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Instant Heart Rate App:The Holistic Heart Monitor

A healthy heart enables a healthy life. Instant heart rate monitors the heart and pulse to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Updated on August 19, 2020
Instant Heart Rate App:The Holistic Heart Monitor

Human Body is like a machine, with its complete set of inputs, output and the functionalities it performs. Human Heart is the central engine of this machine that initiates and sees it through healthy as well as unhealthy times. It is thus, more than necessary to keep track of the human heart and its well being. Instant heart rate is a heart rate monitoring app , installed in a smartphone that helps its users successfully track, record and take care of their heart’s health at all times. 

Imagine, a middle-aged couple, living by themselves in an apartment. They eat well, climb stairs and periodically exercise well. But, how do they keep gauge as to when their body needs rest and when do they need to stop exercising.  The instant heart rate app free download allows heart care by an individual himself, without any high costs involved.  

best heart rate monitor app

Taking Care of Your Heart Rate Always

As per the World Health Organization, Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of deaths the world over, costing an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. Heart beats within our bodies and keeping track of its health regularly is the only way to help avoid these. Instant Heart Rate  is a hr monitor and pulse checker app that enables its users to track and record these important heart parameters in the easiest manner through a smart phone itself.

There are various available heart rate apps and wearables like the smartwatch and other digital kids safety watches are also known to record heartbeats through the pulse it generates. But, this heart rate app is a step ahead. Instant heart rate app is the best heart rate monitor app that can be easily deployed on a smartphone and does not require a separate, expensive wearable to be strapped on the wrist or anywhere on the body of the user. The hr app only requires the user to place his or her finger on the camera lens of the smartphone. The instant heart rate free app monitors the movement of the fingers to calculate the blood flow within them and eventually the heart rate. 

Doctors advise that heart rate of individuals should be measured regularly. It can also give an indication about mental stress levels as well as physical stress levels (during workouts), clearly telling the user when to stop and relax. The instant heart app accuracy is second to none and can easily map heart condition within a time span of as low as 10 seconds. 
The instant heart rate app is one of the highest rated hr monitor in its segment. This instant heart rate app store downloadable inculcates: 

  • Reliable Heart rate measurement
  • A Heart Rate Activity Zone Calculator
  • Pulse waveform graphs for effective heath tracking
  • Real-time photoplethysmogram (PPG) graph
  • Continuous or Auto-Stop mode options
  • Unlimited data storage and tags
  • Export data option for registered users to store and share their heart rate information easily.
  • StandUp test for fatigue and fitness testing
  • Sharing to Twitter and Facebook options

The instant heart rate app is no formal doctor or a medical practitioner, and so it can definitely not replace them. This heart rate monitor app utilizes technology to track heart beats and pulse in a manner that the hr monitor is able to provide doctors an indicative, yet reliable report about the internal functionings of the heart and the body. In an age wherein heart attacks are no more limited by age and lifestyle in itself is a huge issue, such kind of instant heart rate app for android and iOS is a boon.

Let us now understand, how this heart rate app works:

  • Super Easy Usage: The user needs to place the tip of their  index finger on the smartphone’s camera. In a couple of seconds, the instant heart rate free app will show the pulse.
  • The technology involved: Instant Heart Rate detects a color change in the user’s finger tip each time the heart beats and uses an advanced algorithm to show the heart rate.

 A real-time chart shows every heartbeat in a manner similar to pulse oximeters used in hospitals, without the cost of buying one.

best heart rate monitor app

MAD Verdict: Instant Heart Rate App Review

Design- 4.6 stars
Usability- 5 stars
Features- 4.8 stars
Reliability- 4.6 stars

MAD rates- 4.7 stars

This heart rate monitor app is a must-have for all adults across all ages, genders and ethnicity. With complete ease of use for the users, innovative technology utilizing appropriate algorithms  for heart health checks with a high level of accuracy, make it a technology backed medical asset for each of its users. The reports generated are easy to track and can provide a clear view of the heart health of the user to a doctor or concerned family members even located afar, using the share options. All-in-all it is one of the best heart rate monitor app available in the digital markets. MobileAppDaily provides your daily dose of the latest news on mobile applications, technologies and app store’s trending charts. Its app review section provides a comprehensive list of new applications, including complete information about their usability, efficiency and market presence. It inculcates complete user reviews of the various applications entering and exiting the virtual space of the wide web.

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