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Top Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

Developers prefer cross-platform frameworks because it offers better cost-efficiency, excellent ROI, and shorter time to market.

Top Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

Many enterprises are adapting developmental processes by switching to the latest mobile application cross platform tools. All of them want to reach their targeted audience fast with the help of the most updated technology and offer a better user experience with the help of top cross platform programming languages.

Technology is ever-changing, and sticking to old traditional methods might make you lose business opportunities. We can agree that competition in the mobile application industry is stiff among platforms, mobile development platform frameworks, and developmental processes. Which in turn, leads to features and functionalities deemed necessary for offering viable UI and UX. 

The vastly used platforms for mobile application development are Android and IOS. Using the native development method makes it mandatory to write individual codes for different platforms whereas the cross platform framework permits a single code for both, with constantly shrinking limitations on features. 

With the help of the best app development platforms, reaching the target audience becomes easy. In this article, we will closely look over the top cross-application development frameworks.

A Brief About Cross Platform Mobile Application Framework

With the help of the best app development platforms, mobile application development companies can create opportunities for applications that can be compatible with any operating system.

Benefits of cross platform Mobile Application Framework

The best frameworks fundamentally include compatibility in both Android as well as iOS with other popular OSs like Windows, Linux, Blackberry, and more. This best hybrid app framework enables the components to write the code once and run it on any of the platforms when you hire an app developer

In the past few years, few errors were observed in the performance of cross platform apps development frameworks, but the majority of them are precisely rectified. This best app development platform has become one of the most popular trends among developers because native application development is increasingly in demand. However, like with any other technology, these types of apps have their pros and cons, so before using the cross-platform app development, we should cover its other parameters as well.

Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

Let's learn about the top frameworks in detail.

1. React Native

ReactNative, one of the  best frameworks, was developed in 2013 as a cross platform apps development. It was officially released by Facebook to develop hybrid mobile applications in 2015. One of the best hybrid app development frameworks, React Native best hybrid app framework earned a pretty good reputation in 2020 which is expected to continue throughout 2021 as well. React Native has a huge potential to become one of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks in the coming years. Many pits ReactNative against Ionic as they consider them as common alternatives. While experts of the  best frameworks argue that Ionic leads to better UI and performances among apps, React Native, on the other hand, gives the users an almost native-like experience among apps with more stability. Many ReactNative companies are adopting the framework to build hybrid mobile apps for tomorrow. Brands like Facebook, Instagram, 2048 Discovery VR, Gyroscope, etc. are using this cross platform apps development framework to develop world-class apps.

Top features of ReactNative, the best cross platform mobile app development framework:

  • The multiplatform mobile app development offers native rendering of codes
  • This one of the best mobile application development tools follows the concept of max code reuse with expense saving
  • This best hybrid app framework supports Node.Js
  • This mobile development platform Identifies bugs easily
  • Dedicated code notification and preview screens
  • The  multiplatform mobile app development is fast in development
  • A wide array of ready-to-use plugins.

Visit the official website of multiplatform mobile app development ReactNative.

2. Ionic Framework

You can call it the most popular cross platform framework which is used by several mobile applications Development Company to create mobile applications. It is an open-source framework that is available for free and MIT holds its license.

Technologies like HTML, CSS in JavaScript are used in this one of the best mobile application development tools and can add to developers’ skills. The mobile app development companies must hire a developer with acute knowledge of this technology.

This one of the top frameworks inherits certain elements from Android and IOS. The one of the top frameworks also causes a major community to offer excellent support and developers can build a native application just like mobile.

Top features of Ionic, the best cross platform mobile app development framework:

  • It can use a single code base
  • if it is combined with angular then it delivers incredible results
  • To develop the structure of the application, it can also use AngularJS
  • It provides a library of tools and components.

Visit the official website of Ionic Framework, the best cross platform mobile app development framework

3. Node.Js

Node.Js is one of the best cross platform development tools framework for cross platform mobile development built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime allowing easy, fast, and scalable network application development. It is a cross-platform, open-source, backend JavaScript runtime environment that executes code written in JavaScript, outside a web browser. “.js” is the extension of a JavaScript code, hence the name Node.Js. 

The names of companies using apps built on Node.Js, the best cross platform mobile development, are huge. Groupon, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, IBM, Walmart, Yahoo!, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and PayPal are a few of the names, proving Node.Js to be the best cross platform mobile app development framework.

Node.Js is supported by Linux, macOS, and Microsoft, officially. Needless to say, the integration between those is better than any other framework. 

Top features of Node.JS, the best cross platform app framework:

  • Easy scalability
  • Easy to learn
  • Allows writing in the front as well as back end, in Javascript 
  • Offers benefits of a full-stack JS on a hybrid platform.

Visit the official website of Node JS, the best cross platform app development frameworks

4. Xamarin

Owned by Microsoft, it is one of the major cross platform development tools which writes great mobile applications for any operating system (WORA). It is an open-source platform that was launched to resolve the issues of the disjoined native technology stack.

This frame uses C# code hands; it can work on server platforms. Companies utilize this best cross platform mobile development framework to extract the efficiencies and conduct its frequent upgrade, making it the best cross platform app framework for creating multi-platform applications.  

Another amazing feature of this versatile cross platform mobile app framework is its ability to write code for different platforms. It is based on .NET, hence developers can also access native APIs with the NuGet package and Plug-ins. It has been estimated that around 10,000 companies are already using this cross-platform mobile development framework for their mobile applications.

Top features of Xamarin, the best cross platform mobile app framework 

  • Developers of this one of the best mobile app development platforms use Windows and the oldest platform to share the quotes
  • It can be tested over multiple devices with the help of cloud services
  • It also provides a cross-platform application development tool for the interface

Visit the website of the Xamarin multi-platform mobile app development frameworks

5. NativeScript

NativeScript is one of the few cross platform mobile development frameworks that can write codes in JavaScript, TypeScript, as well as Angular languages. This one of the top mobile frameworks supports a variety of target platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, embedded, and web. With NativeScript, developers can create modern, flexible & beautiful apps, compiled natively using the same APIs as used in Xcode or Android studio.

Apps created with NativeScript crossplatform development can be integrated with CocoaPods, Maven, and npm.js without integrating any wrapper and it uses reflections to handle native API standpoints and gain information. All the tools used for any native platform API can be used for NativeScript apps.

With the launch of NativeScript 2.0, one of the best cross platform development tools, the use of Angular for building cross platform apps has been made possible. With this advanced integration of the cross-platform mobile development framework now developers will be able to re-use a large chunk of codes for their web and mobile cross-platform applications.

Top features of NativeScript, the best mobile cross platform framework:

  • This multi platform app development framework compiles live native codes and runs as a native app.
  • Executes faster than other frameworks
  • The multi platform app development framework supports Vue.js
  • Split custom content
  • Used by ListView, SideDrawer, Chart, etc. 

Visit the website of the NativeScript, the best mobile cross platform framework

6. Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap, one of the top mobile frameworks, was previously known by the name Apache Cordova is a cross platform framework which is owned by Adobe. This one of the best cross platform mobile applications frameworks utilizes HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for the development and allows the users to share the application which they are developing with the team so that they can get active feedback. 

In case the developer of the crossplatform development wants to build the application directly, then it also provides a cloud solution. It gives independence over convoluted text commands and access to third-party tools and components. With the help of this mobile development framework, developers can view the change in dynamics easily. 

Top features of Adobe PhoneGap, the best cross platform development framework

  • This app platform framework can be used to develop the applications for various operating systems
  • With the help of the plugin, developers can add more functions
  • This mobile cross platform development framework is devoid of any hardware restriction

Visit the website of the Adobe PhoneGap, the best cross platform development framework

7. Flutter

Owned by Google, Flutter app platform is an open-source, cross platform application development framework. It was designed to develop the native interfaces for Android as well as iOS in a comparatively lesser period.

Developers across the world use this cross platform mobile apps development framework as it can work over preexisting code as well. This one of the best mobile app development platforms can also utilize the 2D rendering engine to develop the visuals, like- Skia. 

Top features of Flutter, one of the best cross platform mobile app development frameworks

  • The multi platform app development framework helps in reducing the testing effort
  • App development is comparatively faster with the help of this one of the best mobile application development tools
  • It is an incredible mobile platform development framework

Visit the Flutter app platform to know more about one of the best multi platform mobile app development frameworks

8. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium mobile cross platform development framework is an open-source, crossplatform development framework that supports iOS, Android, and Windows UPW and uses a single javascript codebase. It was launched in 2008 and by 2011, it held 10% of the total cross-platform app market share. Currently, it boasts a little shy of a million registrations. What lies in the heart of this best mobile cross platform framework is the Apache-licensed software development kit, Titanium SDK.

Titanium SDK is a mobile application development platform that allows the users to include native features like menus, dialog boxes, and navigation bars. The  mobile platform development also supports transparent access to native functionalities which are covered by native modules and hyperloops. Being a web technology, Titanium SDK helps the apps in interacting with the web in a much more integrated way.

Top features of Appcelerator Titanium, the best framework for cross platform development.

  • JavaScript makes the front-end as well as the backend development easy.
  • This  mobile platform development enables rapid prototyping to evaluate user interactions 
  • The  mobile platform development is easy cross-platform interaction.
  • A community of 200,000+ developers.

Visit the website of the Appcelerator Titanium, the best cross platform mobile app framework

9. Sencha Touch

With its release in 2010, Sencha Touch cross platform application development has grown to be one of the few crossplatform app development frameworks, that allow developers to create apps that trunks on multiple operating systems and still offer native features, functionalities, and feel to the app. The Sencha Touch is based on standards like CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. The apps developed in this framework with top cross platform programming languages are supported by iOS, Android, Blackberry, Tyzen, and various other OSs.

Sencha Touch, the best cross platform application development, offers a flexible layout manager which makes planning the design and the display of data and content easy. The layout of this mobile application development platform manager is well-developed to work with different operating system layouts. This mobile development platform offers various other native features like animations, adaptive layout, and smooth scrolling for delivering a better user experience. 

Top features of Sencha Touch, cross platform app development frameworks

  • The multi platform app development framework offers top natures features and better user experience in cross-platform apps
  • Provides faster speed
  • Compatible with the latest version of iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry OSs.
  • The use of HTML, CSS, JS makes it easier for developers to write codes.

Visit the website of the Sencha Touch  and know more

10. Corona SDK

Corona SDK mobile cross platform development framework is free to use, easy to learn, and a powerful cross platform mobile applications framework to create applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. You can create apps that can run seamlessly on multiple devices like Smartphones, tablets, wearables, and SmartTVs.

Corona SDK, the one of the best cross platform mobile applications frameworks, is based on Lua which is an open-source language designed to be fast yet wonderful for developing applications. WarCraft and Angry Birds are some examples of this mobile application development platform framework. Corona SDK is open source which means it is well-supported by various plug-ins for enhanced features and functionalities. 

Top features of Corona SDK, best cross platform mobile app framework

  • This mobile development platform supports more than 1000 APIs and Plug-ins
  • Saves time in writing codes for various platforms
  • Can call any native library
  • Amazing plugins to monetize the app
  • Fast emulator

Visit the website of the Corona SDK and know more

Final Words

Before choosing any of the best mobile app development platforms, you have to initially consider your targets and then your project resemblance to them. Therefore, make up your mind whether to go with a hybrid app framework or  mobile platform development. Mobile application cross platform tools are critical aspects of mobile application development, hence seeking experts' opinion is advisable. We would suggest you consult some good cross platform app development companies before you take concrete steps. Seek guidance and learn how the businesses are using these app cross platform tools to leverage their cost-friendly and time-saving features. 

If you want to ask any queries or give any suggestions, or, if you are a mobile app owner who wants to get your app reviewed, contact MobileAppDaily. Stay in touch if you are building your first mobile application or starting a mobile app business!

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