Best Websites to Download Free PDF Books in 2023

Dive into the infinite world of wisdom and entertainment using these best websites to download free PDF books in 2023!
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October 31, 2023
website to download free PDF books

The evolving digital age is transforming the way we live our lives; including the way we read. The existence of PDF books has made readable content more accessible, cheaper, and more reader-friendly. These PDFs provide books of several genres in digital format accessible on smart devices from anywhere.

To put it in perspective, the vast size of knowledge is available at your fingertips waiting for you to unlock it anytime, anywhere. Whether novels are your gateway to the else world or you often dive into the world of knowledge, PDFs can be a great addition to your strategy.

Whether you are a fan of novels or often have to carry heavy academic books, PDFs are the options that can rescue you. Now, the question is, where do you find free PDFs that do not lock the magic of words to ask for money?

Finding the perfect website to download free PDF books can be an answer to that question and we will help you find that website today. In this list, we are going to talk about a few websites that publish free PDF books for you to download easily.

Unlock Knowledge with best websites to download free PDF books

We reviewed the best sites to download PDF books to ensure you only have the best options available at your disposal. These websites are managed by experts and literature enthusiasts from around the world.



This best website for free PDF books makes finding the right books easier. It lets you read five books per month. But you need to sign up to the platform to access these books. You can read fictional, political, academic, and other such top genres of books. On the website, you will find thousands of authors from around the world. 

Books by these authors are divided into several categories making its catalog one of the largest digital libraries of books ever. Another reason why Free-Ebooks should be your preferred website for free textbook PDF download is its simple user interface. The user interface of the platform makes it super easy to find and download preferred PDFs.

There are very rare free textbook PDF download sites that provide you with something fresh to read every month. Free-Ebooks.net is one such option. Among the top sites to download PDF books, the website is also good for accessing your reading history so you do not lose track of what you have read.

Features of Free-Ebooks, the best website to download any book for free PDF

  • Read five books for free every month
  • Explore fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, and other genres
  • If you are a writer, register to publish books on the site
  • Get real-time feedback from your readers through comments
Explore Free-Ebooks, the best website for free PDF books

Digital Public Library of America

Now we will introduce you to one of the largest libraries from the USA that you can access virtually from any corner of the world. The digital library is a massive database of images, texts, videos, and sounds from around the country. Using this one of the top free book download sites is also an easy endeavor. You can search for specific collections or simply explore the list of topics.

The library covers topics under several categories including aviation, the American Civil War, baseball, the civil rights movement, food, photography, etc. Whether you are a history buff or a bookworm, the DPLA is among the free textbook PDF websites with the largest collection of reading materials to offer. 

The website also provides you insights into the source of the info published on the website. You can access extended reading materials from these sources if you want to verify the information that is provided in the form of facts.

DPLA is perfect for scholarly research, lifelong learning, family research, and even for academic research. The website is full of wisdom, general information, and historical data gathered from several authentic sources in the country.

Features of Digital Public Library of America, the best site for free textbook PDFs

  • A massive library of sounds, images, and texts
  • Several historical, fictional, and nonfiction categories
  • Cites sources of the information with every publishing
  • Funded by several American government agencies
Explore Digital Public Library of America to find free PDF books

Internet Archive

The next addition to our list is one of the largest digital libraries, if not the largest, in the world. The archive is a huge collection of videos, audio, software, books, images, and other forms of content that is accessible for free. However, there is some locked-in content that can be accessible by becoming one of the patrons of the website. 

The non-profit library takes pride in publishing almost every genre of content that the internet is aware of. You can read about religions, spirituality, movies, fiction, communities, history, schools, photography, and more to enhance your knowledge massively.

The website with free PDF books online has been active since 1996 and has become one of the largest names since its origin. However, the user interface of the website still gives a vintage touch and lets you access content in the simplest form of publication.

Internet Archive makes it easier to find content as well. There are filters based on years, languages, creators, collections, and more that let you find the content you are interested in. You can read books in French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and many other such languages directly from the platform.

Features of Internet Archive, the site to download free PDF textbooks

  • A collection of over 735 billion web pages
  • Access more than 41 million books and texts
  • There are millions of images, videos, and sound files too
  • The platform also publishes software installation kits
Explore Internet Archive, the best website for free PDF books

Project Gutenberg

The website of Project Gutenberg is a massive database of over 70,000 free ebooks. You can read about the history of cancer, the world of weapons, philosophy, history, fiction, research reports, and several such categories of content on the website. 

The project owns a perfect platform to publish large volumes of books without charging even a single penny.

This one of the best free PDF books to download supports itself through downloads to keep itself running for free. You can find free ebooks using several features like search and browse, bookshelves, frequently downloaded, offline catalogs, and recently added among others.

Using the platform does not require any kind of registration process. You can simply avail of the free textbook PDF download for any title published on the platform and access its content.

The database of Project Gutenberg is divided into categories that you can explore under Bookshelves. Just like an actual library, find your favorite books from genres such as Adventure, Africa, Ainslee’s, Animals, Birds, Argentine, Architecture, Atheism, Biology, British Law, Canada, and more.

Michael S. Hart founded Project Gutenberg in 1971 and he is also credited with inventing ebooks initially. This invention has become a worldwide phenomenon due to the accessibility and user-friendliness of documents.

Features of Project Gutenberg, one of the best free textbook PDF sites

  • Over 70,000 free ebooks under several genres
  • Requires no registration on the platform
  • Comes with offline catalogs 
  • Supports itself through donations
Explore Project Gutenberg, one of the best sites to download PDF books
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Library Genesis

The next name in our list of websites with free PDF books online, Library Genesis is a massive collection of ebooks accessible without any cost. You can download any book for free as PDFs by exploring its collection segregated under several genres. There are literature books, art books, biology books, books for children, fictional books, non-fiction, and several other categories enabling users to explore thousands of options for free.

The user interface of Library Genesis might not be very visually appealing but it is super simple to explore. The simple user interface lets you search for books or you can explore topics if you are not sure about what to read. As the website has roots in the Soviet Union, the interface is also available in the Russian language. 

The list of titles published on this best website to download books PDF for free offers some additional details about each name. You get to know about the origin of the book, language, number of pages, size of the PDF, format extension, and link options. The website also publishes the names of authors along with titles. These names are clickable and let you explore writeups published by them on the platform.

Features of Library Genesis, the site to download free PDF textbooks

  • Comes with a Russian user interface
  • Provides data like file size, author, page numbers, etc.
  • Explore a range of magazines, fiction, autobiographies, etc.
  • Multiple file formats supported
Explore Library Genesis, one of the best sites to download PDF books


This website is not exactly free but you can still explore several options by signing up to the platform. The website lets you download books online for free up to an extent. The genres of these books are limited to professional purposes. You can use it for skill improvement, to understand the market, analytics, and more.

Now, as for the signing-up process, Bookboon supports quick sign-up and customized sign-up as well. You can choose from Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Facebook to sign up fast on the platform. Or, you can use your Full name, and email address, create a password, and accept terms to customize your details while signing up. However, the email address should be genuine for verification purposes.

The website was initially founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and London, United Kingdom. However, initially, this website with free textbooks and online PDFs was founded under the name Ventus in Denmark.

Apart from Denmark and the UK, Bookboon business has also expanded to other locations like Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. The platform has also received recognition for its philanthropic contributions to the African community. 

The company distributed free textbooks for students in the African continent in 2016 which was reported by the Danish newspaper, CNBC South Africa, and the German international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Features of Bookboon, one of the top free textbook PDF download sites

  • Supports multilingual user interface
  • A range of books in several languages
  • Focuses on skill improvement and education content
  • Offers limited options for free
Explore Bookboon, one of the best free textbook PDF sites


The next name in our list contains over 100 million titles to download for free. You can read fictional novels, short stories, poems, autobiographies, reports, educational content, and several other such genres of kinds of literature on this one of the best sites for free PDF books. However, it offers a limited number of titles to download every day. This limit, however, can be removed by upgrading to a premium account on the platform.

The platform provides an option to donate to support itself. Or, if you are actively publishing digital content and using ZLibrary as the source of some data, you can also use backlinking to support this platform. 

ZLibrary is designed to offer a cost-effective solution. With its massively large collection of books, readers have access to an almost infinite amount of reading resources to access easily. Now, as for the daily download limit, it ensures that the website remains active for everyone as unlimited access to free content daily can overload the website’s servers and make it glitchy.

Now, the best thing about this website is that it is community-supported. Every day several users around the world contribute to the platform through PDFs that help it remain a large community of readers looking for new options now and then.

Features of ZLibrary, one of the top free textbook PDF download sites

  • Community-supported collection of books
  • Super user-friendly interface
  • Limits daily number of downloads
  • Over 100 million books to read
Explore ZLibrary, one of the top sites to download PDF books

Free Computer Books

If you often read about computers, programming languages, IT technologies, algorithms, and other such literature, you will find Freecomputerbooks.com an interesting option. The website lets you access educational content for the IT industry just by signing up.

Free Computer Books can help you learn fastest programming languages like JAVA, C, C++, C#, and more. You can also improve your mathematical skills by diving into concepts described in detailed books which are available for free on the website. Another reason that makes Free Computer Books the website to download free PDF books is its simplicity. The process of finding the preferred literature is simple and does not require much effort. 

Even if you have a slow network connection like 3G, you can access documents from the platform quickly. There are books available to understand the hardware involved in computer architecture, AI technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Music, and more.

As for examples of categories, some names covered under its collections are computer science, data science, data analytics, big data, Java enterprise, computer engineering, mathematics, Linux, software engineering, etc.

Features of Free Computer Books, the best website to download books PDF for free

  • Educational content for computer science
  • Best website for skill development content
  • Requires a signup for downloading
  • Does not collect any user data
Explore Free Computer Books to download free PDF textbooks


ManyBooks is a blessing for bookworms. The collection of ManyBooks covers a range of options under several genres to explore. It has horror books, inspirational literature, autobiographies, research books, fiction, and more. This website to download free PDF books is a collection of over 50,000 books. These books can be downloaded in the PDF file type or can be read online.

Finding options to read is also an easy task on the website. You can search for your favorite titles, authors, or even keywords. Or, you can explore genres to find options to pick from. 

Additionally, the website also asks you to select your preferred genres so it can offer you the best possible recommendations to explore. Other options that let you filter your research further include ratings, languages, and genres among others.

There are author interviews published on ManyBooks. You can explore these interviews if you want to know your favorite authors and their inspirations better. Some popular authors that have interviews published on ManyBooks include Greg Vigdor, Bryan Cole, Cynthia Hamilton, and Gerald Knight among many others.

ManyBooks also lets you post comments so you can share the feedback of your reading experience with your authors. These comments can be explored under the My Profile section anytime you like to revisit them.

Features of ManyBooks, the top website to download free PDF books

  • Subscribe to get the best ebooks delivered to your inbox
  • Explore to download or read online
  • A massively diverse collection of books
  • Publish author interviews as well
Explore ManyBooks, one of the free textbook PDF websites


Calameo is a large platform that lets authors publish their creations. The platform provides books under categories including fashion, cooking, sport, travel, video games, and more. You can explore these options to stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and even new blogs from different genres. 

As an author, Calameo allows you to publish under one of the three publication plans. The Basic plan is free and offers 15 GB of publication storage. However, there are limitations: one publication should be either 500 pages or less while each document should be 100 MB or less.

As for the Premium plan which costs $14 per month at the time of writing this blog, you get 30 GB of publication storage, unlimited publications, 500 private publications, and 5 Folders among other features. The Platinum feature is perfect for publishing a large number of publications. It comes with a free trial, 100 GB storage, unlimited pages per publication, 500 MB per document size, and 50 folders.

You can also have up to 10,000 subscribers under the $49 per month plan if you want to build a virtual community of your readers.

Features of Calameo, the best site for free textbook PDF

  • Amazing range of free-to-download magazines
  • Lets authors publish their works easily
  • There are three publishing plans
  • As an author, you get to create a network of subscribers too
Explore Calameo, one of the best sites for free PDF books


BookYards is another perfect name for bookworms. The platform publishes free-to-read books and supports itself using donations. The fact that we loved the most about this website for downloading free PDF books is that it does not ask you to sign up to download and read books. You can explore its collection of over 24,636 ebooks from 6,710 authors for free.

Downloading PDFs from the site is very fast as well and it does not cap the supported download speed. There are 900 publishing members on the platform at the time of writing this blog with numbers rapidly increasing.

The process of signing up on BookYards is quite easy too. But that is only needed if you are a publisher. By becoming a publishing member you can create a community of virtual readers and help them explore a variety of reading items. The process of signing up is free. 

Books on this site are offered under categories like arts, culture, education, economics, exploration, fiction, french, cooking, etc. There are videos too so you can have a diverse range of entertainment at your fingertips. 

Features of BookYards, one of the top free textbook PDF websites

  • Books covered under a range of genres
  • Lets you find authors and their collections
  • Comes with 24,000+ ebooks
  • A network of 900 publishing members
Explore BookYards, the website to download free PDF books


Here we have another top option that will make it impossible to run out of options to read. PDFDrive is an extensively large collection of free ebooks to read. The user interface is segregated into several categories including self-improvement, parenting, spirituality, health, engineering, biology, software, and more.

At the time of drafting this list of best websites to download free PDF books, the platform has 135,415,617 files including books, tutorials, manuals, and other such files. You can easily look for your preferred author or name of the book to find what you would like to read. 

If you are not sure about what to look for, you can also explore the most popular section of PDFDrive to see what others are reading. Here you will find the list of books along with their additional details including book titles, names of authors, file size, number of pages, and release years. 

You can also sign up and get a PDFDrive account to keep track of your reading history. However, you can use it even without having to share your information with the platform. Additionally, thanks to the easy user interface, using this one of the best websites to download free PDF books remains an easy process for all age groups of users.

Features of PDFDrive, the top website to download free PDF books

  • Books are published under several categories
  • Find the most popular titles separately
  • Read books under the latest uploads, editor’s picks, and more
  • Register to keep track of your reading history
Explore PDFDrive, one of the best free textbook PDF sites


This website to download free PDF books is probably the easiest way of accessing free books. The platform lets you explore over 3,000 PDF books 24x7 that you can read on smartphones, laptops, tablets, or even Kindles. All Obooko books are legal to download. So you do not have to worry about their quality or safety issues. 

To find the perfect title for your taste, you can explore the range of Obooko’s genres. On this website, there are genres like Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and more. You can download free PDF textbooks by exploring these genres and going through additional details like writers, synopsis, etc. 

There is no hidden agenda behind its usability or any kind of hidden charges which makes it the perfect option for a bookworm. The website is compatible with all smart devices so you can enjoy these books from anywhere, anytime. As the user interface is simple, loading the website and accessing PDFs is fast as well.

Now, if you are an author, Obooko lets you publish your books too. Sign up on the platform and fill required details to send your book for submission. You will have to draft your book in digital form and convert it into PDFs to submit. You can use PDF editor apps and platforms to convert your written documents into PDFs and submit them on the platform without any charge. 

Features of Obooko, the site to download free textbooks and online PDFs

  • Supports direct download links
  • Instantly starts downloading
  • Supports low-speed networks as well
  • Lets you share feedback with authors directly
Explore Obooko, one of the best websites to download free PDF books


Whatever your taste is, it is going to be fun to use DigiLibraries for you. The platform offers a great range of titles that you can instantly start reading by downloading the PDF. There is no requirement to sign up or pay even a penny. Simply search for the title you want to read or pick one from the options displayed on your screen and download the title.

DigiLibraries has covered titles under several categories including Family & Relationships, History, Health & Fitness, Juvenile Fiction, Literary criticism, Music, Nature, and more. Before you download the PDF you can even read about the title. Each title is published with a short description to give you a detailed synopsis of the book.

The collection of this one of the best websites to download free PDF books grows rapidly thanks to the continuous contributions of readers. Additionally, other sources like websites, online libraries, etc also have collaboration opportunities with DigiLibraries to help their content reach more people out there.

You can access DigiLibraries on several smart devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. And as it can run smoothly on slow networks, you can even download and access PDFs on networks like 3G.

Features of DigiLibraries, the site to download free PDF textbooks

  • Supports direct download from the website
  • Thousands of free titles to read
  • Runs smoothly on slow networks
  • Lets you search using titles, subjects, or even authors
Explore DigiLibraries, the website to read free PDF books online

PDF Books World

The user interface of this one of the best websites to download free PDF books is super reader-friendly. You can easily find the book you want to read and explore chapters in-depth using its detailed table of contents. The platform includes a range of books under several categories. You can read titles like The Story of My Life, Way to Wealth, The Great Gatsby, and more. 

Each title is published with descriptions and details of the authors. Additionally, you can filter these books based on their genres, names of authors, and popularity as well. The search feature of the website makes it easier to locate preferred titles and genres.

Books published on this website to download free PDF books come with a table of contents. These TOCs help you find your preferred chapters faster while keeping efforts minimum. Additionally, with its collection of optimized images for several screens, books offer an extremely interactive reading experience as well. 

Another reason why PDF Books World can be considered is because most of its books provide reference links for claims made. This helps readers verify the authenticity of the information. 

Features of PDF Books World, the top website to download free PDF books

  • Books include table of contents
  • Data is provided with source links
  • Books are readable on several devices
  • Covers an extensive range of genres
Explore PDF Books World, one of the top sites to download PDF books
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Alternatives of the best websites to download free PDF books

Now, let’s talk about alternatives to the sites that allow you to download PDFs. Applications are the perfect example of the same. There are several e-book reader apps in the market with a large selection of free books to read. 

Now, there are several reasons why apps are better than websites. Offline mode, easy interface, etc are some examples. Now, let’s have a look at a few names that can be used as alternatives to the best PDF reader sites.

Top free e-book reader apps

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books has one of the largest collections of free ebooks to read on smartphones and tablets. You can download these books from the app without having to pay a single penny or subscribe to any plan.

The app covers a range of genres including science fiction, romance, thriller, horror, and more. So whatever genres you choose, you will enjoy Google Play Books.

2. Amazon Kindle

Kindle has a range of free books available in its catalog. There are academic books, novels, poetries, historical fiction, mythologies, and several other such genres covered by the app. Whether you like to read about religions or you are a keen fan of thrillers, Amazon Kindly can be your best bet for free books.

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Several smartphones out there do not come with the native ability to read PDFs. That is where you need a perfect app to access PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Reader might just be the tool you need. The PDF reader app supports several additional features as well. For instance, adding digital signatures to your docs, combining multiple PDFs, splitting PDFs, taking screenshots, and much more.

How to download free PDF books using the Internet Archive?

Archive.org or Internet Archive is a massively large collection of free books to read. However, the process of using the website is very simple despite the size of its collection. Here’s a step-wise process that takes you through the journey of finding and downloading a book on the website.

  • Go to Archive.org
  • Type the title on Search or scroll down to explore collections
  • For instance, American Libraries will take you to the page with several libraries from the country
  • Click on your preferred library and explore titles on the screen
  • You can use the Search feature here as well to trim down your results

Wrapping Up

The world for bookworms is changing at a rapid pace currently. More and more authors are getting exposure and platforms to showcase their work thanks to the increasing number of websites and social media platforms. 

These above websites are counted among such options as well that help talented authors grow and readers find new stuff to read continuously. So, hopefully, whether you are a reader or a publisher, you find this list of best websites to download free PDF books useful.

But if you own a website that can be a great platform for readers and publishers alike, you should let us know about it and list your product on MobileAppDaily as well. It will be a great help to the world of literature.

General FAQ

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  • Is ZLibrary legal for free books?
  • How can you download free ebooks?
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