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Flipboard vs Google News We are using several factors such as features and market size to pick a winner from this Google News vs Flipboard comparison.

The competition among top news apps is quite intense as every news app is trying to optimize itself by delivering news in the fastest possible way. To achieve this goal, some top news delivery apps like Flipboard, Google News, Inshorts, and so on have been continuously optimizing their user interfaces and the way they present the news to stay trendy and attract more and more evolving userbases. 

Now, as there are too many best news apps for Android and iOS devices existing out there, it can be quite tricky for you to decide which app is best for daily news. It gets tougher if we go through the Flipboard review or Google News reviews in-depth, as both news apps are quite loved by their users. 

So, we decided to pick these two best news apps for iPhones and Android to compare their features and functionalities with each other. 

Stay with us until the end of this comparison between Flipboard vs Google News blog then, and pick the app which best suits your needs. 

Flipboard vs Google News - Engagement Statistics

Google News vs Flipboard

Before we proceed further and discuss the features of these best stock News apps, it is crucial to have a look at the global engagement data that shows which of these news feed apps have a larger market share.

As you can see, Google News is one of the top free news apps with a whopping 475.3 million MAUs on the platform. Now, remember that these engagement statistics do not only focus on the app but on the websites of these platforms to extract the visitor data.

Google News vs Flipboard - Features

Furthermore, to understand either the Flipboard News app or Google News today app, we will have to dive deeper into their individual features first. So, without further ado, let’s begin -

1. News personalization

best news app
One of the major features that both of these news feed apps offer is the ability to personalize news recommendations according to your preferences. In the Flipboard News app, you can choose topics such as Technology, Sports, Business, News, Travel, and more to get related magazine recommendations. 

Relatively, the latest Google News app allows you to select your favorite topics so you can read the top five stories of your interests on the For You page of the Google world News app. This feature saves you from the hassle of having to individually explore these free news apps to find the topic that interests you.

2. Offline mode

Google News today
Well, in the comparison between Flipboard vs Google News under this category, the Flipboard News app loses one point as it does not come with offline mode support where you can read your favorite article at any point in time. 

On the other hand, you can always access Google world news from your phone if you had not forgotten to download it over the Wi-Fi to save it for later. If you are someone who has a limited amount of time to access fast internet Wi-Fi, you can leverage this feature to save your favorite articles to explore them whenever you want.

3. Save for later

Flipboard News app
Just like the offline mode, it is also expected from any best news app for iPhones or Android to provide readers the ability to shortlist their preferred articles so they can explore them whenever they want. And thankfully, both of these best news apps for Android and iOS devices offer this amazing feature where you can simply keep the article safe for later by adding them to the Read Later list.

The process between Google News vs Flipboard to save articles for later has some differences. In the Flipboard News app, you need to click on the “+” button that you see on the top of the screen once you open any article. Remember, you also need to select a magazine after clicking on the “+” button to save your article to your preferred location. You can find your saved articles in this best stock News app by visiting your profile.

Now, to save your preferred articles in Google News, the best business news app, you need to click on three dots under the article you want to save and then select the Save for Later option. You can find these blogs in the Following tab shown at the bottom section of the screen.

4. Market size

The Flipboard app supports 25 different regional editions so you can get curated news depending on your location. On the other hand, according to, the Google News app for Android and iOS is available in 141 countries and supports 41 languages.

5. User interface

best news apps for Android

If we compare the user interfaces of these stock market news apps, Flipboard will win points as it offers an experience of a real-world magazine. To read a new article, you need to turn the page the way you do it in a real book.

However, Google news, the best news app for iPhones and Android, supports a minimalistic design and offers a very simple user interface that is fast and very easy for anyone to use. 

To conclude - Which of these top news apps is better?

So, we compared these best news apps for Android and iOS devices on the basis of the top five crucial factors. Among all these factors, both of the best news apps had given each other a good run for the winning position. However, Google’s offline mode gives it a bonus point that increases its usability for a wider market, especially for people traveling often or with unstable internet connections, or if they like to collect articles offline to read later. Thus, for this Flipboard vs Google News blog, we would like to select Google News as a winner in our opinion.


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