10 Secrets That Web Designers Won't Tell You
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10 Secrets That Web Designers Won't Tell You

Interestingly, a website’s code can help it to better appeal to search engines.

10 Secrets That Web Designers Won\'t Tell You

The web design of a website is one of the most significant parts and to crave it the best, you will need a web designer that can transform a blank web page into something more stunning. So, it’s the web designer who plays a pivotal role.

Most web designers don’t spill all the beans because that is their trade secret. In fact, they hold back the essential tips. All they tell you is how your website should look, and what all is required to make a fantastic website.

They have been keeping secrets for a long time, but we aren’t going to be their accomplices. When choosing a design for your site, don’t pick a random web designer. We are going to explore the ten secrets they will never tell you.

Top Web Designing Secrets

These web designing secrets may not make you the best designer, but the tips will help you with your website. Check out the below-mentioned tips and let us know your thoughts on the same.

1. “End User” is Not the Ultimate Goal

It seems that the only thing that most web designers think about is the end users. They are worried about what the end users would like and understand. Your visitors want to follow your lead.

A web developer will tell you that users don’t like sharing their personal info. Most people wouldn’t mind, actually! Don’t put your focus on the user needs but what you can make out of them. You have to make your website survive for long.

2. Get Inspired

You can get inspired by ideas and try to incorporate them into your design. That doesn’t mean you steal other people’s content. Take their ideas and create something from it.

Draw inspiration from other designs

Whatever you do, who inspires you? You can do it as well and adapt it to your needs. Do you want to be like them? Make a list of all of it and try to embed every portion of it into your website’s interface.

3. Keep It Simple

If your web designer never advised you to keep your site simple, they are in the wrong business. Ever visited a site, found a bunch of unnecessary stuff and left without finding the information you were looking for?

Make sure your site provides relevant information to your audience. It will help them to navigate better and with a decent UI experience, the chances of getting back a user remains high. Therefore, avoid clutter and make it simple.

4. Form a Committee

It’s important to get the opinions of people, as long as they aren’t web designers. Web designers live in a techy world, and we are just ordinary people. The best option is to form a committee to check and approve any designs.

General poll

Some of the best web design companies in this world are straightforward. They will tell you not to rely on one person’s opinion and advise you to form a committee.

5. If You Promise, Don’t Overdo it

You may find yourself promising stuff to your readers to keep them coming back but don’t over-promise. The most important thing is managing your time and finishing the projects you promised.

Only offer those things which you can deliver. It will help you to build trust among your website visitors and once they have confidence on your website, the retention rate is bound to jump manifolds.

6. Use Colors for Conversion

The craziest thing that most of us have heard is that a pink theme blends well with female users. The truth is, you should create a color combination that satisfies your need. Color has everything to do with the context of the page.

Any object that stands out on the page is highly recognized and easily remembered. Isn't that what you want with your site? Also, a well-blended website will make it pleasing for the user to browse.

7. SEO is More Important than Design

Designing your website is important, but it’s of no use if people don’t see it. Driving traffic should be your number one priority. The best way you can do that is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO optimization

Designing can come later, thus focus on getting organic traffic to your website first. To optimize your website as per the latest SEO trends, you can hire an SEO expert, else you can also outsource the work.

8. Pretty is Useless

You can make an attractive site, but if your stuff is not going viral, people will be like, “Wow! The site is beautiful, but I can’t find what I was looking for. Pass!”

Pretty is appreciated for a while then attention shifts to other things. Think about how your project will last for years or even forever. The content is more important.

9. Provide a Social Proof

Winning the trust of your prospective customers is vital. Social proof like reviews and testimonials can provide the assurance they need. Without those, you might find it harder to convince them.

More the feedback, better for your website, but make sure the percentage of positive reviews remains more than that of the negative comments, else it may backfire and push back the relevant audience.

10. It Should be Tested on Every Browser!

Some web designers might lie to you that it will take them hours to test on every browser combination, but it’s not necessary. All you have to do is check it on one “browser testing app.”

Browser friendly website

It has come to notice that many of the web designers don’t share this critical aspect with the website owners. You have to learn about the web developer skills & technologies. Every website doesn’t respond the same on every browser; therefore, it’s necessary to make the website compatible for all the browsers. It will help you garner the audience of every domain.


It is your website and not of the web designer. Technically, they work for you. So, if a designer is not stating facts, you better find another one. Meanwhile, the ten secrets are out and should help you out.

For more insights into web designing and website building, get in touch with us and let us know your concern by commenting in the below section. We will rally and answer your queries ASAP.

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