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Competitive Analysis for App Install Ad Creatives There are now over 1.5 million mobile apps on Google Play and App Store, which forces app marketers to be strategic in their advertising campaigns.

There has been an ultra-competitive market in smartphone app usage and this is due to the rise of smartphone users. There are now over 1.5 million mobile apps on Google Play and App Store, which forces app marketers to be strategic in their advertising campaigns. The competition is, considering the high number of competitors, seeking consumer attention.

Paid install campaigns are the preferred solution to staying ahead of your competition in the mobile app business. In today's app marketing, advertising is the key to attracting many smartphone users to download and use your app.

Many app marketers will focus on building the perfect app with unique functions, but they leave out the marketing part. Competitive analysis is a significant part of marketing because it involves researching what competitors in your niche are doing better than you. After the research, the data collected can be used to improve your business strategy to keep up or surpass your competitors.

Given below are five ways to conduct a competitive analysis for app install Ad creatives.

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

1. Identify Your Niche and Its Consumer Behavior 

The first thing to do when conducting a competitive analysis is to identify which niche your app falls into. There are many app categories, each offering their unique features. Identifying your niche is vital as not all Ad creative strategies work for all app categories. For example, if you intend to market a texting app, you should perform competitor analysis on other apps that are in the same niche as you.

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2. Compare Video Ad Strategy

Comparing how your competitors make their marketing videos is one method to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Comparing video ad strategy will help you, whether you are looking for ways to differentiate your video ads or when seeking inspiration. Advanced video Ads are crucial to converting potential clients to install your app, and one should be aware of your competitor’s strategy.

Video Ad strategy information can be researched on YouTube from case studies. Other successful app marketers have made content regarding video ad strategies that work and the videos are available online. Other options for using this method include joining the app marketer's social media groups and follow topics related to video ad strategies. Knowing the successful video ad strategies that have worked for your competitors is essential because it enables you to advance your marketing skills and video resources.

3. Facebook View Ads

Facebook introduced “View a Page’s Advertisement" in 2017 to promote transparency on authentic advertising efforts. For the app marketer, this is an excellent opportunity to perform a competitive analysis of their competitor. You can do this by searching for your competitors on Facebook’s advertising transparency page.

This page allows one to view the adverts that a page has on Instagram, Facebook, and messenger app. A competitive analysis of their adverts, marketing videos, and how they post on their page is an essential way of gaining marketing insights. Remember to concentrate on the main competitors that are in the same niche as you when using this method.

4. Use Paid Analysis Tools

Although pretty much of these tools are online-based and require subscription fees, the data insight they offer is worth every penny. These tools are referred to as Ad Intelligence Tools, and examples are App Annie and Sensor Tower. Using the Ad intelligence tools is easy and only requires you to choose a location and your app niche.

After entering the required details, the Ad intelligence tool gathers market intelligence data related to creative ads. The data collected includes videos, webinars, and live presentations and can be used to analyze what other app marketers have done to be successful.

The subscription fees for joining these Ad intelligence online tools depend on the number of apps you want to pull mobile ad creatives data. This method can work well if you're going to save time, which would have been used to search through online libraries. The Ad intelligence online tool automates the process of data collection.

5. Ad Creatives from Youtube

For some reason, most app marketers have Youtube pages that they use to market their apps. A competitive analysis is possible on these pages, and the only important thing is to know your target competitors. Youtube is an excellent option if you want to learn video content and designs from your successful competitors. It is important to note how the competitors present their products and the type of content they have for their potential customers to apply or improvise your app ad creative campaigns.

Ad Creatives by Expert App Marketers

A lot of app marketers working for high profile apps are invited for interviews, and they sometimes share tips on app marketing strategies. It is advisable to compare what these expert app marketers recommend what you are doing for your app marketing campaign. Most of these interviews are filmed and are also available on YouTube for reference. This is a kind of competitor analysis as it aims at nothing relevant recommendations from people who have had success using the strategies recommended.

How Do App Marketers Rate Themselves

Mobile app marketing companies typically possess extensive expertise in the mobile app marketing domain, with most of them having four years or less of experience in the field. Additionally, 75% of app marketers rate their knowledge as strong or at an expert level. However, in this dynamic mobile industry where new marketing strategies emerge daily, only 14% of marketers consider themselves app marketing experts

One could also use professional platforms such as Linkedin to consult expert app marketers on ad creatives. Other expert growth managers offer podcasts and webinars to their audience on how to improve their ad creatives. The importance of this kind of information is that it can be improvised to suit your app campaign needs.

If some of the recommendations have not been implemented in your app install campaign, you should consider trying them to see how it will work for you. On most occasions, expert app marketers who make podcasts, webinars, or even attend interviews recommend strategies that have been tested and proved to be successful. It is therefore vital to treat this kind of research as part of competitive analysis. You can also reach the marketing agencies that offer a free consultation for promoting your app.

Final Thoughts

Conducting a competitive analysis for app install creatives is necessary to increase the chances of success. The competitive analysis enables the researcher to understand how the competitors are leveraging strategies to boost their businesses. It is advisable to analyze competitors that are in the same mobile app niche during the competitive analysis. Some app install Ad creatives cannot work on for all niches, and it is thus essential to analyze competitors in your niche.

So which strategy are you going to use for competitive analysis for app install ad creatives? Let us know in the comments below!

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