Kdan PDF Reader Review - Modify PDFs Easily!

Check out this Kdan PDF Reader review, and figure out the different capabilities of the tool.

Updated on June 28, 2024
Kdan PDF Reader Review - Modify PDFs Easily!

PDF or Portable Document Format is undoubtedly the most popular file format for sharing and storing documents around the globe. In fact, as per PDF Reader Pro till 2023, almost 88% of academic journals and e-books adopted PDF because of its reliability and universality.

Stating this, the need for the Kdan PDF Reader review and tools alike is essential. Basically, today from resumes for job hunts to encrypted files like bank statements are produced in PDFs. This clearly states that  PDF has become an integral part of our daily personal and professional lives. So, the need for a dependable PDF reader is empirically important to function properly in our day-to-day chores. 

Catering to this pain point of the customer, we chose the PDF reader from Kdan. So, let’s dissect this tool’s capability and understand if it's a fit for your needs or not.

Background of the Kdan app PDF editor Mac

“PDF Reader is a document expert designed for the increasingly mobile workplace.”

- Founder, Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.

Kdan PDF Reader is a popular PDF reading app that has been developed by Kdan Mobile Software Limited. The tool can manage digital documents and is compatible with multiple operating systems. For example, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

The tool allows its users to edit, fix, create, resize, and annotate PDFs using devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. It also delivers several impressive features like cloud syncing, file organization, file conversion to other formats, etc.

Kdan PDF Reader caters to a wide range of audiences. For instance, students, professionals, casual PDF users, etc. It claims to deliver a versatile and user-friendly solution for anyone who works with PDFs on a daily basis. 

Also, its security features make it an appropriate entry in the domain of PDF readers. Furthermore, users can password-protect their documents and even digitally sign PDFs.

Features of the Kdan PDF Reader

There are many reviews of Kdan PDF Reader circulating on the internet. The majority of those reviews explain the Kdan PDF Reader editing capabilities but not in detail. Therefore to make this more reader-savvy, we have elaborated on the top features that PDF Reader offers.

1. Create and Combine PDFs

Kdan PDF Reader lets you create new PDF pages or combine multiple PDF pages that already exist. The tools allow users to group multiple pages together and you don’t have to be a guy with advanced knowledge to achieve it.

Kdan PDF Reader Review

2. OCR to Extract Text from Images

The tool is smart enough to detect texts from images and scanned PDFs. To achieve this, Kdan PDF Reader utilizes the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. 

The technology ensures that you don’t have to write everything again. Instead, you can simply scan the image using the reader and make a PDF out of it. In fact, Kdan PDF Reader is often considered one of the best mobile scanner apps because of its accuracy in scanning and lightning-fast speed.

Reviews of Kdan PDF Reader

3. Review, Annotate, and Modify PDFs

Want to fix a PDF document? Worry not! Kdan PDF Reader delivers all the tools that are required to do it. The software lets you highlight, strike out, and even underline texts from the PDF. Further on, you can add stamps (designed by you) and integrate them into the docs.

Kdan Mobile PDF Reader Reviews

4. Add Signatures, Passwords, and More!

If your PDF requires a digital signature, Kdan PDF Reader has got your back. It can help you create signatures using the trackpad or by adding an image file of the signature saved in your library. 

Furthermore, to make your PDFs secure, you can encrypt them with a strong password within seconds. It is also advisable for you to use passwords that you can remember. Otherwise, it can become really difficult for anyone to break it because it requires advanced skills.

Kdan PDF Reader app review

5. Additional Features for More Convenience!

Aside from its core features, Kdan Mobile PDF Reader also delivers many additional features. In fact, many of its users consider it amongst the best productivity apps, especially the ones that deal with a plethora of documents daily.

Kdan Mobile PDF Reader

So, let's check those features:

  • Edit text content in PDFs
  • Convert PDFs to Microsoft Office, text, and image files 
  • Rotating or deleting individual PDF pages
  • Night mode to keep eyes safe at night
  • Presenting PDFs as slideshows
  • Opening multiple PDFs into separate tabs
  • Removing owner authorization and restrictions
  • Merging or splitting PDF pages
  • Adding watermarks

Pros and Cons of Kdan PDF Reader!

Well, the Kdan PDF reader review can not truly be completed without taking Kdan’s both the positive and negative sides into consideration. So let’s take a look at its pros and cons: 

Pros Cons
Comes with a free trial The trial ends after 7 days (if you are a teacher or student, you can apply for an education offer from Kdan PDF Reader’s product page.)
Trusted by over 100 million users Overcrowded interface
Easy to sync across multiple devices Includes ads
Multiple packs suitable for multiple budgets  

App Specifications of Kdan PDF Reader

The number of Kdan Mobile PDF Reader reviews available online is decent. However, many of them lose on extrapolating the specifications required to run it without any hiccups. So, to help you check the compatibility of your device with the tool, here are the specs:

Specs Android iOS Mac Windows
Version 3.42.3 9.9.5 3.16.0 N/A
User Ratings 3.9 4.3 3.8 4.4
Size 53 MB 256.3 MB 278.5 MB 156.5 MB
Category Business and Productivity Business and Productivity Business and Productivity Business and Productivity
Last Updated 4th Mar, 2024 7th Feb, 2024 6th Feb, 2024 N/A
OS Version 5.0 or later 10.0 or later 10.13 or later Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher

Kdan PDF Reader - Plans and Pricing 

Kdan is often considered amongst the best free PDF editors because the user can download it and use its basic features for completely free. 

However, there are in-app purchases that unlock extensive capabilities. So, we couldn’t have ended this Kdan PDF Reader app review without discussing its plans and pricing. So, here they are:

Plan Price Features
Free N/A
  • View and navigate PDFs
  • Annotate PDFs (highlight, underline, notes)
  • Scan to PDF
  • Manage and share PDFs
  • 2 GB Kdan Cloud storage
  • Connect with Creativity 365 and Document 365 apps
Kdan Cloud $9.99/year
  • All Free plan features
  • 500 GB Kdan Cloud storage
Document 365 $59.99/year
  • All Free and Kdan Cloud features
  • Edit text in PDFs
  • Split, merge, delete, and combine PDF pages
  • Convert PDF to Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Convert image to searchable text
  • Protect files with passwords
  • 1 TB Kdan Cloud storage

Additional Notes:

  • Prices mentioned are in USD and can vary depending on your location.
  • A free trial is available for Document 365.
  • Business plans of the tool are available with different pricing structures. To avail, contact Kdan Mobile for details.

Kdan PDF App Review + MAD Rating!

Features - 4.6
Pricing - 4.3
Security - 4.5
Navigation - 4.0

Kdan PDF Reader delivers a compelling alternative to popular options like Adobe Acrobat. It is offered to users in both free and paid variants. The free version of the tool allows users to view, annotate, and scan PDFs using OCR. Each of these features makes this an incredible free option for basic requirements.

Furthermore, its paid Document 365 variant delivers advanced editing, conversion, and security features. The entire suite is capable of solving almost all problems and use cases associated with PDFs. 

While Kdan boasts a user-friendly interface and affordable plans, there are some advanced features that its competitors can use to trump (Nitro PDF Reader). However, it has its own trump cards. For instance, cloud storage and integration for Kdan apps add value to the ecosystem.
Yes, there are some limitations in the professional space. For example, auto redact, analyst chatbot, rearrangement of pages, focus on mobile, etc. But overall, it is a solid tool for both casual users and students. 

How to Use Kdan PDF Reader?

Kdan PDF Reader can be used for a variety of purposes. Its usage ranges from opening and editing PDF documents to digitally signing docs and even file conversion. Therefore, here we have tried to extrapolate this information into three important turfs. So, let's begin:

Note: The steps mentioned below are for Mac systems. However, similar steps can be used for Windows as well. For Android and iOS, the steps can be identical but with a different UI (User Interface).

A) Signing a PDF Document:

1. Begin by opening the PDF Document. After that click on the “Annotation” icon at the top menu bar to use the annotation tools.

Kdan PDF Reader user ratings

2. Post this, you will see a library for signatures (Signatures are stored here).

Kdan PDF Reader download

3. Alternatively, you can also add the signature by right-clicking the place where you want to add it. Once done, choose a signature from the context menu.

Kdan PDF Reader comparison

4. Now, choose the preferred signature from the library.

5. You can also create a new signature by clicking on the trackpad, importing an image for signature, or typing its name.

6. After this, the signature will be attached to your document. You can resize and even drag the signature to other places on the document.

Kdan PDF Reader editing capabilities

7. Kdan PDF Reader will automatically save the signature used in the library for future purposes.

B) Encrypting a PDF Document:

1. Open the PDF on the app. After that click on “Security” from the top menu bar.

Kdan PDF Reader Review

2. Now, choose “Set Passwords” to add a password to protect the PDF.

Reviews of Kdan PDF Reader

3. Select an output folder to export the encrypted file to a space where it will be stored encrypted.

Kdan Mobile PDF Reader Reviews

4. After this, click on “Add Files” to add more files. By doing this, you will be able to set passwords for multiple PDFs within a batch.

Kdan PDF Reader app review

5. Once the password has been added to the PDF, you will be required to enter the password every time you open it.

Kdan Mobile PDF Reader

6. You can add additional passwords as well. It will secure your content from getting copied or printed by anyone unauthorized.

Kdan PDF Reader user ratings

7. Press on “Encrypt” to add encryption to all the files.

Kdan PDF Reader download

C) Convert Files with PDF Reader:

1. Open the PDF that you want to convert and click on “Convert” on the top menu bar.

Kdan PDF Reader comparison

2. Now press the Left or Right key. It will help you choose an output file format from the carousel provided.

Kdan PDF Reader editing capabilities

3. Now go to the “Solution” section to choose to convert the file using the built-in converter provided. You can also use the Cloud converter.

Kdan PDF Reader Review

4. Now, click on Start to start the conversion of the file.

Reviews of Kdan PDF Reader

Awards and Nominations!

Kdan PDF Reader has established its reputation amongst a huge number of contenders. In fact, because of its capabilities, Kdan as a brand has also received recognition for creating it. Awards received by the PDF reader are:

  • 10 Best Software Companies 2018 awarded by Silicon Review
  • Certificate of Merit in the Category of Business and Commercial by Asia Smart App Awards

User Reviews 

It's an amazing PDF Reader, it has made reading on the smartphone really easy and comfortable. I have literally moved a great deal of my library online and read more e-books. You do really make a difference. The customizable reading experience is off the chart.

- Tochukwu Chukwuma

The text quality is preserved and they is quite a number of fantastic features besides just reading text.

- Zethembe Mkhize

Thumbs up to this amazing app! Extremely easy to use, I wasn't looking for a PDF reader but an editor, it did both!!! It worked well on my application letters and the contracts I was supposed to sign. The font types and sizes are also adjustable. Resizing is also easy. Thanks developers.

- Linda Mashonganyika

I have been using it for the last 3-4 years and it solves my all purposes though the paid one could give you an ease to lot more when it comes documents. However, I recommend it 100%.

- BSugandha

Best app for pdf with options to highlight and underline just like a real book.

- Arch paul

This app is very useful to find any word in pdf. I attended the MCQ test by using this app.
I like this app ❤️

- Sahilpai

Kdan PDF Reader Comparison - Comparing the Top Contenders!

To complete this Kdan PDF Reader app review, we have pitted the tool against some incredible contenders. Have a look, and decide its capabilities by yourself:

Feature Kdan PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Foxit PDF Reader
Free Plan Features View PDFs, Annotate, Scan to PDF, Manage & Share PDFs, 2GB Cloud Storage View PDFs, Annotate, Basic Cloud Storage View PDFs, Annotate, Basic Cloud Storage
Paid Plan Features Kdan Cloud (500GB), Document 365 (Edit PDFs, Convert files, Password protection, 1TB Cloud) Pro DC (Edit PDFs, Convert files, Password protection, Advanced features) Pro (Edit PDFs, Convert files, Password protection)
Pricing Free, Kdan Cloud ($9.99/year), Document 365 ($59.99/year) Free, Pro DC ($12.99/month) Free, Pro ($14.99/month)
Strengths User-friendly interface, Affordable paid plans, Cloud storage Extensive feature set, Trusted brand Good balance of features and price
Weaknesses Limited free plan features and less advanced editing compared to some competitors Lacks some features in the free plan compared to Kdan Can be expensive for the Pro version
Best for Casual PDF users, Students, and Basic editing needs Professionals, Businesses, and Advanced editing needs Users who need a balance of features and price

Additional Notes:

  • The table mentioned above only compares the basic features.
  • With other PDF Readers, different features may be available.
  • Consider your specific needs and budget while choosing a PDF reader.


To conclude, this was our Kdan PDF Reader review. After using the tool, we can easily claim that it is a perfect pick for the majority of your document needs. So, if you have decided to use the app then go ahead.

Furthermore, if you have your own digital product then get your product reviewed. Our team of experts will assess the capability of your product and based on that will provide a review. This can potentially help you with new adopters. Also, you can gain more credibility and reputation in the market with the MAD (MobileAppDaily) badging.

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  • What are the available spaces for Kdan PDF Reader download?
  • What are the Kdan PDF Reader user ratings on different platforms?
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