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5 Best Lyrics App You Must Try For Your Music Love

Get Lyrics on Any Music Player - Top Music apps

Mobile App published date 8th February, 2018 James Lawson

Best Lyrics App

Music is the all-time remedy whether you are having a bad day or just wanna feel some emotion via song. We all need music in our life and mobile app technology has made have put it on our fingers. App providing the lyrics are amazing for the music lovers who take songs by the heart. There are plenty of applications available in store offering the song lyric services. But finding the best among the crowd is a challenging task, don't worry we did that for you.

Today we bring you the 5 most amazing lyric app that helps you to enjoy your music more.

1.Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania is the app that you need to connect with your song perfectly. This app is a perfect clone of the Musixmatch application. You will find each and every feature in the app. From automatic lyrics grabbing to Music ID everything is here, Lyrics Mania got everything you need. It can be considered the duplicate of the Musixmatch but the things have been implemented in a better way in  Lyrics Mania.

There is also one feature called Postcard which allows you to create an image with quotes from the song’s lyrics.You can also trend songs in charts option available in the app(Android / iOS).



This app(Android / iOS) is crafted for the lyric lovers to enjoy each moment in the song. This app is an outstanding lyric provider however it doesn't have an inbuilt music player. It displays the lyrics of the songs playing on the other app like Musixmatch. The only attribute that makes its a noticeable one among the herd is it aims to deliver the background story of the songs. Genius is the biggest music IQ community containing the music lover as well as the professional artist. Genius is compatible with the most of the music player to provide song lyrics.

3.Quick lyrics

Quick lyrics

If you used the lyric apps earlier you must be aware how lyric showing system works. Only the song you are playing either on an inbuilt music player or any other music app the app will fetch the lyrics of that song. This means you have to download or fetch the lyrics of each song individually, pretty tedious task, isn't it? Even the Musixmatch also download the lyrics of the song you are playing currently. However, this is where Quick lyrics scores, the app after installing scans the entire music library and finds the precise lyrics over the database. Then the Quick lyrics fetch all the lyrics of the songs that can be accessed anytime. This also solves the problem of internet dependability no requirement of the internet after downloads.



This app(Android / iOS) is based on lyrics which is publicly hosted on Wikia, a wiki-hosting service, however other lyrics apps are mostly hosted on public domains only. Lyrically is a fan driven platform which publishes fresh lyric content from Lyric Wikia the under a strict copyleft license. Lyrically is a big lyric platform with constantly updating the new lyrics along with containing more than a million accurate lyrics.

The platform doesn't provide you the music player but gets you the precise lyrics of the song you are playing on any music app.

5.Lyrics Grabber

Lyrics Grabber

Sometimes in order to become different developers adds a bundle of features to the app and end up making a messy app. This lead the developers to lose focus on the primary function. Lyrics Grabber is the example of simplicity the apps does not have too many functionalities like Musixmatch but does the intended job perfectly and quickly. You will find the lyrics quickly and with ease without any much distraction. The app quickly fetch the lyrics of the song playing on your phone or you can open the app and it will show you the list of all the songs available on your phone. The app will automatically fetch the lyrics of each song present.

All the apps are impeccable in searching the lyrics of the song you're playing. However all the apps contain some ads which are pretty annoying, Lyrics Grabber is the one with least ads. All these above lyric apps are the best alternative to the Musixmatch for unlimited accurate lyrics.

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