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2018 Checklist Of Apple App Store Submissions That You Need To Know

Easy Tips on how to get a faster approval of your iOS App

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To build a Web or Mobile application is itself a big task and to get that app approved by the app store is even a bigger deal to tackle. Because it's not that easy to effectively create an app with all operations like innovative designing and high-quality development.

That's why we decided to come with a latest and updated list of checklist for submitting an iOS app to the Apple's app store. This important checklist is something that every iOS app developer or even entrepreneurs should take a look at.

If you have an iOS app that you want to submit to the Apple app store but don't know about the list of things that needs to be checked first.

Then keep on reading to get the answer to your questions!

An App store submission checklist plays a very crucial role in contributing to the successful release of your mobile or web application. As there are many small as well as large segments inside your application, the whole process of going through the app again and again can be very exhausting.

And to spare yourself your this exhaustion, you need to follow a checklist so that not even a segment is missed by you while going through your application.

We know for a fact that developing a mobile application for the Apple's app store needs a ton of attention even to the very minute ones. So, with a checklist, the developer can easily stay organized and can have full control over all events related to his/her application.

Apple as a giant tech corporation have always been very strict and particular with its Rules and Regulations and that's the reason why Apple doesn't hesitate to instantly remove an iOS application from its store if any of their guidelines are breached.

Last year, two of the most popular reasons for the removal of iOS apps from the app store were: App Completeness from the performance category and spamming in the designing category.

The end-user never gets to know the exact reason behind the removal of their application, all they inform you is about the category for which the guideline is breached by your app. So further, we will be talking about the checklist in the terms of categories so that it can be more easily understood.

1. Performance

Performance is the category which has been the number one reason for app removals in the years 2017. In this category, there is are a number of points with which Apple measures your app's performance and some of them are:


Beta Version

Any app developer is not allowed to submit a beta version of their iOS application (whether web or mobile app) for the process of approval in the Apple app store. Even the words like 'Demo' or 'Beta' are not allowed to be mentioned anywhere in the description of your app, neither in screenshot images nor in the text portion.

App Completeness

Make sure your iOS application is well tested for bugs or stability issues before the process of app submission. The user should remember to include to the demo account information as well as a backup option for future app login purpose. Even if your app is free but has some paid additional features in it, the developer should ensure their visibility to the end-user of the app.

Look for different kinds of errors like placeholder text, content issues, empty websites before submitting your app for review in the app store. Always check twice if your Metadata and URLs are correct in respect to your app's objective.

App Metadata

Select the keywords that appropriately describe your app's theme and its function. While choosing keywords, you should not target a particular trademark application or any other irrelevant brand category. Think of a unique and innovative name for your app up to 30 characters but avoid using any phrase in it.

Only state the features that your app actually consists of and don't forget to explain them appropriately. Whether the feature is free or paid, you should also mention it clearly for the user to know about the in-app purchases as well.

Never include information about any other app in the metadata of another app, even if the other application was also developed by you.

App's Compatibility

The hardware i.e. device compatibility is an important feature to focus upon so if you have created an application for iPhones then it's your responsibility that your app should also run on all iPads as well.

One of the major issues that the Smartphone app users face is heating of the device while using a particular app. So, test your app thoroughly and make sure that it does not heat up the device or consume an excess amount of battery from the user's device.

Specifications of the App

An iOS app that is up-to-date with its software specifications is what you need to get your app approved by the team of Apple's app store. That's why your application should use the public APIs and can run on the OS versions that are currently active.

Some of the main software specifications to follow are:

  • Your app should be compatible with the IPv6 Addressing.
  • Your iOS application should use the WebKit JavaScript as well as its Framework.
  • If your app has use of Face Recognition in it then you should use Local Authentication for that purpose.

2. Designing

Apple's design is a perfect example of an innovative and simplified approach and that is exactly what Apple is looking for in the various other iOS applications as well.

The reason behind why Apple rejects such a large number of application submissions each day is that its aim is to target the quality of apps and not the number of iOS apps in its app store.

App Designing

To fulfill the design criteria guidelines of Apple, first, ensure that your app is not a copy of any other already existing application. The app developer should not be asking the end-users to install any other application to fully optimize their app's functions.

If your app uses the ARKit then your app should be offering its targeted audience and uses a real Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Your app would be directly rejected if you have used any of the commercialized templates while building your app.

Do not try to make the Push Notifications compulsory for complete functioning of your application because then the chances of your app being rejected increases.

3. Security Concerns

When it comes to security measures and safety standards, Apple does not play around. That's the reason why Apple makes sure that each and every application on their app store follow some concrete safety standards.

App Security

User-Generated Content

This section is vital as its role is to ensure the prevention of bullying and intellectual property infringement in your iOS application. To make this happen include:

  • Facility to block out harassing and abusive users.
  • A process to report any offensive comments.
  • An up-to-date contact info icon.
  • A process to filter out any questionable piece of content whether image or text.

Objectionable Content

To get your app approved, it should not consist of any kind of objectionable content related to intimidation, humiliation, defamatory, discrimination etc. If there is a concept of the 'Villain' or 'Enemy' in your app then it should not be connected in any shape and form to a government, culture or any sort of real entity.

The content should also not portray a death of killing of human beings and animals. Below are some things to avoid that are related to the term objectionable:

  • Vulgar and Explicit content.
  • Comments against a particular race and religion.

Do not mention fake data in the description and then leave a note saying for entertainment purposes. This phrase has become outdated and won't work this time.

Health/Medicine Related

If your iOS application falls in the medical and Health category in the app store. Then, it is your responsibility to inform the users, the reality and consequences of using the app, if any. If any medicine dosage it suggested by the app then you should put a disclaimer to first contact a doctor about it.

Note: Usually, Apple does not approve those apps that advice about various different ways of handling or using Apple smart devices as it breaches one of the company's app store guidelines.

Apps for Kids

For the iOS applications that fall in the kids' category of apps, the UX (User Experience) of your app also has to be designed keeping in mind the age of your targeted audience.

Another point to remember is that the app developer should not include any external links that are operative outside the app. For example, features like in-app purchases should be kept out of the reach of the children.

Developer's Contact Info

To add the app developer's information is a must because there might be some cases in which the user would like to get in touch with the iOS application developer.

So, don't forget to include your updated contact data and other details like your support URL with various platforms to reach you in case of any issue.

Now that we have gone through the main categories and their iOS app store submission checklist.

Congratulations! Because you have now reached the part where we will be providing some awesome tips that will help you in getting your iOS app approved faster by the Apple app store.

  • Asking for Expedited Review: This is one of those tips that a majority of people are not aware of, Apple has a form which you can fill out and through with you can also ask for an expedited review of your own application. The team of Apple might take a couple of days to revert back so be patient with the review request.
  • Setting Launch Date with Apple: Whenever you submit for an app in the Apple app store, you always get the option to get your app released automatically or you can pick a specific day for your app release. Although, this won't essentially speed up the process of your app's approval but during this time you can start to promote your app on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Adding Video Demo Review: According to a recent report, it was confirmed that people are more interactive with the video content rather than the images. So, use this opportunity in your favor by adding a demo video to your iOS app, with this video you can provide a glimpse of some extra features of the app that will be released in the next update.

We hope that this Apple App Store Submission Checklist will be able to offer you some valuable insights regarding the iOS app submission guidelines in Apple.

Let us know if any of the above-mentioned points provided some help to while you were submitting for iOS application in the Apple app store, in the ‘Comment’ section down below.

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