Top Websites to Watch Cartoons Online in 2024

Explore the Tooniverse with the most popular online sites to watch cartoons. These sites ensure endless entertainment for all users.
Last Updated on : October 31, 2023
websites to watch cartoons

If you are a millennial kid who has lived through the era of Cartoon Network, you are definitely aware of the joy that comes with watching cartoons. Cartoons are cute animated shows packed with vivid colors, realistic sounds, and whimsical characters. These shows are a great stress-buster and are loved by everyone, irrespective of their age. Read More

Explore a vast cartoon carousel with cartoon-watching sites




Visit Toonjet:

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Toonjet is ranked among the best free cartoon websites that allow users to watch and download their favorite animated shows. This site can be accessed right from your internet browser and is extremely simple to navigate.if you wish to watch old cartoons online free of any charges, Toonjet is the best platform for you.

From Walt Disney’s classics like Looney Tunes to contemporary cartoon shows like Betty Boop, Toonjet is packed with a variety of cartoons for kids and adults. Along with this, the website also displays historical facts and important events related to the cartoons. Its ‘Today in Cartoon History’ section offers interesting facts about the cartoon characters.

Toonjet’s huge collection of cartoon shows is constantly updated for the users. Though this site primarily allows users to watch cartoons for free online, you can also subscribe to its premium version. ToonJet toons, the premium version of the site allows users to watch shows even before they are released on the actual website.

ToonJet is the perfect website to watch cartoons for free online for both kids and adults. You can access this website through your smartphone or desktop.

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Visit KissCartoon:

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KissCartoon is one of the most popular websites to watch cartoons and animated shows. The site offers easy access to all individuals to stream a wide range of animated cartoons without any additional charges. The site offers a huge variety of anime shows and cartoons for users to choose from. From your favorite classics to the latest releases, KissCartoon has it all.

Similar to other cartoon online websites for streaming, KissCartoon offers a massive library of popular shows that are organized systematically. Users can easily scan through the list and choose their favorite show to binge-watch.

Apart from videos, users can also enjoy cartoons in different formats including songs, movies, and more. With its simple interface and easy accessibility, KissCartoon makes for an excellent alternative to TV entertainment. The platform is suitable for both kids and adults.

If you wish to travel down your memory lane or run a marathon of the latest releases, KissCartoon is the best possible companion for non-stop entertainment.

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Disney Now

Disney Now

Visit Disney Now:

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Disney Now is one of the oldest cartoon streaming sites, trusted and used by millions of users globally. The site is loaded with all Disney content for kids and adults. From animated cartoons to popular kids' movies, Disney Now has entertaining content for all users. Additionally, users can also enjoy animated songs and videos based on their favorite Disney characters.

As one of the best free cartoon websites, Disney Now offers a huge library of old and new cartoon shows. From Mickey Mouse to Handy Manny, all the cartoon shows are organized in alphabetical order for quick navigation. Scroll through the list, spot your favorite cartoon, and enjoy the show with your kids and family. Disney Now also offers a great selection of movies for all age groups.

Unlike other websites to watch cartoons online, Disney Now also allows its users to enjoy free and fun games on the platform. These games are based on your favorite Disney characters and are a great source of learning and entertainment. All the content on the website is updated regularly for the users.

Disney Now is definitely the best platform to watch cartoons for free through your smartphone, tablet, or any other device. With a huge selection of Disney shows, it is one of the most liked cartoon streaming sites globally.

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Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy

Visit Cartoon Crazy:

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Cartoon Crazy is among the top cartoon streaming sites that offer the best animated content for its users. Users can watch all the popular cartoons and anime shows from all over the world through this platform. The Anime and cartoon shows can be dubbed and enjoyed in the preferred language.

Cartoon Crazy is considered the best website to watch Anime as it allows users to stream popular Anime titles for free. From the most recent shows to your all-time favorite cartoons, this website has multiple shows based on different genres and languages. You can explore a variety of genres including mystery, comedy, supernatural, romance, and more.

You can either browse the list of shows on Cartoon Crazy’s website or search for your preferred shows using different filters- style, genre, type, or more. Though it offers the best platform to watch cartoons online for free, it has its own set of drawbacks. The large popularity of this site implies that users will not be able to enjoy it at full streaming speed.

Cartoon Crazy is a one-stop shop for all cartoon shows and is one of the best free anime websites available to users in 2023.

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Visit Supercartoons:

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Supercartoons is one of the popular websites to watch cartoons which is geared towards offering free animated content for its users. It is the best site to watch cartoons for free and revisit your childhood along with your kids and family.

Supercartoons has managed to rank among the best websites to watch cartoons for almost a decade now. The site offers an extremely intuitive interface that is well-organized. This makes it easy for users to navigate through the site and find their favorite shows easily.

All the shows are classified under different categories and you can find them under the Home, Series, Characters, or Studio options. Along with videos, users can also read the details of the cartoon shows and its characters.

If you are looking for a platform to watch online cartoon shows, both recent and the classics, Supercartoons is perfect for you. From Tom & Jerry, and Bugs Bunny to Tasmanian Devil, this site has the best content to offer. Supercartoons can be accessed for free and is definitely worth giving a shot at.

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Visit Cartoonito:

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Cartoonito is a popular website to watch cartoons online free of any additional costs. The site offers a huge selection of popular kids’ shows like Coconmelon, Thomas & His Friends, Baby Looney Tunes, and more. With thousands of TV shows and movies, Cartoonito is a popular choice for millions of users across the globe.

With Cartoonito, users can watch online cartoon shows and play fun animated games through the platform. The site is primarily targeted towards children but is equally loved by their parents as well.

Apart from the classic cartoon shows, the website offers a myriad of the latest releases as well. Cartoonito will soon release Silly Sundays, Unlimited Squirrels, Hop, and others for its users. It is one of the best free cartoon sites which is home to fun pre-school games, animated videos, classic cartoon shows, and more.

Cartoonito also allows you to download games and activities for your users. A unique feature that separates Cartoonito from other free cartoon websites is the ‘Cartoonito Club’. It is an exclusive club for users which is packed with engaging games and simple craft tutorials.

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Visit Crunchyroll:

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Anime fans are already spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the best anime streaming sites. Crunchyroll is among the best websites to watch anime free of any cost. Be it the classic Dragonball series or the latest episode of Attack on Titan, this site offers it all. 

The service specifically caters to its targeted audience of Anime lovers by offering movies, games, and shows of specific genres. Additionally, unlike many other websites to watch cartoons and anime, Crunchyroll also offers its original content to users. Some of the popular Crunchyroll Originals include- FreakAngels, Noblesse, Tower of God, and more. 

Users can choose to access Crunchyroll, either through their computers or iOS and Android mobile devices. Apart from it, you can also watch Anime shows on Crunchyroll on other devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more. You can watch online cartoon and anime shows for free or opt for a paid membership as well. 

With thousands of anime cartoons for kids and the latest movies for adults, Crunchyroll is a popular streaming platform among millions of users.

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WB Kids Go

WB Kids Go

Visit WB Kids Go:

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WB Kids Go, short for Warner Bros. Kids, is one of the most loved websites to watch online cartoon shows without any charges. You can either watch your favorite cartoon shows through the WB Kids’ website or can also access it through a TV channel.

The site is developed as a revival for popular Kids’ shows produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Hanna Barbera, DC Comics, and more. It is one of the best websites to watch cartoons online from any part of the world. It also offers a separate category for parents and adults. This section on the site is known as WB Parents.

WB Parents hosts a variety of shows and family movies, suited for the adult audience. With its fun jingle and a variety of animated shows, WB Kids Go is definitely one of the most liked cartoon streaming sites for children and parents alike.

Watch movies, shows, and your favorite characters come to life on the WB Kids Go website and relive your childhood memories.

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Visit Kimcartoon:

About Arrow offers a safe platform to watch cartoons online free of charge. The video and audio quality supported by this website is exceptional, ensuring the best streaming experience for all users. The website also allows users to customize the quality of their videos to their liking.

Similar to other websites to watch cartoons, Kimcartoon streams all old and latest shows including Tom & Jerry, Teen Titans, G.I Joe, Power Rangers, and more. It is the storehouse of all the classic 90s cartoon shows available to stream for free. This website can be accessed through anywhere in the world.

Apart from offering a thousand cartoon titles, is preferred by users as it is extremely safe and easy to use. The site is free from all kinds of viruses and malware, making it completely safe for your device.

This Japan-based cartoon platform allows users to enjoy all the popular, millennial-era shows from anywhere in the world. Watch the classics and the latest shows for free on the Kimcartoon website.

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Visit YouTube:

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YouTube is the most popular streaming service available for users worldwide. Along with offering all the popular shows and movies, YouTube offers a huge selection of cartoon shows for kids. It is one of the best kids’ websites to watch cartoons, listen to songs, and watch animated, educational videos.

YouTube has a channel and videos for almost everything possible. This makes it the best streaming platform available for both adults and kids. The website hosts many classic and the latest kids’ shows, movies, cartoons, songs, and learning videos.

Along with watching cartoons, kids can also learn through the crafts tutorial videos available on the platform. This website is trusted by most parents as it ensures the best safety for their kids. YouTube can be accessed through desktop and mobile phones.

Before streaming the video, users can also read the details and facts about their favorite characters or shows. YouTube is by far the best and the safest platform to stream videos for all ages.

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Why should you use online websites to watch cartoons?

With a variety of cartoon streaming options available online, reliving your childhood memories is extremely simple now. Watching cartoons online through the best streaming platforms offers users a way to entertain themselves anytime, anywhere. 

These sites are loaded with the top shows that are great for entertaining your kids as well. Here’s why you should be using the top websites to watch cartoons online. 

1. HD Quality Cartoon Shows

Streaming your favorite cartoon shows through popular websites ensures high quality for both audio and video. A good content delivery network ensures that you are able to stream all the shows in HD quality. These sites also restrict any buffering delay and enable non-stop entertainment for all users. 

2. A Huge Cartoon Realm to Explore

Websites to watch cartoons online are not only restricted to the latest releases but are packed with the classics and best shows from all over the world. Users have a choice to explore a wide variety of shows based on different genres, characters, regions, or languages. With a myriad of animated content and cartoon shows, these websites are a storehouse of entertainment for all. 

3. Painless Navigation and Accessibility 

Top cartoon streaming platforms are extremely simple to navigate. These websites can easily be accessed through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. With a secured internet connection and a device, you can easily stream your favorite shows from anywhere around the world. 

4. On-Demand Services

Most of the websites to watch cartoons facilitate on-demand video streaming. These platforms allow users to watch all cartoons as per their preference. You can easily play, pause, or rewind a video on the website. On-demand services offer great flexibility and freedom for users to enjoy all cartoons as per their liking. 

5. Other advantages 

Additionally, cartoon streaming websites are also a preferred choice for many users due to the following reasons- 

  • Supports instant streaming
  • Supports instant playback 
  • Offers subtitles support for all users
  • Allows streaming in multiple languages
  • Does not require additional memory space on your device

A Checklist to Find the Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online?

To prepare our list of the top websites to watch cartoons online, we thoroughly reviewed all the platforms available. In order to shortlist the best ones, we ranked them based on the following parameters:

1. Availability of Content 

While choosing a suitable website to stream your childhood favorite shows online, you must verify the availability of content. An ideal streaming site is packed with a huge variety of content, both old and new. Along with this, you must ensure that the content on the website is regularly updated, so you do not miss out on the latest releases. 

2. Quality of Streaming 

Many online websites can interrupt your binge-watching sessions with ads, buffering delays, or poor streaming quality. The best websites to watch cartoons ensure the best quality streams for all their users. With HD sound and video, you can enjoy life-like animations and dive into the magical world of your favorite cartoon characters. 

3. Features Supported by the Platform

While choosing an online website to stream cartoons, you must carefully analyze all the features and functionalities supported by the platform. Some primary features that must be included in the best streaming platform are- 

  • Offline support
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Parental control options, if required
  • Ability to create different user profiles
  • Ability to support multiple streams simultaneously

4. Cost of the Platform

Many live TV streaming services allow users to watch all their favorite videos without paying any additional subscription fee. Some websites also offer free trials and discounts for their premium users. So, if you are opting for a paid website, you must consider the charges of their subscription plans. 

What alternatives are available to watch cartoons online?

Apart from the top websites to watch cartoons online for free, you can explore some other platforms. Some of the best alternatives to the top cartoon-streaming websites are listed below- 

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Crunchyroll and more

Wrapping Up!

Both kids and adults enjoy the tinge of joy and happiness that cartoons bring with them. There are multiple websites to watch cartoons online for all the fans out there. With the top websites, you will have access to the best cartoon shows, movies, animated songs, games, and much more. 

The above-mentioned websites offer the best streaming services. However, you must be aware of the viruses and malware while using them on your device. You can compare the best websites to watch cartoons and choose the best one, from the list above. 

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