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ALLTRUEistic App Review: Pros, Cons, and more

This ALLTRUEistic app review contains all the necessary data you might need before downloading the application. We will explain how the app allows you to build a community while assessing the ALLTRUEistic ratings.

Updated on July 08, 2024
ALLTRUEistic App Review: Pros, Cons, and more

We all know now that mental health is a global health crisis, and every 1 in 8 people is trying to cope with this illness. Today, people are more lonelier than ever despite being in a hyper-connected ecosystem.

In this time of need, meditation, manifestation, and mindfulness come to the rescue, and the ALLTRUEistic app aims to harness its potential to another level. Rather than practicing meditations and manifestation personally, the app aims to create a gigantic community of people practicing and growing together as a group. 

But does the app deliver what it promises? Know all this and more in this ALLTRUEistic app review. We’ll talk in-depth about the app’s features and what it offers to users while also giving our own ALLTRUEistic ratings.

Let's dive into the key features and benefits in these ALLTRUEistic app reviews to understand how this app stands out in the realm of mental health and manifestation.

What is the ALLTRUEistic App?

“What would happen if we built communities of people that united their hearts and minds around a common vision for peace, for healing, for a better world?

Could mass consciousness shift awareness from the challenges we are facing to co-creating a more evolved future for humanity?

I believe we can and feel the time is NOW!”

- Tiffani Churchill, Founder - ALLTRUEistic 

Managing mental health and enhancing manifestation practices can be challenging, but the ALLTRUEistic Social Meditation App aims to simplify this journey. This app combines group-guided meditations, daily affirmations, and community support to provide a comprehensive mental health tool. 

The platform is designed to bring together people onto a single platform and create a mass consciousness that benefits not only individuals but the community as a whole. The app is all about bringing people together and participating in manifestation and mediation as a group. 

Users can benefit from the regular ALLTRUEistic app updates. Thus ensuring they have access to the latest features and improvements. The ALLTRUEistic app download is straightforward, making it easy to get started on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Additionally, the app offers detailed ALLTRUEistic app tutorials to help users maximize their experience and achieve their mental health goals effectively. Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, ALLTRUEistic provides the tools and support needed to foster a positive mindset and a supportive community. 

Standout ALLTRUEistic App Features 

1. Guided Meditations  

ALLTRUEistic offers an extensive range of guided meditations designed to help users manage stress, improve focus, and promote emotional healing. These meditations are led by experienced practitioners and can be customized in length and type, catering to both beginners and advanced meditators. The app's guided meditations provide a structured approach, making it easier for users to integrate mindfulness practices into their daily routines.

What is alltrueistic app?

2. Daily Affirmations  

The daily affirmations feature in ALLTRUEistic is crafted to boost users' self-esteem and positivity. Each day, users receive a new affirmation that they can use to stay motivated and focused. These affirmations cover various aspects of personal growth and are designed to help users maintain a positive mindset throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to reinforce positive thinking habits.

3. Community Support  

ALLTRUEistic fosters a sense of community by allowing users to connect with others who share similar goals and interests. The app's community support feature enables users to join groups, share experiences, and provide mutual encouragement. This social aspect helps create a supportive environment that is crucial for maintaining long-term mental health and well-being.

How to use alltrueistic app

4. Personalized Meditation Plans  

The app offers personalized meditation plans tailored to each user's specific needs and goals. After a brief assessment, ALLTRUEistic curates a customized plan that includes various meditation techniques and practices. This ensures that users receive the most relevant guidance for their unique journey, whether they aim to reduce anxiety, improve focus, or enhance overall well-being.

5. In-depth Manifestation  

ALLTRUEistic provides comprehensive manifestation with groups. This covers principles and techniques to help users achieve their desired outcomes. These courses include topics like setting intentions, visualizing goals, and using affirmations effectively. The in-depth nature of these courses makes them a valuable resource for users looking to harness the power of their thoughts and beliefs to create positive changes in their lives.

How does alltrueistic app work?

6. One-on-One Coaching Sessions  

Subscribers to ALLTRUEistic's premium service can access one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced mental health and manifestation coaches. These sessions offer personalized advice and strategies to help users overcome challenges and achieve their mental health goals. The direct interaction with coaches ensures that users receive tailored support and motivation, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their journey.

Pros and Cons of ALLTRUEistic App

Pros  Cons 
Offers a wide range of meditations catering to different needs like stress relief and focus enhancement Lacks some advanced features available in other mental health apps, such as extensive analytics and integration with wearable devices
Connects with other users around the globe for social meditation and sync Some users have reported occasional bugs and app shutdowns
Provides daily positive affirmations to boost self-esteem and positivity Missing advanced professional features like auto-redact and extensive mood tracking
Features daily guided group manifestations  
Enables users to connect with like-minded individuals for mutual support and encouragement  

App Specifications: ALLTRUEistic 

Specs Android iOS
Version 1.3 1.3
User Ratings 5.0
Size 68.96 MB 108.5 MB
Category Health and Fitness Social Networking
Last Updated Jun 26, 2024 Jun 26, 2024
OS Version 5.0 and up 12.4 and up

ALLTRUEistic App Pricing and Plans

After all this, you might be wondering, What are the pricing plans for the ALLTRUEistic app? Well, the great thing about this app is that ALLTRUEistic is completely free as of now. There are no ALLTRUEistic app subscription plans as of now and the app can be accessed without any hidden cost. 

ALLTRUEistic App User Feedback

“I was asked to be a beta tester and I will admit that at first, I didn’t fully understand the concept. But then I began using the app. As I contributed to healing intentions of others I began to feel better in my own life. The more I gave the greater the changes I personally experienced. It is so refreshing to use my phone for something positive. I am hooked!”

- Lisa C, Phoenix, AZ

“I was experiencing so much fear about what is happening in the world. Something incredible happens as I take time to join others and meditate for peace or gift my energy to someone else. It makes me feel like I have a purpose”

- Jack S

“Love that ALLTRUEistic inspires its community to radiate positivity—hope, joy, belief in possibilities, compassion, connection, proactivity, empowerment—a potent antidote to what we’ve experienced over the past several years. I love the brilliant concept: It’s like meditation and manifestation turbo-charged with the power of collective thought! Miracles, anyone? 

And most of all, I love that I can make a difference in the lives of others simply by giving a bit of my time and attention to THEIR intentions, dreams and hopes for healing. Funny, I noticed my own personal healing from a serious autoimmune illness seems to be progressing as I contribute daily to the healing and happiness of others. Hmmm. Imagine how this powerful “feel-good therapy” could heal our world. What’s not to love?”

- Mary K, San Diego, CA

ALLTRUEistic Ratings: What Experts at MobileAppDaily Say?

ALLTRUEistic is among the prominent mental health apps that deliver a compelling solution for those seeking to enhance their mental well-being and manifestation practices. It is available to users in both free and subscription-based versions. The free version provides access to a range of features such as guided meditations, daily affirmations, and community support, making it an excellent option for those beginning their mental health journey.

Moreover, its premium subscription offers advanced features like personalized meditation plans, in-depth manifestation courses, and one-on-one coaching sessions. These features make the subscription a valuable investment for those looking to deepen their practice and achieve specific mental health goals.

While ALLTRUEistic boasts an intuitive interface and a supportive community, some advanced features available in other apps may appeal to users with more specialized needs. For instance, integration with fitness tracking, extensive mental health analytics, and gamified progress tracking can be found in competing apps. However, ALLTRUEistic has its own unique advantages. Its focus on social meditation and the community aspect adds significant value, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth.

Yes, there are certain limitations in the professional mental health support space, such as the absence of licensed therapy sessions, comprehensive mood tracking, and integration with wearable devices. However, overall, it remains a robust tool for both beginners and those looking to enhance their manifestation and mental health practices.

MAD Ratings

Features - 4.0
Pricing - 4.8
Navigation - 4.5
Security - 4.3

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ALLTRUEistic App Benefits: What You’ll Get?

1. Improved Mental Health  

The ALLTRUEistic Social Meditation App offers a variety of guided meditations that help individuals manage stress, enhance focus, and promote emotional healing. Regular meditation practice can lead to a greater sense of calm, improved emotional regulation, and an overall positive outlook on life. 

2. Positive Reinforcement  

Daily affirmations provided by the ALLTRUEistic app encourage self-love, confidence, and positivity. These affirmations help reframe negative thoughts and reinforce a positive mental attitude, aiding in the development of a resilient mindset. 

3. Skill Development in Manifestation  

In-depth manifestation courses available on the app guide users through techniques such as setting intentions and visualizing goals. These courses empower individuals to harness the power of their thoughts and beliefs to create positive changes in their lives. 

4. Community Support and Engagement  

The ALLTRUEistic app enables users to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community. This shared space provides mutual support, encouragement, and the exchange of experiences, which is crucial for maintaining long-term mental health and achieving collective growth. 

5. Shared Learning and Growth  

Being part of a community allows users to learn from each other’s experiences and insights. This collective knowledge helps everyone improve their meditation practices and mental health strategies, creating a supportive environment for continuous personal development.

6. Enhanced Motivation and Accountability  

Engaging with a community of like-minded individuals can boost motivation and provide accountability. Seeing others' progress and sharing personal achievements can inspire users to stay committed to their mental health and manifestation practices.

7. Broader Impact of Positive Change  

The collective effort in practicing meditation and positive affirmations can lead to a broader impact, spreading positivity and mental well-being within the community. This shared positive energy can create a ripple effect, encouraging more people to join and benefit from the app’s features.


The ALLTRUEistic Social Meditation App is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to improve their mental health and manifestation practices while engaging with a like-minded community. This app provides a comprehensive set of features designed to support individual mental health goals and foster a sense of belonging. 

Additionally, the app's community support feature allows users to join groups, share experiences, and provide mutual encouragement, creating a nurturing environment for personal and collective growth. 

Lastly, you can also get your product reviewed with MobileAppDaily if you also own or are associated with a similar application. You can leverage our platform to boost traffic and user acquisition greatly.

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