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Newsreels - A Smart News App With News Reels

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Updated on March 28, 2024
Newsreels - A Smart News App With News Reels

If you are tired of stretched-out news videos or do not have enough time to invest, Newsreels might be just the app that you need. From on-point news to perfectly edited newsreels, Newsreels makes sure you are up to date with the latest news that you can go through within seconds. From concise bullet points to real-time updates, you will have everything on this smart news app.

So, if you are looking for a perfect app that can deliver you news in bullets, stick to this Newsreels app review until the end.

Introduction to the Newsreels app for Android and iOS

Jai Rangwani founded Newsreels APK and .ipa in November 2020 to counter the pandemic with information. The Newsreels was born out of the team's need for speed. The thinkers behind this next-generation news app – just like everyone else during the onset of the great quarantine of 2020 – scrambled to stay updated with the latest developments regarding new regulations, the hope for vaccines, and travel restrictions, among others.

Recognizing that the same need applies to almost everyone else, the team built on the humble idea of giving all the multi-sourced news in short snippets. And now, we have arrived at the future of news – relevant stories in trendy reels format. Imagine your favorite short-form video streaming apps, but only for facts. Think TikTok or Instagram Reels, but for news.

“Newsreels app was made because we need it. And as long as it’s serving the public, we will keep innovating.”

- Jai Rangwani, Founder of the Newsreels app

Features of the Newsreels APK and .ipa

Furthermore, we are throwing some light on a few crucial Newsreels features that will help us in completing this Newsreels review better. It will also help you in figuring out why the Newsreels app download is worth your time.

1. Short news reels

Short news reels

The basic feature that you get with this app for the cutting-edge news community is that news is available at your fingertips in the form of short videos. The news that gets delivered to you is designed with only concise information to make sure you get all of the crucial information within the least amount of time possible.

2. Find national and international news

national and international news

Even though top news stories are in the form of short videos, you can still explore the app to find local and international news both. You can shortlist your preferences to ensure that the latest breaking news related to your topics is delivered to you without any delay. You can share news on your social media apps as well.

3. Many topics, locations, and channels

discover more channels

To ensure that you get all of your preferred News in bullets based reels, the Newsreels app download gives you the freedom of shortlisting locations, channels, and topics as you prefer. You can use the app to find news for sports, celebrities, and more. Accordingly, you will see the latest breaking news on the homepage related to your topics.

4. Audio news for extra convenient

Audio news for extra convenient

You do not have to worry about sticking to the screen to stay updated with your news. The Newsreels app is getting recognized in the cutting-edge news community of readers due to features such as audio news. You can always pick topics or news to hear on the go.

5. Dark and Light modes

Dark and Light modes

Well, the news is important but so is protecting eyes. It is true that using lighter screens at night can cause damage to your eyes, especially if you use your smartphone at night more often. Thus, the dark and light modes of this Newsreels app for Android and iOS allow you to ensure that you keep your eyes safe according to the time of the day.

Pros and cons of the Newsreels app

Now, as this app for news reels is still new in the market, it is learning and evolving to ensure a better user experience. So, let’s have a look at a few pros and cons, if there are any, to find out what developers need to take care of in the future.

Pros of the Newsreels app

  • Smart news app with a personalized feed
  • Short news reels with concise information
  • Entirely free to use
  • Huge range of topics to select
  • Latest breaking news at fingertips
  • UI supports more than 30 languages
  • Runs smoothly on even Android 5.0 or iOS 11.0 devices
  • Does not consume much RAM or internet data

Cons of the Newsreels app

  • Includes ads

Additional information for this Newsreels review

Additional information

MAD rating

Features- 4.8
Security- 4.9
Pricing- 4.9
Navigation- 4.8

Well, writing this Newsreels review has given us the perspective that Newsreels is really an innovative experience in the news industry. Thus, we would surely recommend trying the app as it has everything that you need to stay up to date with the latest news. Now, if you own a smartphone app as well and want to get your app reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily experts. It will help you in the marketing of your smartphone app.

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