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Cardiogram: Your Personal Health Monitor

Best heart rate monitor for android and apple users to monitor your sleep, health, stress and fitness. Easy charts and alerts to help you stay fit.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Cardiogram: Your Personal Health Monitor

Cardiogram app is a complete app which observes and collects data for a holistic health report. It analyses and helps you understand your sleep cycle, health, stress levels and fitness through its simple charts. It is one of the best heart rate monitors which work with android as well as iOS wearable devices. It measures your habits and maintains your health timeline, monitoring how your heart rate changes minute-to-minute and tells you what it means. 

In this Cardiogram app review, we will see some of its features, strong aspects and how it can be a good addition in your health regiment. We will also discuss what makes it one of the best heart rate monitor apps and our verdict about it. 

personal heart rate diary

Cardiogram App - Your personal heart rate diary and sleep analysis app

The heart is that quintessential organ in the human body which can't stop its work even for a second. Its pumping results is the elixir of life which keeps every human being alive and every organ in the body working. It is directly related to every aspect of the human body and slight problem in any organ is reflected directly in the functioning of the heart. The way our hearts beat, its timing and even the sound it makes, tell something about our health. Cardiogram, the best heart rate monitor app records all this data and use it to create easy and comprehensive charts of your health.

By Cardiogram definition, a record of muscle activity within the heart made by a cardiograph is called cardiogram. This definition explains what a cardiogram app does in your day to day life. It will track your heart activity, physical activities and sleep patterns to help you understand your health better.  It is compatible with Fitbit, Garmin, Wear OS by Google watches with heart rate sensor, other best heart rate monitor watches and there is also a cardiogram for apple watch users.

Cardiogram is like your personal health care assistant which turns your wearable device into a constant health monitor that is used to track sleep and fitness parameters. This app may prevent a stroke by calculating your heart activity and alerting you about it. This advanced application is compatible with a wide range of consumer wearables and will review all the health measurements recorded from you. It is a big step in the direction of preventive medicine and soon, will save millions of lives. 

Research shows that 20-80% of chronic diseases go undetected or detected when it’s too late. This “diagnostic gap” has proved to be fatal for thousands of patients around the world, creating a health issue which is tough to fight. Cardiogram aims to close this diagnostic gap by making advancement is preventive medicine techniques. Using artificial intelligence to transform existing wearables into screening tools for hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, and atrial fibrillation etc, it will help in providing adequate support to the patients before its too late.

Features that make Cardiogram the best health app for everyone

  1. Maintain your heart timeline

    Cardiogram maintains a detailed record of your heart activity and minute-to-minute change in its rate. It also provided an expanded view for workouts and presents the data in easy to understand charts. Know what impacts your heart and how it does that.

  2. Observe your progress

    Cardiograph keeps the detailed record of your heart rate activity, sleep patterns, steps and all other metrics and makes them available to you to analyse. You can use this data to compare it with other users and also to observe the improvements you have made over time.

  3. Pick health habits

    Pick a healthy habit from Cardiogram and perform it with your friends and thousands of other cardiogram users. Develop your habit and take control of your health.

  4. Track your sleep

    A sounds sleep rests in a healthy body. Cardiograph analyses your sleep and presents the data to know your deep sleep pattern and what can you do to improve it. Cardiograph does not write any data for Google fit yet.

  5. Monitor heart rate with Wear OS watch app

     Monitor your heart rate at the customised frequency with wear OS devices, activate workout mode and record of heath stats without breaking a sweat.  

Share real-time heart rate activity and sleep data with your doctor or family

Cardiogram allows serious patients to enable data sharing feature of their app. This feature enables your family members/doctor to keep an eye on the data recorded by cardiogram, which is shared directly with them via cardiogram. 


  • Visualize your heart rate each minute with easy to understand and interactive sleeping graphs and heart rate charts.
  • Add a note with symptoms on unexpected changes in your health stats.
  • Learn how your habits affect your health
  • See how resting heart rate, exercise, and stand activity rings are trending over time
  • Find healthy habits and do them with your friends
  • Use free version for basic features
  • Instrumental in closing the diagnostic gap in chronic patients


  • Not compatible with Samsung watches
  • Does not have built-in ECG / EKG functionality
  • Only available in the English language.

Best heart rate monitor

MAD Verdicts: Cardiogram App Review

Design- 4 stars
Usability- 4.2 stars
Features- 3.9 stars
Reliability- 3.5 stars

Rating - 3.9 stars

The Cardiogram is the best healthcare app today. The Cardiogram app for iPhone and Android watches comes with simplistic functionality and massive features. It is one of the best heart rate monitors available today and features interactive charts to give you a complete picture of your health and habits. It also connects you with its massive community and helps you stay on ur goals, Choose from a list of good habits and also be a part of a healthy community. However it doesn’t support Samsung watches, it comes compatible with all other brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and all devices with Wear OS. It boasts its easy-to-use operations and slick synchronization with all devices. We recommend it as a good alternative to most heart rate apps for Android as well as iOS users. Read our comprehensive app reviews to learn about mobile applications that are taking the world by storm.  

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