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Welltory App: A Reliable Health Monitor App

An AI-supported healthcare companion

Updated on April 03, 2024
Welltory App: A Reliable Health Monitor App

With pollution, junk food, lack of exercise, and busy routines, our heart does not get the attention that it deserves. And that eventually leads to becoming a health problem that could be fatal or long lasting. To avoid that, it is always a good idea to have enough resources like fitness apps to keep the heart on the monitor. And, in this Welltory heart rate monitor review, we are talking about one of such great resources existing today.

Here, we are going to discuss the in-depth review of Welltory, the EKG Heart Rate Monitor that gives you accurate reports. It’s a heart health monitor app that is compatible with more than 120 smart gadgets. Now, let’s dive right into this Welltory APK to find out the answer to the question- is Welltory accurate? 

History of the Welltory smart health tracker app

The Welltory blood pressure app was founded in 2016 by Pavel Pravdin and Jane Smorodnikova. The heart rate app is designed to look after the wellness of your heart by measuring blood pressure and BPMs. Welltory app has raised a total of $5M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Sep 1, 2020, from an undisclosed round. Welltory is funded by 19 investors, 3 of whom are lead.

‘Working on Welltory has been the toughest and happiest time of my life. My personal interest in quantified self combined with professional engineering and scientific challenges makes it genuinely worthwhile.’

- Pavel Pravdin, Founder and CEO

‘I am proud to work on the most important and complex problem in the world - our health. Today the industry is about the treatment of health problems. We aim to help people maintain health instead of repairing it.’

- Jane Smorodnikova, Founder and Chief Product Owner

Features of the Welltory app download

Now, we will discuss the crucial part to rate the Welltory review 2021 to become more accurate.

1. Get accurate health insights

Welltory app

The Welltory APK helps you in keeping a close eye on your health by observing BP, heart rate, sleeping cycle, and more. The blood pressure tracking and heart rate data are used to prepare health charts that you can use to observe your wellness.

2. Supports over 120 gadgets

Welltory app

From Fitbit to OMRON Machines, this heart rate app is easy to sync with your fitness trackers. These gadgets are used to pick sleep, nutrition, workout, and more types of data.

3. Set workout goals

Welltory app

One of the crucial features that need a mention in this Welltory app review is that the Welltory APK allows you to set up goals and follow them. You can create smart goals like how many calories you want to burn. It will suggest to you the exercises that you can attempt to reach your goals.

4. AI-supported reports

Welltory app

The AI of this smart health tracker is used to prepare smart and accurate reports. Moreover, it analyzes different factors like heart’s wellness, productivity, exercises, and more every day to prepare smart health reports. These health reports can be used to observe points like activities impacting your health, days when you burn more calories, and more.

5. Suitable for mental health as well

Welltory app

Not only your physical health, but the HRV Stress Test app keeps an eye on your mental health as well. You can also observe sleep cycles to find you if your mental health is impacted negatively and how you can improve it.

Pros and cons of the Welltory heart rate monitor

Just like any other app, the Welltory EKG Heart Rate Monitor has pros and cons as well. Let’s have a look at them!

Pros of the Welltory blood pressure app

  • Free to use
  • Includes no ads
  • Trusted by over 3 million users
  • Designed by experts
  • More than 33 stats
  • AI to enhanced accuracy
  • Amazing navigation
  • Suitable for physical and mental health, both

Cons of the Welltory app download

  • Includes premium features

Additional information for the Welltory app review

Additional information

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.8
Navigation- 4.7
Security- 4.5
Pricing- 4.5

Well, in the end, after going through the features of the Welltory heart rate monitor, it is clear that the app is capable of offering reliable health reports. Thus, it is undoubtedly a good idea to make it a healthcare companion app. So, that was all for the Welltory app review. Now, if you own a smartphone app as well, get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily experts by reaching out to us. It will help your app from a marketing perspective. Moreover, you will get to know if it has the potential for improvements.

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