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Updated on April 05, 2023
Thumzup App Review- Make Money for Reviewing

Smartphones have become a popular medium to earn money due to the range of possibilities they offer. Users have the freedom to earn as social media influencers, marketers, business owners, and advertisers to use smartphones as one of the sources of their income.

Among such top sources of making money on smartphones, the Thumzup app exists. In this Thumzup app review, we will introduce you to the amazing Thumzup Android app. We will discuss its background, features, and achievements further as well in this Thumzup mobile app review. Let’s have a look!

Background of Thumzup

“Everyone’s voice has value.”

- Robert Steele, CEO & Founder of Thumzup

A technologist and entrepreneur, Robert Steele, CEO & Founder of Thumzup launched the app in 2020. Robert built the Thumzup platform for the people and brands as well. The goal was to deliver a medium to people that would help them make money through simple tasks such as posting reviews about their favorite brands and products.

For business, the Thumzup app for brands brought an opportunity to grow across further markets and create positive impressions. To explain this point better, furthermore, we will discuss the features that you get once you download the Thumzup app.

Features of Thumzup

Features of the Thumzup app for brands and people display its commitment to empowering brands and creating a product that is simple yet rewarding. To understand this statement better, let’s have a look at its features in detail.

1. Select the campaign you like to start earning

Thumzup mobile app review

There are multiple campaigns from several brands that are accessible once you are done with the Thumzup app signup process. You can pick one of these campaigns and post product reviews to earn some balance in your account.

The Thumzup app connects brands with local people for more reliable results. So, once you open the list of campaigns, you will also be seeing nearby businesses with active campaigns along with some other info such as how far these businesses are, how much are they paying for each post, etc.

2. Get paid once the post is verified

Thumzup app review

Once the influencer community submits a post for any campaign, the Thumzup iOS app and Thumzup Android app start the verification process of the post. Once verified, the relevant balance is added to the Thumzup account of the influencer community member which they can withdraw anytime they like.

3. Capture and share brand stories

Thumzup app

To make money on the Thumzup platform, you have to post reviews on top social media platforms along with picture(s). You can upload posts on Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook and wait until the post is verified on the platform to make cash.

This helps brands increase their visibility to your connections and might help them drive some leads.

4. Use the location feature to find nearby businesses

Thumzup mobile app

There is a map feature included in Thumzup as well that uses GPS to help you find nearby businesses. These businesses could have active campaigns posted on Thumzup which will help you find products, services, or businesses easily and post reviews about them.

How does Thumzup app work?

Once you download the Thumzup app, it is very easy to start using the platform. However, let’s have a look at what steps you will be coming across once you are done with the installation process.

  • Install the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Find links at the end of this Thumzup mobile app review
  • Enter your contact number to receive a 4-digit verification code
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click on I agree after reading the conditions on the next page
  • Provide location permissions
  • Explore active campaigns on the home page based on your location
  • Search for brands or keywords to support campaigns of your choice
  • Click on the left button to review the Build version or to logout
  • Click on the $ amount to review your account balance, the approved amount, the amount that is still pending to be approved, and your contact information linked with PayPal or Venmo
  • To withdraw your approved balance, simply click on the Pay Me button or click on the cancel button to go back to the home screen

Upcoming updates on Thumzup

Developers of Thumzup are dedicated to keeping the app evolved and user-friendly. To make that possible, there are updates applied every now and then. Some updates that we believe deserve your attention are mentioned here in this Thumzup mobile app review for your convenience.

  • The app plans to infiltrate more markets to onboard potential users and brands
  • The founder has shown interest in applying for the NASDAQ or NYSE listing in the summer of 2023
  • A support feature for Instagram Reels and TikTok videos is in development as well

Fundings secured or planned by Thumzup

  • Since its origin, Thumzup has raised over $3.2 million in the equity funding
  • Thumzup developers have launched a Reg A + offering to invite a $9 million investment from accredited and non-accredited investors at $4.50 a share

Additional features of Thumzup

Additional features

Final thoughts on Thumzup

Now comes the time to wrap up this Thumzup app review. But before that, here is our opinion on the app. Thumzup takes an amazing idea and converts it into a product that has the potential to become much more popular than it already is, especially once it is expanded into low-income markets.

Thumzup provides its users with an equal opportunity to earn money whether they are popular or not which platforms like social media can not do as social media platforms require a person to be popular to earn. So, if you are from a market that Thumzup has already started supporting, you should install this app without thinking twice.

Lastly, if you are a developer as well and just like this Thumzup app review you want to showcase your product on MobileAppDaily as well, write to us and submit your app for a review so our experts can go through it and make a decision. These reviews can be helpful for you in understanding your app’s potential and you get the opportunity to make your app visible to a global audience.

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