5 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for your Apple Watch
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5 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for your Apple Watch

The heart rate monitor apps are a need of the hour because around 600,000 people die of heart diseases in the US every year.

5 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for your Apple Watch

If you're an Apple Watch owner, you must know how it gathers vital data about your health throughout the day as you wear it.

One of the most important things that the Apple Watch monitors is the heart rate. While the Apple Watch itself comes with a built-in heart rate sensor and heart rate monitor that transmits the data it gathers to the iPhone's Health app. Still, most users prefer a more robust and detailed interface and breakdown of their health-related data, as opposed to the basic features of the Health app.

This is precisely the reason why downloading a third-party app specializing in monitoring the heart rate is important - whether you do it to track your vitals while exercising or if you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires constant monitoring.

The dramatic changes in the heart rate that aren't related to physical activity may be symptomatic of an underlying problem and should be a reason to go see a specialist. 

Fortunately, for those of you who prefer a more in-depth look at your vitals, particularly that of your heart's performance, there are some apps that are tailored specifically for certain needs.

The Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Apple Watch

Let's take a look at the top 5 heart rate monitoring apps you can download straight from the App Store - after all, you should stay in the pink of your health.

1. Cardiogram

Cardiogram is a free app that takes the best features of the basic Heart Rate app on the Apple Watch and converts it into a robust heart rate tracking device that provides a real-time tracking graph of your results.

Syncing Cardiogram with your iPhone is undeviating and simple. Create an account on the app and sync the data with the iPhone's health app. This way, you can delve into deeper details and keep a track of your heart rate.


Cardiogram also has nifty features that help you visualize your workouts and compare your results with your friends, while also featuring a "Habits" tab which helps you promote healthy living, such as getting a good night's sleep, achieving fitness goals, and relieve stress, among others.

While it works best with the Apple Watch, you don't need an iPhone to use Cardiogram - it's a standalone app that doesn't require you to use an iPhone to track your progress. In fact, data from the Cardiogram app has revealed that wearables are being used more and more to manage, monitor, and interpret chronic health conditions, such as heart disease.

Cardiogram for Apple Watch is free on the App Store with in-app purchases.

Download for iOS

2. HeartWatch Heart and Activity

HeartWatch offers four different informative views of your heart rate: while walking, resting, working out, or sleeping. Isolating these views is fairly unique, but it clearly makes sense – high heart rates can be expected during workouts and less while sleeping. With so-called Heart Badges, the app also gives you a quick and easy to understand visual of the state of your heart. 

HeartWatch Heart and Activity

Although simplicity is key with this app; it gives a lot of detailed information if you dig a little deeper. This also makes it a great resource for your doctor to track your heart health and your habits and provide insights as to how your heart performs in certain situations.

HeartWatch Heart and Activity for Apple Watch is free on the App Store with in-app purchases ($2.99).

Download for iOS

3. Heart Graph

Heart Graph is a user-friendly app that tracks your heart rate at various situations and plot your results on an easy-to-understand graph. Heart Graph makes it simple for you or your doctor to interpret your consolidated results regardless of your activity.

It's also highly useful when it comes to tracking your activity, as far as tracking your heart rate for specific exercises is concerned. This is where Heart Graph performs the best compared to dedicated monitors.

It's useful for tracking the heart health depending on your activity, whether you do resistance training, yoga, or circuits. It even monitors your heart's performance during dancing.

Heart Graph

It must be noted that while most of its features are free to use, a more detailed and in-depth interpretation of your results, as well as comparison across all activities only come with the premium version.

Heart Graph is free on the App Store with in-app purchases.

Download for iOS

4. Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer is an app that gives you a simple, yet insightful graphical representation of your heart rate information that goes beyond average, maximum, minimum, and resting heart rates. It's a goldmine of information for deep analytics of the performance.

Heart Analyzer also provides a daily snapshot of your activity for the day with a graph that automatically updates as often as you use it. The paid version unlocks full app customization, deep analytics, and extended data.

Heart Analyzer

If you want something that is simple to use as it is comprehensive as far as tracking results go, you could hardly do better than going with Heart Analyzer based on the features you get even with the free version.

Heart Analyzer is free on the App Store with In-App Purchases.

Download for iOS

5. Zones for Training with Exercise Intensity (ZTEI)

If there was a comprehensive heart rate monitor app that offers an all-in-one solution that syncs well together with your iPhone, it would be Zones for Training with Exercise Intensity (ZTEI). It offers some of the most detailed insights about your heart activity over a wide array of exercises.

Some of the handy features on the Apple Watch app include seeing which heart rate zone you are in during exercising, tapping you on the wrist when you hit a particular heart zone level, and reviewing your recovery heart rate immediately post-exercise.

Zones for Training with Exercise Intensity

You don't even need to bring your iPhone with you when you train with ZTEI, as it captures all the necessary data you need. This app is especially useful if you're into High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It will help you track the progress instantly and discreetly, that too without having to glance and tap on your watch or phone every so often.

Zones for Training with Exercise Intensity is free on the App Store with Pro Version upgrades starting at $5.

Download for iOS

In a Nutshell

Monitoring your heart rate every now and then keeping a track on your health is vital. With these user-friendly apps, this task should become easier and allow users to get an in-depth detail about their heart rates.

For more information on the latest apps, stay tuned with MobileAppDaily. And if you want us to do a mobile app review for your latest brain child, contact us today!

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