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URLgenius Review - An App Deep Linking Tool to Accelerate Your Business Growth

An easy-to-use tool to create app link URLs and QR codes

URLgenius review

App deep linking is a technique that businesses use to attract traffic to an app through external sources such as websites or other mobile applications. The app could be a social media profile or to a brand’s own app.  Mobile apps typically have an embedded browser in them which makes it difficult to link to another app. Whether you're sending traffic from Facebook to Amazon or from Instagram to your own brand app – it doesn’t really matter. As consumers we’re all jumping from one app to app and we’ve all seen that website login even though we have the app on our phone. Link building for apps, however, can be a complex task, especially when your business does not have the skills to use a Software Development Kit (SDK).  

URLgenius, the leading app deep link generator for marketers, is a cloud-based platform solves for that with codeless app linking. The first non-PII (no personal information collected!) and QR code platform that helps marketers open apps to the right screen from any marketing channel. That could be a social profile, a product page. The elimination of the need for SDKs and other technical resources also helps in making this tool to create deep link URLs more accessible.

Why Do App Marketers Need Codeless App Links?

- Brian Klais, CEO of URLgenius

URLgenius was founded by Brian Klais in 2015. The platform was created and is continuously optimized for marketers to reduce the need for technical resources and coding when creating app links for any app. Before founding URLgenius, Brian was a General Manager and Vice President of Product at Covario, Inc. Brian was a lead for teams that had expertise in SaaS and SEO automation technologies. Brian had also performed the role of Chief Operating Officer at Netconcepts.

Features of URLgenius


1. Eliminates the requirements of SDKs for app links

Historically app linking has needed some type of  SDK (think Firebase, Universal links or other third party SDKs). That’s all changed now. The best feature of this platform is that marketers do not need coding or technical knowledge to generate mobile app links that can open an app to any screen – for example, think Instagram profile, Amazon product page or any screen in your brand’s app. Instead, simply create a URLgenius link and use that in your campaign to link to your social app or brand app. This feature saves time and makes it easier for professionals even from non-IT backgrounds to generate an app link.

2. Deploy your app links instantly

URLgenius review

The instant deployment feature of URLgenius helps you in composing and deploying links without wasting time. Be it your own app, social media apps, or brand apps, you can create URLs and deploy them across your preferred channels instantly to leverage quick results.  All you need to do is enter the web URL into URLgenius and compose or update it – that's it!  URLgenius gives the link some capability to open the app and avoid the mobile website login.  This is especially important when linking from Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps.

3. A a dynamic QR code comes with every app link

generate a link

With URLgenius, when you create a link to an app you also get a QR code. QR codes have become an important way to open apps to profiles or product pages and to the app stores to increase app installs. Marketers have complete control over the settings of the link. You can set the fallback for the link and (when the app is not installed) to go to the app store or to the web page depending on the goals or your campaign.  You can also customize the color and the logo of the QR code. You can even change the destination of the QR code after it’s printed!  Also in the reporting scans are tracked separately from clicks!

4. URLgenius dashboard for smart insights


To access insights, you can open the URLgenius dashboard and access trends. Also, you can use UTM parameters to import the data into your app to review it from there. These insights can help you in understanding how beneficial URLgenius is proving out to be for your marketing campaigns.

5. Customized budgeting

link generator

When using the URLgenius platform for URL creation, you can customize the URLgenius pricing as you require. There are fixed-price models as well which you can leverage depending on their features. The deep link generator budget also comes with a free trial which can provide you with up to 5 links for free. You also get the first 500 clicks for free but to access more perks, you can either go for a $0.02/ click package or you can customize the Enterprise package as you need. The Pro package is the ideal choice for up to 100 links and 10,000 clicks.

Pros and cons of URLgenius 

URLgenius is an amazing tool for marketers to promote their campaigns on digital platforms. However, without discussing the pros and cons of the product, is it hard to conclude this URLgenius review. So, let's have a look at them.

Pros of URLgenius

  • Comes with a trial
  • Offers customized packages
  • Designed for non-technical people as well
  • Does not require experience in coding
  • Allows tracking trends through UTM parameters
  • Supports billions of apps
  • Fallback link customization is allowed
  • Bypasses the login screen

Cons of URLgenius

  • Might look expensive for small-scale businesses

MAD Rating

Navigation- 4.5
Features- 4.7
Pricing- 4.1
Security- 4.3

Wrapping Up

URLgenius is a deep-linking product designed to keep all sizes of businesses in mind. The web app is easy to use and in some cases, only requires copy-pasting URLs to redirect the traffic. The deep linking app was nominated for this app review by MobileAppDaily due to its increasing popularity among businesses of all scales from different regions. 

That said, if you know of a popular web app that you think is suitable to get nominated for the review by MobileAppDaily, or you own digital products and want to get your products reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily experts to get some crucial insights. For the growth of your product in the real market, it can be a beneficial and guiding opportunity.

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