10 Awesome Strategies to Get Good Reviews For Your App!
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10 Awesome Strategies To Get Good Reviews For Your App

Integrate these steps to your app strategy to ensure a exponential growth

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Looking at the bigger picture of today’s digitized world, it can be easily reckoned that there is a myriad of applications swirling in the app store. Approximately stating, there are around 3 million apps and still counting. As a result, a great number of these apps are lost in the competition and unable to make a big splash. However, if the makers of the app, follow a certain strategy, there is a better chance of making your app renown and improving the rank in the store.

Here are 10 simple tips to get good reviews for your app.

  • Pre-requisite Before Launching The App

There are certain essential points to be considered before you launch your app, such as, understanding your audience and their needs and notions regarding the app. You can simply take a survey about the same; you can also ask them their contact information, for example, email address. This will help you in building your audience. Not only this, when you ask the users about their views and requirements, try to incorporate them in your app, thus taking users in your confidence; once the user in your favor, they will speak good of you.

  •    A Trailer Of Your App Can Incite Curiosity Among The Targeted Audience

This is a great step in building your audience and attracting the users. If you launch a trailer or a trail version of your app then this will surely engender a sense of excitation amongst the audience and they will look forward to the launch of your app. Be sure, that the trailer in not falsely or overly embellished as there is no benefit in raising the expectations of the users and leaving them unfulfilled. Also, this will lead you in gaining bad reviews from them.

  •    Appearance Matters

Yes, in the app industry, consumers do judge a book by its cover. So make sure your logo and design is refreshing and relevant.. The graphics, the colors, and the layout of the app must be soothing to the eyes. This will surely fetch you good reviews about your app. Also, if the colors and layout are mellow and give less stain on the eye, the users are likely to stay longer on your application.

  • Pay Heed To The Problems And Suggestions Of The Users

If you want to stay in the good books of the users and win good reviews, then it is important that you listen to the suggestions and understand the problems of your users. If there are flaws in the app, then you must rectify them soon. Also, it is not necessary that you update all the suggestions advised by the audience, however, you can implement the ones that are beneficial and evident.

  • Paying Special Attention To The Negative Reviews

Good reviews will help you in gaining more audience, but bad reviews will not only make you lose the existing crowd but will brand you bad. Hence, it is important that you go through the bad reviews and try to bring changes in your apps. This will help you in turning those negative reviews to the positive ones. Also, this shows that you listen to your audience and take good care of them.

  •    Establish A Relationship Between You And Your Users

Apart from the survey, feedback and reviews, the users must get the liberty to contact you directly in case they face problems or need help. This inspires a sense of prominence in your user. For direct contact, you need to have an immediate chat-window too, so that many problems can be solved then and there. If a user faces a problem regarding how to use a certain feature of the app, then having a chat-window will allow the user to have live-help and thus making them stay and not just leave because of the problem; the user will surely appreciate you later.

  •    Clearly Mention Whether The App Is Free Or Requires Payment

Never mislead the crowd by making false promises like luring them in by saying the app is free, but once the user installs, the screen flashes with a message of registration fees. This simply implies that you have bilked the user. The user will simply get furious and uninstall and place a bad review about the app; debunking the strategy you tried to follow for gaining more users. If there is a certain extent to which the app can be used free say certain time or features, then mention about the same before under details section.

  •    Reviews Or Ratings: What To Pick?

This is one of the dilemma that both, the makers of the app and, the users of the app face. Although, reviews are a much faster and easier way of providing feedback, yet they are not reliable as it might also be a hasty decision. In order to get the reviews, you can design a questionnaire where the user can skip the typing part and simply answer with a yes or no. For example, are you facing any problem with the app? Yes or No. If the user faces any problem, then he/she can elaborate on the problem.

  •     To Get Off To A Good Start

It is quite obvious that when you will have a good review at the very start, the chances of making a good impression will follow a downward trajectory on the graph. However, a start with good reviews will capture attention, and help you and the app in getting more positive reviews.

  •    Keep On Updating The App

If you want good reviews, you need to keep up with the world and keep on updating the app to match the need of the hour.

Ankit Patel
Written By Ankit Patel

The post is contributed by Ankit Patel, who works as a project analyst at XongoLab Technologies, An effective mobile apps development services provider.

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