Benefit of Including Push Notifications in Your Mobile App

Why Push Notification is Imperative in Mobile Application ?

Push notifications in the mobile apps

app development published date 14th February, 2018 Ariana Johnson

Push notifications are used to alert or notify the user directly on mobile with significant content. This feature is integrated with the developers in your app, as it establishes a continuous interaction between the user and app, even when the user is not using the app. Push notification delivers the message even when the mobile is locked, it keeps the user up-to-date in a go.

One of the mobile giants, Apple is also using this latest update in mobile application industry. The iOS user gets the regular notification about every elementary change or upgrades regarding the platform and related apps. Google also has Google Cloud Messaging (also known as GCM) for the android users, it allows the user to activate or deactivate the Push Notification service for each app installed on mobile.

Benefits of Push Notification

Regular Interaction

Push notifications maintain the functionality of the app by conveying latest updates and news within specific and short words. It keeps recalling the user about the app and its content which ultimately increases the usability, hence your app acquire permanent space in the mobile of the user. This time to time reminder also leads to increase in engagement.

Increase Engagement

Mobile Applications changes user engagement stats drastically if equipped with push notification, with every alert or ping the user gets the latest news, events, contents instantly. As the app is continuously notifying the user with the latest content, even when the user doesn't have much time to go through the app he will be aware of the latest update and can view it later. This escalates the involvement of the user.

High Traffic

Push notification not only increases the interaction but also boost up the traffic. Instant ping of the latest event will heighten the traffic level as the customer is not missing the content even when he is not using your app. Apprising the user with desired content instantly and regularly will automatically raise the bar of your traffic counts. However, The push notifications neither should be too sporadic nor too frequent.

Insight into Customers Behavior

With the help of this latest update in mobile application industry, you can collect the valuable information about the behavior of the user by tracking messages, interaction times, duration of interaction, situations, devices, platforms and generate the maximum engagement and traffic. The information like when, why and how many times the user uses your app will help you in serving the user in the best way through push notification.

Ease of Use

Compare to emails, push notifications are much more efficient and simpler. Push notifications deliver the specific information with much more clarity in limited words. They are less complicated and easy to manage with user-friendly interface and convey the message in a much effective way. From a developer point of view push notifications are easy to produce and implement.

For iOS, swift is used to add the push notification service and ionic is mostly preferred by the developers for Android. Users just need to scroll down their notification bar and decide what they want to do with the existing notification that's it.


If you want to make your app more effective and interactive in every aspects push notification is mandatory. Users rely on this feature in every app to get the regular alerts which save time and effort. Therefore, an app without push notification won't be able to survive too long in user's mobile.

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