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Essentials of Email Marketing About 77% of consumer prefer email for marketing communication.

We live in a mobile era where the smartphone has taken up a considerable chunk of the market of tech gadget users, and it has ushered in a new era of mobile marketing.

One of the most prioritized issues by marketers today is to get it right at the mobile marketing space. Smartphones have introduced a new style of email marketing too. Marketers now need to know how to effectively utilize the information they have to create a good marketing strategy.

Let us look at what mobile email marketing is like in the current era.

Nature of Mobile Email Marketing Industry

The mobile email marketing industry is facilitated by the many devices that are manufactured by big players in the tech world. Android and Apple devices are in the lead when it comes to producing smartphones and tablet devices.

The transformation of the industry into a mobile-led market has meant that interaction with emails now happens in a more personal and rapid manner.

The percentage of emails opened by customers is higher in the mobile world compared to the PC world. This makes the mobile platform the perfect place to start a formidable email marketing strategy.

Advantages of Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile marketing comes with many huge benefits. As stated above, the high levels of email opening rates are the key driver for any marketing strategy in the mobile world. Other than that, automation works great with mobile devices.

Benefits of Email Marketing

It is also straightforward to build the right kind of messaging for the mobile phone today. Remarkable postcards email template builder platforms have come up, and they have added to the dynamism of the mobile marketing realm. Marketers that thus expect higher returns on average with mobile marketing.

Let us take a quick look at a highlight of the main advantages of mobile marketing.

1. Convenient: Convenience is a key factor that comes from mobile marketing. Not only are mobile resources easily accessible, but the nature of devices also makes it very easy to create content. The limited space in mobile devices forces creators to be creative when it comes to making the content minimal. The text, images, and other content thus have to be reimagined for the size of the screen. 

2. Broader Reach: There is no doubt that mobile devices reach the largest population of consumers. Billions of people around the world own mobile devices. It is because the devices are cheap as opposed to PC devices, for instance. There are no restrictions when it comes to mobile device use as the devices also reach to all segments of the market. Marketers thus have total power in their hands when they create content for mobile devices.

3. Huge Potential: When it comes to the potential in the mobile realm, there is an infinite level of possibilities for marketers. Because of the advent of mobile devices, the new phenomenon of viral content in the marketing world has emerged. Viral content reaches huge numbers of people in a very short time. Mobile devices are designed to be the perfect gadgets to enable people to share content with friends. The potential for mobile marketers is thus huge.

4. Simple To Work With: Finally, one of the key advantages of mobile marketing is the simplicity that is associated with mobile platforms is that they are very easy to work with. The fact that more people use mobile devices means that solutions are available everywhere you look. In addition, the cost associated with mobile devices is quite little compared to other forms of devices.

Downsides of Mobile Email Marketing

As with any other form of marketing, there are also some downsides when it comes to email mobile marketing. The disadvantages are not too many though especially when you weigh them against the advantages.

Nevertheless, some of the disadvantages that you will likely encounter when doing mobile email marketing include:

  • There are many diverse platforms and this makes it difficult to make campaigns suited for each platform.
  • The issue of privacy is a huge threat to businesses that mainly rely on the mobile industry to push their products.
  • Integrating ads and other kinds of features is a little difficult in mobile email messages as the screens are often limiting.

Essential Information Every Marketer Need to Know

When it comes to knowing the market, one of the key things that marketers need to focus on is the nature of devices being used in the market.

Every year, new mobile devices hit the market and they come with some noticeable changes. The mobile software used in devices also changes often.

Email marketing through mobile

It is crucial for marketers to know exactly what devices are being used in the market and the status of updates in the software realm.

This information is necessary when it comes to crafting a good marketing campaign. The considerations what mobile users do with their devices is also important. 

Optimizing Email Campaigns for Mobile Consumers

In a market that is dominated by mobile devices, the right kind of campaign that appeals to the market is needed. There are several things you can do to optimize your campaigns just for the mobile devices market.

Some of the key issues you should consider for optimization are:

  • Make shorter subject lines
  • Make creative and compelling headers
  • Make use of mobile-friendly templates

Mobile devices have smaller screens and the kind of interaction that users have is unique. This is why it is important to prioritize making important optimizations that are just right for the device. 

Things like using legible text, appealing fonts, and colors among other issues are thus important.

Other Crucial Aspects of Mobile Email Marketing

Just like other kinds of marketing, mobile email marketing is a process that involves making the right campaigns and doing a follow-up. In the mobile marketing world, statistics are crucial to the success of your campaigns.

Crucial Aspects of Mobile Email Marketing

You need to have a mechanism for tracking email client usage. Doing this can enable you to know exactly what your audiences prefer. You can use the data to craft better campaigns and optimize on the crucial issues.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Data is a huge part of the tech world in the modern-day. Regardless of the industry that you are operating in, you will find it necessary to make use of the data available to you in your business.

Data in the mobile marketing realm is critical for a successful marketing strategy. Marketers need to keep track of the crucial bits of their customers. Doing this is important as it allows marketers to send the right kind of information to them.

Data from mobile users is not difficult to get as there are many tools for marketers readily available. Generating reports and doing the analysis is also quite simple in the current mobile era.


To conclude, mobile email marketing is vital for any marketer today. The marketing is consistently moving from the PC world to the smartphone world. With statistics already being in favor of the mobile world, lacking a mobile strategy is a recipe for failure.

You should take all measures necessary to ensure that your campaigns are mobile-friendly. Having eye-catching texts, mobile-friendly pages and shorter subject lines are all among the little things that can make a huge impact.

Collecting and following up on the market data is also a crucial aspect of mobile email marketing that you cannot ignore.

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