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10 Best News Apps You Should Try For Android and iOS Device in 2021

Discover the Best Local News Apps, Global Agencies, and Industry-specific News apps to stay updated.

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Earlier, getting news updates were troublesome. People used to get news feeds by reading newspapers for hours, listening to the radio, and constantly staring at the television. But you’re in the advanced era where Wi-Fi connections and cellular internet has made media streaming far easier with the utilization of smartphones. And, it all becomes possible with the introduction of a variety of news feed apps that are effectively solving individuals' problem of getting trending news updates by making the information available right on their smartphone’s screen. 

Technological advancement in the area of the news world took the momentum and facilitated individuals with fast news access. No matter where you’re, in office, travel, and at home, you can have quick access to the updates in your areas of interest with the help of third-party associated news apps. 

Best News Apps For 2021

You’ll find numerous news apps that claim to feed you with the best news updates and they might be offering the same to a majority of people. But do these apps satisfy your purpose of news access in terms of relevancy, effectiveness, and performance? Don’t freak out and go through the list of the free news apps for Android and iOS accumulated for you after in-depth market research. 

1. Flipboard - Top News App

Flipboard can be considered as the best news aggregator app which can be utilized by users to search for their preferred topics to get relevant details. The app is amazing and attracts users with its appealing UI. 

This latest news app has come up with a variety of cover stories that encourage users to read and learn new aspects. 

Top features of this one of the top news apps:

  • Discover the latest news
  • Customize your home feed
  • Create and customize your smart Magazines
  • Read the daily edition
  • Curate your perspective

Download this one of the top news apps for Android and iOS

2. Google News - One of the Best Top News Apps

See this news app for Android and iOS as your platform to get collective updates. Whether it is politics, education, Bollywood, sports, and anything else, click on your category and get top stories in the form of local reports, videos, news analysis, FAQs, and different other sources. 

NewsStand tab provides users the liberty to easily find and follow the sources they like and trust the most.

Top features of this good news app:

  • For You tab here makes you aware of the aspects you care about
  • Get briefing updates regarding your top five topics
  • The full Coverage feature helps you to let know everything about how a story is drafted and reported from a variety of sources
  • The headlines tab is integrated here to offer you an unfiltered view of all the top articles and stories around the world.

Download this good news app for Android and iOS 

3. Feedly - One of the Best Free News Apps

Feedly provides you the clustered news source data source as per your tech news preference. With this trusted news application, you can easily organize and manage blogs, news stories, and other news channels. 

Users admire this current news update app for its faster access to numerous sources of news and information. 

Top features of this best free news app:

  • Provides a centralized platform to read, share and organize the information you like
  • Gives access to millions of readers and publishers to use it as their trending news collection
  • Use this app to read blogs, articles, to learn about trending topics
  • Display news and stories in clean and easy to read format

Download this best free news app for Android and iOS 

4. BBC NEWS - The Best Free News Apps

With this one of the trusted headline news apps, users are getting personalized BBC news on their mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. From top stories to the world’s trending political issues, you get everything with this app in a crisp, simple, and compiled manner. 

The app has got the best of journalism in one place by making the latest news and global analysis facts available to your screen. 

Top features of this best app for news:

  • Stories make available and updated within seconds as they delivered to the newsroom 
  • Timely alerts through push notifications
  • The option of personalized feed offering thousands of topics to select one of your choices
  • With the option “Videos of the Day” have access to the best of BBC news footage
  • BBC Stories - the feature where users can reveal their thought-process by submitting their stories
  • BBC News Channel live alternative for UK users 
  • App features with an a+ sign which lets users directly access the news they generally prefer to read

Download this best app for news for Android and iOS

5. Inoreader - The Best Tech News App

Inoreader allows you to get all your favorite newspapers in a single click. Users can use this as the medium to get current news just when they happen. In short, this is an amazing global app that users can access RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds from anywhere in the world. 

Gained prominence as the best news application for Android and iOS, the app helps users add feeds and organize them into thematic folders.

Top features of this best tech News app:

  • Provides users the control over unlimited mind-boggling news content
  • Search unlimited news and stories for free
  • Use any device (desktop or mobile) to get news on a variety of screens
  • Excellent day and night news reading modes
  • Free search with complete archive access to all the subscription
  • Option to save an article to other tools like Evernote, Dropbox, Pocket, etc.
  • Social media content sharing facility 
  • Save news pages to view later

Download this best news streaming app for Android and iOS

6. Inshorts - One of the Best News Apps for Android

This news app brings the best and the most recent political news to your screen in 60 words. Downloading this amazing app gives you quick access to the top stories that have been cautiously gathered from trusted media houses and newsrooms. The app allows users to create their news feed section where they can choose other news categories they like to get updates in. 

Top features of best news apps for android:

  • Summed-up NEWS in 60 words
  • Clustered news feed displaying top news headlines and articles 
  • Installing time option to facilitate you with location-specific political and other news updates
  • News-feeds are classified and intended to bring stories based on different countries and continents

Download the best news apps for Android

7. SmartNews - The Best Daily News App

People are always eager to know the local news from the area they belong to or reside in. SmartNews is the top news app specifically designed to facilitate users with a swipe left and right option. The app is embedded with several news, headlines, and articles users can swiftly scroll and choose their read from. 

This free news app for Android and iOS has a Smart Mode which provides a readability mode to provide an optimal news reading experience to the users. 

Top features of the best daily news app:

  • Delivers high-quality headlines and breaking news
  • Provides facility to browse through trending headlines
  • Users can customize channels as per their preferences 
  • Offline news read option for users
  • Free alternative to access news from other popular apps
  • Pushes notifications for breaking news and headlines

Download this best daily news app for Android and iOS

8. Daily Hunt - The Best Financial News App

Try this best news feed app as your daily dose for having fully-clustered news information on the go. The app is not intended to serve only sports or political updates rather, users are free to choose from different categories to get news from reliable publishers.  

Daily Hunt provides the most crucial stories from prominent publishers and lets the users enjoy a beautiful and ad-free experience. And, users can have it all on a single subscription. 

Top Features of these top financial news apps:

  • One Subscription Fee: to get you the best publishers in a single subscription
  • Algorithm: to make you understand what’s important 
  • No Ads: You’ll never see ads during the news read
  • Dive Deeper: to provide multiple perspectives on each story
  • No PayWalls: this makes sure to unlock articles from the 100+ publishers 
  • Privacy Policy: no third-party apps can interrupt your newsfeed
  • Our Picks: helps users to pick the weird and wonderful stories 
  • For You: offers the news updates that you like the most

Download this top financial news app for Android and iOS

9. Financial Times - Best Financial News App

Being one of the most preferred Android and iOS apps, Financial Times App is designed to make users aware of the trending market and financial updates. So, use this app if you want to get accurate and current market data. Backed by decades of legacy, Financial Times App delivers the same consistency as its older means.

No matter if you want to monitor your stock portfolio or only wish to discover trending financial updates, Financial Times is the right platform you can utilize to get exact insights.

Top features of this best Financial News app:

  • Provides comprehensive access to global business, finance news, stock market, and other trending issues
  • Allows users to customize the app options to monitor personal portfolio
  • Provides continuous alerts to stock positions and summarized financial status
  • Easily track your portfolio by integrating security into your watchlist
  • Users like it as a video news app as it facilitates users with the Bloomberg Television Live option

Download this best financial news app on Android and iOS

10. AP NEWS - Best Sports News Apps

Developed for both Android and iOS platforms, the AP NEWS app is widely demanded as an ultimate source for breaking news from all aspects of life including politics, financial, social, sports as well as celebrity news. Users can have access to the hot videos and photo galleries of top-picked stories. This news app is a perfect medium for those who want exclusive and breaking celebrity news 24/7 to their smartphone screens. 

Top features of this best sports news app:

  • Watch AP NEWS Live, Sports, and Clips through its TV feature even without leaving the app
  • Permits to access third-party data collection for Interest-based Ads. 
  • Helps users learn more via the Ad choices option available

Download this best daily news app for Android and iOS 


NEWS is one of the most important ways of keeping yourself updated but choosing the right source for that news is equally important. We bring some of the most trusted and quoted newsgroups and agencies which have a reputation for the quality of their work.

We hope you find the best NEWS app for your needs. If you seek more such info or if you want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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