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How The World of Enterprise Mobile Apps Is Evolving In 2019

Of all the new technologies that we have experienced, especially in this century, the one that has created the most disruption in how we live and do business must be the smartphone. According to Iflexion, when you enhance enterprise mobile app development with modern technologies, such as the int

  • Sun, 17 Nov 2019

Cambridge University And Babbel App Come Together For English Test

The Germany based language-learning mobile app maker, Babbel teamed up with the Cambridge University’s English language certification stream. Babbel, which also holds the position of the highest grossing app maker in mobile language-learning sector started a campaign with the Cambridge Univers

  • Fri, 15 Nov 2019

Talking to Books Looks Effortless by Google's AI Experiment

Google has come up with a new application that allows users to interact with an AI-based language processing system. Such activities by Google demonstrate AIs' ability to understand how we speak. This particular innovation will let the user search for any intended answers in books by AI’s

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

AI Equipped Chat Bots Will Let You Talk to Dead

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” The popular quote from Shakespeare, imagine learning the meaning of these words directly from the verse-maker. Yes, the technology could do that by making your chat with the dead poets and getting all your answers. Chatbots are emerging

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

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Google's AI, Apple's Siri vs A Six-Year-Old kid! Who will Win?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that every tech giant is talking about and people are already picturizing the doomsday. However, the AI is still not possess much intelligence that we believe, the latest studies show that Google’s AI and Apple's Siri have IQ less than a six-year-o

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Why Standardized Approach was a Better Option for Changing LinkedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn just like any other social media platform deals with a massive amount of data. But, this huge database exactly caused it a problem, when the career website and professional network decided to attempt a redesigning the LinkedIn app for its social media platform. The main problem was to evolv

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Uber Rolls Out a New Feature for Trucking Apps

Uber freight app for iOS & Android is all set to add two innovative features for the users. The freight service was rolled out back in May, and this innovative feature is all set to make the app much more innovative for the users. The features are meant to make it easy for the drivers to be in t

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Creepy 'Momo, WhatsApp Suicide Game' Targeting Kids via Minecraft

The terrified Momo WhatsApp suicide game that recently received attention after the death of a teen now appeared again. This time the suicidal app’s logo has appeared on ‘Minecraft’ game, the online game that is very popular among teens and kids across the globe. According to re

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Snapchat Added Instagram Owned Feature

Snapchat has turned the table around this time by borrowing a feature from photo-sharing application Instagram. The story has always remained the other way around and that is why it is worth news to share. The action is somewhat ironic too as Instagram had previously borrowed the story feature from

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Google Fetches Location via Android Devices Even After You Disable Location Service

How many of you know that most of the tech companies use the smartphone user’s location information without their concern? Removing the SIM cards and switching off the phone may give you the relaxation of getting off the radar. However, Google uses its Android devices to acquire the locatio

  • Thu, 14 Nov 2019