Best Period Tracker Apps in 2023 to Sync and Manage Your Periods

Check out the most effective period tracker apps that let you monitor and manage your symptoms and track your cycles easily.
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June 23, 2023
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Periods typically occur once a month and are accompanied by different symptoms and flow. It can become quite daunting for women to track down their periods every month; this is where the best period tracker apps come into play.

Similar to other health and fitness apps, a period tracker app offers a simple and interactive for a woman to track and manage their menstrual cycles every month. From managing symptoms to alerting the user about their due dates, period predictor apps can do it all.

Anyone who has experienced a period knows that the whole affair can be tricky to manage and regulate. A period tracker app cannot mitigate the pain for you, but it can definitely make things a lot easier and more manageable. Now, there are multiple period tracking apps that can do the job for you. Our blog below will help you choose the best one for you.

Our Top Picks

As it is already established that a period-tracking app can be extremely empowering and helpful in giving you personalized insights about effective period management. We have listed the best period tracker apps that offer exceptional utility and efficiency in menstrual cycle management.

Know about your symptoms with the period tracking apps in 2023!

Tracking your periods can help you evaluate the health of your body and identify its symptoms in the most efficient manner. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, transitioning off birth control, or getting your periods for the first time, these apps will help you through it all.

We have rounded up the best period tracking apps based on their features and usability. All the apps are mentioned, along with their download links and detailed descriptions.



Apple 4.8
android 4.5

The Clue is considered the best period tracker app that offers a huge selection of features that can help you understand your menstrual cycle more holistically. This tracking app can be beneficial in evaluating the effects of menstrual cycles on your skin, mood, energy levels, and cravings.

It is among the essential health-tracking apps for women that can calculate and predict periods and assess PMS symptoms based on user data. It can also be helpful in managing your ovulation period and calculating the fertility window based on that.

Clue harnesses the power of science and the support of the best fertility experts to deliver personalized insights about your menstrual cycles. This period predictor app has been a pioneer in femtech and is trusted by many users for its effective period management. 

Features of Clue- The best period tracker app

  • Get the best health advice from professional medical experts
  • Track your periods and get alerts about the predicted due dates
  • Log in your PMS symptoms to understand the pattern of your cycles
  • Over 30 cycle tracking features for understanding period effects on your body
  • Educational blogs and articles to know and understand more about your body
Download Clue- Period Tracker Online Free App


Apple 4.8
android 4.7

Flo is considered the no.1 period tracker app worldwide for its simplicity and efficiency in the process of period management. It is among the most popular health-tracking apps that are trusted by over 250 million users for tracking their periods and ovulations and managing the symptoms as well.

This ovulation tracker can give you insightful information that can prepare you for conception, pregnancy, early motherhood, first period, and menopause. Flo has the ability to bring about a radical difference in FemTech by helping women to be the best version of themselves.

Apart from being a period-tracking app, Flo aims to create a better future for female health and well-being by offering personalized cycle predictions, insights on health, a virtual health coach, information on fertility, pregnancy, and more.

Features of Flo- Best free period tracking app

  • Understand and maintain your period health effectively
  • Ensures complete privacy and safety of your personal data 
  • Regular updates and appointment alerts during pregnancy
  • Accurate calculations and predictions about your next period
  • Medical articles, tips, and recommendations by health experts
Download Flo- One of the Best Free Period Tracking Apps

Ovia Fertility

Apple 4.8
android 4.6

If you are trying your luck at getting pregnant, the Ovia Fertility app can be your best bet. It is among the best pregnancy apps and is a great ovulation tracker app that is equipped with the ability to track basal body temperature, cervical fluid and position, medications, and more.

Along with being a tracking app, Ovia offers medical advice and tips from professional health experts and coaches. It allows you to track all the symptoms and signs of your body and delivers accurate predictions about your periods as well.

You can either subscribe to a paid version of the app or can use the app for free as well. Ovia Fertility is the best menstrual calculator and a fertility expert that can completely transform your reproductive journey and will improve your overall health.

Features of Ovia Fertility- The best ovulation tracker for mobile

  • Helps in conceiving by tracking ovulation dates
  • It is completely free of any charges and subscriptions
  • Expert tips and personalized guidance during pregnancy
  • Maintain and manage your reproductive health effectively 
  • Highlights the fertility window to help you conceive at the best time
Download Ovia Fertility- Free Period Tracking Apps

Eve by Glow

Apple 4.7
android 3.7

Eve by Glow is a savvy and the most modern period tracker app designed for women. Similar to many AI-powered healthcare apps, this tracking app uses cutting-edge technology to accurately predict periods, ovulations, and more.

It offers a menstrual calculator that predicts your upcoming periods based on the stored data. It can also function as a great PMS tracker app that can assist you in managing your period symptoms and signs.

Eve by Glow is considered one of the better bets for younger women who do not wish to get pregnant. It primarily focuses on evaluating your sexual activity and contraceptives, PMS, mood swings, and others. If you are looking for an answer to how to track your period cycles as a teen girl, Eve by Glow is the best resort to do so.

Features of Eve by Glow- The best period tracker for teens

  • Extremely intuitive and simple app design
  • Available as both free and pro(paid) versions
  • Educational information about different birth control
  • Log in all the information related to your sexual activity 
  • Functions based on two options- ‘Trying To Get Pregnant’ and ‘Avoiding Pregnancy’
Download Eve by Glow- Teenage Period Tracker App
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Magic Girl

Apple 4.6
android 4.2

If you are just about to enter your first-period cycle and are looking for an effective menstrual cycle calendar, the Magic Girl app is meant for you. This period tracker app is specifically designed for teen girls who are just starting out with their menstrual cycles.

It is a period tracker which benefits women by offering deep and accurate insights about their menstrual cycle and health. Apart from being a tracking app, Magic Girl offers a social platform for girls to interact with each other and get relevant period advice and information.

Along with a menstrual calculator, the app provides clinical insights and useful information on hygienic period products, birth control methods, and overall health. This app benefits teens and tweens and is extremely effective in period management.

Features of Magic Girls- The best period tracker for teens

  • Tracks and monitors your past cycles and pregnancies
  • Learn about sanitary products through educational videos and articles
  • Accurately predicts and alerts you about the due date of the next period
  • A social platform to connect and chat with other women and health experts
  • Filled with animations and a journal feature to understand your body better
Download Magic Girl- Best Menstrual Calculator


Apple 4.5
android 1.6

MyFlo is a revolutionary period tracker app that specifically benefits women who experience irregular periods. It is an ideal cycle-tracking app for women who are in their menopause state or are experiencing extreme symptoms like bloating and migraine during their periods.

It is the best free period tracking app that logs in your symptoms and delivers useful insights and advice based on that. These insights can help you manage and maintain your overall health.

Apart from being among the best free period-tracking apps, MyFlo can also help in improving your lifestyle by making suggestions that can control hormonal imbalances. Managing your hormones and symptoms will ensure that you pass through the cycle easily.

Features of MyFlo- the best free period tracking app

  • Monitor and control your changing hormones.
  • Accesses your hormone report and offers a suitable plan
  • Covers complete information about fertility, menopause, and periods
  • Affordable subscription plan starting at just $1.99 to access all features
  • Uses AI-based technology to make accurate period and ovulation predictions
Download MyFlo- Best Ovulation Tracker App

Spot On

Apple 4.3
android 4.0

Spot On is the best period tracker app and a birth control app that was developed and powered by Planned Parenthood. It is a period tracker online free app that is inclusive of all menstruating people. It does not make suggestions or assumptions based on a user’s sexual orientation or gender.

This period calendar app continuously improves its functionality based on the reviews and demands of its users. Spot On can track all the changes in your mood, body, and activities. This period tracker app can deliver discreet reminders and check-ins related to your menstrual cycle.

This tracking app leverages Planned Parenthood’s expertise in birth control and integrates it into a period tracker app. You can add information about your eating habits, day-to-day activities, period flow, dates, etc., within this app to gain useful insights about your menstrual cycle.

Features of Spot On- A period tracker online free app

  • Track periods and manage birth control methods
  • Offers expert clinical advice from professional health assistants 
  • Log in the information about your mood and how you are feeling 
  • Monitor and manage symptoms like fatigue, bloating, cramps, etc.
  • Offers birth control reminders and personalized advice for the same
Download Spot On- Free period Predictor App


Apple 4.2
android 4.2

Glow is an all-in-one period tracker app that offers a menstrual calculator, a health log, and a fertility tracker in one app. It is the best period-tracking app that helps you keep a check on different health signals and maintains your health during fertility.

Using smart AI technology, this period calendar can identify the pattern and trends in your cycle and help manage them effectively. The efficient algorithms of the Glow app are designed to align with your needs and can help you get pregnant faster and easier.

Glow is more than just a period tracker app as it aims at building a collaborative community of women who are on a similar journey. Whether you are trying to conceive, track your cycles, or simply wish to understand your body better, the Glow app can support you in each and every way possible.

Features of Glow- The best period tracker app

  • Offers an objective and holistic view of your body’s health
  • Allows you to track and manage 40 different health signals 
  • Capable of tracking basal body temperature and sexual activities
  • Assists in fertility treatment through an online community and resources
  • Use basic features for free or get access to premium content with a subscription
Download Glow- Best free Period Tracking App
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How can you choose the best period tracker app for yourself?

From the above-mentioned information, it is quite evident that a period tracker app is the most handy and easy-to-use resource to track menstruation dates and health. There are a huge number of healthcare mobile app development companies that are committed to offering a suitable period tracking app for users. Period trackers are not fancy, rather are simple and convenient-to-use apps that are a must-have for all women.

Some features that you must look out for before choosing a period tracker for yourself are:

1. Menstrual Cycle Tracking

A period tracker must be capable of tracking your period dates and predicting your next period based on this data. You can log the starting and ending dates of your periods to get an overview of your cycle length and upcoming periods.

2. Period Journal

Apart from saving the start and end of your periods, the best period tracker app should be capable of tracking and registering symptoms accompanying it. For instance, log in your daily symptoms like mood swings, bloating, headaches, cramps, and more.

3. Ovulation Tracking and Fertility Awareness

A period tracker app must be equipped with an ovulation tracker that can give insights about fertility, pregnancy, and more. This tracker can calculate your fertile window and can predict the best time to conceive. Along with this, a period tracker app that is equipped with Fertility Awareness Methods can track health signals like basal temperature, amount of cervical fluid, and more.

4. Reminders and Notifications

The best period tracker app must be capable of sending regular reminders and notifications about upcoming periods, ovulation dates, medication intake, etc. These notifications will ensure that users are aware of their due dates and are in sync with their periods.

5. Other Features

Apart from these, other features that must be included in a period tracker app are- birth control tracking, mood, and symptom tracking, insights about the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy tracking.

Why should you use a period tracker app?

Period tracker apps help you chart and manage your menstrual cycles. These apps are extremely beneficial and empowering in the process of period management. The best period tracker apps are far more efficient and accurate than the traditional calendar methods to manage periods. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages offered by these apps.

1. Offers control and effective period management

If you are someone who is facing irregular periods with extreme symptoms, period-tracking apps can make things easier for you. A period tracker records the starting and ending dates of your cycle and calculates the upcoming periods based on this data.

These insights will ensure that you have complete control over your dates and are well aware in advance of their arrival. Knowing the exact length of your ovulation cycle will also ensure better management of your reproductive health.

2. Map contraception use and track fertility

As we know, menstrual cycles are closely tied to fertility, and you must have complete information about the same. A period tracker app can help you mark the days on which you are fertile and can predict the best time to conceive. Be it planning your pregnancy or avoiding one, a period tracker app can be helpful in both.

3. Effective mood management

Hormonal changes and imbalances during menstruation are often associated with mood swings that can cause anxiety, restlessness, and irritability. Having a detailed overview of when these changes are likely to happen can help you trace the menstrual pattern. This can help you track and manage emotions in a better way.

4. Increased awareness about overall health

Having an irregular period is the body’s way of alerting you about the ill-working of your system. This can be indicative of an underlying health issue that can cause major issues in the future. By tracking your periods and monitoring the symptoms regularly can help you in identifying any such problem and seek the required medical help on time.

Are period tracking apps accurate?

The information related to the menstrual cycle by a period tracker app is mostly accurate and reliable. The dates predicted by the trackers are mostly precise unless affected by an external or hormonal factor.

A period tracker app is simple to use and comes in handy for managing menstrual cycles. Apart from tracking dates, you can also get insightful information about fertility windows, menopause, and more.

Final Verdict!

We have reviewed the best period tracker apps based on their features and utility. The free period tracking apps can offer exceptional efficiency in managing and tracking your periods. You can explore these apps further to determine which one aligns the best with your specific needs and requirements.

After conducting extensive research, we can safely say that these apps will surely empower you with useful insights and details that will ensure the best menstrual health for all users. With professional clinical assistance and personalized guidance, the best period tracker apps are set to be your companion throughout the menstrual cycle.

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with our experts at MobileAppDaily. Our app reviews will ensure the best reach and growth for your projects. Along with this, an expert review will help you in gaining useful insights that can materialize the projected success of your product.

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