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Genius: Read Lyrics with a Twist

Genius, largest crowdsourced musical knowledge helps you know lyrics

Updated on February 13, 2020
Genius: Read Lyrics with a Twist

Every single lyric in a song holds a unique feeling that just hits the right nerve and makes you hum to its tune all day long. Music is an escape for people to get over any life situation, in short, we can say music is therapeutic.

Music has helped people innumerable ways, be it happiness, sadness, or even anger. You name it and the Artists make sure to serve you with the best song to fit into your every situation.

Catering to all your needs, the music industry has taken an edge ahead and introduced various innovative music applications that can make songs more accessible to you and be there with you forever. 

Today, we at MobileAppDaily are going to review one such application that makes your music venture very informative and understanding. We are talking about Genius, which is actually a genius when it comes to music.

What’s Genius All About?

The genius app is all about music, Not able to understand the lyrics? Want to know what a lyric means? Every question about music has answers on the Genius app.

Genius is the biggest collection of song lyrics and holds crowdsourced music knowledge, every information given about a particular song comes from millions of fans who form a Genius community.

Genius helps you to read lyrics and gives you insights into the music world. You can also understand typical lyrics by clicking on the highlighted annotations.

song lyrics finder app

Packed Features of Genius Application

Genius has a great deal of music on its app accompanied by an enormous amount of information associated with it. Let’s see what else Genius app holds for you:

  • Know what’s being played: Know the lyrics of a song that is being played around you by just a tap on your screen.
  • Know track facts: Interesting facts about a track from renowned artists, producers, and Genius community.
  • Highlighted Annotations: Click on the annotation to know typical lyrics and more.
  • Read and watch: The app shows lyrics while a song is playing on your screen and allows you to watch videos.
  • Compatible with other platforms: The app not only shows lyrics as the song plays but it also supports other music applications which means listen to music on other platforms and read lyrics through Genius.
  • Genius IQ: Select lyrics and add what you about that song, those particular lyrics become an annotation while IQ points earned can be seen under your name.
  • Add knowledge: Add whatever you know about the song and if approved by the editor, those lyrics become a Genius annotation.
  • Upvotes: If you see something good in the feed of the app then you can upvote it and make the information come on top.
  • Follow people: Know what others are doing on the feed and know when your favorite artist writes an annotation.
  • Original artists on Genius: Verified artists can add annotations, confirm lyrics and can co-sign annotations from anyone. 

Such thoughtful curation of every little detail about the music industry to make your music experience a brisk one is a commendable effort by Genius application.

How to Use Genius App?

This song lyric app is swift to use and the following are the guidelines of how to use this app:

  • You can directly install the Genius app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log in to the app via Facebook and Gmail.
  • After logging in, you can search for your favorite song or see what’s trending on the app.
  • Select a song and open the video if you wish to while reading the lyrics.
  • Or you can track any music to know the lyrics by clicking a small purple circle on the right side of your screen.

Is Genius Needful?

For all music lovers, especially the ones that love Karaoke, Genius is a holy grail. With endless knowledge about the music world, Genius is everything that you wanted in a music app. 

For all your inquisitiveness about songs, this app will give you enough information while you can also add your known information to any lyric and earn points. 

Another thing that makes this app stand out is that it is not just limited to lyrics and gives you the latest news related to the music industry so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Genius provides a huge platform for all its users to exchange information on music and bond with each other, making Genius one of the best apps for song lyrics out there. 

Is Genius App Free?

Genius is full of information about the music industry and ensures that you don’t miss out on anything from your favorite genres, packed with an ample amount of features, Genius is completely free of cost.

However, you can choose to buy Genius merchandise which includes hoodies, beanies, caps, tees, etc all ranging between $22 to $45.

Genius App Review

MAD Verdict: Genius App Review

Music is an expression of every emotion that we face in our lives but there’s a lot going on between the lyrics that we may not be able to understand because of various barriers like language, typical words, etc.

With Genius app, you can easily understand what’s behind the lyrics by clicking highlighted annotations, not only that you can also add your own understanding to a lyric by just selecting a particular sentence that you want to make an annotation of.

The genius lyric app is unique when it comes to music and so is its community, with verified artists and producers on board to help you have authentic information about your favorite music. 

Did you like this detailed app review? Let us know in the comment section below, and for more such detailed app reviews visit MobileAppDaily.

Written By Pallavi

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