MobileHR App: HR Wherever You Are

Tasks like employee time tracking and payroll management system can frustrate HRs, but not with the MobileHR app.

Updated on February 04, 2020
MobileHR App: HR Wherever You Are

Employee management is a hell of a task and if you ask us, tapping every employee of the office is virtually impossible. Right from the employee performance data to the payroll management system, everything needs to be in check and only then, you know what perks do they deserve.

To make the role of HR manageable, there are various software and apps available on the market, but not all of them offer you the right requisites.

Here today, we are going to review one of the best human resource management apps named MobileHR that promises to streamline the whole process of the HR clan.

MobileHR is an excellent mobile HR app that is specifically designed for small businesses (<100 employees recommended). It's designed to put the company's key HR tasks into an easily accessible mobile app.

HR  mobile app review

About the App MobileHR App

The objective of the mobile HR app is to keep the company’s HR fully compliant and informed about the company’s operations and management. It will also save the time and efforts of the HRs and will further simplify many of the time-consuming tasks.

To aid first-time users, the app has Startup Wizard and video tutorials that will guide through all the fine points of the app.

For enhanced efficiency, the MobileHR app is integrated with device services like calendar, email, storage, camera, and GPS. Also, the app is incorporated with in-built options like Messaging, Company Directory, and Organization Chart capability.

With the MobileHR app, you can undertake the following operations:

  • Collect, maintain and manage employee data
  • Employee attendance tracker
  • Monitor paid time off
  • Manage employee benefits
  • Feed payroll data in the payroll processor
  • Employee and manager self-service
  • Standard and custom reports as well as search
  • Role-based security to control user access
  • Web browser/PC/desktop access available at no charge and not required
  • Upload employee documents, and more.

The HR management application is built to run flawlessly on mobile phones and tablets and will replace paper files and spreadsheets.

mobile HR app review

Features of the MobileHR App

The HR management app is loaded with tons of features to simplify the job of HR. The following are the notable features and functionalities of the MobileHR app that puts it in a lot of the top human resource management apps.

1. Manager, Employee, Entity and Position Data

Here you can integrate and automate the maintenance, updation, storage, and tracking of employees’ data.

2. Time & Project Tracking

The app has an electronic time-keeping system that tracks and approves the details of employees, contractors, and consultants. Its employee attendance tracker keeps a tab on the employees’ absence and presence. The data is then fed seamlessly into billing and, thus, put an end to stuff like paper, process, and spreadsheets.

3. Vacation and Time-Off Management

Managing the employee’s leave requests and their day-offs is a challenging task for HRs because there are hundreds and thousands of employees in a company. In such a scenario, the MobileHR app keeps a record of employee time-off and leave requests. It also allows the HRs to process, approve, and track all the requests right from their smartphone.

4. Reporting and Searches

Amid the pile of employees’ data, searching for a particular detail of an employee toilsome, but with this app, you can search company charts, employee data and summaries,  payroll registers, time and project hours, benefit statements, and more.

5. Payroll Administration/Integration

HRs can easily set up payment schedules and groups, and then the data such as salary, deductions, working hours, etc.can be directly channelized to the payroll department or provider.

6. Assignable Security Roles & Employee/Manager Self-Service

The security of confidential data is a task in every company because you can’t disclose details that are limited to the management. Therefore, the app stores all the data on the cloud and after each session, the data is wiped out of the devices. Its pre-configured role-based security also ensures that the set data remain visible to authorized people only.

7. Benefits Tracking

Benefit tracking is another remarkable feature of the MobileHR app, where employees can view and track their benefits and costs all in one place.

8. Performance Ratings

To psych up the employees of their hard work, you have an option to confer employee performance ratings. It will help the HRs to build their workforce and ensure full deference with the labor laws.

MobileHR App Subscription Plans

The HR management application is free to download and use, but after the free period trial of seven days, you need to pay a fee to continue using the app services. The app fee includes the setup, app support team, and system migration.

The best thing about the app is that it’s not limited to any number of employees, and neither, there are any employee/record charges.

The app is built-in to the store's security and payment system, making it easy and intuitive to login and subscribe to.

  • MobileHR app price: $74.99 per month

MAD Verdict: MobileHR App Review

Let's take a look at our overall verdict of the MobileHR App as a great fit for small businesses. The HR management app has everything that makes it a perfect pick for the companies to manage their HRMS employee data. Its setup is effortless and to jump off, you have the convenience of tutorials and FAQs that can guide even the beginners. The app not only stores all the company’s data but also, keep the data away from the breach.

In our testing of this new app, we found it works perfectly and is ready to be used by small business owners to streamline their processes and save them time and money. 

However, during our trial, the app performed effectively and accomplished the majority of the tasks of an HR with ease. So, if you are run a small business, with an employee capacity of 20 to 100 employees, we recommend the MobileHR app to systematize the company’s operations like employee time tracking and leave approvals.

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