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Chromebook Essentials: The Best Free & Paid Android Apps

Why not enhance your Chromebook experience?

Android App for chromebook

Chrome apps for the desktop version of Google browser may be a thing of past but that doesn’t mean you can't have a great experience while browsing through the apps in separate Chromebook. The Chrome OS ecosystem is evolving every day with an app library that includes some of the most exceptional applications for the users. The users who are aware of these applications would surely agree to the exceptional functionality they offer. 

And, those who are not aware of the same would get to know them after reading this write-up. Chromebooks are quite capable of managing a number of things even without Android apps. However, Android apps that run on the Chromebook surely offer an exceptional users experience. Why not know more about such apps that will always enhance your experience?

Here comes the list:

1. VLC for Chrome OS

VLC Player

VLC is one of the best open-source media players that put an end to all your media playing needs. The media player is capable of opening any file format be it MP3, AVI or more esoteric types such as MKV, FLAC, and even DVD ISOs and network streams. The app is counted one among the best apps owing to a number of functionalities some of which include subtitle support along with media library management and tons of exceptional audio and video setting features. In addition to this, the app is handy to use.

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2. Evernote 

Evernote is everybody’s true companion when it comes to note down every nitty-gritty of important docs. For some people, it is a digital diary and for others, it is a place where they keep their notes safe with secure passwords. And, the perk for users, the Android version of the application also allows offline access. The Chromebook experience is equally rewarding with Evernote as it offers a touch-friendly interface if compared with other web counterparts. And, the ability to create a quick note via an optional notification is a feature worth mentioning. Well, it is absolutely amazing to have your digital diary there with you every time. 

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3. Nimbus Screenshot


Nimbus screenshot is a browser extension for your Chromebook that equally works well in the online and offline mode to help users capture their browser window. The users can also take the screenshot of the whole web page by pressing a single key. Nimbus Screenshot is of course not similar to photo editor applications that offer a huge number of functionality. These functions mean nothing to a user when all they require is taking up just a screenshot. Besides taking the screenshot of the application, the users are offered a bunch of facilities including edit and annotate screenshots to save them online or on a device.

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4. Skype

Skype is another application that works exceptionally well on the Chromebook. The app works similarly as it works on other browsers. The audio and the video call feature becomes much more interactive owing to OS’s outstanding interface. This way, the face-to-face conversation becomes much easier, interactive, and meaningful, all at the same time. 

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5. Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook Android app for Chromebook is another exceptional offering for the users. Unlike its web counterpart, Microsoft Outlook can be used to a number of accounts. In addition, users can access their messages in the offline mode and what can get better than having the offline edit access mode available to the users. The outlook application can also handle users Gmail accounts in case they want to use the email client as their all-in-one email application. 

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6. Spotify

There are a number of applications that make your Chromebook experience an exceptional one. And, there are others that will enhance entertainment possibilities for you. Spotify is one such application that is available under music streaming category and offers an amazing library that users can browse through to pick their own preference in the music. The features and the functionalities of the application are just exceptional that takes it into the category of the best Android apps for the users.  

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7. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Chromebooks have a number of Microsoft Office alternatives including Google’s suite of office apps such as docs, sheet, and slides. The Microsoft Office apps offer a similar experience as per the desktop counterpart and have also made an app available in the Google Play store for use on phones only. The app browsing experience is truly exceptional for the users.  

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8. Squid

There are Chromebook applications that offer touchscreen facilities and then there are apps like Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro, which include a stylus. While you find a number of apps having exceptional features, Squid has something to offer to the users. The app offers a paper-like experience along with backgrounds that will seem useful to the users. In addition to it, the users can also use the app as for note-taking purposes. Squid, many times acts like OneNote or Evernote and in case these apps won’t do the needful to you, don’t forget to try Squid.

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9. Adobe Sketchbook

Adobe Sketchbook

Adobe Sketchbook is a Chromebook app for the users who love sketching. The app is an exceptional opportunity for those who have actual drawing talents. The app offers amazing tools that are sophisticated and have a number of amazing features for the users. Well, users can do similar work with the stylus on their Chromebook but this app has some exceptional features that they won’t get with the Stylus. The app can be used to work on projects and casual codings. 

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10. Polarr

Polarr offers a powerful photo editing app to the users. The app is an offline photo-editing application that takes your photography skills to another level altogether. The web connection is not necessary for getting your photography work done and that’s the best element of the application. The app also offers support to some preset filters that let users apply quick effects. Polarr has a range of robust editing tools for adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights and color temperature to a photograph. Brush-based editing makes an entire photograph much more appealing to the users. The app keeps the edit history safe and allows users to roll back changes.  

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11. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another amazing application that enhances users experience amazingly. The productivity tool can either be used online as well as offline in order to plan schedules related to work or day-to-day job. The app has detailed event creation features that can be accompanied by color-coded tags, location as well as time setting features. The app can be synced with a variety of programs and apps on your smartphone. The services are equally available for Android and iOS users. The offline mode functions even if the users are away from a data connection. 

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12. Messenger

Using a standalone Android application is far better than relying on Facebook’s messenger app. So why not go for the best? Messenger app for Chromebook is an instant solution to all such worries. And, why would you keep your Facebook tab open all day when an application could do it all for you? With Messenger, users’ experience surely increases to make the app browsing experience much more delightful. One thing that users need to note down is disabling “chat heads” as they don’t work consistently on all the Chromebooks. 

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13. CloudMagic


CloudMagic is counted as one of the most popular email applications that were rolled out for mobile devices but soon jumped to Chrome OS. Its advancement to this operating system has added a number of features to the app in order to make it suitable for users. And, the best news about the application is that it suits to a variety of email and website system including Outlook, Gmail, iCloud and many others. The app can also be integrated with a number of productivity tools including Evernote, Instapaper and more. 

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14. Overdrive

It is a powerful audiobook app that is unique with having more than 30,000 libraries globally. The digital library allows users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks. Through the digital platform, users can create their own wishlists as well as holds in order to get and return ebooks in a hassle-free manner. In addition to all these benefits, users can sync their libraries to integrate the ebooks right to the platform. Overall, Overdrive is a delight to those users who love keeping their digital library besides them. The app lets you switch between tablets, Chromebooks, and phones.    

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15. Lastpass

Lastpass is the password manager that helps you keep safe the password of your logins of different websites. The app serves as the best password locker and helps you generate strong passwords, which are automatically saved to encrypted password locker. These Passwords can be accessed anytime by the users with a master password. The app is convenient to use and serves remarkably to the password security requirements of the users. 


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In the Conclusion

This brings the end to the best Android applications available for Chromebook users. However, the number of applications under the category is much larger than what is displayed here, we have selected the best apps that are truly remarkable in their feature and functionalities.   

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