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Updated on July 02, 2020
SoundHound Music Search & Play

With music practically being the center of our lives, the availability of music apps and audio players has increased exponentially. Presently, there are hundreds of music streaming apps available, which allow users to create their own playlists of top artists and emerging performers and even sing along karaoke-style with LiveLyrics. But many of these apps miss some or the other feature. And so, we’ve picked up the one with minimal cons and reviewed it in detail.

SoundHound is a famous music player app and comes packed with a lot of features that cater to music playing and music-identification services. Whether you speak, sing, hymn, or type out a song, this app can get you the one you are looking for. Its music identification function is complemented with a built-in virtual assistant called Hound, that makes song identification and playing a smooth sailing.

What’s So Special About SoundHound?

It's not that the audio player app has over 300 million downloads, but also, it has some excellent features and functionalities that make it a top pick. The free music discovery app gives you full-length songs and videos with real-time song lyrics.

This music and lyrics app app keeps track of the emerging artists across the globe, popular charts, new songs of the week, and most importantly, it all can be done while the music continues playing in the background.

You can also check the artists’ photos and biographies, album release dates, and band info.

If you wish to go hands-free, as you do with Google Assistant or Siri, say, “OK Hound… what’s that song?”, and your query will be resolved. Once searched, the music player app creates an easy playback data for the user.

For navigational ease, the free music player has carried the classic tap, swipe, and type modes. If you want the app to identify any song, tap on the orange button and it will come up with live lyrics, video playback, share, stream, or buy option. Its Music Map feature allows you to find what’s being played near you and around the world. This way, you won’t be missing on new tracks and updates of the music industry.

Why Is SoundHound’s Integration With Apple Music Exciting for Music Lovers?

SoundHound was integrated with Apple Music with its update to version 7.5. Earlier, it was the third-party app that worked with Apple's music streaming service.

It enables the user to play tracks from Apple Music hands-free in the app itself. SoundHound LiveLyrics feature helps in jumping to different points in a song by double-tapping a section of the lyrics.

While there are other top lyrics apps that people usually feel comfortable using, SoundHound, the lyrics music player app can also be connected to the Apple Music account and this way, the app can create a more related playlist for the user. The automatic Apple Music playlist creation is based on SoundHound history.

For offline support, the music app can be given access to the iPhone or iPad's music library and play songs. If the song is not available in the playlist, the user can purchase them from iTunes as well.

The audio player app can even connect to the playlist of your personal favorite online music streaming partner Spotify and Pandora. 

SoundHound App Review

Notable Features of the SoundHound App

  • Immediately identifies the song;
  • Supports hands-free use;
  • Offline assistance;
  • Built-in virtual assistant;
  • Integration with Spotify and Pandora;
  • LiveLyrics feature for finding out the lyrics;

SoundHound Subscription Plans

SoundHound is available for free, but its paid version is dubbed as SoundHound Infinity. It makes the app ad-free and adds some extra features to it.

Users can always switch to the SoundHound Premium version for $6.99.

Our Take

Knowing the song that is playing in your background seems like a magical experience and SoundHound is perfect for it. This function is usually very useful when you are on the go, driving a car, or in a cafe.

SoundHound is the best music player app and its song-identification feature is propelled by the built-in virtual assistant that probably won’t disappoint you ever. While our testing, we tried our hands on various music files and this app was spot-on every time.

But if you are offline, or in some other country, you can search the song and when you get your connection, it will retrieve the song name for you. Now, that’s impressive.

One thing that may widen up with time is its foreign-language hit collection. But otherwise, SoundHound is a delight and we hope you will enjoy your music love with the best music app.

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Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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