10 Best VR Games to Download on Your Android and iOS Devices

These VR games to download are built to offer a complete package of visuals, interactive experience, and stunning storytelling!
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July 22, 2022
best VR games
Virtual Reality (VR) is existing and evolving in the tech market for quite some time. Its ability to offer a more personal and interactive experience has boosted its popularity across multiple sectors including healthcare, entertainment, gaming, and education among others. VR, in the gaming industry, has revolutionized the way people used to play console or smartphone games. Now, the player can feel as if they are part of the game by putting on VR glasses and headphones.

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we are shortlisting some of the top VR games for Android or iOS smartphones that you can download. These games are shortlisted after in-depth research and reviews by experts to ensure you only have the best possible experience at your fingertips. Now, if you are intrigued, stay with us until the very end of this blog.

Best VR Games Of 2022

Furthermore, with each title included in this list, you will find their features and download links for Android and iOS platforms. Go through features and just download any title you like without thinking twice.

VR Noir

Apple 3.3
android 3.4

If you love investigating and super-realistic graphics, this one of the best free VR games is designed just for you. VR Noir is an experience where you use your imagination and skills to solve mysteries. There are characters to interrogate, clues to find, and locations to explore. You can access all these experiences with VR if you get this one of the best VR mobile games on your smartphone.

Features of this one of the top virtual reality games

  • Free to install and play
  • You play as a detective
  • Multiple locations to investigate
  • Realistic graphics for a better experience
Download this one of the top free VR games


Apple 3.7
android 4.1

This game is a horror addition to this list of top VR games. At every corner, there is darkness and someone lurking around that doesn’t want you to be there. Your task is to investigate the villa and find out what happened to the sisters who lived there. This one of the best VR games are enriched with creepiness, fine detailing, thrilling sound effects, and everything else that makes a horror game perfect. So, install this one of the best horror games today and get a good amount of anxiety as complimentary. 

Features of this one of the best VR horror games

  • Graphically rich horror game
  • Sound effects give you the scariest game premises
  • Explore and solve the mystery of the sisters
  • Includes the evil that will try to hunt your character down
Download this one of the best VR mobile games

Hidden Temple Adventure

Apple 2.2
android 4.0

This one of the best mobile VR games without controllers offers you an amazing exploration and investigating experience. There are chambers inside the temple for you to explore and solve puzzles. As you progress through this one of the best VR games for iOS and Android, you unlock treasures hidden in the temple.

Features of this one of the top virtual reality games

  • Multiple hidden chambers to explore
  • Puzzles that will challenge you
  • Collectible items that you can combine
  • Treasures to unlock by solving puzzles
Download this one of the best VR games

Zombie Shooter VR

Apple 3.0
android 3.8

Downloaded over a million times, this one of the best VR horror games sets a standard for its horror alternatives. In this one of the top VR games for iOS and Android, you wake in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are looking for anything to devour and eat. Your task is to survive the game using weapons, subway tunnels, and your senses. In short, it could be one of the best zombie games you will come across.

Features of this one of the good VR games out there

  • A post-apocalyptic setup
  • Includes weapons and subway tunnels
  • Supports 360 VR emulator for an immersive experience
  • Comes with a trial period for you to enjoy the game for free
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InCell VR

Apple 4.3
android 4.2

Setup in a microworld of human cells, this unusual adventure game can be played even with a cardboard VR headset. In this one of the top free VR games, you need to run from virus attacks and protect the cell so it can survive. As you play and progress, you will experience amazing visuals and actions powered by VR technology.

Features of this one of the top VR games

  • Outrun virus waves 
  • Stunning visual of the microworld
  • Explore human cells and protect healthier ones
  • Carefully designed VR game with enriched graphics
Download this one of the top virtual reality games

Rec Room

Apple 4.8
android 4.5

If you are searching for the best multiplayer VR games, Rec Room is the perfect pick for you. The game lets you build your own games inside the platform, and you can play games that are already built. Find friends from all over the world to play with you or invite your own friends to get on board on the app and enjoy the experience together. This one of the best free VR games has much more to offer than you can imagine.

Features of this one of the best multiplayer VR games

  • Build your own game or play already existing games
  • Make new friends from everywhere in the world
  • Invite friends and play together
  • Downloaded more than 10 million times
Download this one of the top virtual reality games


Apple 4.3
android 2.5

Another top addition to this list of best VR games in 2022, Acron, is focused on the adventures of a squirrel. The game offers an RPG experience, and an interactive VR experience is offered through a 2D world where you can create rooms, assign roles to other players, and do whatever it takes to steal Acorns. There are unique villains, party modes, and much more to offer in this mind-blowing action game

Features of this one of the best multiplayer VR games

  • 2D exploration of a fun world
  • Focused on a rebel squirrel trying to steal acorns
  • One player has to become the tree trying to defeat the squirrel
  • Other players will become different rebel squirrels
Download this one of the top free VR games

Goosebumps Night of Scares

Apple 4.3
android 4.3

Inspired by the horror series of the same name and voiced by Jack Black as R.L. Stine, Goosebumps is an interactive horror experience. One of the best VR horror games, Goosebumps is powered by the magic of VR and surround sounds. Throughout the game, you have to hide, survive, and solve mysteries. 

Features of this one of the best VR horror games

  • Spooky graphics and sound effects
  • Solve mysteries, hide, and survive
  • R.L. Stine voiced by Jack Black
  • Based on the horror series of the same name
Download this one of the top virtual reality games

InMind VR

Apple 3.8
android 3.9

Another cardboard-based VR experience, InMind VR as the name suggests, is set up inside the patient’s brain. Here, your interactive journey includes beautiful views and a perspective of the micro world. Throughout the game, you need to find neurons that are causing mental illness in the patient to destroy them.

Features of this one of the top VR games

  • A perspective of the micro world
  • Beautiful visuals with a focus on details
  • A cardboard-based VR experience
  • Available to download and play for free
Download this one of the good VR games

VR Space Stalker

Apple 4.0
android 4.2

If you are ready to dive into the experience of an intergalactic adventure powered by VR, VR Space Stalker is the perfect game for you. The game includes stunning visuals, adventures into The Space, a free trial so you can give it a shot, a 360-degree experience, and much more. The game supports a variety of VR glasses, including ColorCross, Stooksy, VR KiX, and many more.

Features of this one of the top VR games

  • Support for multiple VR headset models and brands
  • The free trial is included
  • A 36-degree VR experience
  • Set up in an intergalactic adventure
Download this one of the best VR games in 2022
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Well, with these top titles, it’s a wrap-up for this blog on the best VR games to download. These games, as mentioned earlier, are shortlisted after careful consideration and research. Thus, you can pick your favorite genres or features of the games mentioned above and start playing without thinking twice.

If you own an app as well, you can also get your app reviewed and listed in such blogs like this. We regularly publish top apps for different categories like entertainment, education, finance, etc. There are blogs based on technology trends as well, like blockchain trends, AI trends, etc. You can read them and improve your understanding of the IT world.

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