The Best Cross-Platform Games in 2024

Discover some of the best cross-platform games you can play in 2024! Each game will redefine the multiplayer experience for you.
Last Updated on : July 15, 2024
best cross platform games

It is already established that the gaming industry has witnessed record-breaking levels of engagement and popularity in the past few years. The growth of this industry has escalated the development of some of the best video games for users. Read More

Best Free Cross Platform Games to Play in 2024


Call of Duty- Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty- Warzone 2.0

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Call of Duty- Warzone 2.0 is amongst the most popular video games of all time. It is the most liked cross-platform multiplayer game that keeps users hooked for hours. With its excellent graphics, the game allows players to advance through World War II in a series of campaigns. Players can also battle out the game against human opponents in multiplayer mode.

There are multiple changes in terms of inventory, the gulag, vehicles, and more. The new map in Warzone 2.0- Al Mazrah is set in a fictional region of Western Asia. It is a huge expanse and is filled with new opportunities, surprises, and resources to take advantage of.

Fancy a bit of chit-chatting within the game? Warzone 2.0 has got you covered with its proximity chat feature. Players can now communicate with their teammates and enemies. Along with this, it also features a detailed map within the game so that players can know about the location of their squad.

Warzone 2.0 is a pretty dramatic update of CoD’s battle royale experience. With some great combat opportunities and amazing updates, this game is set to be your next favorite for sure.

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Among Us

Among Us

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One of the best social survival games, Among Us, has witnessed some massive and much-requested updates recently. The game has updated new roles for players to assume, new cosmetics, and offers a new store where you can buy stuff for your character.

The game is set in 4 different locations- a spaceship, a planet base, an airship, or an above-earth base. The airship contains crew members, some of which are impostors. It can be played in a group of 4 to 10 players either online or by hosting a game with friends.

The impostors are meant to sabotage the base and kill fellow crew members. The crewmates should be able to complete all their tasks, protect themselves from being killed, and figure out who the impostors are.

The game has seen a rapid surge in popularity as one of the best PlayStation games, owing to its fast and easy play. Many players are attracted to the social aspect of Among Us which challenges their communication skills, teamwork, and observational skills.

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Minecraft has been around for 10 years and is still one of the most liked games by many players. Its appealing features intrigue many and keep new players coming in. The cross-platform game revolves around creativity and survival.

The best feature that contributes to its insane popularity is the fact that it offers players a great deal of freedom to explore and build within the game world. It also allows players to have zombie fights, monster fights, and multi-player gaming.  

Unlike other games like Minecraft, it offers the most simple yet engaging gameplay. This offers a great gaming experience for people of all age groups. New mods, custom maps, and other new content keep the game fresh and exciting for the players.

Apart from this, Minecraft is also ideal for an educational setting. This game can be used to teach subjects like- coding and math and to inculcate problem-solving skills. It has thus been a preferred choice among parents, educators, and children, which makes it one of the top PS5 games so far.

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

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Dead by Daylight are one of the best cross-play games that have grown immensely in popularity since its release in 2016. It has ranked amongst the best PC games from the beginning that combines a unique mix of horror, thrill, and suspense. 

The game's lifelike graphics are sure to intensify the thrill and make you leap out of your seat. The game is based on a simple concept: You can either slash and kill your prey as a Killer or join a team of four survivors working together to escape. 

Dead by Daylight is best known for delivering an intense experience that is not the same each time you play. You must adapt to different situations and be vigilant throughout the game. Players get to dress their selected characters with perks and inventory add-ons in the game. 

Dead by Daylight has topped the charts in the genre of horror games by combining unsettling soundscapes and the best graphics. This game is one of the best games for Xbox and is also considered among the best mobile games.

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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

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No Man’s Sky launched to a rough reception in 2016, but over the years, it has made its way to the forefront of the top science fiction games. It is a good cross-platform game that taps into the concept of planetary exploration. The motion graphics take you deep into the procedurally generated worlds of deep oceans, predators and predators, and space-based battles.

Each world features its ecosystem, dangers, and rewards that lead you to explore, fight, survive, and trade in the game. The game offers a host of updates that are mostly aimed at enhancing virtual reality. 

No Man’s Sky upgraded new modes for players that can tailor their experience and can be customized based on their preferences. Players can either explore the game freely or can take on the permadeath challenge, where they can only claim one shot at life. 

It is one of the leading cross-platform games that lets you explore an inviting and exciting universe. By combining the excellence of virtual reality and life-like scenarios, No Man’s Sky is sure to grow more.

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GTA-5 has thrived to become one of the best cross-platform games popular even a decade after its launch. The game combines an open-world adventure with loads of criminal action, humor, and a great, mesmeric story. 

Various features have contributed to this game's success and made it a timeless classic in its genre. It is one of the top cross-platform games with the most advanced and entertaining AI systems. The developers have expertly incorporated pop-culture references in the story and game environment.

The graphics of GTA-5 represent almost the same replica of the real-life world. Players can notice and appreciate all the major and minor details throughout the map. The game has a lot to offer in terms of missions and free gameplay. 

Life-like graphics, high-quality audio, and an ambitious first-person point-of-view draw universal acclaim from fans and critics. With a wide fan base, Grand Theft Auto-5 is here to rule the gaming world and will continue to be the best PC game of all time.

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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Rocket League is a free cross-platform game that enables players to enjoy and spend time with their friends. The popularity of this game among the younger generation is mostly influenced by its power-packed and fast-paced gameplay. 

In the game, each player is supposed to control a small, rocket-powered car. The vehicle is then used to jump and fly through the air. The main idea is to secure a goal by hitting a life-sized ball into the opposing team’s goal. The game is easy to pick up and play for new and casual players. 

It ranks amongst the top free crossplay games whose player base has ranked significantly over the years. Rocket League empowers players to choose from a wide variety of cars. Each of these cars has different attributes and abilities. 

You can also play in competitive multiplayer modes that give you a chance to experiment with different settings and cars available. The combination of soccer’s excitement and the speed of rocket-powered cars makes this game a popular choice for anyone who loves action-packed sports games.

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

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Do you wish to live your pirate fantasies? Sea of Thieves has got you covered. It has successfully protected its place as one of the best cross-platform games since its launch. Adding content, balancing out the game, and providing additional events for the players have improved the game for its users. 

You can sail throughout the world and explore new islands with your friends and online buddies through this game. Players can navigate through some of the most mesmerizing locations like Sea Forts, Ancient Vaults, underwater shrines, and many more. 

This game provides you with the essential pirate experience, starting from sailing to looting. With no set rules and little hand-holding, Sea of Thieves gives you complete freedom to approach the world of sea and pirates in your own way. 

Sea of Thieves has successfully managed to strike the right balance between fun and being challenging. This is what has intrigued many new players to join the community. It is an incredibly fun game to play solo or with friends.

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War Thunder

War Thunder

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War Thunder is one of the best free crossplay games that is extremely thrilling and massive in its gameplay. It is an intense vehicular combat game that demands mechanical and strategic planning. 

It is the largest free game that allows players to battle against their opponents on land, in the air, and at sea. It has made its mark in the market by offering realistic models of tanks, warships, fighting vehicles, and fighter planes. 

War Thunder offers you to play in two different modes. The first one is Arcade mode or Realistic mode. The latter is more difficult as it replicates how these war vehicles functioned during the actual World War. You can choose from over 1,800 vehicles and a wide variety of combat situations.

Astonishing imagery, splendid graphics, and unmatched quality of sound effects together can create an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in. This free-to-play crossplay game is set to soar high among the best PlayStation games.

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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You can experience one of the best cross-platform games through this first-person shooter game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is a collection of 6 different games that allow players to explore their own exciting journey.  

Each of these 6 games has its own modes, game type, and map that supports multiplayer gameplay. It offers one of the most diverse multiplayer experiences, with users choosing from over 120 different maps. You can freely explore the saga across 67 campaign missions. 

The new Halo maps are built with added functionality, an increased budget, and new objects, and they offer new ways to play in custom game modes. This game has been optimized for PC and looks better than ever. The improved graphics and customizable mouse and keyboard support deliver the best gaming experience to date. 

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is widely regarded as one of the most premium series that has revolutionized the console gaming experience. It integrates the experience of different games into one and is definitely worth trying.

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What is the Difference Between Crossplay and Cross-platform?

Aspect Cross-Play Cross-Platform
Definition Allows players on different gaming systems to play together in the same game. Refers to a game being available on multiple different platforms.
Primary Function Focuses on enabling multiplayer interaction across different systems. Focuses on allowing a game to be played on various hardware systems.
Player Interaction Players from different systems can interact directly in the same game. Players generally play on separate systems, even if the game is on multiple platforms.
Example Friends on Xbox and PlayStation can play together in "Fortnite." A game like "Minecraft" is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.
Hardware Requirement Requires an active online connection and compatible systems. Only requires the appropriate hardware for each platform.
Developer Effort Requires additional effort to ensure compatibility and synchronization across systems. Focuses on optimizing the game for each specific platform’s hardware.
User Experience Enhances multiplayer experience across systems. Expands the game’s reach to different user bases.
Commonality Less common, especially for competitive games. More common, as many games aim for wider platform availability.

Comparing The Best Free Cross-platform Games

Aspect Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Minecraft GTA V Helldivers 2 The Master Chief Collection
Genre Battle Royale, First-Person Shooter Sandbox, Survival Action-adventure, Open World Top-Down Shooter, Action First-Person Shooter
Platforms PlayStation, Xbox, PC PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mobile PlayStation, Xbox, PC PlayStation, PC Xbox, PC
Cross-Play Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unique Features Realistic Graphics, Battle Royale Block-Based World, Infinite Exploration Open World, Crime Simulation Cooperative, Top-Down Combat Arena Shooter, Sci-Fi Story
Player Count Up to 150 players Unlimited (Servers) Up to 30 players Up to 4 players Up to 24 players
Game Mode Multiplayer Multiplayer, Single Player Multiplayer, Single Player Multiplayer Multiplayer, Single Player
Developer Infinity Ward, Raven Software Mojang Studios Rockstar North Arrowhead Game Studios 343 Industries
Release Year 2022 2011 2013 2023 2021
Setting Modern Warfare Fantasy Fictional City Sci-Fi, Futuristic Sci-Fi, Futuristic

How MobileAppDaily Prepared this List of Cross-platform Games

Whether it's the best cloud gaming apps or the best cross-platform games, MobileAppDaily puts extra effort into bringing you the best products out there. Let’s have a look at the process we are dedicated to. 

1. Research and Selection

MobileAppDaily begins by researching the latest and most popular cross-platform games available. The team scours various sources to find games that work seamlessly across multiple platforms. Then, a vigilant review of user ratings, downloads, and player feedback takes place. It identifies games that have captured the attention of players. 

The goal is to identify games that not only work well across platforms but also offer an engaging experience to players.

2. User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings are crucial in understanding the actual experience of players. MobileAppDaily considers feedback from app stores and gaming communities to identify games with consistent positive feedback. 

This ensures that the listed games have strong backing from real players, providing a reliable indication of their quality and enjoyment. The team prioritizes games with high ratings and favorable reviews, as these are strong indicators of player satisfaction and game excellence.

3. Developer Reputation

The reputation of the game developers is another important factor. MobileAppDaily looks for games created by reputable developers known for producing high-quality and reliable games. This helps ensure that the games on the list are supported by developers who are likely to provide updates and improvements.

4. Game Quality

Our team vigilantly assesses each game's quality to give you the best options. We examine elements like graphics, gameplay, user experience, and performance to make an informed list. Experts also look for games that offer high-quality experiences across all platforms. This ensures that the selected games are enjoyable and engaging regardless of the device used. 

Additionally, it's no question that quality is key. And MobileAppDaily aims to recommend games that provide a positive experience to players. The team checks for consistent performance, smooth gameplay, and appealing graphics. All of these aspects are crucial factors in a game’s overall quality.

5. Gameplay Experience

MobileAppDaily evaluates each game's gameplay experience. We look for engaging and immersive experiences that keep players coming back. This includes considering factors like game mechanics, storyline, and replay value. The team focuses on games that offer a compelling gameplay experience. This ensures that players find the games enjoyable and worth their time. An engaging gameplay experience is key to the success of any game. Thus making it a critical factor in the selection process.

6. Cross-Platform Functionality

A key criterion is how well the games perform across different platforms. MobileAppDaily focuses on games that offer a seamless experience, whether played on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The goal is to highlight truly cross-platform games, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience on various devices. The team tests the games on different platforms to ensure they work well and offer a unified experience for players.

7. Innovation and Uniqueness

Innovation and uniqueness are also considered. MobileAppDaily looks for games that offer something new or distinctive, whether it's a unique game mechanic, innovative use of technology, or a fresh approach to storytelling. These elements help the games stand out in a crowded market. For example, the best cloud gaming apps are now allowing better data storage by connecting to the cloud systems.  

The team prioritizes games that bring something fresh and exciting to the table, as these are often the games that capture a player’s interest and provide memorable experiences.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cross-platform games offer an innovative way to unite players worldwide, fostering vibrant online communities. Leveraging mobile support for good crossplay games can significantly broaden your audience reach and drive sales. 

Our selection represents the finest cross-platform games. Whether you're drawn to Call of Duty's intense battles or Sea of Thieves's thrilling adventures, our list has something for everyone.

We trust that our recommendations have aided you in discovering the perfect cross-platform game to enjoy and connect with friends. If you also want to list your product with us, reach out to us and explore the endless possibilities.

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