you can review the treatment options online. All the medicines and supplements can be delivered to your doorstep easily. Along with this, users can also choose to self pick-up the medications from the nearby medications.

Licensed Professionals

The HIMS app only works with professional and qualified medical professionals. The HIMS ratings are extremely high because of their effciient and expert professionals. You can get treatment plans from reliable, board-licensed providers who are expert in their fields. These providers are available at your service and are ready to answer your questions, any time.

HIMS Review | Pricing and Subscriptions 

The HIMS app review offers multiple subscription options for different services. Users can choose any subscription plan as per their requirements and preferences. The online consultations are free of cost and can be availed without any charges.

The app is not supportive of any insurance policy and thus can be costly for some users. The insurance amount cannot cover telehealth consultations. Howver, you can use your insurance claim to cover prescriptions and medications.

The HIMS app does not offer any refunds on certain prescriptions due to strict regulatory controls. The app however, allows you to pause or cancel subscription without any charge at alteast 48 hours before your next scheduled purchase or delivery.

More about the HIMS Android and iOS apps

More about the HIMS Android and iOS apps

Final Verdict!

While researching the app thoroughly and analyzing it for creating this inclusive HIMS app review, we can safely say that this is the best, one-of-its-kind platform that has everything to ensure great health in the male community. The app aims at empowering men with the best of their health and well-being. Through its uniques approach and excpetionals features of HIMS application, this platform normalizes common health disorders and offers tailored solutions to cure them.

This app is set to bring a revolutionary change in the telehealth sector. With its unparalleled services and a pioneering approach to better healthcare services for men, the HIMS app is definitely worth giving a shot. You must download HIMS app and try it out for yourself!

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