Evernote: Plan Daily And Organize Notes

Add widgets to your home screen for comfortable accessibility and stack your data in one place with the Evernote app.

Updated on March 31, 2020
Evernote: Plan Daily And Organize Notes

Nobody likes a cluttered space, be it your room or your work desk. We all strive to stay organized so that we never miss out on something crucial. Maintaining lists, sticky notes, calendar alerts are all an old age practice now.

More importantly, achieving perfection is not easy, especially when you’re trying to compile something while collecting all your scattered information. But what if we have an app that stores and categorizes every little as well as massive confidential information that you can access with just a tap on your screen?

Today, with over 255 million users worldwide Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps and comes to your rescue which allows you to manage all your personal details, pictures, web pages, audios and whatnot confined in one place. With this app, you can keep a check on your tasks and get hands-on other information in a swift manner.

What Is Evernote App

What Should Best Note Making Apps Compile?

A note maker should be considered the best when it has everything that people can freely use and allow them to add variations to their writing every day. The app should be able to multitask and try to serve every purpose.

The simple and fluid interface is an added bonus where a user can easily navigate and assemble their day to day tasks without having to scroll endlessly and get lost. 

Let’s dive into Evernote review and explore its wide possibilities.

What Is Evernote App All About?

Evernote lets you organize things in a better way and works like a digital notebook. You can note down anything you want to remember, create to-do lists, assign yourself a task and organize your work. Whether it’s a grocery list you need to make or want to write down the important notes for a project, Evernote is instantly accessible and easy to use. 

The app also allows you to scan the papers, including printed documents, business cards, handwriting, sketches, etc while adding comments. 

  • Evernote founder: Stepan Alexandrovich Pachikov
  • App Founded On: 2000
  • No. of countries serving: 33 Countries

Evernote App’s Funding Rounds

Evernote Inc received $20 million funding from DoCoMo Capital in October 2010. An additional $50 million was raised by the company which was led by Sequoia Capital. On 30th November 2012, $85 million were raised by AGC Equity Partners/m8 and Valiant Capital Partners. Evernote also raised additional funding of $20 million from Nikkei Inc on 9th November 2014.

Note-Taking App

How to Get Started With Evernote, Note-Taking App?

The app’s simple UI design lets you create lists or notes instantly without many efforts. Below are the listed instructions of how to use Evernote to-do list app:

  • Download Evernote from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Continue with your email or google account.
  • Click on “Start free trial” which is free for 7 days.

The app takes you to a guided tour with examples so that you completely understand the app and start adding all your information briskly.

Power-packed Features Of Evernote Mobile App

The app has taken a great initiative to manage all your unmanageable data in one place so that you don’t have a fear of losing everything. Mentioned below are the features of this best note-taking app:

  • Stack Your Docs: The app organizes everything and can be used as different platforms like creating notes, journals, memos, notebooks, etc.
  • Add Multiple Attachments: Scan documents with the camera and create notepads in pdf format. You can also add web clippings, locations, sketches, videos and more.
  • Send Your Creation: Share notes with people through links and decide if they can only see or edit any changes.
  • Widget on Home Screen: Add the widget of this app to your home screen and access everything by just a tap on the screen.
  • Collaborate With Partners: Keep the work going by adding your colleagues to work chat and share all important documents without having to open multiple tabs on your phone.
  • Make Notebooks: Visit any website and share it with the app which is then converted into a notebook that you can edit later.
  • Doodle: With Evernote handwritten notes you can create unlimited designs with your fingertips on a plain surface with your choice of tools and add papers to make a notebook.

Automatic Syncing: Sync all your data over any computer or laptop so that you don’t lose anything important.

Evernote can be used for all-purpose of life, be it school, college, business. This app is a multi-tasker and can make your life simple by stacking everything.

Why Do You Need A Notes Organizer Like Evernote?

Possibilities to store your information with Evernote are endless, you can store information worth 10GB per month and save yourself from all the hassle by organizing everything in a single space.

The app allows you to search for every note that you have created so that it does not become a “find a needle in a  haystack” challenge for you. Anything that inspires you or you accidentally stumble upon some exclusive information, you can write within this app and share your knowledge with anyone. 

How Much Does Evernote Tasks App Cost?

You can use Evernote for note-taking but there is more to this app. The app allows you to add freehand sketches, attachments, record audios, set reminders, etc. below are the listed pricing plan of the app that can unlock several features for better organizing:

  • Monthly subscription- $7.99
  • Yearly Subscription- $69.99

The app has allowed its first-time users to use and know about the Evernote app for 7 days and then pay for their monthly or yearly plans accordingly.

 Evernote for note-taking

MAD Verdict: Evernote App Review

With the help Evernote you will be able to save your bills and invoices easily just by adding PDF copy to the notes. In addition, Evernote also offers the option to attach any Microsoft office docs in case you need them. Organize every day by making a to-do list using Evernote and assign yourself daily tasks. 

Evernote app can also be synchronized across different devices while allowing you to comment on each note. This means you can start making notes on one device and complete it on another. With the help of Evernote's sharing tools, you can involve others too in your task to boost up the productivity of your work. Along with this, you can also use Evernote’s home screen widget to access app features instantly.

With Evernote, store everything in a place and you are just a tap away from accessing all your important information. Let us know in the comment section below about your take on Evernote and read our detailed app review to know about various mobile applications.

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