Virtual Reality Apps Wonderful Option for Learning Things

Virtual Reality Apps: Wonderful Option for Learning Things

Google and Apple is working on the VR and AR equipped apps

Virtual Reality published date 28th May, 2018 Joshua Anderson

Virtual reality is described as a computer technology that depicts a real environment or simply create an imaginary setting and stimulates the physical presence of the user for smooth user interaction. This technology is making all kinds of waves and are not going to be used for only gaming, but it is seen that VR is changing the face of education. In this field, this technology has countless possibilities. There are numerous virtual reality apps, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the education and thus, should not be overlooked:

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Cardio App

This app acts as a savior for aspiring doctors. This is because it is designed for the Google Cardboard that simply turns your mobile phone into a VR headset. You can enter a Virtual Reality doctor's surgery and grants X-Ray vision to users and helps in detecting ailments. It gives a fun, user-friendly as well as gender-neutral immersive experience.

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Titans of Space

This virtual reality app gives a short tour of planets and few stars. You can feel the dynamic sound and everything is shrunk down to 1 millionth of the actual size, allowing all aspiring astrologers to have a closer look at the universe. However, the best thing is that there is no form of input is required. You can have an amazing experience if your headset has a strap.

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InMind VR

With this app, user can enter into the brain of another person in search of the neurons that leads to mental disorder. However, this navigation into the deep recess of the human mind has been made possible by using nanotechnologies. This is a short adventure with arcade elements effectively designed for the Google Cardboard.

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Discovery VR

With the help of this virtual reality app, exploring the world with the help of 360 degree, high definition videos that has the capability of giving a lifelike experience is possible. The user can learn about the solar system, life in the wilderness and can gain important information about the history. Furthermore, getting access to behind the scenes clips of some favorite shows can be availed and hence, it is a must-have for all the students.

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Google Expeditions

This is described as a virtual reality tool, allowing you to join virtual trips all over the world. You can learn various important things about historical landmarks, dive underwater with sharks and can also take a tour of space. The app enables a teacher to lead the group of explorers through collection of 3D images while pointing interesting sights along the way. This application should not be used while walking or driving as this can prevent you from obeying traffic as well as safety laws.

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Final Words

With the growing popularity of Virtual Reality apps in education, students are no longer confined to four boundaries of classrooms as well as textbooks. However, now they have the chance to learn important concepts and useful theories in a highly-engaging and in a fun way.

Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson

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