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Top 10 Best Grammar Apps and Tools For Smart Writers in 2021

If you want to improve your writing skills and grammar, we have listed the best grammar checker apps and online tools to keep you on track with your writing goals.

Best grammar apps

Writing a text quickly, without looking at the fingers, making sure the copy is clear, strong, and error-free in a one-go sound like a fantasy. It is recommended to read out what is written the next day, but deadlines are merciless. Often they leave no choice but to release the finished text right now.

In such situations, tools that help clean up the text from unnecessary words, detect mistakes, and correct typography come to the rescue. Or you can ask for help from the best essay writing services to have your text checked by professional writers.

In this article, we are going to list the best grammar apps that check grammar, spelling, punctuation, editor, and plagiarism in real-time.

How to learn to write correctly?

To periodically improve your knowledge of the language, we recommend:

  • Read classical literature
  • Rewrite texts to automatically remember the correct spelling of words
  • Write essays
  • Use dictionaries
  • Keep a diary to correctly express thoughts

Besides, you should buy a reference book and find a mobile application, a computer program, or an online service for self-checking.

10 Best grammar check apps to improve your writing skills

There are tools for checking that do not even find obvious typos. Therefore, the main requirement for applications and services is to perform the stated functions.
Some services are well-established in the field of spell checking and sentence correction. They have been tested by many users and are in demand. These programs will help you if you need to make a resume, write a motivational letter, essay, etc.

  • SpellCheckPlus
  • HiNative
  • Ginger Software
  • Grammarly
  • Scribens
  • Reverso
  • GrammarCheck
  • Virtual Writing Tutor
  • PaperRater
  • Hemingway app

1. SpellCheckPlus - Best grammar app

This is a great alternative to Google Translate. SpellCheckPlus works similarly - without any registration, you can check your text for syntax and spelling errors. It is one of the best grammar apps that help you demonstrate and explain (under the text input window) where you made a mistake. The creators do not guarantee a one-hundred-percent result, but the service is really good.

Top features of best grammar app -

  1. An online grammar tool for process-based learning
  2. Summarizes errors into categories
  3. Comes with a full-screen editor
  4. Checks grammar errors, punctuation and capitalization, apostrophe issues, and more
  5. Includes interactive Grammar exercises

The app is available on Android and iOS

2. HiNative - Best Free Grammar App

With HiNative, you can ask any question about the meaning of words and have your text checked by a native speaker. This application is best suited to clarify certain points in word combinations, sentences, stable or slang expressions. There are enough users registered in the system who will help you get an answer quickly.

Top features of best grammar checker app -

  1. A useful Q&A app to ask questions to native speakers
  2. An online language learning app for language learners
  3. Get your writing corrected by native speakers
  4. A powerful search function to instantly search through the 14,000,000 (and counting) questions posted on HiNative
  5. It comes with different question formats to translate your questions into other users’ native languages

The app is available on Android and iOS

3. Ginger Software - Best App For Correcting Grammar

The service is a dream for many aspiring writers. You insert a sentence that you doubt, and Ginger Software checks it and automatically corrects it. The system is very fast, so you will get the revised version almost instantly. The only drawback: you can upload only small texts to Ginger Software. It is the best app to check grammar mistakes.

Top features of English grammar & writing app -

  1. One of the best English grammar apps
  2. Grammar checker and translator 
  3. Errors analysis
  4. Personal trainer
  5. Sentence rephrasing
  6. Text reader

The app is available on Android and iOS

4. Grammarly - Best Free Grammar App

Grammarly checks the text of any volume. Also, the service can show error statistics and check your emails in mail programs (you need to install an extension for Chrome).

The paid version includes an improved manual check, the ability to check for plagiarism, as well as an increased amount of errors. In the paid version, you will see all the errors, in the free version - up to 400. But even the free functionality is enough to check a small motivational letter. Moreover, the interface here is as friendly as possible.

Top features of best grammar checker app -

  1. Edit and correct the phrasing, punctuation, word choice, and capitalization
  2. Easily avoid common typos with spelling check and proofreading features
  3. One of the best free grammar apps for correcting grammar mistakes
  4. Light and dark themes
  5. Personal dictionary.

The app is available on Android and iOS

5. Scribens - An App Similar To Grammarly Free

In Scribens, you can also upload the entire document, the system will check and point out errors. The program will not fix them but offer the correct option. It is one of the most useful apps to help with grammar with features and parameters such as reading time, number of phrases, speech diversity index, as well as an option for selecting synonyms, which will help significantly enrich your text.

Top features of best free grammar checker app -

  1. An advanced grammar correction app
  2. A powerful auto-correct feature to auto-correct your mistakes
  3. Corrects over 250 types of common grammar and spelling mistakes.
  4. The best app to check grammar mistakes
  5. Simple and straightforward interface
  6. An app is similar to Grammarly free

The app is available on Android

6. Reverso - Improve English Grammar App

Reverso is similar to Ginger Software. The only difference is that there is a volume limit (600 characters). It will also automatically correct the text and show you where the mistakes are. Here you can also translate text into other languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German). If you select a word with a double click, the search for synonyms option launches.

Top features of best grammar checker app -

  1. Instant translation up to 14 languages
  2. Feature to view and listen to reverse translations
  3. Search by speaking and hear back the pronunciation of the translations.A free grammar checker app with vocabulary lists.
  4. Definitions or conjugations
  5. Diverse indexes of millions of words
  6. Guide to natural pronunciation

The app is available on Android and iOS

7. English Grammar Spell Checker - Best App To Learn English Grammar Free

It is the easiest service to check the text of any length and complexity. The system will not fix the errors for you but find them and explain them. All this - in a very simple interface, but with a little longer loading time than the previous services. And you have to press the Free Check button.

Top features of best grammar checker app -

  1. It is the best app for correcting grammar
  2. Easy-to-use interface via simple copy-pasting of content
  3. Web-hosted and free for access anytime and anywhere
  4. Best app for business writing, and creative writing
  5. Basic spelling check

The app is available on Android

8. Virtual Writing Tutor - Best Free Grammar App

This online tool has much more features than the previous one. After free registration on the site, you can check the text of 3000 words. Without registration, you can check the text of 500 words.

In addition to the usual check of the text for spelling and grammatical errors, you can check the choice of vocabulary for compliance with the context. For example, academic or conversational, as well as avoid the use of cliches.

If you are writing a summary, you can use the Check Paraphrase function and scan your retelling for compliance with the source text.

Top features of Virtual Writing Tutor-

  1. One of the top grammar checker apps to help with grammar
  2. Improve English grammar
  3. Check and enrich Vocabulary
  4. Check spelling and punctuation
  5. Cliches and power words
  6. Word counter

It is a free tool that can be used by everyone at no cost

9. PaperRater - Free Grammar Checker App

PaperRater not only checks the grammatical correctness of the texts but also teaches you how to write essays. It reviews the texts for plagiarism.

If you are in high school or at a university, add this site to your bookmarks. With PaperRater, it is much easier to complete written tasks. The program proofreads your text, and at the same time takes care that you do not accidentally copy someone else's.

In addition, the service will scan the text for readability. You will find out which phrases should be replaced, whether you have gone too far with the passive voice, and even how well your introductory part to the essay turned out.

Top features of PaperRater -

  1. Grammar & spelling check
  2. Writing suggestions
  3. Automated scoring
  4. Plagiarism check integrated into a proofreader
  5. This app is designed to help practice, remember, improve English grammar.

It is a free tool that can be used by everyone for free. However, it also contains a paid version also

10. Hemingway App - One of the Top Grammar Checker Apps to Help with Grammar

This program is named after the writer Ernest Hemingway, who, among other things, is famous for his concise writing style. Hemingway teaches you to write short, clear sentences and create easy-to-read texts.

The Hemingway online application is convenient to use for checking business emails to examine how clear and understandable they are.

All these programs, sites, and applications are convenient, reliable, and fairly easy to use. However, do not forget that the last and main check is left to you. Try using these programs as training tools: identify which mistakes you make more often than others, and try to avoid them in the future.

Top features of best English grammar app -

  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Useful color-coding and suggestions
  3. Online and desktop editions
  4. Corrects lengthy documents with ease
  5. No installation or login needed for the online version
  6. The best app to learn English grammar free

The web-based version is free, it’s simple and easy to use, available for both Windows and Apple

Check yourself: A list of possible mistakes

When checking your text for errors, you don't always have any idea what to look for. Below is a checklist of the most common grammatical errors made in English texts. Use this list to review your text for errors.

  • Spelling and punctuation: Check your text for spelling errors or misplaced punctuation such as missing periods or extra commas.
  • Concordance of subject and predicate: Always check whether the predicate (verb) agrees with the subject in the sentence. Both the subject and the predicate must be in the same person and number.
  • Long sentences: It is generally recommended not to write too long sentences - it is easy for both the author and his reader to lose the thread of reasoning in them. But if you like to use long and complex sentences consisting of several appendages, check them more carefully.
  • Tenses: Check how consistently you use verb tenses in your text. For example, when you start writing in the past tense, make sure you haven't accidentally jumped into the present.
  • Singular and plural: This is a common type of error. Sometimes we accidentally use the plural instead of the singular and vice versa.

How to choose the best grammar app?

Writing is an art that needs perfection at all levels. Among all the grammar check apps mentioned above, picking the most suitable and best grammar checker app requires assessing your needs. Before choosing an app to check grammar, you should check the OS compatibility, pricing, features, third-party integrations, and language.

If you have one such app similar to Grammarly free and want it to get listed in this article, get your app reviewed by us now. Till then, happy reading!

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