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List Of Alternative App Stores This packed list of different alternative app stores contains every trustworthy platform you can use to download amazing applications.

The Apple store on the App Store and Google Play Store may have global recognition, but they aren’t the only app stores with the best free apps. For any app owner looking to launch their app, the Apple-Google hegemony forces them to pit their app against 2.1 million Android apps and 1.8 million iOS apps.

However, even after Google and Apple snagged away a BIG chunk of audiences, many users still want to explore further and look for third party app stores that can deliver desired apps and more personalized experiences. This article contains the best Android and iOS app store alternatives users can browse through to get the apps of their choice. 

Best Google Playstore Alternatives

1. GetJar - one of the best third-party app stores

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GetJar is your ultimate destination for downloading apps. Founded in 2004 by Ilja Laurs, GetJar is an alternative App Store for iPhone and an independent app store created by app developers for app developers as an app beta testing platform. It's a fantastic alternative to the usual app stores. With GetJar, finding and downloading your favorite apps is extremely easy and free!

The Apple app store download alternative has over 0.85M apps available on the platform and bags investor backing from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management. GetJar is also really safe. Each app is checked to make sure it's secure for your device. So you can download it without any worries.

And the best part is that GetJar has some apps you won't find anywhere else. It's like a treasure chest of unique and cool apps. And updating them is a breeze. GetJar lets you know when there's a new version, so you're always up-to-date.

Explore GetJar  - Visit Website

2. Amazon App Store: Best app stores for Android

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Anyone even remotely related to the industry knows of Amazon’s e-commerce disruptions. The company has its chips in various sectors, and the latest expansion of its famous Cashierless AmazonGo stores is one of them. However, what most (including app owners) forget is that this e-commerce giant also has an App Store that’s just as good as the Google Play Store. 

Released on March 22, 2011, the Amazon App Store alternative offers plenty of free and paid apps and exclusive gaming apps with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. In fact, Amazon, the top Android store alternative, even offers its own currency system to buy games and in-app purchases, making it a perfect alternative to the Google Play Store. 

Explore Amazon App Store - Visit Website

3. SlideMe: best app store for Playstore

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SlideMe is a noteworthy alternative to the Google Play Store. Originating in the US, SlideMe first appeared in 2008. It established itself as a marketplace that caters to various audience preferences. SlideMe operates on a principle that highlights diversity. As they say, 'One app store alone can't reach everyone and everywhere with the apps they want.'

Notably, SlideMe quickly gained recognition. It became known as the second-best app store alternative to the Google Play Store. This platform isn't just about variety. It's also committed to safety. The Android app store ensures all apps are secure. Before any app is reviewed and approved, SlideMe scans it for viruses and potential exploits. This includes the rigorous Master-Key exploit check.

But that's not all. SlideMe stands out for its strong community support. This top alternative to the Play Store boasts a network of skilled top app developers and advisors. These experts provide substantial support. They offer code snippets, help with bug fixes, and more. Additionally, they guide app owners on key aspects. This includes effectively targeting audiences, setting the right price, and successfully selling their applications.

Explore SlideMe - Visit Website

4. AppBrain - third-party app store for Android

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AppBrain is a popular alternative to the Play Store. It was created in 2009 by Mathijs Vogelzang and a company in Zürich named AppTornado. AppBrain stands out as a trusted choice for app owners looking for a different platform. It's impressive, with over 100 million people using it every month and 2 million new app installations every day. This platform reaches a global audience, covering 236 countries and offering more than 70,000 apps in its SDK.

Moreover, AppBrain is known for its clear and honest approach to promoting apps. They have a model based on Cost per Install (CPI). This means they focus on real users without rewards, have systems to spot fraud, set limits on app promotion, and allow targeting specific users. By adjusting your CPI bid, you can aim for the highest number of users.

Additionally, AppBrain makes it easy for users to find what they need. They provide various filters, helping users in the search for the right apps. This makes it a top alternative to the Google Play Store.

Explore AppBrain - Visit Website

5. 1Mobile Market - A renowned third-party app store

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Besides hosting a free marketplace of multiple mobile games, web apps, and even videos, 1Mobile makes app search for end users extremely simple. Meanwhile, developers can test out betas and free versions of paid apps on this top app store.

Once they meet the security criteria, they can publish their apps. Unlike other Play Stores, app owners don’t have to worry about app promotions; 1Mobile has a built-in recommendation system that helps apps attract an audience as soon as they hit the marketplace. 

Explore 1Mobile Market - Visit Website

Best Apple App Store Alternatives

1. AppValley - prominent 3rd party apps iOS

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AppValley is largely considered one of the top third-party apps for iPhone. This app provides its users with one of the largest selections of free apps, along with modified and unofficial apps for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Additionally, the installation is smooth as butter if you download anything from AppValley. Just open AppValley, and you're ready to explore. No complicated setup, no fuss. It's designed for everyone, making it super easy to find and download your favorite apps and games.

Safety comes first in AppValley. We understand the importance of keeping your device and personal information secure. That's why AppValley provides a safe and reliable alternative to traditional app stores.

What's more, AppValley offers a vast selection of exclusive apps and games, all available at your fingertips. Whether you're into gaming, productivity, or just exploring new apps, AppValley has something for you.

Explore AppValley - Visit Website

2. AltStore - application store for iOS

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AltStore is a refreshing alternative to the traditional App Store. It's a home for apps that are not available on the official store. With AltStore, you gain access to a world of unique and creative apps that you won't find anywhere else.

Setting up AltStore is a breeze. Simply download it, and you're ready to explore a new realm of apps. The 3rd party apps for iOS, like Altstore, are designed for everyone. So, navigating through the store is easy and intuitive. You don't need to be a tech head to use AltStore.

Today, safety is a top priority for many. Consequently, AltStore ensures that all apps are secure and trustworthy. Feel confident exploring and trying new apps, knowing that your device is protected. AltStore also offers the freedom to use apps without any restrictions. It's all about giving you the choice and opportunity to experience different and innovative applications.

For those who love to customize their experience, AltStore is a playground. You can personalize settings and discover apps that truly resonate with your lifestyle and preferences.

Explore AltStore - Visit Website

3. BuildStore - 3rd party apps for iOS

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Traditional app stores don’t let you play Pokemon & Mario on your iPhone. Not anymore. You can now relive your childhood experiences on your smartphone with the help of this 3rd party app store! Launched in 2013, BuildStore is the leading iPhone application store for iOS that brings tweaked versions of your favorite games and apps to any iOS device (iPhone or iPad). 

It's the perfect choice for those seeking more from their devices. It eliminates the need for jailbreaking or compromising your device's security. BuildStore ensures a safe, straightforward experience. With BuildStore, you gain access to a diverse range of apps, from gaming enhancements to productivity boosters.

Also, BuildStore respects your data and provides a safe environment for all your app needs. You can download and use apps with confidence, knowing your information is protected.

Another perk is the user-friendliness and versatility of the platform. Whether you're a tech expert or new to smartphones, finding and downloading your favorite apps is effortless. Plus, BuildStore's dedicated support team is always ready to help, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Explore BuildStore - Visit Website

4. iOS Haven - among the top app stores list

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iOS Haven offers a unique and user-friendly alternative to the traditional App Store. Unlike the standard App Store, iOS Haven specializes in providing 2,000+ modified or "tweaked" apps. These apps often have additional features or capabilities not found in their original versions.

iOS Haven also comes with a powerful search engine for better discoverability of the apps. Furthermore, it also features an impressive collection of themes and games to cater to audiences of all ages. And, with a mature community, iOS Haven authors a free blog for tech heads looking to stay updated on the latest updates.

Moreover, one of the standout features of iOS Haven is its no-requirement policy. You don't need to jailbreak your device to use the apps from this site. This aspect is particularly appealing as it maintains the security and warranty of your device. 

Moreover, the platform is regularly updated. This ensures that the latest versions of apps are always available. The updates also include new apps, keeping the selection fresh and diverse.

Explore iOS Haven - Visit Website

5. Topstore - third-party apps for iPhone 

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Topstore is an alternative app store that offers a unique experience. It's a one-stop solution for exclusive, free apps that you won't find anywhere else. It's user-friendly and perfect for those seeking variety. With Topstore, you have access to a wide range of apps. This includes exclusive apps not found elsewhere.

Getting started with Topstore is easy and hassle-free and can be used by experienced and novice users. Moreover, the interface is simple and intuitive. This means you can find and download your favorite apps effortlessly.

One of the best things about Topstore is its safety. The platform is secure. It ensures your device stays safe from harmful software. So you can explore and download apps without worry. Moreover, Topstore is updated regularly. This means you get the latest apps and features. Plus, the support team is always there to help. They solve any issues you might face quickly.

Explore Topstore - Visit Website

Best Cross-platform App Store Alternatives

While the platforms above were confined to a single platform, these third-party app stores can cater to more than one platform (iOS, Android, and even more).

Let’s look into this cross-platform app stores list.  

1. Tutu App - one of the prominent iOS app store alternatives

3rd party apps ios

Tutu App is among the remarkable alternative app stores providing apps for both Android and iOS devices. This means users across different platforms can access it. With Tutu App, you get a wide range of apps and games. Many of these are not available in traditional app stores.

The interface is user-friendly and can be used by beginners easily. So, users don't have to ask the question of how to use Tutu or how to install the Tutu app. Plus, it offers quick downloads. This saves time and makes the experience smooth. Tutu App also provides regular updates that ensure the latest versions of apps and games.

Safety is a priority. Tutu App scans all downloads for viruses. This keeps your device secure. There's also a strong focus on privacy. Your personal information stays protected. What's special about the Tutu App? It offers many apps and games for free. Even some paid ones are available at no cost. This makes it a cost-effective choice.

Explore Tutu App - Visit Website

2. Mobile9 - among renowned cross-platform third party app stores 

3rd party apps for ios

Mobile9, a versatile cross-platform app store alternative, offers a user-friendly interface, making app exploration effortless. With efficient search functionality and personalized recommendations, finding the perfect app is simple. The platform prioritizes user security and has implemented robust measures against malicious apps. This ensures a safe download environment.

Users benefit from a diverse app selection across categories, providing options for various interests. Developers receive support through resources and fair policies that, in turn, promote a positive ecosystem. Mobile9's transparent policies build trust, making terms easily understandable for users and app creators.

Additionally, the app's comprehensive app previews and descriptions help users grasp app functionality before downloading. The platform is committed to in-app purchase transparency, offering clear information to users for informed decision-making.

Moreover, offline accessibility adds convenience, allowing users to enjoy certain apps without an internet connection. Automatic updates streamline the user experience, ensuring apps are always current. With broad compatibility across devices, Mobile9 caters to a diverse user base. It excels in community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging through forums and Q&A sections. 

Explore Mobile9 - Visit Website

3. CokerNutX - 3rd party app store for every need

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CokerNutX is another compelling App Store alternative that works across various platforms. It's a free app hub, allowing users to download apps without any cost. The platform stands out because it doesn't require jailbreaking or using an Apple ID. It's incredibly user-friendly, making app installation a breeze.

The site includes a big collection of apps and games suitable for all age groups. CokerNutX also includes some that are not available on the official App Store. This variety ensures users can find almost any app they desire. However, including apps not available in official app stores does not hamper the security of the platform. CokerNutX prioritizes security above all. All apps are checked for safety, providing peace of mind.

Moreover, CokerNutX is known for its regular updates. Apps and games are kept up-to-date, ensuring the best user experience. The platform is also ad-free, which enhances its user-friendly nature.

Explore CokerNutX - Visit Website

4. MyAppFree - A popular third-party app store

third party apps for iphone

MyAppFree is a cross-platform alternative to the usual App Stores. It works across different platforms, making it super handy. Users love its simplicity. You can find apps for your phone, tablet, or computer. It doesn't matter if you use Android, iOS, or Windows. MyAppFree has something for everyone.

The app offers daily deals. This means you can get cool apps for free or at a discount. Additionally, the selection is huge and versatile with MyAppFree. The platform includes games, productivity tools, and much more. Not to mention the interface is clean and user-friendly. So, finding and downloading apps is a breeze.

Moreover, MyAppFree is safe. Every app is checked before it goes live. This ensures that your device stays secure. Also, the app respects your privacy. It doesn't collect unnecessary data.

Explore MyAppFree - Visit Website

5. Uptodown - Android and iPhone application stores

alternative app stores

Uptodown is one of the most reliable app stores out there that maintains the quality of apps it publishes on the platform. The app store provides apps for Windows, MacOS, and Android smartphones. People worldwide use it to download apps for their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Unlike other stores,

Uptodown doesn't require a user account and allows users to download apps directly without signing up.

You can find popular music apps, games, browsers, and plenty of other apps from several categories for your preferred devices. The app store is very simple to use and ensures that all apps published on the platform are free from any security threats or viruses. 

Another great thing is the option to download older app versions. This is helpful if newer updates don't work well on your device. Uptodown also provides detailed app information. This includes descriptions, screenshots, and technical details.

Explore Uptodown - Visit Website

Best Chinese App Store Alternatives

1. MI App Store - among the leading Chinese third party app stores

Top alternative app stores

MI App Store is a popular alternative to the official app store on Chinese smartphones. It is developed by Xiaomi, a leading tech company in China. The store is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even beginners find it simple to use.

The store offers a wide variety of apps. Users can download games, social media apps, productivity tools, and more. The apps are tailored to meet the needs of Chinese users. This focus ensures that the content is relevant and useful.

One key feature of the MI App Store is its security. Xiaomi takes user safety seriously. The store regularly checks apps for viruses and malware. Thus, users can download apps without worrying about the safety of their devices.

On top of that, updates in the MI App Store are frequent and seamless. Xiaomi constantly adds new features and improves existing ones. Users enjoy a smooth and modern experience. The store also offers personalized recommendations. It suggests apps based on user preferences and behavior.

Explore MI App Store - Visit Website

2. Tencent My App - prominent 3rd party app store

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Tencent My App is a popular Chinese App Store alternative. It's a one-stop hub for a vast array of apps. Tencent, a giant in the tech world, owns and operates this platform. The store boasts millions of apps. It covers everything from games to productivity tools.

The platform isn't just for downloading apps. It's also a community. Users leave reviews, share feedback, and interact. This community aspect adds real value. It guides users to make informed choices.

Tencent My App also offers unique features to its users, like personalized recommendations. The platform learns what you like and then suggests new apps for you to explore. Not only that, but this 3rd party app store also comes with an ever-present support staff that is more than capable of handling all your needs. 

Lastly, Navigation is simple and user-friendly with this app. Users find what they need quickly. The interface is clean and intuitive, which makes the app discovery a smooth process.

Explore Tencent My App - Visit Website

3. Baidu - best app store for the Chinese market

alternative app stores - baidu

Baidu is China’s primary and the world's second-largest search engine right after Google. And just like Google, Baidu also has an app store along with various app development tools. One such great tool includes advertising the available apps in search engine results. The company has also launched an English version to draw English-speaking app users. 

Unlike other app stores, Baidu provides personalized recommendations. It suggests apps based on the user's interests and past downloads. This feature makes the discovery of new and exciting apps effortless.

Baidu also offers high-speed downloads, saving users time. The download manager is efficient, allowing for the pause and resume of downloads. This is particularly useful when dealing with larger apps.

For developers, Baidu is an attractive platform. It offers a straightforward process for app submission. Once approved, apps can reach a vast audience in China. Baidu also provides developers with useful analytics. This data helps in understanding user behavior and improving app performance.

Explore Baidu - Visit Website

4. 360 Market - among renowned Android and iPhone application stores

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Yet another great and popular find in the Chinese app stores is the 360 Market. The platform has over 270 million mobile users, 455 million desktop users, 600 APK app files, and more than 30 billion app downloads. Moreover, The app suggests new apps based on user preferences. This makes discovering new apps fun and easy. 

Furthermore, 360 Market is known for its excellent customer service. If users face issues, help is just a message away. The support team is quick and helpful. They solve problems efficiently.

And if that wasn’t enough, alternative app stores like 360 Market have their own development program that offers anti-piracy protection to their developers. This way, 360 Market isn’t just offering a huge app user audience to app owners and Android app developers but also a robust firewall against app piracy.

Explore 360 Market - Visit Website

5. Oppo Software Store - one of the best Chinese 3rd party app store

alternative apps stores

The Oppo Software Store, designed and developed by BBK Electronics, offers its users mobile hardware and software. The platform stands out by offering numerous apps specifically tailored for Oppo device users. Also, its user-friendly interface helps with easy navigation and app downloading. Users can easily find their favorite apps, games, and even personalized recommendations.

Moreover, the Oppo Software Store provides exclusive content and deals. Users of Oppo devices enjoy special offers and early access to new apps. This feature sets the store apart, creating a unique experience for its users. The store also supports various payment methods, making transactions smooth and hassle-free. The Chinese app store even has a dedicated OPPO Game Center that offers secure game downloads and massive game benefits.

The basic mobile app submission procedure in the Oppo app store is also carefully monitored to keep data theft at bay. The entire submission process is done via Software Copyright Certification.

Explore Oppo Software Store - Visit Website

Why Go for Alternative App Stores?

  • Wide Array of Apps: Alternative app stores are treasure troves of diverse apps, offering some that you won't find in mainstream stores. These stores often provide early access to the newest apps and beta versions, allowing users to explore and enjoy unique and interesting applications before anyone else.
  • Lenient Guidelines: These platforms are known for their relaxed policies, offering a breath of fresh air for app developers. With fewer restrictions, developers have the creative space to innovate, resulting in a broader and more diverse array of apps for users to enjoy.
  • Savings on Costs: Opting for alternative app stores can be kinder to your wallet. Developers usually face lower fees for listing their apps, leading to lower app prices or more free content for users. This cost-effectiveness is a win-win for both app developers and users.
  • Personalized Customization: Alternative stores excel in personalizing your app browsing experience. They offer tailored app recommendations and boast unique features, like enhanced privacy settings or special categories for certain types of apps, making the app discovery process more personal and enjoyable.
  • Support for Older Devices: These stores are a boon for those with older smartphones or tablets. Unlike mainstream app stores that might not support older versions of operating systems, alternative stores often provide a wider range of apps compatible with various devices, ensuring everyone stays up-to-date.
  • Prioritizing Privacy: Privacy is a paramount feature of many alternative app stores. Some prioritize user privacy by collecting minimal personal data, offering a level of privacy rarely seen in mainstream counterparts. For users sensitive about their data security, this focus on privacy is incredibly appealing.
  • Catering to Special Interests: Whether you're a gamer, an educator, or a fan of open-source software, certain alternative app stores specialize in catering to niche markets. These specialized platforms ensure users find precisely what they're looking for, providing a customized and tailored browsing experience.
  • Challenging Big Tech Monopolies: Using app store alternatives is a statement against the monopoly power of large tech corporations. This choice fosters a diverse and competitive market, encouraging innovation and potentially leading to better services and products for users.
  • Emphasizing Local Relevance: Some alternative app stores focus on serving specific regions or languages, offering apps that resonate with local culture and needs. This localization ensures that users in these areas have access to apps that are truly relevant to their daily lives and cultural context.
  • Comprehensive Developer Support: These platforms are not just about the apps but also about the people behind them. They offer extensive support to developers, from favorable terms to responsive support teams and active communities. This nurturing environment often results in higher-quality apps and a more satisfying user experience.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Alternative app stores often provide a more user-friendly experience. They are designed with the user in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces and easy navigation. This makes app discovery, installation, and management a breeze, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all users.
  • Access to Exclusive Content: Many alternative app stores offer exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else. This could include special editions of apps, unique tools, or apps that are specifically designed for niche audiences. This exclusivity makes these stores attractive for users seeking unique content that stands out from the mainstream offerings.
  • Encouraging Indie Developers: These platforms are a haven for independent app developers. They provide a supportive environment where small-scale developers can showcase their apps without getting overshadowed by big names. This encouragement leads to a vibrant ecosystem brimming with creativity and innovation.
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance: Alternative app stores are proactive in maintaining their platforms, ensuring that apps are regularly updated and that any issues are promptly addressed. This commitment to maintenance means users can rely on these stores for a consistently stable and up-to-date app selection.
  • Community Engagement: Many alternative app stores foster a strong sense of community. They often feature forums or sections where users can give feedback, share tips, or request features. This community engagement helps improve the apps and the platform, ensuring that the store evolves in line with user needs and preferences.

Some Must-have Features for 3rd Party Apps iOS and Android 

Intuitive Interface

An app store should have a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Categories should be clearly defined, the search function needs to be efficient, and the overall layout ought to be clean and uncluttered. This helps users easily find and download the apps they’re interested in without any confusion or frustration.

Wide Range of Apps

The app store should boast a diverse collection of apps to cater to different user needs and interests. From popular to niche apps and from utility to entertainment, the variety should be expansive. Regularly updating the app offerings ensures that users always have access to the latest and most sought-after apps.

Quality Assurance

Quality control is vital. Each app should undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure it meets high standards in terms of functionality, user interface, and overall user experience. This ensures that users have access to apps that are not only diverse but also reliable and well-made.

Stringent Security

Ensuring the security of users’ data and transactions is paramount for app stores. The app store should implement robust security protocols to protect against malware and other cyber threats. This includes screening apps for potential security risks before they are made available to users.

Detailed App Descriptions and Genuine Reviews

Apps should be accompanied by detailed descriptions and honest user reviews. This transparency helps users make informed decisions about which apps to download based on their specific needs and the experiences of others.

Resources and Support for Developers

An app store should be a supportive platform for developers. This includes providing them with resources, analytical tools, and responsive support teams to help them develop, publish, and update their apps successfully.

Consistent Updates and Maintenance

The app store itself should undergo regular updates and maintenance. This ensures the platform operates smoothly, incorporates user feedback into improvements, and stays up-to-date with the latest security measures.

Clear Policies and Guidelines

The app store should have transparent and fair policies and guidelines for both developers and users. This helps maintain a high standard of quality for the apps and ensures that the expectations and responsibilities of all parties are clear.

Final Thoughts 

There are two behemoths in the app store world, and most people are unaware that more options out there can offer equally good and safe services to users. All these third-party app stores mentioned above stand as tough competitors to both Apple and Google playstore capable enough to offer highly advanced and quality apps to users. 

Hopefully, this blog helped you understand the app store industry and the best app stores beyond names like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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