10+ Best Nutrition Apps Recommended by Fitness Experts for Smartphone Users

In this list, you will find some of the best nutrition apps that are equipped with perfect resources to help users build healthier eating habits.
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June 05, 2023
best nutrition apps
Whether you are trying to achieve your fitness goals, practice for some competition, or just keep yourself healthier, the difficulty of your journey depends on your nutrition. The right nutrition can help you achieve your goals faster and help you build a healthier mind and body, while the wrong nutrition can become another obstacle. So, to help you out in finding some fact-based nutrition information that is recommended and approved by experts, we have compiled a list of the best nutrition apps in 2023.

Our Top Picks

For all your nutrition needs, you will find options in this list of the best nutrition apps. The list is prepared after a thorough review from our experts so you can go through the apps mentioned further and pick any option you like.

If you are looking for some fitness apps to pair up with these nutrition apps as well, do not forget to explore MobileAppDaily for our recommendations on fitness apps as well. For now, let’s begin with this list of top nutrition apps.

Best nutrition apps to make you healthier in 2023

Further mentioned best food nutrition apps are described with their features and have their download links given as well. You can land on the official download page of your phone’s app store by clicking on the Android or iOS buttons with each title. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

Apple 4.8
android 4.3

The top simple food journal app, MyPlate Calorie Counter has been downloaded by millions of people across the globe. The best food nutrition app helps you achieve your calorie goals by categorizing them into groups based on difficulty levels. There are three Easy, Moderate, and Challenging in this one of the best calorie counting apps. Each category has its own share of calorie goals that you are required to achieve by planning meals accordingly. 

Features of MyPlate Calorie Counter, the best food tracker app:

  • Record your meals and maintain a calorie record
  • Pick your calorie goals under different difficulty levels
  • Get in-depth insights with the help of an integrated graph
  • Get help and support from the community
Download this best nutrition tracker app for Android and iOS:


Apple 4.7
android 4.0

No matter what your dietary preferences are whether you love meat or vegan, this best app for diet chart comes with personalized nutrition plans for users across the globe. The app is designed to provide you with lists of recipes, ingredients, and more to help you cook the best meals that are also healthier and keep your body fit.

Features of PlateJoy, one of the best free nutrition apps:

  • Includes a lifestyle quiz to understand your preferences
  • Comes with recipes and a list of ingredients for dietary preferences
  • Uses 50-points to ultra-personalize your diet plan
  • Even delivers groceries to some selected locations
Download this one of the top nutrition apps for Android and iOS:


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

As the name suggests, this best app for diet plans is an actual fitness pal designed just for your fitness needs. Whether you are recommended to consume specific diets or have a health goal in mind, MyFitnessPal, with its massive collection of 250+ healthy recipes is ready to help you. You can also use MyFitnessPal as one of the top workout apps and install it to explore a range of workouts that can make your body healthier and fitter.

Features of MyFitnessPal, the best nutrition tracker app:

  • Track your food and physical activity by keeping a log
  • Customize your fitness goals 
  • Regularly review your fitness progress with graphs
  • Includes over 250 healthy recipes and 150+ workouts
Download this best nutrition tracker app for Android and iOS:

Lifesum: Healthy Eating

Apple 4.7
android 4.2

The next nutrition calculator app that we are going to introduce you to is already used by millions of people across the globe and is rated high on both app stores. Lifesum comes with some amazing features like scanning the barcode for nutrition information, macros insights, tailored meal plans, habit trackers, and more. You also get to track your progress with this one of the best free nutrition apps.

Features of Lifesum, the best food nutrition app:

  • Includes a habit and hydration tracker
  • Personalized meal plans for all diets
  • Get Macros insights to plan diets
  • Scan barcodes for product information
Download this best food tracker app for Android and iOS:
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Ate Food Journal

Apple 4.8
android 4.4

Among the best nutrition apps in 2023, Ate Food Journal deserves recognition for its contribution to making communities physically and mentally healthier. The app lets you keep a track of your meals with the help of quick snapshots. You can also use widgets to review your recent meals. Additionally, there are supported habits on the app that you can choose from and get personalized help so achieving your goals get easier.

Features of Ate Food Journal, the best app for diet plan:

  • Keep a track of your water consumption, activities, emotional health, and more
  • Capture and save quick snapshots of your meals
  • Pick favorite images to reuse for journal entries
  • Share your fitness journey with the coach
Download this top nutrition calculator app for Android and iOS:

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary

Apple 4.8
android 4.4

Moving further, we have one more top nutrition facts app that can be trusted for your nutrient-related requirements. The simple food journal app includes weight-based goals to provide you with a customized health plan so you can have the required help and build a healthier lifestyle. There are diet tips along with additional info included in the app as well to make your fitness journey easier. 

Features of Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary, the best nutrition tracker app:

  • Includes a barcode scanner to give you product insights
  • Pick a diet and count calories
  • There is a range of recipes to choose from
  • Reach your ideal weight with this expert app
Download this nutrition calculator app for Android and iOS:


Apple 4.7
android 3.7

Another top addition to this list of best food tracker apps, ShopWell makes it easy to keep a track of what you are consuming. You can scan QR codes to understand the nutritional value of your products, get your personalized score, find better product recommendations, and share your favorite items with others as well. The best app for diet plans includes food goals for different dietary requirements like Low FODMAP, Prediabetes, Gluten allergies, Eggs, etc.

Features of ShopWell, the best nutrition tracker app:

  • Get personalized food recommendations
  • Includes a barcode scanner for quick product information
  • Achieve your fitness goals with planned meals
  • Used by millions of people across the globe
Download this one of the best free nutrition apps for Android and iOS:


Apple 4.7
android 2.6

The best app for diet plans, Noom is designed for healthier lifestyles. You can get personalized health plans, log your fitness journey, and more by using this one of the top apps for healthier lifestyles. Noom includes 10-minute lessons to help you build healthier habits and has a database of 1 million scannable barcodes of food items. In short, you can scan your packaged food and get the required nutritional information to find out whether you are eating healthy or junk.

Features of Noom, the top nutrition facts app:

  • Build healthier lifestyles with 10-minute daily lessons
  • Includes hundreds of food recipes for a healthy life
  • Scan barcodes to quickly access nutrition information
  • Record water consumption, meal consumption, and more
Download this nutrition facts app for Android and iOS:

Rise Up + Recover

Apple 4.6
android 4.3

Rise Up uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you ace your fitness and psychological struggles. The app also lets you log meals, behaviors, and emotions as well, set custom reminders of your schedule, secure the app with a passcode, and more. You also get a database of motivational quotes, images, and affirmations with this best app for diet plans which helps you build a habitual lifestyle.

Features of Rise Up + Recover, one of the top nutrition apps:

  • Set a passcode to secure your data
  • Includes a range of motivational quotes and images
  • Comes with custom reminders to help you stay on track
  • Log meals, behaviors, and emotions for a healthier lifestyle
Download this best food tracker app for Android and iOS:

Lose it!

Apple 4.8
android 4.4

Developers of this one of the best nutrition apps in 2023 understand the importance of an app that uses data to help its users achieve their health goals. The app helps you learn about macros, scan labels, lose weight strategically, and sync your data with even fitness apps for more effective results. There are custom recipes as well that you can shortlist so that every time you need a healthy meal, you can cook something that is good for you and you love. 

Features of Lose it!, one of the top nutrition apps:

  • Join community groups to participate in conversations
  • Sync fitness apps for your overall healthcare data
  • Save personalized recipes to meet your fitness goals
  • Scan food labels for faster results
Download this best food nutrition app for Android and iOS:


Apple 4.8
android 4.6

The best app for diet charts, Mealime is designed for everyone who wants to pursue a healthier lifestyle. The app lets you review the list of ingredients based on your choice of recipes so you can shop for products that you need. Most recipes included in this app can be cooked within 30 minutes so anytime you need to eat something, you will have a healthier option to pick from. On top of that, depending on your fitness goals, you can also get personalized meal recommendations so you do not have to go through the dilemma of picking the food for you.

Features of Mealime, the top nutrition calculator app:

  • Get healthier meal plans for overall fitness improvement
  • Cook meals within 30-minutes from in-app recommendations
  • Get personalized lists of ingredients depending on your meal choices
  • An optional pro subscription costs $2.99 per month
Download this best food tracker app for Android and iOS:
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Well, with this last recommendation, now the time to wrap up this list of the best nutrition apps is here. All the above-mentioned apps are tried and tested to ensure these apps are easy to use and have useful features for our readers. So, if you are looking forward to building a healthier lifestyle or have a specific health goal in your mind, pick any of these best food tracker apps and get your fitness journey started.

Lastly, if you are a developer and going through this list of the best nutrition apps for some inspiration, or, if you own an app that you think deserves recognition in our report, you can list your product on MobileAppDaily by submitting it to our experts for a review. Once you write to us, we will revert you with the in-depth process. Meanwhile, keep exploring MobileAppDaily for more insightful reports.

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