Shape Up Your Body The Right Way With The Best Fitness Apps
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Health Alert: Weight Loss Resolution With The 10 Best Fitness Apps

The best shape alert tactics for your body: best fitness apps Alert: Weight Loss Resolution With The 10 Best Fitness Apps

Keep fit, enjoy your workouts & be in the perfect shape with the help of the best fitness apps; but here comes the irony, the job is not as simple as it seems. Right folks? Of course, that’s true! Noone (at least the souls like me) can wake up to the call of morning alarm to go to the park for that morning workout session. True? Well, I count your votes in. So, what is there for people like us who are not the morning person? Can’t we just start our workout any time we want? YES, we can with the best fitness apps.

When we say the best, believe me, we are going to give you the insights of the best fitness apps that will not only work as your mentor but also they will walk with you to help you reach your fitness goal.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Zova

Zova is your fitness app that accommodates Zara as the smart trainer. The trainer tracks your workout sessions in order to create your activity account to plan the perfect set of workout, pushes, crunches, walks, and other such measures to get you fitter without dragging you into the so-called dieting, which is of course not good for the human body. The app health data will help Zara to know your actual health condition to make a better chart for your fitness.

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2. Fitocracy

This one is a cool app developed for health seekers who love to achieve their fitness goals through an adventure. Fitocracy let you go through adventurous challenges, sometimes on a quest and other times through a video game. Whatever the challenge is, you need to go through it to achieve your personal goal. 

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3. Runkeeper

Runkeeper comes under the subcategory of the running app under the best fitness app category. This is one of the most loved running app rated the best by the users. The app tracks your running goals and helps you reach your cardio aim easily. The premium subscription to the app is an opportunity for the users to subscribe for the same to get the daily updates on prescribed workouts. Progressive insights and live tracking feature help you remain in the connection with your friends while doing the workouts.

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4. Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker is the complete fitness app owing to a number of features it offers to the users. The app tracks everything right from watching your steps to the distance you cover and to the calories burned while running and even the steps you climbed up the stairs. All these features make it the best fitness tracking application for the users.

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5. MyFitnessPal

The best fitness app that works for you the right way. Just scan the barcode from company’s huge database of nearly 5 million foods listed. The users could track the nutrition and calories intake in their food to know what they are consuming. The best thing about MyFitnessPal is that you can sync this fitness app with a variety of other fitness tracking applications in order to get the fitness assistance you actually want.

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6. Zombies, Run!

Another fitness running app that tracks your calorie burn like no other app does. The app motivates you in the first place along with entertaining you as well. If you like to mix up the adrenaline rush when you run on the track, allow Zombies Run to kick-start the audio sound that seems zombies are right behind you to track your move while you run. You need to complete missions in order to keep your goals alive.

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7. Minute Workout

One of the most exceptional applications in the best fitness app category. The element that makes 7 Minute Workout the best of all fitness apps is, you need no equipment to do the workouts. Just some of the simple exercises to help you get into the shape. The interface is user-friendly, which is another benefit for the users. There are nice designs and plenty of workouts listed in the app. The app rewards you with fun badges when you conclude a fitness goal.

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8. Yoga Studio

Yoga studio is for the ones who like exercising at a little slower pace. Get the app and save a whopping money on your yoga classes. The yoga Studio fitness app is one excellent as it offers you 70+ videos of yoga postures ranging from difficult to moderate and to the easy follow yoga steps.

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9. Fitbit companion app

You don’t own a Fitbit, no worries! Fitbit companion app is a lot better and the great news, the combo of tracker and app let you create a fitness hub that helps to achieve the fitness goals in an easy way. The users could track their heart rate while running every morning. The sleep mode of the app is impressive enough to track your overall wellbeing. The pairing of band and app positively affect your mental and physical wellbeing helping you convert into a better version of yourself.

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10. Strava

Yet another wonderful running tracking application for those who could run miles to get into the perfect shape. The app tracks the routes you take along with measuring the distance you cover. With this app, you could jog your way towards fitness, set personal records and see your profile against other users. Monthly challenges are all there for the users to take part in.

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Does That Keep You Moving?

In case, Yes, congrats! you have reached the very first milestone on the journey of getting into a perfect shape. But buddy, that’s just the very first step, a whole set of tracking is there to cover to achieve the goals you swear upon on the very first day of every new year. They say nothing is impossible and you get to prove that right with achieving your new year resolution by choosing the best fitness app that suits perfectly to your requirements.

Neha Baluni
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